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Beth Johnson
Beth Johnson

Theme&What is it?

Party Time?

You and your roommates are throwing a party, and you’re trying to maximize the instagrammable moments while minimizing the drama. You’ll need to work together to keep the tricky personalities apart while snapping photos of anything memorable.

Puzzle Time!

This seemed like a funny coop game that had a decent puzzle component. The personalities were stereotypical, but they matched the game mechanics well.



How to Play

The board for this game is variable, and so the first step is to arrange the house – there is a recommended setup in the rulebook for first timers. You can also select the length of the party (game). Once you’ve arranged your rooms to form the house, every player selects a roommate (Flirt, Jerk, Party Animal, Wallflower, Cool). After the roommates choose starting locations, each player gets cards with photo opportunities to try to orchestrate and disasters to avoid. Then, the game proceeds in turns, each with six steps:

Step 1: Welcome a new guest by drawing a meeple from the bag. If the meeple is a regular guest, the player gets to choose what room to place the guest in, and then must execute the guest’s action (the action will depend on what personality the guest has). If it’s the surprise meeple, then a surprise card is drawn and followed instead, and the meeple goes back into the bag.

Step 2: Mingle a meeple by moving a standing meeple to any adjacent room. Once the guest has been moved, execute that guest’s action (again, this depends on what personality the guest has). You can stand a meeple up instead of moving it and executing the action.

Step 3: Check for disaster conditions (usually this is checking the disaster cards of the current players). If a disaster occurs, a party foul occurs, and each roommate must take a stress token.

Step 4: Check to see if any photo opportunities are available for the active player. If they are, take a photo!

Step 5: Check the party clock, and perform the party action listed. This can be things like welcome a new guest or a surprise card.

Step 6: Restock by replacing any cards that were used (disasters that occured or photos that were taken).

If you make it to the end of the party with the target number of photos and without getting too stressed, you win!


The components are nice! There are standard wooden meeples, but also some cute non-standard meeples; like pets!. The rulebook is thick paper, and the square cards are good quality.




I really enjoyed the art and iconography in this game – everything was very cohesive and the colors and art is echoed throughout the rulebook. I also very much enjoyed the varied expressions of the meeples in the photo opportunity cards.

Fun Factor

This game was silly, but entertaining! We had fun making up various stories about what was happening in each room. The difficulty is quite variable depending on the initial setup, so if you’re looking for a casual co-op, it can be that, but if you want a tricky game where you have to carefully plan your moves, it can be that, too! We had the most fun when we had seemingly conflicting disasters and photo opportunities, and we were one unwanted guest away from a disaster. I think this game could be prone to quarterbacking, though, because all of the information is out in the open.




Given the ability to adjust the difficulty, I think that younger kids than suggested (13+) could play this game, but I wouldn’t suggest it due to the slightly PG-13 nature of some of the photo ops. 13 and up seems appropriate for the content, which isn’t too wild.

Last words

Meeple Party is a fun co-op adventure that has variable difficulty, so it’s great for a variety of groups! I recommend checking it out if you’re into light-hearted, thematic co-ops, or you miss having parties with real people and you need a reminder of everything that can go wrong.



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