Gretchinz! Review by Devir Games, and Games Workshop


Gretchinz! Review by Devir Games, and Games Workshop 1

Publisher: Devir Games

Game Type: Racing, Area Destruction, Programming

Designer: Roberto Fraga

Designer: Yohan Lemonnier

Artist: Albert Monteys

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Theme and What is it?

Speed Freaks. In the world of WarHammer, speed freaks are fast feisty orcs that live and die by the speed of their vehicles. A racing game at its core, with a ration of programming.

Devir Games, has licensed from Games Workshop the Gretchinz! Speed Freaks, and made a quick to play, ultra battle intensive speed based race game that plays quick enough that you may play more than once without much thought.

Gameplay Mechanics

Gretchinz! Review by Devir Games, and Games Workshop 2

Dice chucking, dice programming, dice arggggghing. The core of the game is the dice mechanic that allows you to throw your dice as many times as you want, until you either like you dice and yell Arrrrrgh, or your opponent likes their dice and yell Arrrrrrrgh. At that point no more dice chucking, you now must program your three dice to take best advantage of your dice, and the board made up of cards, and obstacles. The cards give you attack abilities, for the attack face of the die.

Blind cards. You draw cards, and play cards, but the only people who can see your hand, are the other players. Therefore every choice you make is a risk. You can attack a car, a location, use a clan specialty, move, have the other players tell you how many bullets (hit cards) you have, or draw two cards. 

Whomever gets to the seventh row of the cards first wins, or whomever doesn’t die (last speed freak standing) a fiery death by having three fires added to their car by being attacked, wins.

Initial Impressions

I love the chunky dice. That is almost a prerequisite for me to enjoy a game with dice, generally speaking. They have enough heft they don’t feel diminutive. The box is a bright orange is a board game world of blacks and darker colors. Seriously, look at your shelf, not many games have colorful bright boxes, even those with brighter palettes seems to have a lot of black.

The box definitely yells for attention.

Game Build Quality

Gretchinz! Review by Devir Games, and Games Workshop 3I like inserts that are made for the game. It makes storage a no-brainer. Devir Games has made sure this game is easy to put away. The cardboard cards work as intended, and the dice are quite nice.

Artistic Direction

The fiery orange colring throughout makes the game come to life. The speed freak on the cover feels like an impish orc bent on speed, and a need for a fiery death. I think the artistic direction flows perfectly with the theme of the game.

Who knew orange felt fast? The Dutch, the Dutch knew.

Gretchinz! Review by Devir Games, and Games Workshop 4

Fun Factor

Gretchinz! Review by Devir Games, and Games Workshop 5

If you enjoy racing and programming games, and enjoy a lighter fare quick play, this may be right up your alley. It took us less than the intended 30 minutes, for two players, and I would say that is likely the case with most seasoned players. 

I did like attacking people indiscriminately, and also the frustration of when my mechanic did not have car tuned properly, so my attack would actually cause a malfunction and for me to take damage instead. Sounds fiddly, its not.

Age Range & Weight

The game suggest 8+. I would say that is just about right. My daughter is not quite 8, and I could see it being just beyond her grasp to really enjoy. 


A WarHammer player I am not.

This does not detract from this games light fare, and ability to frustrate even the seasoned gamer/planner. This game has a rather heavy lucky factor since there are dice involved, and cards that you cannot see involved. That will turn some strategic players away. 

I like games that are just fun, light romps, that allows you to kill or be killed, and and makes fun of (in a lighthearted way) all the heavy games that are so prevalent in 2018. If only all speed freaks were so suited to the dice and card genre!


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