My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019


Happy Holidays, and can’t wait to see what next year brings!!!

Steve Mayne


2019 was an interesting year for me. I’ve had a lot of fun moments both while gaming and related to gaming. I’ve had so much fun this was a hard list to boil down to the bare minimum of 10. I left a lot of people, games, and events off of here. I hope you all enjoy this and if there’s anything you did that you want to talk about please leave a comment below.

10: The Columbus Area Board Game Society

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 1

I don’t get to go many places anymore. I haven’t been able to travel to a proper gaming event in a while. I did get to get to go to CABS this year. Even though I only went a couple of times, it was nice to be a part of a full board game club for a little while and meet the people. Everyone was kind, welcoming, and friendly. It’s a reminder of why I love this hobby and the people in it.

8: Chatty Meeples

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 2

This year I came up with an idea inspired by a style of YouTube videos where teams of people answer a question about some part of the industry that they cover. They’re called Chatty Faces videos. I adapted it to a blog post and get the writers to contribute a little something every two weeks to give us a little bit of an insight into how we all think. Some of the answers have been fun, some funny, and some have been truly touching. I really enjoyed #4 Best Convention Moments and am looking to best moment of the year which will go up in connection with this article.

6: Playing Malifaux again

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 3

Malifaux is one of my favorite games. I’ve been unable to play for a while and with the release of a third edition at GenCon this year there’s been a renewed interest in my area. My local game store held a league, I got to play with my friend Keebler, and I’m looking at a couple of road trip tournaments for next year. I love being in a regular group of people I can play with and have missed it quite a bit. Plus, the new rules are tons of fun and it’s got me excited to paint again.

4: Spending time on the Meeple Gamers Discord

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 4

It’s not constantly filled with chatter but there are some fun, supportive, and hilarious conversations going on in there. I love getting to hear the thoughts of the other writers, our fans, and anyone who stops by. We share pictures of what we’re playing and how much we liked the games we got to the table. It’s such a fun group to be a part of. Even if I didn’t write here, I would still love to stop by and see what everyone is going on about.

2: The Extra Life Marathon

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 5

Every year I take part in the Extra Life marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically Dayton Children’s. This year I had friends over and people visited all the way from Chicago to take part in the event. I raised $337 for the hospital this year and it was a great weekend. Exhausting, but great.

9: Pop-Up Gen Con

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 6

In August the fine folks at Gen Con introduced a new test program for those of us who could not attend for various reasons. I went to the event and enjoyed myself immensely. Epic Loot, the game store in my area, held the event, and I had such fun taking part in it. I even won a copy of one of my favorite games this year, Hadara.

7: Finishing Betrayal Legacy:

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 7

We finished our campaign of Betrayal Legacy. It’s an amazing game with tons of fun story and wonderful twists. I’m not going to say a lot here for fear of spoiling anything but, man it was such fun. I recommend this game a ton. I even got to play the game with my friends at the marathon after we finished because I now own a custom copy that is unique to me and my friends. No one will ever have my crossbow story, even if they have the crossbow.

5: Playing my Game of the Year

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 8

I was enamored with the idea of Funkoverse since I first heard of it back around Gen Con. I was immediately taken with the idea and loved the premise, promise, and potential of this game. Not only does playing it with just set figures from a single set feel great, mixing them was just as awesome, and I adore the speculation of what may one day come out. I finally got to play this with my brother and his daughter and we spent an afternoon trying different combinations of characters and maps. We even created our own three player free-for-all. There was so much fun with all of this.

3: Playing games on Thanksgiving

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 9

My family doesn’t play a lot of games. I talk about the few times because it’s always memorable to me. We played games on Thanksgiving, which we normally don’t get a chance to do. We played Just One and Quelf and spent a lot of the afternoon laughing. It was pure fun for the sake of fun.

1: Playing Middara with my Niece

My Top 10 Gaming Moments of 2019 10

Earlier this year I played Middara for the first time and just fell in love with it. I introduced my niece to it a short time after that. With school, work, and everything else we don’t get to play very often but when we do its great fun. We carve out a day and play through a section of the story, usually getting in 2 or 3 maps. She does a great job with the tactical combat and we have fun with the story.


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