Long Distance Gaming – Imhotep w/ Filip Glowacz


Apologies about poor sound quality. This particular broadcast was a beast, but did not want you to miss out on Filip Glowacz.Josh Hale

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Welcome to the long distance gaming podcast. We are brought to you by 524. Labs, Odom publishing, and

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Josh Hale 0:35
Hey, all this is Josh with a long distance gaming podcast from mobile gamers. I have on today with us Felipe blow batch and I’m probably butchering his name and he’ll probably laugh at me for how I pronounce it but that’s okay. He is with Borden dice is the company that has put out like so many incredible games the past year you have to to watch you have right now Sierra and Sierra West you have a expansion for to to walk in galley they have games from a smaller studio that they also are part of called strawberry. Strawberries Is that right? So real

Filip Glowacz 1:18
game studios basically a lie lie for families

Josh Hale 1:23
align for families. So those games they had a game called World shaper that one of our writers did a review on really, really liked one of my favorite games in the past couple years as a forex called dice settlers. It was a game that when I first saw it, it looked so very involved, and I started playing it and I realized, wow, this is a forex with a modular board. And at the dice, just, it just worked. So thank you so much for coming on today, Filipe? And what game are we going to be playing uh,

Filip Glowacz 2:04
first of all, thank you for having me. And because of course we are on both sides of the globe, it was very, I’m very happy we we found that time spot where we could join and play a game together. So I decided to prefer or maybe not prefer, because we will be using software that’s part of the game for us, but I just imitating so it is a medium euro game with. Like, basically, I choose it because it is so intense. Every decision you’re doing it’s kind of take that for the other player. But in the same moment, it’s a kind of take that to your strategy, try to combine how to not allow other player to do his stuff while you’re doing your stuff. And you need to find the compromise of your best friend move and not follow your opponent to do his best move.

Josh Hale 3:06
So before we get into the game, I’m going to tell everybody we are playing on a software called New Kata DE, it’s a game software out of Germany, that since Phillipe suggests suggested that we play emo tap. I said, Okay, we’ll try that. And we found that emo tap is on their servers, we have no idea how to use their software. And you may have to struggle through this with us as we are trying to show.

Filip Glowacz 3:35
So if you lose me, you can always blame that. Because, you know, Germany is our neighbors. So that’s why

Josh Hale 3:46
I do plan on blaming the software. If I lose, I will say that in advance. So emerge up as a game from themes and cosmos. It’s been out for I think, three years now, and just brought out a mo tip the dual, which, if you haven’t played it, feel it, it’s really pretty good. But emo tip by itself plays very well as two players, we have the board setup randomly. So we have the market on the A side the pyramids on the beside the temple on the beside the burial chamber on the B side and the analysts on the A side. For those of you that have never played emo tap, what we are going to be doing is we’re going to be loading boats that will get sent to the various places to make a basically an offering to, I think it was Ross or one of the A. And basically what we’re doing is trying to make the coolest thing for, for the culture at that time. And the neat thing about emo tap is we’re each loading our own stones on to the boats that will eventually sail to each of the areas. But at any given time when the boat has enough stones on it, either one of us can send that boat to any of the areas. So we can really foil each other because when the stones are loaded, they’re on average going to know not not on average, I think it’s every single time they are taken off the boat in the order they are put on the boat, meaning if it’s on the front of the boat, it’s taken off first, if it’s on the back of the boat, it gets taken on blast. And that will change your strategy drastically. Because although I may have a boat that is completely fool, Felipe may very well send that boat to somewhere where I’m not particularly excited. And he did tell me before we started this, that he planned on beating me up on this game, and I told him I was going to play the software. So we’re going to go ahead and try to get this thing started. And, again, Felipe, thanks for coming on. And feel free to kind of tell people what you’re doing doing. And you know about how about, you know, part of the way through, we’ll kind of talk about what sort of projects wouldn’t have, because I’m sure people are going to be interested in hearing about that.

Filip Glowacz 6:09
That sounds great. So I so basically, and I think it’s my it’s your turn and go What, what we are looking on, we have four boats available for us, one can handle two stones, the second one, also two stones, and two that can handle three stones each. And

Josh Hale 6:34
and boats are completed for the two stones when you have one on it. And three, you have to have at least two. So the bottom of the software is where you take your stone. So I’m going to go ahead and take stones for my first turn. And then I have to finish turn to so now it is Philippe to do whatever

Filip Glowacz 6:57
he’s got, let’s say, let’s say it will put one of my stones, one of the boats, I will pick the boats that can handle two stones, max of justice. Yeah. And now I give you this decision of you or you will put a stone on the same boat or on a different boat, or you decided to move my boat to one of the board that can be useful for you to not give me access to some best scoring options I I have right now. But in the same moment, you will not be able to use any of your boats or your stones to start collecting or build your engine or your winning strategy. So those simple decisions like basically in your turn, you have three decisions. But every is under same level of importance for you.

Josh Hale 8:06
So I think you have to press fast before I can do anything.

Filip Glowacz 8:09

Josh Hale 8:16
And from there. So I’m kind of looking around the board. Philip has loaded one of the two ships, and I have done nothing because I’m waiting on his turn to finish basically

Filip Glowacz 8:29
finished my turn. So if you want to buy a time to think about your strategy, it’s not a good idea.

Josh Hale 8:40
Did you press the button? Oh, weird. So I can’t do anything right now. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 8:49
I’m stuck.

Filip Glowacz 8:50
And this is Ladies and gentlemen, how I windows okay.

Josh Hale 8:57
He wins by default.

Filip Glowacz 9:00
When you are on the right side of the web browser, you have something like move one before gamers move to feeling poser. And then there is move free report gamers again.

Josh Hale 9:15
Right, and I’m not saying the move three. That is the weirdest thing. Let’s see if I can do it a different way. There we go. So I had to there’s a button on the bottom left on my screen that said move to next game. And the only game that I am playing right now is Oh no. Oh, this is the weirdest thing. So I’m just gonna Golly. So it is telling me that apparently I have another game setup while we were trying to get this thing loaded. Okay, so now I’m good. Now I can actually take the turn, just apparently have to play two games to get through this podcast.

