Klondike Rush-Red Raven Games-Review


“Stare down your opponents, swindle them with a smile, and come out rich!”

Publisher: Red Raven Games

Designer & Artist: Ryan Laukat

Game Type: Bidding, Resource Management

Initial Year of Release: 2017

Age Range: 13+

Expected Playtime: 45-60 min

Number of Players: 2-5

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Theme and What is it?

There’s gold in them thar hills! Strike it rich by collecting mine claims from four different mining companies and collecting hunt tokens. Collect enough snow beast tokens and you can collect a bounty for removing the threat. In the end, corner the market with the most investments in the most profitable companies and earn a fortune!

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Gameplay Mechanics


To win at Klondike Rush, a player must accumulate the most profit from mining claims, hunt tokens, bounties, etc.


Klondike Rush-Red Raven Games-Review 3

Place the board between the players and place the town token on a selected location. Randomly place the hunt tokens face down at the locations on the board. Shuffle the mining company and order cards. Pass out two order cards, $30, and a profit card to each player. Place a mine figure of each color on the town token.


Klondike Rush-Red Raven Games-Review 4

The active player draws the top mining company card and begins the bidding for the card. Each player gets a chance to increase the bid to win the claim or pass. The player who wins the bid pays their bid to the bank. If the active player has any available mines to place from the collected mining company cards, he may pay to place them on a selected location and claim the hunt token collected there. When mine figures are placed, move the mine of the same color up the company value track.

When an active player has collected enough hunt tokens of a specified type, he can turn them in for an amount of money indicated on an order card and turn the order card over in front of him.

The active player can also turn in his profit card for money equivalent for the company value of his current investments.

Once the active player has completed the actions he chooses, the active player designation moves to the next player.

Klondike Rush-Red Raven Games-Review 2

Initial Impressions

To start with, the rules were a little haphazard as presented but eventually we got it. I highly suggest reading through the rules completely and the errata sheet that came with it before starting. I think the approach and mechanics blend well the theme if you’re looking for the thrill of becoming a gold mining mogul. The rules could have done with a quick summary of turn actions before launching into what they were.

Klondike Rush-Red Raven Games-Review 1

Game Build Quality

The game components consist of a game board, four colors of mine figures, hunt tokens, money, order, profit, and mining company cards. The game board is made of a very thick cardboard stock, thicker than most games I’ve played and the laminate is well done. The mines are chunky plastic figures that look like old mine entrances, just the right size for their use. The hunt tokens are a sturdy cardboard stock and easily punched out of the frame. The cards were a nice card stock, easy to shuffle for their different sizes.

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Artistic Direction

I like the art of most of the game. It goes well with the theme, reminding you of the Yukon or Alaska. The money and mine company cards are the most detailed and quite beautiful.

Klondike Rush-Red Raven Games-Review 2

Fun Factor

This game blends playing poker with the bidding/bluffing mechanic and strategy in mine placement and token collection in a high-stakes game of gold mining. Stare down your opponents, swindle them with a smile, and come out rich!

Klondike Rush-Red Raven Games-Review 1

Age Range & Weight

Age range says 13+ but the mechanics can be easily grasped by younger players. Where the age is more appropriate as the game allows for more complex strategy in resource placement/acquisition and being able to play your opponent for what you want.

Klondike Rush-Red Raven Games-Review 2


The game does easily and well what it tries to do with the gold rush theme. Planning out where to play mines, weighing that against the available tokens and your order cards, and when to play the profit card can bring a lot to keep track with your resources and your opponents. It has high replayability with the random token placement, town token placement, and card shuffling. We liked the strategy aspect of resource management but most of us didn’t like the poker/bidding aspect but it might be right up your alley.


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