Marvel Strike Teams – WizKids – Review


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Publisher: WizKids

Designer: Andrew Parks

Artist: N/A

Game Type: Grid Movement

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Age Range: 14+

Expected Playtime: 60-90

Number of Players: 2-5

Marvel Strike Teams - WizKids - Review 1

Theme and What is it?

Master Mind is at it again. He has set in motion his plans to cause massive devastation in order to usurp control on various weak nations all over the globe. As part of the dedicated strike team, you are tasked with entering his lair and ending his devious plans. You must stop his nefarious attempts at world domination by fighting through his minions and corridors of traps.

Marvel Strike Teams is an action adventure game with a dungeon crawling aspect. One player controls the villains and the rest of the players team up and select from various Marvel super heroes.

Marvel Strike Teams - WizKids - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Marvel Strike Teams is built to play through a campaign, but each scenario is extremely re-playable and can use different characters. Characters have the ability to level up as the game progresses. The board pieces are modular and can create an insane number of maps. Each character has unique abilities. Team creation is variable for both the heroes and also the villains because each faction has a fair number of characters which can be combined to create unique team dynamics.

The heart of the game is in the grid movement aspect of the game. Players spend action points to move around and attack. The grid spacing determines which type of attacks can be used, short range or long range. Each character activates at the beginning of their turn by increasing their action points by the number on their character card. Action points can be carried over to the next round.

The game is played over a set number of rounds depending on the scenario and either the villain or the heroes win based on who completed the assigned tasks and earned the most points.

Marvel Strike Teams - WizKids - Review 3

Initial Impressions

I grew up on Marvel comics. Marvel Strike Team really captured the feel of all those comic books that I read as a kid. It was a great experience. Everyone playing loved it. After the initial game to figure out what we were doing, we jumped right into a new game and everyone started to look at all the characters to figure out who they wanted to be. The game play is very fast and, because everyone is using attacks on other people, it keeps everyone engaged. Although it has a large rulebook, it was not hard to learn how to play or to teach it. The intro scenario made that very easy.

Marvel Strike Teams - WizKids - Review 4

Game Build Quality

All of the components are high quality pieces and the highlight of the game are the minis. These really help the game jump off the board. A few of them had extra plastic that must have got caught in the mold, but we took a hobby knife and cleaned them right up. The board pieces are built to last, which is great because they will be used all the time in lots of different configurations. The game carries a $50 price tag, but the components and the game play totally make it worth the investment.

Marvel Strike Teams - WizKids - Review 5

Artistic Direction

Lots of nostalgia is the best way to describe how I feel about the art. It feels like the publisher was trying to hearken back to the pre-Marvel movie empire days. The classic characters look and feel classic. But don’t worry there are more modern characters as well. I really liked that the artwork gave a nod to the heyday of printed comics but still had a very contemporary feel. It should have something that every Marvel fan will love because most Marvel fans love the full spectrum of the rich artistic heritage of the company.

Marvel Strike Teams - WizKids - Review 6

Fun Factor

What I really enjoyed about this game was playing the villain. I was able to control a bunch of pieces on the board. I was the only one that wanted to play the villain. That may be an issue for some gaming groups if they don’t have someone willing to step into a role where it is them verse everyone else. The other players really liked working as a group and they loved having their own abilities.

This variable character powers combined with the modular board will mean great replayability. I can see this game hitting my table a lot. Everyone that I played with wanted to plan another evening to try new scenarios. That speaks volumes about a game.

Marvel Strike Teams - WizKids - Review 7

Age Range & Weight

The age range for Marvel Strike Teams is 14+. I played with my ten-year-old daughter and it took her a round to really see how everything worked. At first she didn’t think she was going to enjoy it, but once she figured it out she wanted to stay up late and play the next game with us. Of course, in a situation like this you totally say yes to a request like that.

I might introduce my six-year-old to Marvel Strike Teams. He may have a tough time with some of the more strategic parts of the game, but since he is on a team, the other players can help him. I would say that 14+ is much higher than my experience with the game. There may be more intense scenarios later on that made the age recommendation that high. I will keep my eye out for those.

Marvel Strike Teams - WizKids - Review 8


Marvel Strike Teams was thoroughly enjoyed by my group. Everyone loved it and we are all looking forward to playing it again soon. After a few plays, we can see the wonderful potential it has. This game falls under my trifecta of game awesomeness. Fantastic gameplay, top of the line components and great art. All of that works together to create a memorable and super fun gaming experience.

Make sure to check out Marvel Strike Teams. It is a must have for huge Marvel fans, but can appeal to a broad range of players who may not care about the Marvel universe.


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