Meeplegamers Valentine’s Day Top 10


Valentine’s Day is all about hanging out with the person you love. What’s the best way to spend quality time together? You guessed it, playing board games!

Ally (also a writer for MeepleGamers) and I have been playing board games together for years. Here are ten of our favorite games to player with two players. Not all of these are two player only games, but we enjoy playing them as a couple. These games are ones that Ally and I love playing together once the kids are asleep.

The list presented below is in random order.

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 1

Lost Cities was our first two player game. We have played it so many times I can’t even guess what that number would be. Ally usually beats me and that is alright. The most important part is getting to spend time with her (that’s what I tell myself, so I don’t feel so bad for always losing).

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 2

Jaipur has been a favorite of ours for years. It is a perfect small box game and travels well. Jaipur traveled with Ally and I when when we went to China. It was awesome to sit in our room late at night with the curtains open playing a game Jaipur while looking out over the Shanghai downtown.

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 3

Hanamikogi is a visually stunning game. This two player game is easy to learn and has wonderful depth to it. Plus, what better way to spend your evening together than by trying to gain the attention of other beautifully talented women!

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 4

Clank! in any of it versions is a great experience. Clank! is one of our go to games. We love to delve deep and really get the dragon angry. Deck building with a wonderful board experience is a win-win in our book.

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 5

A case can be made that 7 Wonders Duel is the best two player game ever designed. I can’t argue against it. We love it and have never grown bored of playing it.

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 6

In Verona Twist you play as either The Nurse or The Capulet and are either trying to aid Romeo and Juliet by hiding their identities or trying to find them and end their forbidden relationship. Sure the story of Romeo and Juliet is a real downer, but Verona Twist is an awful lot of fun.

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 7

King Of Tokyo is just a good old mean game. Sometimes the best way to build a strong relationship is to pick giant monsters and then take turns smashing each other! King Of Tokyo is always an easy choice. It brings lots of laughs and great suspense. That creates a wonderful evening as a couple.

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 8

This might seem like a strange selection to include in a Valentine’s Day list, but Holding On is all about exploring life. It is an emotional game, that makes you confront a man’s life of regret, yet this confrontation leads to an exploration your own life. This journey with a loved one is very rewarding.

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 9

Dominion is one of the first games we ever purchased as adult gamers. We own many of the expansions. Any one of those are up for grabs when we play as a couple, but the original is the one that makes it to the table most often.

Meeplegamers Valentine's Day Top 10 10

Azul is one of the most relaxing games we ever play. This is one reason it makes it to your table all the time. Other obvious reasons are fantastic game play and stunning artwork.


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