Filip Glowacz 9:59
So So my name is QI

Josh Hale 10:03
I will I blame the software, I’m just going to stick with that. And I think what I’m going to do, because I want to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible, because I’m going to go ahead and just put my stone on the back of your ship. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, so I want

Filip Glowacz 10:20
I appreciate that. So now I’m so I’m the open position to move one of the ship like basically this ship to one of those buildings or places. But, but because whenever you will, in your next turn move this ship, I will be the first one to do my action. So I will use my turn to load another ship. So I will be one star up front here when it comes to when when it comes to a number of stones. Ships we have available just turn.

Josh Hale 11:11
I’m trying to see if I can figure out how to quit other games.

Filip Glowacz 11:17
So I think the second vote the second can contain two stones.

Josh Hale 11:31
But I can’t see that game.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
Run does.

Unknown Speaker 11:38
Let’s see here.

Josh Hale 11:44
So I’m playing this guy named Callaway. Okay,

Filip Glowacz 11:48
maybe you will the winner with at least one of us.

Josh Hale 11:54
Very good. Very good. Maybe I can get him on the phone.

Unknown Speaker 12:00

Unknown Speaker 12:03
Oh, yes, I wanted.

Josh Hale 12:06
Yeah, so I sent his single boat with a single stone to the temple. Because you know, that’s how you do. And while he’s doing that

Unknown Speaker 12:20
now and I will

Filip Glowacz 12:26
I will take free stance

Josh Hale 12:31
I think that would be a probably a good idea. I’m going to go into your current games on this you caught a thing and see if I can resign out of it.

Filip Glowacz 12:45
So for for those who’ve never played in what we have those buildings. And the main thing of every building is it depends on the type of the building, you will get points. Very different how you locate those stones. So for example, in boreal chambre, you need to build a patterns of stones in your color. So the more stones of your color are connected, the more points you will get the end of the game and every single building work with slightly different set of rules.

Josh Hale 13:33
So I have finally gotten that so I’m only playing you I resigned from the other game, I gave them an automatic win, which I’m sure they’re excited about and they’re going to go brag to their community how they they destroyed me and it only took them a turn and a half to do so. In the meantime, we’re back

Filip Glowacz 13:55
on my turn now OO here decided to load the ship with which contain can contain please dance. Die join you I did die john, john URR maybe I will send this I can send this ship

Unknown Speaker 14:20
it’s a difficult choice and I don’t envy you that.

Josh Hale 14:26
So it’s amazing on this podcast sometimes we play games that are very conducive to telling people what we’re doing and this game seems to be pretty pretty much that way. And sometimes we play games where it you know we get stuck on playing the game so much that we forget to tell people what we’re doing and it’s it’s I’m sure tough for the listener to listen to those podcasts because they have no idea what’s happening and the only way they know what happened is by seeing the the end of the game we’re we do a screenshot so they see who won or lost but some games just aren’t conducive to talking about you end up being quiet most of the time on this it seems to work really well. It’s kind of interesting to see what you’re doing

Filip Glowacz 15:17
Yeah, I’m in the middle of deciding do I want to move the ship that I the only one ship I can move so the one that there is mine stone and as well as your stone on the second position to the pyramid tile. And thanks to that, I will score two points, you will score one point plus one randomly drone card action I believe or I will put stone to the boats the boat that you are already on the first place. Because if I manage to move this ship to the pyramids, you will possibly put your second white stone on this second boat and then you will be open to move to the boreal chamber to start creating pattern of stones and at this moment is the single move gives you four points because of two stones that are connected there.


Josh Hale 16:33
I have to tell you, I don’t envy

Filip Glowacz 16:38
so to be on the safe spot, I will join you mr on the second boat with my stone.

Josh Hale 16:49
So it is my turn now. And

so so I’m going to play a little bit tricky. One of the things you can do on the ships where you have more than one space as you can take one of the middle spaces which regardless of which stone the other person takes or if they play system there your your stones will be lined up where they will actually have at least a couple points. So I took the middle stone on the last because right now wherever he ships his if he ends up shipping one of these things, no matter what he does, it doesn’t change anything for me. Whereas by putting that stone in the middle on the last ship, I gave him a really really horrible choice to make and it really wasn’t that nice of me I in all fairness that was

Filip Glowacz 17:58
it. Usually you hurt me You hurt my heart like now

my that

I suffer so badly. That’s why I love this game. Because during your turn your body or mind suffer still make this one.

Good decision. I’m

all right, I put my stone up. I john, you on the last boat, you put your stone in the middle. Fun fact, I didn’t even know that you can put us down in the middle. This makes this even more even more crazy. Oh,

Josh Hale 18:43
it changes the game drastically.

Unknown Speaker 18:46
Yeah. Wow.

Josh Hale 18:48
It is a really, really mean thing to do. So now I’m in the same position that you were in was soon as you pass the turn off to me. Because if I put my stones together on the last ship, I have to to guess. But that also leaves an opening for you to have two stones together on the second ship. But with that being said, if I put my two stones together on the last ship, and you put your other stone on this ship, it will be my choice for to send that. So I’m still a pretty good position. I think,

Filip Glowacz 19:26
to be honest. In this game, there is no point. No, not such mom and during the game where someone is in a good position.

Josh Hale 19:44
Think you have to now have you pressed Oh, I’m sorry. Where’s the soft?

Unknown Speaker 19:51

Josh Hale 19:53
So I went ahead and did the third stone on the third or the last year? Yep. Which puts two stones together. I assume at this point, he’s going to choose to do the he’s either going to send my ship to a place that’s not beneficial to me, which is exactly what he did. Or I was going to say that he was going to places last stone on that.

Filip Glowacz 20:20
Yeah, I just I just want to be sure that your two white stones one after another will not go to the boreal chamber or either obliques or pyramid as well. And to be honest, it is still not like I I’m not happy with this decision, because still you will be able to draw two cards. Okay, I believe finished turn. And now we are taking carts I will pick. So what I have is one time action place one stone and one ship on one ship and sell the ship to us. Or is it cute free stones from the query to your supply. And place once don’t? Oh, this sounds great. Okay, I will.

