Nut So Fast – Smirk & Laughter Games – Review


Nut So Fast - Smirk & Laughter Games - Review 1

Publisher: Smirk & Laughter Games

Game Type: Party Dexterity Game

Designer: Jeff Lai

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Chris McCoy

Theme and What is it?

Do you always brag to your friends that you are the fastest nut grabber around? With Nut So Fast you get to prove it! Have you been practicing your static poses like self bunny ears, the dab and the shhhh? Nut So Fast lets you use all of these posing skills you have been developing!

Gameplay Mechanics

Nut So Fast is a dexterity/quickest draw party game for 2-6 players. Each player takes a turn to flip over two cards. Depending on what is showing on the cards, it could trigger a mad rush to grab the corresponding nuts before everyone else. There is one less nut than the number of players and two of the nuts (pistachio and almond) only have a single nut. Depending on which combination of nuts are displayed on the two cards, and how many nuts there are, players will then grab specific nuts. The results of these actions include adding points to other players or even removing all of your points. The last action is rare, but it is extremely valuable because lowest score wins the game. Another card that can be flipped over is a card with a numerical value. At the start of the game, three “nutty poses” are randomly drawn and placed next to the numerical value. As soon as players see the numerical value of the flipped card, they each have to perform that “nutty pose”. The last player to complete the pose pays a price for their lack of dexterity.

Initial Impressions

Obviously, receiving a game called Nut So Fast made me run through about two dozen jokes in my mind that I used to tell in Jr. High. I have really had to turn up my appropriateness filter while writing this review. Trust me…it has been extremely difficult to keep the humor and puns to a minimum. Now, on to the game! Nut So Fast is a fast paced game that keeps everyone on their toes. Everyone is involved with each player’s turn, so you don’t have time to take a breather. Explaining the game to the uninutiated (uninitiated) is easy and we were able to dive right in. The poses are not very imposing and can be done while sitting down. I wish they were a bit more involved or embarrassing, but it is a family game. There is a wild pose card that let’s the 1st player of that round choose what pose needs to be performed, so that could add some more craziness to the game.

Nut So Fast - Smirk & Laughter Games - Review 2

Game Build Quality

The nuts are thick wood cutouts that have the nut faces (I am sure I called people that in Jr. High) painted on, instead of a sticker. Those are all huge pluses because everyone is rushing to grab them and they can take a beating. It gets especially vicious when two people grab the last of one of the nuts and yank back and forth on it (insert Jr. High me laughing hysterically at the last two sentences). The cards are nice and thick. All around an excellent build that compliments the way the game is played.

Nut So Fast - Smirk & Laughter Games - Review 3

Artistic Direction

The art is repetitive. What you see on the face of the nuts are repeated on the “Nutty” cards. This keeps everything nice and consistent. Sometimes I buy games just because I love the artwork so much. Nut So Fast would not be one of those games. The artwork is light and whimsical which leads itself well to a party game. People will buy this game because it is a fun group game, not because they liked the art.

Fun Factor

I played Nut So Fast with people that I normally game with and also a few people that I have not played with before. The people that I have played games with before came right out of the gate being aggressive while trying to collect the nuts. The people I had not played with were timid for a couple of rounds then got into it. They ended up being just as cut throat as my normal gamers. Once people understood how the game worked and what they needed to do, they all had a great time. You have to concentrate every second of the game. A few times I looked down to focus on something else and I found myself gaining points. Remember, lowest points win, so that was bad. Because everyone is involved the entire time it allowed the rounds to move quickly. We finished and wanted more. Is grabbing nuts as much fun as it sounds? Yes. Yes it is.

Age Range & Weight

Nut So Fast has an age range of 8+. As long as younger players have the ability to quickly see patterns and count then they should be able to keep up with the game. If they are still developing these skills, they may get frustrated with gameplay and always find themselves collecting points. The theme of the game can lead to some adult humor. I played games that were rated G. These were with younger players and gamers I was not very familiar with. When I played with my adult friends we had more fun with the theme and games skewed more towards the PG-13 rating. Obviously, you don’t have to go there to enjoy Nut So Fast. I enjoyed the game either way.

Nut So Fast - Smirk & Laughter Games - Review 4


Nuts So Fast is a highly interactive and aggressive game. Between the brutal fights over the last nut on the table and the “Nutty Poses”, the group playing together will have plenty of laughs. And that is what gaming is all about right? Getting together and enjoying that time. Nut So Fast is a fantastic game that has great replay value. It is also a great party game that can help people not involved with gaming feel included and be able to jump right in and play.


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