Mint Control – Five24 Labs – Preview


Smooth, like butta

A smooth game that fits in your pocket and can be carried everywhere! Be careful, they aren’t real mints!
Mark Gillham
The guy in Columbus
  • Area Control
  • Action Selection
  • Crowdfund Date: 2020
  • Official Publication Date/ Street Date: 2020
  • 13+
  • 15-30 Minutes
  • 1-4

Mint Control is an area control game for 2-4 players battling it out to see who will have the most influence in the buildings. Each building provides benefits to those who have control as well as victory points. The player with the most victory points!
Look for Mint Control on Kickstarter starting March 3, 2020!

Mint Control is a delightful area control and action selection game. Here’s how it works: multiple buildings will be placed out with open spots for control. Each of these buildings has a different point value or ability that can assist the players with influence at a location. Players will be fighting for control of these locations by using action selection to place influence, oust another opponent’s marker, gain benefits from being in control/at a location, or gain economy. Once a player has placed their 5th and final marker, at the end of the action sequence the game will end. Count up the points earned from the buildings, player with the most points earns the victory!

On first play of this game, Mint Control is a solid entry level game to the area control game. Select actions, try to place influence in the different buildings. I was able to play this game with some people that were not regular gamers on the first play, and they enjoyed it as well. This entry into the concepts added strategy but was still light enough that the new players were able to pick it up quick.

The cards are excellent stock and fit really easily with in the container. The pieces for the mints and the starting player are very nicely put together and thematically accurate. A really nice touch that helps prop this theme up. The player candy pieces to put down for control are distinctly colored using blue, purple, green and orange. Overall, solid components for this game. This is based on a prototype, and products are subject to change.

Justin Blaske took this product and maintained the mint theme. A good base for his artistic grounds was covered. Solid choice on the artwork on the outside of the tin so much that I had several people almost take a mint out of the tin! The writing and symbols on the cards are very easy to decipher with minimal instruction references. Great artistic direction on for Mint Control!

Mint Control was a fun experience for both experienced gamers and new gamers. The new gamers who played in my groups stated they enjoyed being able to learn one or two mechanics while still have some strategy to it. Experienced gamers stated they enjoyed the strategy aspect changing depending on the buildings available while being a lighter game. When it was all said and done, it was a pretty big hit at the table.

After playing through Mint Control, I feel like players 8+ would be able to play this game. The mechanics are simplified so that those who are not used to area control or action selection will be able to pick it up with ease. The game is also light and would be an entry level game that works well as either a “gateway” game or a quick game between grandiose pieces. An enjoyable experience that fits many roles for game night.

Mint Control is a well-designed game that provides an entry point into the area control genre. It does an excellent job at teaching these mechanics while still keeping the strategy portion of it. It really does a great job filling multiple roles as either a light/gateway game for non-experienced gamers while being a solid filler for experienced gamers. A smooth game that fits in your pocket and can be carried everywhere! Be careful, they aren’t real mints!


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