Josh Hale 21:22
Yeah, the hammer is pretty nice.

Unknown Speaker 21:28
And now I’m waiting for whatever you need to do.

Josh Hale 21:33
Now it’s my turn. So normally, I would not go for the statues. The statues are a set collection mechanic. And normally, to get that set collection, you end up taking two or three rounds to try to get like three cards. In this particular situation, I have two stones on that ship from the get go. And there’s at least a very reasonably likely chance that another statue is going to come up. And that’s a six point swing to do that. So I’m going to go ahead and do that. And then I’m going to take the other statue as well. And now it is my turn. And I’m going to go ahead and place my stone on to the third ship. I am now out of stones. But it forces for lead to sail on those ships. And I will still be able to take my next turn to fill up my boat or fill up my gas. It’s not a boat that you’re filling up. It’s like a hand truck. And I know I’m not using the right term. But you’re you’re filling up the skid move the stones

Filip Glowacz 23:03
Oh yeah, I’m I’m back. I’m back. So so

Josh Hale 23:09
oh god on back as well. Go ahead.

Filip Glowacz 23:12
So now it’s my turn and I will use my car or No No, I will not use my card because all boats are

Unknown Speaker 23:22

Filip Glowacz 23:24

this is this is the tricky

desert and I can do this, the only building I can choose from our burial chamber that creates nice Combo Points if the stones are connected. our beliefs are there depends on how many stones are one of each other will score your points like basically in two player game, the highest score 10 points, the the lowest score players score one point in pyramids, you will gain five points from that move. If I of course, pick the boat with free stones for your is on the first and the last place. So the best option is to send this bigger boat to build your chamber. Because in this case, you will not be able to build an obliques or score from pyramids. And in the same moment, I was able to separate your two white blocks by my one Brown.

Josh Hale 24:51
I see that. And I’m going to make sure to make this game as painful for you as possible.

Unknown Speaker 24:56
I’m going

Josh Hale 24:58
to go ahead and take some downs, which forces you to do one of two things really, you could take stones or you could sail a ship. I think in if I were in your position, I might take stone. So you started the next round off with a full palette.

Filip Glowacz 25:16
But But remember I have a card that is called hammer that gives me three stones from the query to my supplied and I placed one stone on one ship in the same moment. So I will keep that current fall for my next round. And now I will sell this ship to

Josh Hale 25:45
the analyst. Really? Yes to the to the obelisks, because both of us would be getting the same amount of stones there.

Filip Glowacz 26:01
Okay, finished turn. Yes. Oh, and now I can pick the spot. I can start where I want to start building a pyramid. That’s nice. I will be that one.

So I gained two points. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 26:21
That’s interesting.

Josh Hale 26:24
So I think you have to cross the finish turn for me to do mine.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Okay, so Oh, okay. Yes.

Filip Glowacz 26:35
And I believe you can also pick a very different spot to put to start building your pyramids.

Josh Hale 26:46
So did it automatically lay it to the top left or did it

Filip Glowacz 26:51
yet? top top left? Yes, automatically.

Josh Hale 26:55
And the next one will be the bottom left on that one?

Filip Glowacz 27:00
Yes. So if you pick the same place where I where I started building permit, you will get one point plus one action card. What is the you can pick one of other spots that are both gives you two points?

Josh Hale 27:17
Well, I think what I’m going to do, I think I’m going to go ahead and take that one point with the action card. Because if I happen to pull another statue,

Filip Glowacz 27:25
yeah, it gives you six points right now.

warranty. Yes, I

I don’t believe it like I No way. I

know, like.

Josh Hale 27:42
So for the listening audience that cannot see what we’re doing. He can see everything that happens on my side. And what he is in disbelief about at this point in time is I pulled another statue, so he’s gonna have to try to keep statues away from him for the rest of the game. And really,

Filip Glowacz 28:02
yes, like

it. Take a bonus point. Take a bonus don’t

Wow, I will take

bonus don’t

Unknown Speaker 28:20
finish line.

Filip Glowacz 28:22
Alright, so

Josh Hale 28:26
we’re already into the next round. And now we have a single boat, a double boat and two triples. There are a sale, a chisel, temple decoration, and a pyramid decoration

Filip Glowacz 28:43
at Thankfully, the market rose state status.

Josh Hale 28:52
And I think I’m going to go ahead and take the single boat and which will maybe force you to sail get to where you want me to be. And right the second time around, there’s no real place that’s going to hurt me.

Filip Glowacz 29:10

Josh Hale 29:16
No, no, no, that that really hurts me, does it

Filip Glowacz 29:18
bother me like, there there are. This is like, as I said, this just hurts you less.

It could hurt me by failing you. Anyone else.

Josh Hale 29:33
So he sent me to the temple, which is a SS from the top down. And at the end of the round, I’ll get two points. And he has to finish.

Filip Glowacz 29:44
Yes, I always forget.

Josh Hale 29:48
I know. That’s, that’s a rough part of this game. And, you know, I think I’m going to do the same thing again, just to make this can really, really gross for him as take the smallest boat and put myself in front.

Filip Glowacz 30:10
And here you go back as expected.

Josh Hale 30:14
And feel equal now press finish. Yes. And it’s my turn. And you know, I am going to go ahead and take stones. Because I was I was stone less I lacked stones. And I no longer lacks stones. So I pass the turn back to Philly. So he can do what he wants.

Filip Glowacz 30:37
That is perfect. So I decided to put stone on the second boat to be first at least somewhere.

Josh Hale 30:49
And he has done his favorite thing, which is he has neglected to press finish

Filip Glowacz 31:00
my jobs basically and this is the only one way I can start you

play. Oh my god. So thank thanks to that. When will we will be new the end of the game I just can do not press finished turn when I’m knowing that I’m losing so we cannot technically finish the game so there is no winner and loser.

Josh Hale 31:27
Okay, so I went ahead and place my stone onto your ship because I didn’t really want you to have to row.

Unknown Speaker 31:36
Now it’s your turn.

Josh Hale 31:39
And he took the last one I’m not sure. Yeah. So I’m going to do the same thing I did to him last round and take the middle stone on that ship. Again, because I want to be mean and rude and discourteous.

