King of the Castle – New Entertainment Ltd – Review


Theme and What is it?


Players take turns scaling the castle to secure their knights at the top. But, beware! Your opponents can send your knights to the dungeon before they reach the top. The player with the most cards at the top becomes King of the Castle!

Gameplay Mechanics


Set up the game by building the castle. The castle has slots on each side and each slot alternates 1 to 9.

Each player has their own deck of cards for their color (red, green, yellow or blue). The decks have numbers ranging from 1 to 5.

On their first turn, a player draws a card and places it on the castle. The card goes into the slot for that number. For example, if I draw a 2, I place it in the 2 slot. For a subsequent turn, a player can draw a new card and place it OR can move an existing card up the castle.

Cards move spaces based on their value. For example, I could now move the 2 drawn on the previous turn up two spaces to the 4 slot. Also, when moving a card, ALL cards with the same value move. So, if there are two cards with value 2 in the 2 slot, they both can move up two spaces.

If a player places their cards on a slot that has another player’s card (s), they send those cards to the dungeon. The cards are then dropped down the middle of the castle.

When any player has no more moves, the game ends and the player with the most cards at the top of the castle wins!

King of the Castle - New Entertainment Ltd - Review 1

Initial Impressions


I am always excited about children’s games! I have three nephews and two nieces and most of them love games. So, introducing them to new things is always fun. I knew the actual castle in this one would entice them.

King of the Castle - New Entertainment Ltd - Review 2

Game Build Quality


The only components for the game are the castle and the cards. The middle of the castle is made of cardboard that snaps together around the dungeon which is a rectangle cardboard box type thing. Then this whole piece snaps into the base of grass which is also plastic. The top is a hard plastic and fits over the cardboard piece.

The cards are the quality normally seen in a children’s game.

King of the Castle - New Entertainment Ltd - Review 3

Artistic Direction


The art is cartoonish. The box art is a castle with a knight at the top waving. All the players’ cards have different knights depicted. It is nothing overly special but fits the genre of game.

King of the Castle - New Entertainment Ltd - Review 4

Fun Factor


My nephew and niece LOVED this game. Their favorite part was putting cards into the dungeon. Since they both enjoyed this part, neither cared if it was their own cards going into the dungeon. We just had to make sure we took turns putting the cards in the dungeon.

King of the Castle - New Entertainment Ltd - Review 5

Age Range & Weight


The box suggests 3+. The player must be able to count unless playing with a supervising adult that assists. So, the starting age could vary.



Overall, this is a solid children’s game. It is fun for children and also encourages counting and basic adding, so can be educational.

The children were engaged and as I mentioned before loved playing cards in the dungeon. I thought this was great because they were not fighting over winning. They were having a good time regardless of who won.

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