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Pix = Mints as the world of Mintopia collides with the digital world in this fun and faithful electronic game.

Unboxed Games

Mint Works Digital - Unboxed Games - Preview 1

Emmanuel Parada Licea, Executive Producer

  • Crowdfund Date: June 2020
  • Street Date: TBD
  • Worker Placement
  • 1-4


  • PC (Windows10)
  • Android
  • iOS

Minimum Requirements

  • TBD

Mint Works Digital takes you into the world of Mintopia in an effort to gain control of this fresh-smelling town. Gain and spend the only commodity that matters — mints — to gain controlling interests in businesses, artwork, and public works.  Plan, build and win this mentholated madness.  Do you have what it takes to not just strive but thrive against the other mint moguls?

The look’n’feel of the game is spot-on Mint Works.  The art is straight out of the classic mint tin game and what is new is extrapolated with faithfulness.  The user interface is uncomplicated and mostly intuitive so you won’t have too much trouble navigating around the different aspects of the application (create a game, options, account management screens, etc.).

I like a lot of the planned features for the game.  Like a lot of other online games, you can play against strangers available online now or coordinate with friends and play with them.  But you’re wondering about the player count — yes, there are bots that you can select as other players to play against even by yourself.  Tournament play is also a nice addition. Another but the maybe underappreciated feature is the background music hailing back to the 1920s, completing the immersion into the game.

As far as I have played, the game hasn’t changed from playing at the table.  All the cards are there and, once complete, all the rules are faithfully interpreted into a digital game.  The digital tabletop is representative of a typical setup.  The items on the table have abbreviated information to save space but when you click on the cards, they will blow up to show their full text.   The available languages are English and Spanish.

I have played the game a couple of times in its developmental form and, even where the development is right now, it is impressive.  I look forward to seeing it in production and where the game can get expanded from there.  Luckily for all of us, the Kickstarter for the game launches in June.  *crosses fingers* Here’s to hoping we see the other mint-astic games in digital format in the near future!

*** DISCLAIMER: Kickstarter for Mint Works Digital will be managed by Josh Hale, owner of MeepleGamers. ***


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