Kickstarter Pulse May 21, 2017


Here at MG, we like tabletop games. It’s just a thing with us. Discussed below in no particular order are games we think deserve a little buzz, though often for drastically different reasons. Some have more buzz than we could ever create, and some seem to be off the radar, and we hope our words might get you to take a second look. Here goes.

1. The Royal Game of Ur
This game is arguably one of the oldest games still existing in any form. I am not really digging the prices, for 3d printed components, and less so for wood. But I do think it deserves a gander, if nothing else to see where we started. This game is just neat. For what it is however, I cannot recommend based on the price point. If you are a history buff, you will likely have a different analysis than me. Check them out, and think about a 1$ pledge, just to reward outside the box thinking.
Kickstarter Pulse May 21, 2017 1

2. Wanted Earth
This game just has fantastic minis. I love the art direction on them. The gameplay seems to be dice based, and minis come in and out of gameplay based on HP and healing. Having watched the trailer, the gameplay may not be some people’s style, who dislike dice, but if you love minis, you should check them out!
Kickstarter Pulse May 21, 2017 2

3. The Flow of History
Needing no introduction, is a game that has all the buzz it could require, The Flow of History. Jesse Li has created a game that themeatically seems similar to 7 Wonders, but with battle. After creating Ponzi Scheme, the game where no one really wins, Jesse Li has created an artistically adept battle system that makes a card based, bid based, civ game all the more interesting. Plus, Metal Tokens, always a winner in my book.
Kickstarter Pulse May 21, 2017 3

4. Deadly Premonition
The game based off of a video game, based off of a video game, known as the most polarizing game of all time. If they can at all hit that mark, this game will surely be a hit, if not broadly, at least as a cult classic.
Kickstarter Pulse May 21, 2017 4

5. Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight Nukes. Nukes. Nukes. What’s not to love? I mean, this is the beginning of the modern era in a table top game. As with anything, don’t know if this will make the original game better or break the mechanics people enjoyed.
Kickstarter Pulse May 21, 2017 5

6. Rise of the Necromancers
I am excited for this game, and can’t even really explain why. I guess I like the idea of being the king of the world, through black magic. Just sounds incredibly delicious. I’ll wait to judge until we have a demo copy. ALso, I love the brown and green Tolkienesque art.
Kickstarter Pulse May 21, 2017 6


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