Mint Delivery by Five24 Labs Review


Mint Delivery by Five24 Labs Review 1

Publisher: Five24 Labs

Game Type: Pick up & Deliver

Designer: Justin Blaske

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Felix Janson

Artist: Thomas Tamblyn

Theme and What is it?

Mint Delivery by Five24 Labs Review 2

We all know that in this world economy, that mint is almost as important as oil. Thus, Mint Delivery.

In Mint Delivery, you are bringing specific amounts of mints to different areas of the map, and picking up and upgrading mints on other parts of the map. This is a pick up and deliver game, that  delivers.

Gameplay Mechanics

This game has boiled down the pick up and deliver mechanic to the bare minimum. To me, this is a fantasic way to enjoy game mechanics that I already enjoy.

It keeps the convoluted parts of keeps for the bigger boxes, and instead makes a game that you will want to play over and over, regardless of where you are.

Initial Impressions

Mint Delivery by Five24 Labs Review 3I liked the idea of Mint Delivery when I kickstarted it, if for no other reason, the price point was great. Beyond that, I hoped the gameplay would be good, and it doesn’t disappoint. Small with a big game.

The box is reminiscent of an Altoids tin, which I am sure is completely accidental.

Game Build Quality

Cards, a tin, wooden trucks, and colored cut dowel rods. The game could not be much simpler without losing its charm. Fuve24 Labs has built a game that will stand the test of time with gameplay, and be able to travel with you, regardless of where you go.

The quality is A Plus primo-mint.

Mint Delivery by Five24 Labs Review 4

Artistic Direction

Mint Delivery by Five24 Labs Review 5Simple art for a boiled down game. It does exactly what it should. Allows you to enjoy game, and doesnt detract from the mechanics, but rather allows the player to imagine themselves as an actual delivery driver.

The art, in my opinion fits the subject matter, and does so perfectly.

Fun Factor

When I first played through, It seemed like a little game without much heart. I was very pleasently surprised.

Mint Delivery by Five24 Labs Review 6

I find the game engaging, and more succinctly, fun.

Age Range & Weight

Mint Delivery by Five24 Labs Review 7

14+. I think Five24 Labs have small game pieces and therefore did not want to either enlarge them, and/or not pay for testing for a younger audience. My daughter is 6, and I think she could EASILY play this game.

I think parents will of course want to prevent a child from putting any pieces in their mouth, due to choking hazards, and some paints are not friendly to the body. (This may not be the case here, but without testing, there is no way to tell. So keep them out of kids mouths please!)


Mint Delivery by Five24 Labs Review 7This game has instantly become a top shelf game. In all fairness, as small as it is, it will not remove any other games. However, if it did, it would, and I would lose no sleep over giving this game its proper place among my all stars.

I think you owe it to yourself to have a copy of this game with you in your car, so it can be enjoyed by as many of your friends as possible. This is the first title this year I will rate as an instant classic.


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