Mirror Garden – Gemblo – Review


Theme and What is it?


Ever dream of having a beautiful, organized, and maybe even perfectly symmetrical garden?  Well now you can with Mirror Garden.  Er, well, only if you can solve the puzzle.

You are a magician and have been tasked with making an extravagant garden in one week.  There is, however, time to make a small garden and use mirrors to make it appear larger.

Gameplay Mechanics


Every player has a folding board with mirrors and a set of garden slices.  These must be arranged and angled in such a way as to match the puzzle card in the center of the playing area.

The first player who matches the image calls out the letter and number ‘code’ that shows on the edge of the garden between the mirrors.  If it ends up being correc,t the player takes the puzzle card.  

Everyone continues to flip new puzzle cards and claim them until someone has collected 5.  That player becomes the greatest garden magician.

Mirror Garden - Gemblo - Review 1

Initial Impressions


I love games with gardens in them so I was excited to play Mirror Gardens.  It felt like a hefty box, which is always exciting as well.

The art looked nice.  I was drawn to the trees behind the garden, which reminded me of fall…my favorite time of year.

Mirror Garden - Gemblo - Review 2

Game Build Quality


The first thing I noticed about the parts in Mirror Garden was how sturdy and substantial the mirrors were.  They come with a protective film over them and are attached to a firm supportive board.

The is game is really dependent upon good mirrors.  If they bend or contort the accuracy will be affected.  The alignment is very particular.

The player’s portion of the garden and the puzzle cards are both on the same thickness of paper.  They are substantial but not terribly thick.  Light shows through them when held up to a bulb.  They have a matte finish and are smooth.

Mirror Garden - Gemblo - Review 3

Artistic Direction


The art consists of flower beds arranged in arcs and circles.  There are different colored flowers, but the shapes do not vary drastically.  This is because it is meant to be harder to distinguish when using the mirrors.

I like the art on the box cover, but the garden images are not very unique.  They are the same flowers in different patterns.  That is to be expected, however.  This was done by design.

Mirror Garden - Gemblo - Review 4

Fun Factor


Mirror Garden is a unique logic-puzzle game.  It has 3 levels of difficulty which may be played separately or shuffled together.

This game is quite the challenge!  It becomes very complicated past the first level.  Personally, I found it frustrating to try to fit the garden pieces together and align the mirror.  The lower levels were more my speed.

I did like now easy it was to verify the answers.  The codes are written on the back of the directions, eliminating the need for players to all try squinting at another players board.  Discerning the correct reflection in this game can be tough.

Mirror Garden - Gemblo - Review 5

Age Range & Weight


Age 7+ is good for this game.  It really helps kids at that age to notice details and think about how a reflection would appear.  Younger kids might get frustrated.

I can see bright 5 or 6-year-olds having success with Mirror Garden.  They would be limited by their attention span and problem solving skills.

This is more of a test of logic under time constraints than a ‘game.’  It is competitive when trying to solve puzzles faster than others, but there isn’t any strategy involved.

Kids will need more time when they first start playing as well as some coaching.  After that initial period watch out, they might just out-garden you!



Mirror Garden is a good work-out for your brain.  It is a tough spatial puzzle game played in real time.

There are 60 puzzles to keep you busy, but once you have them down, the game might not be as re-playable as desired.  However, if this is something to pull out every once and a while, there is no doubt it will keep your synapses firing.

If you like puzzles and showing your friends you are smarter than them, you are going to love Mirror Garden.

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