Filip Glowacz 31:54
So now I will try I don’t know how but I will try to

I would try to use my card.

decks don’t play is play a Hallmark card. So I’m taking three stones from the query to my supply. And immediately I can place another stone on a boat. So take that.

Josh Hale 32:25
I see that he did that. And

Filip Glowacz 32:27
of course did not president

Unknown Speaker 32:34

Unknown Speaker 32:37

Josh Hale 32:39
And I guess I’m gonna go ahead and take that loss to force him to

Unknown Speaker 32:47
make a choice here.

Josh Hale 32:52
I don’t know. Cali Yeah, this is kind of an ugly one for you.

I don’t have any answers for you here.

Filip Glowacz 33:06
I think I will I will seal this ship to market because

anywhere else.

But especially the boreal Chambal gives you a lot of points, let’s let’s do that. Okay, I will be the first big card. So the options I have placed one stone on one ship and still a ship to a site. The next one, place two stones on one ship or replace one stone on each of two ships that that is pretty nice. At the end of the game, and 1.4 per free stones in the pyramid, your own plus holder stones, and the second gold card and one points perfectly stones in the in the temple, your own plus others stars. So basically, I will pick the the one that gives me ability to place two stones or one stones on two boats.

Unknown Speaker 34:19

Josh Hale 34:22
Felipe took a blue card, which gives him immediate benefit. And he fell into my favorite trap of this game, because I really love the end of game points. And he gave me the option to take two end of game points score multipliers. One of the is for each stone I have in the pyramid, mine or other as I get points. The second thing is for every three stones in the temple, I get points. So he’s gonna have to be very careful with the temple and the pyramids, the rest of the game. And I’m quite content that he chose to actually take the chisel rather than the end of game multipliers. And again, multipliers for me are a very unique way to score points on the basis of everybody else’s actions.

Filip Glowacz 35:23
Yeah, that that’s actually pretty nice. And I’m and I’m very surprised that I didn’t I didn’t think about this more because the last game in emotive I won by having those and go and the game go karts. And like but but let’s see how I can go with this, and try to figure out the best way now to rebuild my points at the end of the game.

Josh Hale 36:00
So in the meantime, while we’re talking about this, and talking about how we’re being so mean and rude to each other. You guys have a Kickstarter coming up on Monday, the ninth what is that Kickstarter?

Filip Glowacz 36:16
So we decided to bring to the market bring back to the market, one of the classic worker placement game from 2012, which is yellow. And based on our successful campaign of Snowdonia Deluxe Master said we take all the experience from this campaign and put into bringing yet as a deluxe muster set. So, the game will be the look certified and also from the gameplay point of view and also from the of course components points of view

Josh Hale 36:57
is there anything new in the game or is it just then Deluxe f5

Filip Glowacz 37:01
like, so, there is pretty much many things that we with the designers design decided to change based on community feedback, they gather from those years, like Like for example, we call it like set up your own experience with theater. Basically this means that at the beginning of the game, you can choose how mean the game will be for when he when you look from the player interaction perspective points of view on how the game will be mean to the players, because not everyone like how the original the editor was mean to player and how the game owls other players to be mean to each other. So, we decided that So, what if we can start every card in the way that we create small set of cards that you create every deck of the game because we in the other game, we have mentioned deck we decks we have action deck and we have event deck. So, every of this that you can build depends on which level of interaction between players you want to have in the end you will be playing defense of course also on your game group. So, you can pick few decks for to create your even that a few other to create your mission deck and the last few days to create your actual decks and this is this will be your year, if you want to go very mean you can build the game that way during the setup. So, this is the one thing the second thing is that the game will comes from the day one with two modules the one module that put another layer on off strategy when you are placing your walkers around the board because we are adding specialists, so in the base game you only has regular disciples you are gaining them placing them to trigger action of the sections and fulfill missions. Now, you can also buy specialist and each specialist as his own unique action that is triggered as an extra thing to your main action. So for example, there is a let’s engage on that actor like like you have extra geisha when you are fulfilling our mission by using her or you have a ninja ninja guy will be not touched by the patrol during the game, if the patrol will be aiming this section he will be able to avoid the partial effect from from the game. So, depends on which nipple you will use and where it can trigger you one more benefit than just the main action we have also a tea house so then bunch of characters you can take from the tea house to your site and the character has their own unique abilities that can work for you for the whole game or just one time I believed saying that there will be much more carts much more freedom in how you compose your real to satisfy our needs more our level of strategy how you do you’re welcome placement stuff and new way of and passive abilities that comes with it house in short words this is from the gameplay point of view what new year brings to to the market also there will be a bunch of components improvements including basically every component in the game will be custom will be much thicker and there will be a plenty of wooden nipples that

has this custom cut shapes much better player Bart main Bart like what there will be a lot of things when it comes to that of course I should mention that we completely refreshed all graphics elements in the game beginning from the custom layouts to the illustrations, stuff. So all of those who love yet or this will be a fresh take on the game they love for the new players in yet a family this will be this game will be looks like a modern game with all the best which yet can offer to player. And basically this is what Yeah, the deluxe masters that will will will bring to to life with the Kickstarter. Of course, there’s plenty of stretch goals that will unlock more and more stuff during the Kickstarter campaign.

Josh Hale 42:46
Cool or something to be very excited about. That are on 999 correct.

Filip Glowacz 42:57
Monday. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
Monday. So

Josh Hale 43:04
this will actually probably going out to you. So you know, I know you’re you know, day out. But hopefully the people get to talk about you know, right now you’re still on. And we are waiting.

Filip Glowacz 43:24
No, no, we are waiting for me to take my action. And I still don’t know i i i believe this will be the best option to send this ship to Publix to start building public Publix because I have two stones on this boat versus one only one stone of your color. So my obliques will be up this at this moment. Higher than yours.

Josh Hale 43:53
Right now. Do unless women.

