Origins 2017 – Immortals


Origins 2017 - Immortals 1

Immortals is an area control game that inherits the battle mechanic used in both Dirk Henn’s Wallenstein and Shogun in that battle outcomes are determined by the cube tower. It plays 3 to 5 players.

To start off, each player takes on the role of two different races. One from the light side and another from the dark side. There are five races on each side and each race are assigned randomly.

Origins 2017 - Immortals 2
The light side of the realm…

Origins 2017 - Immortals 3
…and the dark side of the realm.

In Immortals, each player would have a combination of the abilities determined by the races. On the race boards, there are card slots that determine how much gold or energy a player receives. There are also attack slots in which players may use certain cards to determine whether inhabitants of a region would help when attacking. One of the key aspects of Immortals is that when the armies of a race are killed in combat, they will appear in limbo on the opposite race. For example, if a player had the dwarves on the light side and trolls on the dark, any dwarves killed in combat maybe reborn in limbo as a troll. Hence the races are Immortals.

For those not familiar with the Wallenstein and Shogun, the battle mechanic used by both games is determined by a cube tower. Each player will dump their own respective cubes (the cubes represent each player’s army unit) and the outcome is decided by the number of cubes that appears at the bottom of the tower. Within the tower are several nooks and crannies that will trap certain cubes and prevent them from appearing at the bottom. So while the outcome of a battle is entirely random, the probability of winning a battle would be greater if a player were to play more cubes in combat.

Origins 2017 - Immortals 4
Player boards, abilities determined by race/fa

At its core, Immortals is an area control game where victory is determined by the number of points accumulated. Queen Games had scheduled its full release for GenCon2017 and should be available for retail release sometime on September 2017.


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