PAX Unplugged Preview 2017


The Penny Arcade Expo Unplugged, otherwise known as PAX Unplugged or even PAXU is the new con targeting board gaming, or the table top gaming world. PAX started in 2005 by the creators of the web comic Penny Arcade. Penny Arcade was created with the simple tenet of the idea, that there is not enough snark in gaming. They hoped to fill that gap.

Now, with the advent of the modern gaming convention, which they helped create withe PAX, they have allowed that snark to blur into real life snark. So, as they have allowed that boil over, they recognized that one of the best attended aspects of the PAX events was board gaming. Imagine that. Board gamers attend conventions.

Now, as the creators have realized what a big draw analog gaming is, they have created PAXU, the acoustic unplugged remix of the PAX conventions. PAXU will take place in Philadelphia, the home of Rocky Balboa (He must be real, he had a statue!). Now, PAXU will fill the pre-Christmas board game convention void in the US. Essen Spiel might be a close second, but it is in Essen, that is like seriously far away. Do you realize how long it would take to drive to Essen? I’m not even getting into the details of how that would function, but seriously, it would be a long time.

BoardGameGeek has not even undertaken to do a Pre-PAXU preview, something they are famous for doing with most major cons. PAXU is just TOO new. No one really knows what to expect from this convention other than Philly Cheesesteak, and lots of it.

The list of exhibitors is a force to be reckoned with. It is large, and in charge.

If you are exhibiting, and not on the list, shoot us a message pr AT MeepleGamers



Known for their Pathfinder compatible gaming systems. 


AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group)

AEG had multiple new releases this convention season: a new expansion for Smash-Up; the Cthulhu themed Lovecraft Letter; Unicornus Knights; Custom Heroes, a new take on their card-crafting series of games; a redesign of the Guildhall base set in the form of Advanced Guildhall Fantasy; and the excellent title of scheming families and negotiation that is Cutthroat Kingdoms.  This looks to be another great year for AEG!  

9th Level Games

9th Level Games is known for Kobolds ate my Baby. 

They have made no major announcements since March when they announced Hot 16: A Game of Dope Rhymes. This is likely to be their highlight for 2017, and should be available at the show as they already had a run earlier in the year. Based on their Kickstarter for Bearicades, I am curious whether this will also be available prior to the holiday.

Academy Games

Academy Games, an Ohio company headed by the father/son superduo Uwe/Gunter Eickert will be with some luck, running demos of Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon.

This is a newly licensed board game, set in the Saint’s Row universe, and like the PAXU underlying webcomic, is full of snark. I fully expect this game to be a big hit for Academy Games.

Absent Agents of Mayhem, I would not be surprised if a big announcement is coming from Academy, as they stay quite busy, never resting on their laurels.

Anvil Eight Games

Anvil Eight Games is a small publisher.  GenCon50 saw the release of their card game Frontline: No Komrades, a light card game of line manipulation as players try to push and shove their komrades to the front of the line.  They are also the publishers of the tactical miniatures game Aetherium, where players upload “programs” into a matrix-like battleground to fight for power in a dystopian future.

Albino Dragon

Albino Dragon is a small publisher.  2016 saw their publication of The Goonies: Adventure Card Game and they recently successfully kickstarted their next project entitled Ink Monsters.  MeepleGamers did a preview article for this one and if you have a chance to see it, you should check it out.

APE Games

APE Games has had a huge 2017, with the likes of Petrichor and MOA on their lists. 

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 3PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 4

The Art and imagery on these titles are incredible. Now we need to see them in action, and get a review copy, so we can get them to table and reviewed. Beautiful!

Arcane Wonders

Arcane Wonders has had some interesting titles in 2017, including Viral, a game that saw a lot of movement at GenCon2017. 

Now they are focusing on RWBY and Spoils of War. RWBY at time of writing has more than two times their funding goal, with 5 days left of the campaign. The goal was $250,000 and for that reason, it should in and of itself lead to some success. Time will tell.


Arcknight has hit a niche market for RPG accessories. Some RPG enthusiasts swear by this visualization of their gaming. 

I am interested to see what is next, and if they will focus more on existing products, or new IP.

ARES Games

ARES Games hit 2017 like gangbusters. Divinity Derby has been shipped to crowd funders, and they are debuting Hunt for the Ring, Monsters vs. Heroes, a Last Friday expansion, and a new Sail of Glory at Essen. If Hunt for the Ring does as well as they hope, 2018 looks bright for ARES.