Unknown Speaker 44:00

Unknown Speaker 44:02
let’s see here. So

Josh Hale 44:05
I’m going to get a brown and white. And we’re going to end up with all of us having points and, and to the pyramids. I’m going to give you three or two or two. Or I can always take stones and make a choice. Because it doesn’t really matter to me. And then I end up in the last round, fully stone. And you ended up with the game and

you myself I mean,

Filip Glowacz 44:55
horse forced you to to make this decision. Yes.

Josh Hale 44:59
Right? I

Unknown Speaker 45:02
would love to.

Filip Glowacz 45:04
So say price.

Josh Hale 45:09
Right? I didn’t end up on the last round.

Unknown Speaker 45:28
What’s going on there

Josh Hale 45:37
to take two wins. Because if I go to any of those twos, you will end up with three points. So no matter what, right now,

Unknown Speaker 45:49
I think that’s the best point of

Josh Hale 45:52
the pyramid and three points. And then enjoy your make and to

Filip Glowacz 46:05

Josh Hale 46:07
So we now have a third and final round at

least three stones. And the before and for those of you that are just now coming into the podcast. And I had a darndest time today. Normally, I use a software that makes things. And for most folks pretty easy, but I don’t know what’s going on today. It’s just not functioning. And then we’re using another software both remotely. And then as Felicia was explaining his Kickstarter that’s coming on 9919. Which today, so that started yesterday, as he was explaining ghetto, and how it’s going to be, you know, the super fancy version of you know, my browser bombed out and I didn’t hear anything he said, so I’m gonna have to go back and listen to my own podcast to see what Philippe has said about yet. Oh, I I assume it’s cool. That’s why I said it was cool. But I actually have no idea. This has been a technical nightmare today, Felipe.

Filip Glowacz 47:25
Yes, Mike, from every point of view, like during that during the when we finally find a solution how to record that in the middle. my headphones, like died because I using my wireless bluetooth headphones. So we are.

Unknown Speaker 47:44

Filip Glowacz 47:46
this is a live

Josh Hale 47:49
show must go on. So okay, so now, so and the third round, yes, I have no idea.

Filip Glowacz 47:59
And I’m so happy be that I’m the first to write them because I will be playing my shoes little card. So now thanks to that I’m able to place to either two stones, and one boat, or two stones, or one stones or two boats. This is what I will gonna do, I will place one stone here and wants to hear to make your chase miserable.

Josh Hale 48:31
By very much appreciate that. And what makes it even more difficult to make my choices. I’m waiting on the Finish button to be pressed.

Filip Glowacz 48:41
Yes, I think this will be very helpful.

Josh Hale 48:46
It would be the light. Okay, so I’m not going to give away the theory of how I’m going to do this, but I’m going to tell you that I do have a theory. And I’m

Filip Glowacz 49:03
okay, doing

Josh Hale 49:04
exactly opposite by placing my stone on the second part of the four part ship. Even though it’s very dangerous for me right now to do that, because he has two ships that are already loaded. But by placing my son as second on the four piece ship, he has a huge risk that I can end up with three stones on the four place ship, which could feasibly change the obelisk from him to me. And I do apologize for being so mean and rude. I do thank you for coming on the podcast. And I have no idea who’s actually going to win at this point. But it has been a painful experience between the technical difficulties and the actual gameplay the entire show.

Filip Glowacz 49:59
I I’m so I’m so mad at me that I this, like, I have this crazy idea that this could be the great game to play because oh my god.

Those decisions here are painful.

Josh Hale 50:21
So he placed this another stone onto the single ship.

Unknown Speaker 50:25

Josh Hale 50:27
here’s the thing that Felipe neglected to take into account. There’s no way for me to get the obelisk right now. And we are in the last round. So I’m going to just go ahead and waste this stones by sending them to the obelisk. Think.

Filip Glowacz 50:48
So right now, I will join you on the you’re on the biggest boat we have

Josh Hale 50:57
right now, as well, you should i think i think that’s say Good idea. In fact, I think if you were not to take that last spot on the boat, that you would be absolutely crazy. But I will leave that for somebody else to the sign.

And right now as a single boat, a double boat and the quadruple, which he is apparently struggling with which one to choose, or whether send one of these ships on their merry way and just go about a day. My assumption is, he’s probably going to places.

Unknown Speaker 51:58
With that being said,

Josh Hale 52:00
it’s a pretty big risk, regardless of what he does. But there’s also the option for a fairly good reward as well. I can’t really tell him what to do. I can tell him that. I don’t like any of his choices. But I can’t really say what to do. Exactly. So

Filip Glowacz 52:24
let’s go crazy.

Josh Hale 52:27
You know, I thought you would do that, actually. And I’m not sure that that pays off for you as well as I thought. So he sent the quadruple to the temple, which gave him a at the on the ground that it will be appointed the two stones. But he also covered up one of the stones yet with my brown. So that was a two point swing at the end of the game. But I don’t know if it works out in his favor or not? I honestly don’t know. So I assume that he wants to know I’m going to get the card to I don’t know what you’re doing. That’s scary and ugly. I don’t know what you’re doing. And now you’re scaring me.

Filip Glowacz 53:20
And I was scared also. Because Because if I sent you to permit, you will, you could score six points, or three points and three stones that allows you to be always up front of me with enough stones to put them continuously on ships. And I didn’t want that. And

Josh Hale 53:48
the stones aren’t that much of an issue right now or again. Again, that’s the last round.

Filip Glowacz 53:52
No, it isn’t. We have

Josh Hale 53:55
a fourth round

Filip Glowacz 53:56
six round basically.

Josh Hale 53:58
OI, thinking it was three. Oh, dag on it. Now I’m even more frustrated with myself. I didn’t plan it as if it was a three round game.

Unknown Speaker 54:09
This is you’ve just destroyed me, I think.

Unknown Speaker 54:16
So he placed the ship.

Unknown Speaker 54:21

Unknown Speaker 54:27
I don’t know that I like this.

Unknown Speaker 54:36
So I have the choice between two things.

Unknown Speaker 54:43
One of them gives an automatic three points.

Josh Hale 54:53
Oh, I know what I’m gonna do this is really mean, I like this. So I’m going to send my ship to the market. And I’m not used to take the olives decoration. Now the reason I took the Atlas decoration is right this second, I can’t really score any points at the obelisk.

