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Theme&What is it?

A city builder that feels like a tile game

My City is a puzzle game that keep adding new complexity as you work your way through a legacy campaign that is designed to give you more and more game content without making it so complex as to be cumbersome. The game is approachable in a way most legacy games could never be, in a way that it is interesting for kids also.

This is just tetris right?

That is obviously an over simplification. However, when you play this game you are playing a polyominal game that builds from what has previously been done. It is unlike most of these games I have seen in that “gravity” is irrelevant to base of game, and instead focuses on relative gravity. That is, all pieces are aggregative.



Turn a card, place that tile, next to something you have already placed.

Obviously, this is an oversimplification again, but that is the base mechanic, a la Sagrada. It is interesting and fresh, as each third game, adds or subtracts new mechanics. Basically the game has a built in legacy “timer”. You can always play the forever mode, but the real interesting part of the game is the legacy mode that has a story of a settlement building and expanding.

Land and Water.

This is SPARTA! Oh, sorry, wrong IP.
Here you are building tiles on a game board and flipping cards. The base composition of the game works just fine. The cards seem to be fairly cheap, as they started having rips the second game in. In this sort of game, it does not matter a whole lot.
I would have liked to see a little better quality cards, but that is fairly nitpicky.



Simple Art

The game is not designed to be the Mona Lisa. It is a simple idea and a simple execution. The art is serviceable, but not something you would likely hang on a wall.
That is entirely okay. Not all games have to double as art, and vice versa. Some games, can just have interesting mechanics. Though I am VERY tempted to 3d print buildings… 😂

Like tiles, will travel

I have always been a tile game fan. This game is a new iteration, but nothing that has drastically changed the tile game landscape. That is okay though, I like it. Reiner Knizia focuses on approachable mechanics, and here he did an excellent job.
The work he has done is ultra approachable, and fun, because I have been able to play with my 8 year old, and she has beat me multiple times.




I think the game can be played by a younger audience, but each playthrough should be on a different day. She gets bored after 1 playthrough. 2 games, and the ending is a bit painful. “Look daddy, I can do a round-off and mess up the bed.”

Fun, and fresh

This game deserves the playthrough if for no other reason than you can play it with a younger audience, and it is engaging enough they want to play it multiple times to advance the story. Though for effect you really should talk like a pirate while reading the monologue. Just sayin’



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