K’uh Nah – WizKids – Preview


“This game stacks up.”

Publisher: WizKids

Designer: Adam E. Daulton

Artist: NA

Game Type: Push your luck, Set Collection, Golf Scoring

Initial Year of Release: 2019

Age Range: 14+

Expected Playtime: 20 Mins

Number of Players: 2+6

K'uh Nah - WizKids - Preview 1

Theme and What is it?

You are part of the Mayan civilization. You are an ancient architect that will be building your own pyramid to the glory of the old gods.

This is a tableau building game that allows you, nay, forces you to gamble and think ahead. But, how does it stack up…? See what I did there?

K'uh Nah - WizKids - Preview 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Building a pyramid is your goal, and having the lowest total value of the top stone is how the game scores.

On your turn, you may do only one of two things. Pull a card, that is face up from the common draw pile, or put a piece of jade on one of the draw piles.

When you draw a card, you will be adding it to your pyramid. The placement rules are simple. You can always add a new base stone, or if adding to higher levels, you must use a lower “weight” stone signified by a lower number. This must be lower weight than both stones it will sit upon, or must have the same symbol on the matching side of the card. For example, a weight 20 could sit on a weight 7, if the weight 20 had a parrot on the left side, and was sitting on the right side of the weight 7, and the weight 7 also had a parrot on it.

Logically it makes sense once you see it in action, and is very well built in theme and game play. You can also see what I mean in the above photo.

K'uh Nah - WizKids - Preview 3

Initial Impressions

Some games, do not initially grab my attention. K’uh Nah was one of those games.

It has a pretty box, and says it is push your luck. But it just did not appeal, based on my first impression. First impressions are often wrong.

K'uh Nah - WizKids - Preview 4

Game Build Quality

The game is a card game, with some plastic coins. There is not much to it. The cards are nice and feel good shuffling. The coins are functional and green (they are jade).

K'uh Nah - WizKids - Preview 5

Artistic Direction

The game starts to become interesting because the art is so tied to the game, and the theme, that it just feels like a natural extension of the game.

As I say regularly when art and theme tie to the underlying game, and do so well, it is high honors. Here this game earns those high honors easily. The pyramids and card stacking just feel natural together.

Beyond that the box art transports you to the jungle. This feels like you are looking at an Indiana Jones movie, or an Uncharted video game.

K'uh Nah - WizKids - Preview 6

Fun Factor

Push your luck games, just feel like home to me. I love that feeling of getting that one extra thing I need, or of busting when I don’t get that one thing I need. This does not re-imagine push your luck at all, but it does do it well.

K'uh Nah - WizKids - Preview 7

Age Range & Weight

14+. I have to say the mathiness of the game, may make 14+ appropriate. However, the actual gameplay can be played with someone much younger.

My 7 year old daughter played and understood the game, but had a hard time with the end game scoring, and getting as few points as possible.

K'uh Nah - WizKids - Preview 8


Push your luck, is my jam. It just feels right forcing someone else to bust, through my charm and craptastic demeanor.

K’uh Nah is a game that is small enough to fit into your travel bag. It does not strictly need the jade coins, as almost any counter will do. This will be going in my travel bag, and my Quiver.

This game stacks up.


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