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Please note: This article is based on a preview copy provided by the publisher, Asmadi Games. We thank them for providing this to us!

Gameplay may change between the preview copy and the released version. Game components pictured may not reflect final quality. Additionally, review scores will not be given in this article.


One Deck Galaxy (“ODG”) is another application of the system developed for the highly successful One Deck Dungeon game.

ODG refines and extends the system in new and interesting ways, removing some cumbersome mechanics and adding new ways to interact.

At its core, ODG is a dice-rolling game where dice values are used as actions — actions that solve conflicts, defeat enemies, enhance your civilization or science pursuits, and more — as your fledgling civilization makes its first steps toward colonizing new worlds, develop new technologies, build a fleet, and do a lot of science.

Along the way, you are challenged by an Adversary who makes your efforts difficult at every turn. If you’re able to overcome their obstacles, you will be able to form a Federation that will bring prosperity to your corner of the galaxy.

ODG is a fully cooperative game for 1-2 players. Combining two sets will allow you to play a special 4-player mode.

The mechanics of One Deck Galaxy are similar to One Deck Dungeon with some refinement.

One Deck Galaxy - Asmadi Games - Preview 1

One Deck Galaxy has a great art style, depicting a glossy future environment. The iconography on the cards is clear and consistent.

There are many options for how to use your dice, and this can be a little overwhelming at first. However, once you’ve learned where to look, it quickly becomes intuitive. During your first play-through, you’ll refer frequently to the manual as you encounter new game systems. In subsequent plays, you’ll make fewer references.

One Deck Galaxy - Asmadi Games - Preview 2

As this is a preview copy and the quality of the components may not reflect final quality, I will reserve comment on the game build quality.

One Deck Galaxy - Asmadi Games - Preview 3

One Deck Galaxy shares a setting with the forthcoming game 1001 Odysseys (also by Asmadi Games), a branching narrative story game. The art in ODG looks cohesive and offers a tantalizing peek into that setting.

One Deck Galaxy - Asmadi Games - Preview 4

The One Deck series of games provides strategic decisions, exciting gameplay, and interesting situations. One Deck Galaxy is no exception and offers welcome enhancements/refinements to the system. If you enjoy the One Deck Dungeon and like space-themes, you will enjoy One Deck Galaxy!

One Deck Galaxy - Asmadi Games - Preview 5

BGG currently lists this game as “14+” in age range, but I think that will come down once the game is released. I imagine that this is because the game is somewhat complex mechanically — listed as a “3.00” on BGG’s complexity scale (compared to 2.03 for One Deck Dungeon).

For One Deck Dungeon, the community recommends “10+”. I anticipate this to be only a little higher for ODG.

One Deck Galaxy will be hitting Kickstarter in late January, 2020. Check it out!

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