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This year’s Origins, Queen Games offers us another title enter into the family genre with Captain Silver. In Captain Silver two to four players play as pirates looking to score treasure and booty (scored as points). Naturally, the pirate with the most treasure wins.

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Match the items in the bag with those on the board.

Each player will have a bag of various items inside: ships’ helms wheels, canons, bottles of rum, anchors and anything else that is pirate related. Each bag’s items are color coded (red, green yellow and blue) so that each player would know whose anchor or bottle it belongs.

The core mechanics of the game is for each player to feel inside the bag (without looking) for each item that corresponds to a spot o

n the board. This all happens in real time. If a player selects the right item, he or she places it on the board. If the player selects the wrong item, they place it on the volcano island. Items on the volcano island will leave players penalized at the end of each round. A round ends when a row if filled up with items. Each game lasts for three rounds.

Once a row is filled up, all players stop reaching into their bags and start counting the amount of coins they scored. This is done by taking their items from the board and revealing the amount of coins or number of spaces their ships should move. If their ships pass by the Treasure Island, they are allowed to pick a treasure with the highest value. Captain Silver was nominated Captain Silver - Queen Games - Review 4for Kinderspiel des Jahres 2017.


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