Pathfinder Flip Tiles: Urban Starter Set from Paizo – Review



Ye Olde City Building

This is a set of 6” square terrain tiles for use with Pathfinder and other Role Play Games (RPG). The tiles depict an array of city features from rooftops to fountains. The tiles are coated so you can write on them with dry, wet, and permanent marker and remove the marks later.

Roads and Alleys

There’s a nice selection of tiles for games with urban settings. Though they mostly focus on roof tops and nondescript interior. The inclusion of different landmarks such as fountains and statues help to add flavor to the set. I would have preferred a few tiles with more mundane items, lamp posts, benches, and similar items. I feel like there’s more roof tops than are strictly necessary for a single table.

WhatDoesn’t itAdd?


Under Construction

This is a purely cosmetic item, as such it doesn’t really change the game in any way.

City Planning

If your game uses miniatures for combat and takes place in a urban area then this is a decent add. Though I have a few problems with the set that I’ll discuss in the conclusion.

Do IWantThis?

City Infrastructure

Honestly, this isn’t a thing you need to play the game. With the use of battle mats, downloadable maps, and theatre of the mind play you won’t have to add this to your collection to have a good game.

Do INeedThis?

Whatdo i think?

The Final Planning

For the most part this is a fine set. I think there are too many of the same roof top design and I wish they’d added a few more bits and bobs. As I said, I wish there were more small options for decorations. There are a few interiors, however many of them feature single square rooms. They felt oddly disjointed and unnecessarily small. There are a few that featured 2 space square rooms and based on the scale of 1 square equals five feet, one has to wonder how often a ten foot house comes into play. It seemed like a misjudged application.

Additionally, the tiles are a bit thin and easy to knock around as you’re moving your minis. However, if you have a piece of plastic or other means of holding them in place they should be fine.

I tried both dry erase and permanent marker on the tiles to see if the erase ability claim was accurate. I don’t own any wet erase markers. Both came up easily. I had to put a small amount of effort into removing the sharpie, but it came up clean.

While this wouldn’t ne my personal preference it’s an okay addition to any collection. I could see using these for urban set campaigns and doing pretty well with them.

As always, try before you buy where possible. However, if you can’t this should do what you need for street based encounters.

Until next time, stay safe and be well.


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