Origins 2017 – Deception: Undercover Allies Preview


Origins 2017 - Deception: Undercover Allies Preview 1

Deception Murder in Hong Kong was a deductive game that was released sometime in 2014. For those who had not played Deception before, this is game where 4 to 12 players attempt to find out who the murderer is among them. It’s a whodunit game with a slight element of betrayal.

To recap, the roles available to the players are the Forensic Scientist, Murderer, Investigators, Accomplice and Witness (both Accomplice and Witness are played with 6 or more). Roles are assigned at random and the murderer is not known to the investigators. Only the Forensic Scientist (and Accomplice) knows who the murderer is. Investigators will attempt to deduce who the murderer is among them is while the Forensic Scientist attempts to help the investigators by providing clues and hints on the means of death. The murderer in turn will attempt to distract the investigators away by using deceit and misdirection.

The new expansion, Undercover Allies will expand the number of players to 14 as well as offering new clues, means of death and scene tiles. In addition, two new roles will be added: the Inside Man and Lab Technician. The expected release of the expansion should be December 2017.

This title is currently on Kickstarter

Origins 2017 - Deception: Undercover Allies Preview 2


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