Metallic Dice from Dark Silver Forge are now on sale


Sold by Dark Silver Forge, there are a couple of sets of nice RPG dice that are being sold with a ten dollar discount. What sets these dice apart from others like them is that they’re of a higher quality. This stems from the material that is used in making them. To wit, they aren’t made of the brightly colored plastic that one often sees in your typical Brick and Mortar gaming store. Rather, these are solid metal, and come in one of two themes and colors. The first that we’ll touch on is the Cthulu themed set. This means that the metallic casing that holds the dice (with a foam insert) is all black with a Cthulu logo over crossed swords (an obvious riff on the traditional pirate flag) on top, with the all metal dice stored inside.

Metallic Dice from Dark Silver Forge are now on sale 1

The outside of these dice are gilded via electroplating, so they have a bright gold appearance with black numbering that is easy to read, in contrast. The other set is Dragonsteel, with the Dragon and Wizard logo emblazoned on the top of the carrying case and again, the dice within. Unlike the Cthulu set, the box is colored in gray instead, with the dice having a Nickel exterior; and again, the numbering is black so they’re easy to identify. Gallery not found.

Both sets have the same composition of dice, so they should slot right in to the typical D&D game, so the composition is as follows: D4, D6, D8, D10 (0-9), D10 (percentages in 10s), D12, and D20. Our Editor in Chief Josh got some playtime in with these, and was quite the fan. He said that they have both heft, as well as a “good feel”, and really are warrented in games that are “fanciful”. What struck me as interesting was how their website discourages using these on a bare, wooden table and really does encourage uisng a dice tray of sorts. When I asked Josh about the need for this, he hearitly agreed. Both of these sets of dice are available from Dark Silver Forge’s website. The link to the Cthulu set can purchased here (, whereas the Dragonsteel can be purchased here ( Both of these sets can be head for $29.99.


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