As soon as we receive any review copies, we’ll give you the MG insight, and a buy rating.

Asmodee North America

The elephant in the room, Asmodee NA, controls a large portion of the entire industry. 

FFG has just announced digital remakes of some of their hits. 2018 could be the year Asmodee went digital. With an unparalleled back catalog, I’d suggest checking out some of the older titles now, as their move towards digital could be a sign of the times for this company made famous in the analog cardboard world.

Atlas Games

Atlas Games, of Gloom fame has had a relatively quiet 2017. 

They are now shipping Witches of the Revolution, a cooperative deck-building game. With so few coop games out yearly, this is a title to watch.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 5

B & B Games Studio

B&B Games Studio is a relative newcomer, with their first time being published in 2016. The game that was officially released at GenCon, BetaBotz has been floating around for a while, and we were able to Beta test it prior to it’s release. 

If the game has been improved from that initial viewing, it could have made an interesting title. It certainly had the backing of it’s creator and their friends from Columbus and Seattle.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 6

Baba Geek Games

Boba Geek Games has one self-published game, Robit Riddle. It’s own site calls it an award winning game, but I could not locate which award it has received.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 7


Bananagrams has made their name on their tile game of the same name. They have been growing though. This year brought with it, the fantastic Cobra Paw game. Now they have released Truth Bombs.

It was a soft European release, and has been a hard release in the US. It is already available here, but will see light the first time that I know of at PAXU. I have slowly become a fan of almost all of Bananagrams titles, and their staff are always first rate. Their pairing with Big Potato games just seems apt.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 8

Bezier Games

Bezier Games has been teasing the American audience for almost a year with the Palaces of Mad King Ludwig. It still shows as a pre-order on their site, but we are hoping for a soft release for the holidays.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 9

Whistle Stop has done fantastic for them, and everyone I know that has played it loves it. Here’s hoping Bezier games shows some love to MeepleGamers so we can get some reviews out to the readers.

Black Oak Games

Black Oak games has made their entrance with a game called Knot Dice. I cannot tell you anything about the title, other than it looks pretty. 

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 10

Blind Ferret Entertainment

BFE is a media group that does books, apps, digizines, and a plethora of other items. 

They are not an unplugged exhibitor, which begs the question of why they will be exhibiting at PAXU. 

Will they be announcing a new board game in their IP sphere…? Or is this just peddling Board Game Bento the service? I prefer to hope it is an announcement.

Blue Heron Entertainment

BHE has a game by the name of Collectors and Capers. Beyond this, I know very little of BHE. Maybe PAXU will change that.

Brain Games

Brain Games has brought out Ice Cool, over a year ago, and it is still going strong. Great dexterity game. It is so great, it won the Kinderspiel de Jahres.

They also brought out a trio of children’s games, with Woohoo! among them. These were part of a giveaway we just ran, and people are excited to play these games with their kids. Let’s see what 2018 brings.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 11

Breaking Games

Breaking Games has had many successes, some would say Poop.

I’m interested to see Sparkle Kitty, and if they can break the mold of being less than exciting for “serious” gamers. The advert stating it is super cutesy, will certainly draw some looks.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 12


Brotherwise Games

Brotherwise Games is the publisher behind Boss Monster, a throwback to simpler 8-bit digital times. 

2017 has brought Unearth, a game that looks as good as it plays. It has been in soft-release at conventions since the summer season. 2018 and PAXU should be interesting for BWG.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 13

Button Shy Games

Button Shy Games is making a name for themselves in wallet size games. I personally Kickstarted Ahead in the Clouds. 

I personally am not a fan of the packaging they have chosen to utilize, but I can see the draw. It can be stuffed into a jacket that is worn a few times a year, and always close at hand.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 14 

Calliope Games

Calliope Games is famous for Tsuro, and well they should be. It sits on my top shelf, so far, perpetually. 

2017 brought Dicey Peaks. It was the year of the mountain and the Yeti, a succesful KS game.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 15

Campaign Coins

Campaign Coins is a niche within a niche market. They make fantasy coins for games. Lots of them. Though they are very pretty. If I was the sort of person that would attend a board gaming unplugged convention, this might be just the sort of thing I would buy… Oh wait…

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 16

Capstone Games

Capstone has quickly became a fan favorite. It helps that Clay the owner is just so darn personable. WildCatters was a soft release at Essen, expected to also be in stock at PAXU. Will let you know what we think after we get our dirty little mitts on it!

