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Theme and What is It?

*Note* Copy of the game provided by the publisher for review purposes.

Nab ‘em! is a game of pulp adventure. Each player takes on the role of a masked crime fighter patrolling the streets of the 1930’s, fighting villains, and their mooks.

Gameplay Mechanics

Nab ‘em! is a set collection card game. Each round players add cards to the “streets” a small deck that measures the round and contains all of the villains that will be fought that will need to be defeated. Then using the cards in their hands, players attempt to defeat the villain and add them to their own score pile.

There are some support cards which represent police officers, reporters, explorers, and a professor that can add a twist to the round.

Initial Impressions

I really like this theme. I don’t think there are enough games that take advantage of the old pulp stories like Dick Tracey, the Shadow, Doc Savage, or the Phantom. I was very excited about this game when I saw the box and read what it’s about.

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Quality of Components and Insert

It’s a deck of cards. They’re fine. They have a decent finish and nice corners. I would recommend sleeving except they won’t fit back in the box.

The rule book is a train wreck. There are multiple things it doesn’t tell you. I had to find a video of a demo to learn the rules.

Artistic Direction

The art is great. It perfectly captures that pulp era art style. I realize for some that won’t be a positive factor but for me it was very nice. The characters all look right for what they are. It was very good.

Nab 'Em! - Rattrap Games - Review 2

Fun Factor

This is a hard question with a bit of baggage attached. I had fun, but there are a few things I’ll save for my conclusion.

Difficulty and Age Range Suggestion

The Box says 8+ and I think that’s about right. I think kids can easily figure out how to play the game and follow the strategy. I got a very strong memory of the old Marvel Overpower card game. It has a very similar swing to it. I realize that probably only helps three of you.


I had to walk away from this game for a couple of days after playing it. The theme is nearly nonexistent in this game. It could literally have been anything else, with only slight work this could have been sci-fi, fantasy, or horror. I was so excited by the potential of the theme I was a little let down after my first game. After thinking about it for a few days I returned to the game and tried again. I realize that my initial reaction was totally on me and my expectations.

The game is fine. It’s a nice 15 minute filler that doesn’t overstay its welcome. This is a chat and play game. It doesn’t require a lot of focus, you can play your cards and have a decent conversation around the table while playing. As a pallet cleanser in between larger games at a convention, party, or event this is a nice solid game.

Again I will say that, there were a couple of rules that were missing. Some of the villain cards have text at the bottom, while some of it was for endgame scoring others were meant to take effect when played from a players hand during the round. Additionally, after dealing each player their hand, everyone receives a Pass card. Neither of those rules appear in the rule book. We played a couple of games wrong because of that. I bring this up here because it may have affected my enjoyment of the game.

Ultimately, I think the game is fine. I would recommend trying it at a convention or game store before buying it. I think you might enjoy it if you do.

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