News: Godforsaken from Monte Cook Games


News: Godforsaken from Monte Cook Games 1

Publisher: Monte Cook Games

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Designer: Monte Cook

With just a few days to go, Monte Cook Games latest Kickstarter for the book, ‘Your Best Game Ever!’ just unlocked Godforsaken. According to Cook this is the first new fantasy setting he’s created in nearly fifteen years.

While details are sparse right now there have been a few things seen online. The brief description points to this being a high fantasy series. In a world where mortals will be needed to rush in where the Gods fear to tread.

News: Godforsaken from Monte Cook Games 2

The setting itself is designed to go with the Cypher System. This is a universal rules set created by Monte Cook Games originally for Numenera. Since then it has been expanded for use with other settings. These include horror, noir, cyberpunk, and superhero. The rules are designed to be open to use with any genre and from what I’ve seen work pretty well. Even though the setting is designed for the Cypher System it should be easily adapted to any other system.

The Kickstarter ends on August 24th, 2018. While there’s still a little while to get in on the Kickstarter the book is not an exclusive stretch goal. This means that the setting should be available at some point for purchase by itself some time down the road. So, if you play 5E, Pathfinder, or anything else really and you’ve been wanting to try a Monte Cook game then you are in luck.


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