We also have never had much time with The Climbers, a Capstone re-release. Their games generally get a lot of pre-Con excitement. They all look fantastic.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 17


Cardamajigs is a Custom Magic the Gathering company that has Mats, Tokens and other accessories.PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 18

Carolina Game Tables

Fantastic game tables from the furniture capital of the world Carolina. they’re the cats meow!PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 19 

Catalast Game Labs

Catalyst Game Labs out of good Ol Canada, features, Battle tech, Shadow run, and Board games. Catalyst also provides a place for noobs and Vets alike to pick up new products and use a forum. Couldn’t have explained it any better than that Boom!PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 20

Catan Studios
Catan Studios, makers of the evergreen game Settlers of Catan will be on hand at Pax. With the announcement of a new story based version of Catan being developed in app form due out near the end of 2017 it’s possible we may see some version of that at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 21PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 22

Few companies have been as busy as CMON. With new games and expansions being released year round here is a small sample of what’s to come for them in November. Richard the Lionheart will be releasing new, and there will be expansions for Massive Darkness and Rum & Bones.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 23
Online games retailer will be on hand at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 24

Copper Frog Games
Copper Frog Games is a company focused on artistic themed games with a flair for color and imagery they have set their games apart in terms of beauty. With games like Tattoo! The Game of Ink and Pigment they are moving forward into an interesting space.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 25

Crafty Games
Indie publishers Crafty Games will be at the show. Their company began with a new edition of Spycraft and has since moved into other realms with games like Mistborn and Little Wizards.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 26PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 27PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 28

Crimson Night: Studios
Crimson Night: Studios, a miniature painting service will be at Pax showing off some of their work.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 29

CritSuccess, makers of Dice Rings, will be on hand with their truly unique product.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 30PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 31

Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Cubicle 7 Entertainment is a RPG company that focuses on deep storytelling games in familiar universes. With games such as One Ring, Doctor Who, the Laundry, and Warhammer Fantasy they have set themselves up as a go to company for licensed and beloved IP games.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 32PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 33PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 34


Cyanide & Happiness
Popular webcomic Cyanide & Happiness will be at Pax. With the release of their game Joking Hazard out now you will probably be able to grab copies of it as well as some of heir other products.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 35

DaftConcepts, a custom wood gaming accessory service will be on hand at Pax. Their work includes custom pieces for specific games as well as general decorations and items.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 36

Daily Magic Games
Daily Magic Games, producer of the popular Valeria world of interconnected games, will be on hand. In addition they will probably have their newest game 10 Minute Tower Heist on hand in some form.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 37PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 38PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 39

Devious Devices
Devious Devices will be at Pax showing of their games Sharknado: The Board Game, Panda Craves Danger, and Weevils. They will also be running a Weevils tournament over the weekend.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 40PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 41PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 42PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 43

Devir Americas, LLC
Devir Americas, LLC is a Brazil based games company focused on games that encourage wits, knowledge, and social interaction. They will be at Pax demoing and their two newest games, Fast Food Fear and Michael Strogoff.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 44PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 45PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 46

Die Hard Dice
Die Hard Dice, a specialty dice manufacturer will be at Pax.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 47

Doctor Finn’s Games
Doctor Finn’s Games is an indie developer focused on fast and easy strategy games. Pax will be the first time the company has attended a convention.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 48PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 49PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 50PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 51

Dog Might Games
Custom wooden gaming gear production company, Dog Might Games, will be on hand with some of their gorgeous pieces.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 52

Dust USA
Dust USA will be at Pax showing off the latest releases and a preview of their Christmas release. DUST is an alternate history World War II tabletop miniatures game featuring advanced technologies such as mechs.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 53

Dux Nova
Dux Nova will be at Pax showing off their game Hope City. Hope is a cooperative game focused on building the city while trying to minimize urban blight, and corruption.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 54

Dwarven Forge LLC
Tabletop terrain creator, Dwarven Forge, will be at the show. If you play any fantasy themed RPG and are looking for a way to spruce up your table top with a visual flair, stop by their booth and see what they have.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 55