Filip Glowacz 55:13
But right now, he can be sure that I will go up on the others because it is the easiest way for me to catch up with points. So he should that I will be very, very understands that he can score

Josh Hale 55:30
from that. And then he also runs the risk that if he’s not focusing on that, that I could actually take the obelisk and score points. Which would I think that would actually change the outcome of the game.

Filip Glowacz 55:45
So now I decided to take

and the goal and the game goal card that gives me one points per free stones in boreal champ.

Unknown Speaker 55:58

Filip Glowacz 56:02
not currently. And now it’s my last move.

Josh Hale 56:07
So I will doesn’t matter on this last term. And the reason I’m asking is if you chose to pull stones? Do either of these help you more than the other? And I don’t have an answer yet. I’m thinking that through. If you go to the pyramids, you can automatically get three points. If you go to the burial chamber, you will have a stone in a row that gets you know points, currently. But if you got another stone in there, get you up to a

Unknown Speaker 56:44
four point

Unknown Speaker 56:46
like a four point swing. So

Unknown Speaker 56:50
I think I think, golly,

Josh Hale 56:56
you probably want the burial chamber I think, but the pyramids don’t hurt you. I think I might take stone if I were you. But that also leaves me the opportunity to take more stone to

Filip Glowacz 57:12
EM, but actually you will gain stones

I believe from temple.

Unknown Speaker 57:22

Unknown Speaker 57:23
I see what you’re doing. Yeah, I see that.

Filip Glowacz 57:26
So you will gain stone. So you will not take stones right now because it’s pointless. So I will I will be I will also gain two stones. So it’s better for me to take stones to before for the next round.

Josh Hale 57:48
But isn’t a temple that you get a choice between the point and the stones?

Filip Glowacz 57:54
We will see basically? Either?


Unknown Speaker 58:01

Unknown Speaker 58:04
when you cross the finish button, I think I’m gonna go ahead and take sense to

Josh Hale 58:09
because I don’t know how that functions. And I do know for sure that I don’t have cell phones. So I took stones as well, you are at 3am at five. The current score for anybody listening is truly past five points. With a I think it’s actually telling us how many endgame points there are yet parentheses. So he has five plus 24. And I have six plus

Filip Glowacz 58:37

  1. So I’m in a good position right now.

Josh Hale 58:42
You’re in a very good position, because well, is that counting the 10 points? I bet it is.

Filip Glowacz 58:47

Josh Hale 58:49
So he probably needs to get some more end game scoring or

Unknown Speaker 58:57
who I don’t know.

Josh Hale 58:59
So he sent it to burial chamber, I think which is the biggest swing for him. Yeah, he went from 24 to 30. And I went from idle and drop me down one, apparently. But that was probably the biggest swing.

Filip Glowacz 59:12
So I I decided to take two stones rather than one bonus points in temple.

Josh Hale 59:24
So I’m going to start this round, doing ugly things I there’s a 133 and a quadruple. And I put my stone in the middle of a three. My assumption is Felipe’s gonna take that single because he really seems to like it. But I don’t know that that works out in his favor yet. But I can’t like I can’t like my arms. Right, the second on what’s happening.

Filip Glowacz 59:54
I, I so much hate this game.

Josh Hale 1:00:00
Maybe next time, we can do emo tap the dual.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
So he did the same thing as me. Yeah. And

Josh Hale 1:00:15
now I guess I could put the single one in a single one doesn’t get me a whole lot of value. I could take double up on mine and the triple boat. But that doesn’t get a whole lot of value either. So I think I’m going to take the second space and then quadruple, because that kind of forces your hand to either double up and the triple or to start building on the quadruple I think, man, I suppose you could do it either way. But I don’t know that that’s going to be hugely beneficial to you. So I took the two middle spaces on the quadruple. And now no matter what Philly does, I can have up to three spaces on the quadruple. I don’t know if that’s going to help me or hurt me. I suppose it depends on where we send it.

I think his best choice currently is the third ship has one of us stones. If he puts a note on that one. It kind of forces me to take the last one. I’m gonna I’m going to do something that

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38

Josh Hale 1:01:41
Felipe may be expecting. But I think it’s a completely valid and rude move, which is I’m going to go ahead and send his ship to the obelisk

Filip Glowacz 1:01:56
was no, no, because I think I expected that you will, you will put your stone on the biggest ship so I can sell it to Publix. And be sure that those freestyle rounds will go to your obliques and we will be even there. But at least your biggest boat will be not sailing anywhere anywhere else.

Josh Hale 1:02:21
And I kind of forced the list to get myself some points on the obelisk. But he can’t get any more points on the obelisk at this point. So as long as I min max the rest of the game, the list is a dead space for him now.

And you can notice from his silence at this point in time that he’s not real excited about what I’ve done to him. And and frankly, I’m crying

Filip Glowacz 1:02:51
inside, I’m crying

why I’m doing this to myself.

Josh Hale 1:03:03
So where can I send your boat? that’s gonna help.

Filip Glowacz 1:03:09

Josh Hale 1:03:10
so if I were to send it to the burial chamber, that get that swings your points on the burial chamber. And, in fact, of the white, brown, white, so that would make the burial chamber he what you need, if I send you the pyramid, you can get three points. And I would end up with probably two points. If I send you the temple, the temple hurts me. Because he would cover up my two, I would cover up your one and then you would cover up my card. So I think my best choice at this point in time is to send you to the pyramids.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00

Josh Hale 1:04:04
And I, where he’s at right now the pyramids, I truly kind of hope he takes the three that would give me a point and three stones. If he takes the two, that would give me four points. If he takes the other two, it gives me three points.

Filip Glowacz 1:04:20
And and also the best way to see what happened is to click Finish turn. But on your side.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
Oh, you finally got me?

Filip Glowacz 1:04:29
Yes, I wait so long for that moment I was waiting. So

you are so excited by this move.

Here you go.

Josh Hale 1:04:53
He did that. And now I’ve got to wait for him to press finish.

Filip Glowacz 1:05:00
I was I was I was in the middle of doing that.

