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Mira de Wit

As board game enthusiasts, geeks, nerds…however you want to put it, we all fall under the same banner of “Gamer”. It is something we all love to do and share with other people. It brings people together regardless of race, sex, religion or politics. To me personally it’s part of the trifecta of unity; food, music, and gaming.

Over on, there is a special place we like to recognize people that we feel the board game community should get to know a little better; whether it’s for their wonderful personalities or their contributions to the board gaming community. It’s called “Geek of the Week”.

The most recent recipient of “Geek of the Week” was nominated by the infamous Stephen Buonocore, president of Portal Games. Stephen said he nominated this person because of “her funny and bubbly online presence” and their time spent at last year’s Essen at the Stronghold Games Booth. The recipient of “Geek of the Week” was none other than very own, Mira de Wit.

Mira de Wit is an application manager at a fashion retailer located in the Netherlands. Her love of board gaming started very young playing board games with her family. After a long separation from the hobby she jumped back in 2 years ago, finding the love of playing games all over again. Some of Mira’s favorite games include Santorini, Imperial Settlers, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Keyflower, and Food Chain Magnate, to name a few. Her love of history from World War 2 and beyond has piqued her interest in games like Memoir 44’ and the opportunity to give wargaming a try sometime in the future. Mira is eager to bring her feminine perspective into our diverse hobby with her reviews and articles. We look forward to reading everything you have to offer Mira. Thank you and congratulations!

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