Eagle-Gryphon Games
Eagle-Gryphon Games best know for such crowd favorites as Pitchcar and Baseball Highlights 2014. They will be showing off their upcoming Kickstarter The Secret Pimpernel.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 56PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 57PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 58PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 59


Elderwood Academy
Custom board game accessories company, Elderwood Academy, will be at Pax. Be sure to swing by and check out their beautifully crafted wooden dice tray, towers, and carrying cases.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 60

Elzra Games
Elzra Games, publishers of the popular dexterity dungeon crawl, Catacombs will be on hand. Their game, features a unique system of token flicking in a one vs many style RPG.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 61

Soon to be released game, Emergence, will be offering demos at the show. The game features a battle royal style game with soft alliances and betrayal.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 62

End Transmission Games LLC
End Transmission Games was a small press indie RPG manufacturer. They recently announced that they would be closing their doors and we will be sad to see any company end it’s run. If they are atteh show this may be your last chance for a while to get a hold of their games Splinter and Dice Punk.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 63

Everything Epic Games LLC
Everything Epic Games is a board game publisher with some exciting new games coming soon. With the production of the board games Big Trouble in Little China and Rambo they should have some fun new things at their booth.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 64PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 65

Fate of the Norns
Fate of the Norns, a viking themed RPG will be at Pax.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 66

Fireside Games LLC
Fireside Games will be on hand at the show. Makers of the popular Panic! line of board games. including Castle, Munchkin, and Zombie Panic! Their newest games Hotshots and Kaiju Crush have been seeing a lot of good press.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 67PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 68PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 69PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 70

Flying NightBear Games
Flying NightBear Games, publishers of the Beyonder series RPG will be on hand at Pax.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 71PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 72

Foam Brain Games
Comic and game store Foam Brain Games will be on hand for the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 73

Forged By Geeks LLC
Forged By Geeks LLC, creators of Defense Grid: The Board Game, based on the video game franchise of the same name will be on hand.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 74

Fowers Games
Fowers Games will be on hand at Pax with a full crew. Stop by their booth to get a chance to meet the designers and artist for games such as Paperback and Burgle Bros. Additionally, they will be holding a Fugitive tournament. Also, some of their games will be launching on Steam later this month and they will probably be celebrating that.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 75PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 76PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 77

Foxmind Games
Foxmind Games is a publisher dedicated to creating fun, educational games for the whole family. Some of their news games that may be at the show include Sports Dice, Head of Mouse Hold, and Slide Blast.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 78PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 79PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 80

Fun to 11
Fun to 11 is a game publisher focusing on quick, easy interactive games. They are best known for their Castle Dice and Miskatonic School games.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 81PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 82PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 83

Gale Force Nine LLC
Gale Force Nine is probably best known for the years of building terrain and templates for tabletop miniatures gaming. Their Battlefield in a Box series has been an easy and quick way of outfitting your gaming table for epic clashes. Having moved into the realm of Board Gaming they have partnered with different popular IP to bring a wide array of experiences. With their new Doctor Who game and their upcoming Firefly skirmish game they should have some fun things at their booth.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 84PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 85PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 86

Game Trade (Magazine/Media)
Having made the jump from print to internet, Game Trade Magazine will be on hand at the show. If you’re interested at all in the gaming media, be sure to stop by their booth and check them out.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 87


Gamechurch is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing the message of Jesus into the gaming community.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 88

Gamermats is a custom card game play-mat that feature some truly amazing art.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 89

Gamewright Games
Gamewright Games produces an increasing series of family games that are fun for all ages. They have several new games coming out and some of them should be at the show. They have PDQ, Loot, and an expansion for the fantastic game Rory’s Story Cubes.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 90PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 91PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 92PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 93

Gate Keeper Games & Dice
Gate Keeper Games & Dice is a dice manufacturer and board game publisher. Boasting high quality dice and fun inventive board games, such as The King’s Armory, Gate Keeper Games will be at Pax.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 94PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 95

Geeknson is a custom gaming table manufacturer who has entered the gaming scene with great success. They make custom tables to order for each individual customer. They recently announced a summer camp experience to take place next year and may have more information about the camp at the show.



