News: Merchandise from Meeple Gamers


News: Merchandise from Meeple Gamers 1

Publisher: Meeple Gamers

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We here at Meeple Gamers are pleased to announce the release of the official Meeple Gamer PopSocket Grip and Stand for your phones. The new item is available through Amazon from the above link. The small disk adheres to the back of your phone or tablet and expands for easy grip when calling, texting, or taking photos. It also provides a nice stand for when watching videos or using Skype. The PopSocket features our Logo and if displayed at conventions, it might just win you some swag.

Buying these will not only help you show off your Meeple Gamer love, but it will also help us keep the site growing. We’ve added writers, conventions, and are growing every day. Things like this will let us continue to bring you the articles and reviews we’ve been so proud to write for you.

News: Merchandise from Meeple Gamers 2

We’re thrilled to bring this to you, our loyal reader. Let us know if you bought one in the comments. Better yet, tweet us some photos over @MeepleGamers and we’ll be sure to kick you a like. Also, are there any other types of things you’d be interested in buying to show your support? Let us know in the comments.


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