Josh Hale 1:05:04
Oh, I see what you did. That’s not that bad. So he covered up a two, which gives me three points, or gives me three points or gives me two points. If I take the two, he will finish that pyramid and get four points. If I take the three, he gets a stone, or a point and three stones, or if I take the other three, he also gets three. So the thing that hurts me, the least I think is to take the three points, which gives him three as well. In other circumstances, I’d be trying to get one of the pyramids finished. But there’s nothing here that will allow me to finish in such a way that is beneficial to me. So I think for all intensive purposes, that I think I did the right thing.

Filip Glowacz 1:05:58
So I decided that stumps

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
he took stones.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
And let’s see,

Josh Hale 1:06:11
I do that swing goes back into the burial chamber if I do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:20
And if I do that he

Josh Hale 1:06:24
Oh, very slick. very slick. I see what you’ve done here. And I don’t know that I appreciate what you’ve done. So if I were to put a stone into the single ship, he sends it to the temple, which gets me nothing. If I put a stone into the quadruple ship, he sends it to the temple, which gets me a point and a couple stones at the end of the round. But it wastes three of my stones to do that. So I think my best bet right this second is to go ahead and do the same thing as you which is take stones and now gives you the opportunity to take stones yet one more time. You can only fill up to five and you have four which to me seems like a wasted turn, but I don’t think it actually is. I think if I were you I might be doing that right now. But you placed it really did you really

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23

Josh Hale 1:07:24
I did. So the only thing I can do is to put you in the burial chamber, because that gives you nothing.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:37

Filip Glowacz 1:07:44
I decided to take stops

Josh Hale 1:07:47
and you you Razzle frazzle. So I haven’t quadruple I have to say Happy Thursday. And alas space because what is going to end up doing is if he sailed me to the table, then I get everything in the table. If he chooses to have the first choice on the market, then he can swing the points on the market. So it’s probably the best out of the bad choices for me.

I can hear from the sound, right?

Filip Glowacz 1:08:46
Right now I’m doing right. A bunch of weird no noises like you, you really doesn’t want to hear that no, Nice’s especially at nine.

Josh Hale 1:08:59
So went ahead and sell it to the market.

Filip Glowacz 1:09:01
Sure. I assume

Josh Hale 1:09:02
he’s going to take the Yeah, that’s probably what I wanted them to is to take one of those statues away from me.

Filip Glowacz 1:09:12
In this way I giving you basically three points.

Josh Hale 1:09:28
And then it gives me the sailboat for a future turn. So I can take bonus stones with Forgive me two stones and I’m fill up to five or I could take bonus points. You know, I think we’re at in the game and have four stones that you do too. I think the bonus points my best option.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:52
And now you have to take stone or point

Unknown Speaker 1:09:59
and he took

Josh Hale 1:10:00
that was well. And now we’re on to the fifth round I think are we the fourth round I can’t keep track now

Unknown Speaker 1:10:07
fifth round, right now this round. And one more to go.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
And he he did

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18

Josh Hale 1:10:21
ever so famous move have taken a center. And I think that’s pretty good, really.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36

Josh Hale 1:10:42
you know, I think I’m going to do the same thing. Two rounds the road for step four.

Filip Glowacz 1:10:50
I hate you so much for like.

Josh Hale 1:10:57
So for those of you that are listening, our show normally goes 40 to 50 minutes. This is going a bit long. But we will go ahead and get it broadcast because I want to make sure that everybody gets a chance to hear what’s going on the Kickstarter. Sorry, it’s taken a bit long, but we love having you along. And if you want to listen in on two days, feel free. And just make sure to check out the Kickstarter on 992 thousand 19 for yet Oh, and I am looking at the sale card one playing this card place one stone on one ship, and she’ll sell the ship to a side. You know that one might be the best for me right now. Yeah. Um, but I don’t know which site is the best for me right now.

Oh, I do see what what’s best for me right now. And that’s really, really mean and really, really ugly. Right there. Yeah, so we’re gonna do this, and I don’t think you’re gonna like this real well. So I sold my ship to the burial chamber. And then I said it

Filip Glowacz 1:12:27
backwards. Oh, Razzle frazzle. Hey, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:32
Oh, no. I hate myself. Thank you, sir.

Josh Hale 1:12:39
Oh, that’s so ugly. I think I just gave him the game. I did this backwards. So I thought what I was going to do was put his white stone into the third spot on the bottom and I misread the boat entirely. That is just so so. Um, and I have nothing, nothing to talk about as far as how inept that move was. I really, really feel pain on this one. It’s not going away. I’m pretty sure that Felipe as enjoying himself and smiling Riley, and Poland. And

Filip Glowacz 1:13:23
we’re having so beautiful again.

Josh Hale 1:13:26
I just imagined Philly being like that dog and Wacky Races with the goofy laugh from when we were kids. Wow, that was so so ugly. And he’s going to get four points.

I’m pretty sure I now hate this game. Oh,

Filip Glowacz 1:13:57
it’s so satisfying. It’s all was such as mine.

Josh Hale 1:14:02
It’s my least favorite game. I would like you to know that. And

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
that’s so

Josh Hale 1:14:16
ugly. So I have to do

Filip Glowacz 1:14:22
you were saying me to the market?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
No, I will not

Josh Hale 1:14:33
have done the same thing you have done a time or two which is give you a lesser Good choice wasn’t really a good choice for me. But it’s maybe a lesser good choice for you. So he knows he gets to choose between sailing a ship and placing a stone.

Filip Glowacz 1:14:51
You have no stones so you can sail the ship or take stones that’s that actually will always meet you put the stone on the smaller ship.

Josh Hale 1:15:07
I see that. That’s that’s not a horrible move there.

Filip Glowacz 1:15:18
Your best option is to sell this to Publix, because this is the only way that you can gain points as well.

Josh Hale 1:15:30
I think you’re missing one that I can gain points on. All right,

Filip Glowacz 1:15:34
let’s see.

