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Today we are thirty days out from the 2018 Extra Life Marathon. Started 10 years ago the Extra Life Marathon is a 24(25) hour gaming event to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Since then they have raised more than 40 million dollars to help sick kids. This year I will be taking part in it for the sixth year. Hopefully, some of you may take part for the first time.

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The event is held on November 3rd and is planned from 6 A.M. to 6 A.M. on Sunday the 4th. Over the course of the 24(25) hours people will play games, any games. The marathon falls on the same day as Daylight Savings, which is why I add the (25) to the time. The marathon originally featured people playing console games. A few years later they included PC. Seven years ago they expanded into board games and whatever else type of game you could think of.

People around the country will be taking part in the event. Stores hold fundraisers, YouTube and Twitch streamers broadcast, and people hold private events in their homes. I am one of those, I will be holding an event in my home for friends and family.

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Most people taking part ask folks to sponsor them over the course of the 24(25) hours. All the money raised is given to hospitals that are local to the person being sponsored. For example, when I registered, I choose the Dayton Children’s Hospital as the location where all of my donations went.

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This is an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to take part. Join up and get your own sponsors. Find someone you like and support them. I cannot tell you how rewarding this event was for me. I am thrilled and proud to take part every year. In case you’re interested I left a link to my sponsor page at the top of the article. I’ve also left a link to the Extra Life Marathon main page and one to its incredible story.

I’ve included some photos from last year’s Marathon. This includes one of me at the bottom. Last year I promised that if I hit $600 I would get a makeover. I recently paid that promise off with a full glitter makeover. The makeover is one of the things I’ve done to help encourage folks to join up.

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I hope some of you can take part this year. If you can let us know where events are taking place near you so other people can find them in the comments below.

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