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This was an interesting experience as two-player.

The artwork is hilariously stunning. It fits completely with the theme and mechanics of the game. This was my favorite part about the game.

John Doe


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Theme and What is it?


All the clans are gathered. But confusion reigns in the ranks. Can you organize the Horde so that it obeys you, and only you?

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Gameplay Mechanics


Each player adopts the role of King or Queen of a Goblin clan. Each clan is identified by the color of its favorite gem.

During the game, the players lay out cards representing goblins to form battle lines, consisting of rows of twelve cards. Their objective is to align card of their own color, or at least have a majority of the cards in as many battle lines as possible, in order to obtain victory points.

The player of the clan with the most victory points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

In Horde, each clan has thirteen cards total. The King/Queen cards are shuffled together and one is dealt to each player. Each player keeps this card and their color a secret. Then the Banner cards are removed for each color and randomly laid out to start the rows. All the other cards are shuffled together (yes, you mix all the colors) and then four cards are dealt to each player.

Player take turns playing a card on a battle line. A card can be played on either side (horizontally or vertically) of a previous placed card. The only exception is that the battle grid is four rows of twelve cards. A card cannot be placed if a row or column is full.

Each clan has the same amount of cards and type of cards. The different cards will move cards around, flip cards over, etc.

Once all cards have been played, the game ends and majority is considered in each row to award points. Then, a winner is determined.

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Initial Impressions


The theme did not immediately grab me but I love cards games and I have an open-mind with them.

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Game Build Quality


The game is just a deck of 52 cards. The card quality is good. My only complaint would be the print on them. The color seems to wear off.

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Artistic Direction


The artwork is hilariously stunning. It fits completely with the theme and mechanics of the game. This was my favorite part about the game.

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Fun Factor


The game is fun. I think the fun completely peaks at 4 player. It is not as fun with two. Playing with four players allows for a little more guessing on each players clan/color.

Overall though, I enjoyed it. I also won. I was pretty decent with managing my hand and using my big power cards at the right time.

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Age Range & Weight


The box suggests 10+. This is spot on. The mechanics are easy: Play a card, you may use its ability, and then draw a card to replace. There are reference cards to explain each type of card and it is also in the rulebook.

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There is nothing wrong with this little game. It is definitely a filler. The artwork is so well done and the gameplay is fun.

My only complaint is the scoring. I ended up winning the game but my opponent didn’t even have a score. The dummy player had more points than he did. I felt that the gameplay was great, but there needed to be a bit more complexity with scoring. With only have four rows of twelve cards, it only gives four rows of scoring.

Other than that, I thought it was entertaining.

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