Josh Hale 1:15:40
So I sent him to the market. He has a choice between a paper path, a sarcophagus, an obelisk decoration, and a lever, the pave path. And he took the one card that he thinks gonna hurt me because it now evens out or points on the obelisk.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01

Josh Hale 1:16:05
it does allow me to place a stone into the burial chamber, which evens up one of our burial chambers, which took points away from him at the end, I think that was my best option. Now he has stones that he can place in that boat. And he’s going to want to place it probably in the temple to get points. I can sell it to the obelisk. But that doesn’t do me any good anymore because he also has an obelisk decoration. So I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to take stones, I’m going to force him to either sell it or to take stones and he chose to sell it to the temple. And I think at this point in time, I’m gonna fill up my pallid I know I’m calling it the wrong thing. It’s a slit, I think is what they’re calling it on the game. And did you and you took stones as well.

Filip Glowacz 1:17:11
Because right now we are in our final round.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:18

Josh Hale 1:17:20
so for that purpose, I’m gonna, I’m gonna pull affiliate, I’m going to take the three ship, I’m going to do it right in the middle.

Filip Glowacz 1:17:31
But from what this website is telling me that is still gain us can gain 60 points, and I can gain only 48. So

Josh Hale 1:17:46
currently, and that depends highly right now on where things are sent as my assumption.

Filip Glowacz 1:18:01
I will join us

Josh Hale 1:18:05
as well. So we have a little that’s all is that my assumption is even Los Angeles where he wants it now. Because he doesn’t want me to send it where I want it. And that was Crawley his best move is to send it to the obelisk. But now he has to face me going on to the fourth ship and taking the number two spot, which is kind of an annoying spot for him.

Filip Glowacz 1:18:40
I need to admit you’re really a bad person.

Like, I just I just

I just I just can’t wait when we met next time. I believe in spiel in Germany.

Josh Hale 1:19:00
I hope it’ll be a spill in Germany, we are supposed to be doing a media event. We are currently looking for sponsors for that we did it at Gen Con and it went really really well. So we’re looking for a few so

Filip Glowacz 1:19:12
or so. I hope we will you will go to spiel and basically I you should avoid me to meet me there

Josh Hale 1:19:26
is going to look look for me in a dark alley and so on.

Yeah, this this has been a mean game. Sometimes this game can be really, really brutal. And sometimes it is not horribly, but he just OURAE as a frazzle. That is actually probably the only painful thing you could have done with that ship.

Filip Glowacz 1:19:55
Yeah, um,

Josh Hale 1:19:58
I, I applaud you. That was not as horrible as it seemed like it could be.

So now he has to decide whether to play stone to sail ship or to get somewhere on the sixth round. Getting stone doesn’t seem like a great idea to me.

Filip Glowacz 1:20:30
Yeah. So he placed that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:20:53

Josh Hale 1:20:56
we have no idea how many stones are actually on the temple do yeah. Yeah. Because it doesn’t show that on us. So I’m going to send it to the market to get sure points. And I’m sure you cannot believe that I’m going to take a statue card.

All right. Oh, you really, I didn’t think you would do that. Um, honestly, what I thought you were going to do was take the entrance to the pyramid. Because if you would have done that, and then placed a stone on that boat, you could have possibly gotten the four points down there on the pyramids.

So yet again, I’m sure

Unknown Speaker 1:22:17
Oh, yes. So

Josh Hale 1:22:18
everybody how excited he is to see me at SM

Filip Glowacz 1:22:22
Yeah, like, like, my imagination of how I can like hurt you start rolling on like

Josh Hale 1:22:32
and Felipe may have forgotten that I have or did have a hammer.

Filip Glowacz 1:22:41
But I don’t believe that they will allow you to take a hammer to the airplane.

Josh Hale 1:22:52
I I was thinking about it in game hammer on in hotel. We normally when you take a hammer to another country, you have to pack it in your luggage, you cannot take it on your you know your carry on. But right now he has the choice between sending me to what is less helpful to me, or to place a stone and he chose to end the game by sending it to the pyramids. And I can take a point and three stones or two points. And this is my last move of the game. So I think I’m going to take two points. And now it is scoring us up. And I’m going to go ahead and do a screenshot. You know please don’t

Filip Glowacz 1:23:41
like how how much you can humiliate me right now.

Josh Hale 1:23:47
Well, in all fairness, you know, I want to make sure that you know everybody understands that it is a fair game and I would never you know leave you outside in the cold game and up 67 victory points and favor me two points and in favor of blue. We haven’t flying

Filip Glowacz 1:24:16
and and and I need to say this loud and clear that I did that to for you to feel good to have a good start of the day because I believe

you are at the beginning.

Josh Hale 1:24:34
We’re nearly at the beginning nearly every day and you know I do appreciate you helping me out like that is a very kind and well. Well thought out thing.

Filip Glowacz 1:24:45
Yeah. While while I can join mine the second half of the day and starts drinking right now.

Josh Hale 1:24:56
Well, I guess you know, for us after lunch, so I would suggest Yeah, enjoying a good Polish beer. Yeah. Did I make a beer in Poland?

Filip Glowacz 1:25:07
Yes, yes. But what I basically we are of course well known of drinking harder, liquid like vodka or something like that. But I will start from beer

Josh Hale 1:25:24
night and I would assume I would assume that you will be bringing some of this hunger to essence to enjoy with me while we are beating each other up and

Filip Glowacz 1:25:34
yeah, yeah, it’s it’s it’s a good idea to have a bottle full of liquid with me when we met

Josh Hale 1:25:43
will bring you some American bourbon. For everybody out there listening. Thank you so much for joining us with mobile gamers and the long distance gaming podcast. This has been Josh Hale with me who gamers and feel a blow match with board and ice the company that will be bringing you on then 992 thousand 19 to Kickstarter, this if you are listening to this today that started yesterday. So get on Kickstarter, look them up and make sure you press that back button. We really appreciate you coming on today, Felipe. And we will you know desperately wait for the next time that you decided that you would like to play us in a motel brought to you by themes and Cosmos games.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:35
This podcast has

Josh Hale 1:26:36
been brought to you by five points for lab publishing guess and cartoons from the 1980s. And now you know and knowing is half the battle. Right. giving this away for free I never played again. Thank you guys and thank you for joining us on the longest I’m scanning podcast

Unknown Speaker 1:27:01
by okay I’m done on my side

Filip Glowacz 1:27:05
and I’m done on my

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