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Micropolis was instantly added to our great filler games list. It plays very quickly and does not require tons of brain power to play. You can just sit down and enjoy it.
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Tile Placement

  • Official Publication Date/ Street Date: 2018
  • 8+
  • 30
  • 2-6

You rather enjoy the life of an ant. You go on adventures every day, and explore new areas looking for huge pieces of food. You think it’s awesome that you pick up stuff that’s like 50 times your own body weight. Not too shabby of a life. You just have to watch out for those clumsy giants and their sneakers. Besides that, life is good. Now it is time to expand your colony. Make room for new ants, maybe meet some new ladies! You have been collecting extra fruit lately. Why not expand? After all, you work so hard—live a little!
Micropolis is a tile drafting and tile placement game for 2-6 players.

Mechanics in Micropolis are super easy. Seven tiles are laid out in front of players. Each player takes turns selecting which tile they want. If a player wants a tile that is fourth in line, they have to place an ant on the three tiles before the one they choose. They then collect the tile and lay it on their ant hill either to the left or to the right of an existing tile.
Tiles contain regular ants, special ants with unique rolls like the queen or the nannie. They also contain various types of fruits or a present (wild fruit) and also barracks where ant tokens are scored. Players want to lay the tiles out so tunnels continue. There are many ways to earn points and having long tunnels with lots of varieties of fruits which multiply to earn even more points.
Special ants provide either immediate benefits or add more points at the end of the game. Barracks let players store the ants they use to get tiles and provide points during final scoring.
There are lots of ways to score points and earn bonuses. I don’t want to cover all of that here. You can discover all of those on your own when you have a chance to play.

Micropolis was super easy to learn and teach. The rulebook was a couple of pages long and did a great job explaining everything. I played the first game with my two oldest kids and Ally. They picked up on it right away. We were playing in just a few minutes.
The game moves very quickly. We wrapped up our first game in about 20 minutes. That was with four players. Building ant tunnels and trying to maximize the scoring was lots of fun. The kids enjoyed it and the adults enjoyed it.

The components are all very high quality. The plastic ants are lots of fun and provide a great 3D element to the game. The starting piece that you build your ant hill around is really cool. It has recesses for the plastic ants to stand in. The cardboard is all top of the line. Overall, it is a wonderful presentation.

The art in Micropolis reminds me of the Bug’s Life movie. I really enjoy the ants and all the characters in the game. I was happy to see the tunnels come together and have a life of their own.
Everyone in that first game liked the art. My kids had a good time seeing what they were creating. I think sometimes my son picked his tile based on the art that was on it.
The artwork is just another way that shows some really nice thought and effort went into this project.

I have mentioned this above, but it was really fun being able to see the ant hill come together while trying to figure out how to get as many points as possible out of a very limited space. I love how eventually the ant hill comes together in a complete circle. When new tiles are laid out, one or two catch your eye and you just hope you can get them before other players do. When they are taken before you, you have to go back and reevaluate your game plan with the tiles you have to connect to and what is left to pick from. Players often have to create new strategies on the fly to keep scoring points.

Micropolis is recommended for 8+. I played with my 8 year old and he loved it. I feel that he did not have any issues understanding the game and what he needed to do. He may not of always made the best tile choice, but he was able to complete sections he wanted to work on and played a decent game for his first time.
The game is pretty light. There are choices to be made, but not enough to feel overwhelming. Micropolis would be an excellent gateway game to help new gamers find their way into the hobby.

Micropolis was instantly added to our great filler games list. It plays very quickly and does not require tons of brain power to play. You can just sit down and enjoy it. It is a great gateway game too. Very easy to teach people how to play it and how to score points. The special ants provide actions that can shake the game up and sometimes hurt other players strategies. I guess you could just be mean and always steal other tiles that you know other players need. Wonderful meanness.
The art is fantastic and the component quality is top notch. There are many reasons to love this game. You should run out and get a copy and find out why you love it so much.


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