Origins 2017 – This War of Mine

Origins 2017 - This War of Mine 1
What you get in the box

This is War of Mine is based on the video game of the same name that was released sometime in 2014. The tabletop version remains faithful to the video game version in that a group of survivors are caught in a civil war and are attempting to simply survive in an abandoned house.

The house is only a refuge but is by no means a safe haven. In this War of Mine, players will have to contend with hunger, fatigue and other factors that can undermine survival. There is no glory in This War of Mine, survival is the only goal that matters in the end.

Origins 2017 - This War of Mine 2
Some characters that players will attempt to help survive

This is a game that plays 1 to 6 players. There are 4 characters that are not played by any one player. Each player is in control of the actions of all 4 characters. This is a full cooperative game with no element of player betrayal. All player work towards the common goal of surviving hunger, cold and illnesses while fending of the attacks of other survivors that care concerned with their own survival in this bleak, war torn world.
This narrative of this game is very much driven by a Journal, which also happens to be the rulebook of the game. Unlike other rulebooks however, this is not one where a player attempts to digest the contents and instructs other players on how to play. A player starts of by reading the instructions of the Journal (rulebook) and follows accordingly. Once he or she is done, the rulebook is then passed on to the next player and follows accordingly. Upon each event or action as performed, players are to discuss the next action that they should perform. In the event of any disagreements, the player who is in possession of the rulebook gets to veto any decisions and perform any actions he or she desires. In short, the current player with the rulebook gets to make the final decision.

Origins 2017 - This War of Mine 3
Overview of the game-board.

Each character has 3 actions that can be performed. However, the number of actions available could be hindered by hunger, fatigue and wounds. So it would be in the players’ best interest to minimize any negative factors to each character.
Origins 2017 - This War of Mine 4The game is played in different phases, the morning/day phase, dusk phase and evening phase. Starting with the morning phase, each player takes turn in performing actions with the characters. Once that’s done, the next player does the same. Once all players have played their respective turns, the game moves into the dusk phase whereby characters must have sufficient food and water. If they do not have sufficient food and water, the characters will be affected by hunger and will have less actions to perform the following day.
During the evening, players will get to decide on which character gets to sleep on a cot or floor and who gets to have guard duty, bearing in mind that player who are fatigued will have less actions during the next day.Origins 2017 - This War of Mine 5
All actions are not just conducted around the house. Players are encouraged to scavenge beyond the walls of the house and attempt to scrounge for food and medicine. Other random encounters are likely to occur too like, such as night raids. These encounters could result in food or other possessions being stolen by raids, jeopardizing the odds for survival.

This War of Mine also features a rather book aptly named “The Book of Scripts”. It features more rules that are possibly cross-referenced from Event or Location cards.

This is War of Mine is scheduled for release in August 2017.


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