Gigamic Games is a publisher with a long history of high quality games that range the spectrum of genres. They’ll be attending Pax and we should hopefully get to see some of their latest games including: Yogi, Hellapogos, and Pow.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 96PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 97PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 98PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 99

God Hates Charades
God Hates Charades is an adult party game that’s equal parts Charades, Cards Against Humanity, and Taboo.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 100

Golden Bell Studio
Golden Bell Studios is a multi-media publisher who produces board games, comics, video games, and animated features. Some of the games they are well known for are the trivia game Movie Buff, Dungeon Dice, and the strategy game Immortal.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 101PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 102PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 103PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 104

Goodman Games
RPG publisher Goodman Games will be attending Pax. Their popular series Dungeon Crawl Classics has become a convention staple for sometime now. They have several events planned for Pax, including some dungeon funnels, and a few quick adventures. Hopefully they’ll have demos of their upcoming game Mutant Crawl Classics due out soon.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 105PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 106PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 107PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 108

Grand Prix International
Grand Prix International is a manufacturing and publishing company that will be at Pax.


Grand Gamers Guild
Grand Gamers Guild will be on hand at Pax. They’ll be showing off their games: Unreal Estate, Stroop, and the U.S. premiere of Pocket Ops. They will also have a preview of their upcoming game Endeavor.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 109PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 110PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 111


Greater Than Games LLC
Greater Than Games, publishers of Sentinels of the Multiverse, will be at the show. In addition to their booth they will also be running a demo room to show off their games.
Green Ronin Publishing
Popular RPG publisher Green Ronin has been active in the gaming community since 2000. With popular games based on the Dragon Age PC game setting, the Song of Fire and Ice, and Mutants and Masterminds they’ve proven adept at bring a wide array of settings to life. They are also responsible for publishing the Titansgrave setting based on the RPG campaign created by Wil Wheaton.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 112

Grey Fox Games
Grey Fox Games, publishers of several popular games will be on hand. With their last Kickstarter, Champions of Midgard having successfully shipped and their next one, Bushido, launching with in the next week, we should be able to see some of those games this weekend. Additionally, they have new games coming soon, including Super Hot and the expansion for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 113PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 114PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 115PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 116

Handelabra Games Inc.
Handleabra Games is the maker of digital versions of popular card games. With digital versions of Sentinels of the Multiverse, Bottom of the Ninth, and One Deck Dungeon in their catalog.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 117

Hero Forge, LLC
Hero Forge, custom miniature production company will be on hand at Pax. Their custom miniatures can be built using a intuitive menu system to create a miniature from any genre.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 118

IDW Games
Originally a comic book retailer, IDW stepped into game publishing and has taken to it with great success. Some of their newer games include: Atari: Missile Command, Legend of Korra: Probending Arena, and Jungle Joust.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 119PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 120PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 121

Iello USA
Popular designer Iello USA will be at Pax. With a long history of fan favorite games with high production quality they are adding some new games to there catalog. New games include: Mountains of Madness, Terroreyes, and Bunny Kingdom.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 122PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 123PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 124

Indie Boards and Cards
Indie Board and Cards publishers of popular games Flash Point Fire Rescue and the Resistance will be at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 125PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 126PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 127

Indie Game Developers Network
Indie Game Developers Network is a group dedicated to promoting and supporting the developers of small indie games. It is a volunteer organization that works on an international level. If you’re interested in pitching in, be sure to see them at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 128

InIt Gear
InIt Gear, makers of high quality, water resistant, custom game carrying bags and pouches will be at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 129

Ironmark Games
Board game publisher and mega-game organizer, Ironmark Games, will be at the show. They will be running their Mega Game, the World Turned Upside Down, the retold story of the American Revolution.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 130PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 131

Jason Anarchy Games
Jason Anarchy Games, creators of games such as Drinking Quest and Pretending to Grownup will be at Pax.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 132PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 133PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 134

New publisher Joggle will be on hand with their game Crown of Aragon.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 135PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 136

John Wick Presents

John Wick Presents will be at the Show. John Wick is one of the great names in RPG’s. He’s been active in the gaming community, writing for such companies as AEG, White Wolf, and Steve Jackson Games. His Play Dirty series, recently featured on GM Tips with Satine Phoenix, of articles has been collected into a 15th anniversary collection and recently joined by part 2. His company is currently producing the Wicked Fantasy line and the second edition of 7th seas. A new Kickstarter for 7th Seas, Khitai, bringing a more far East flair to the game of swashbuckler adventures has just finished a successful Kickstarter.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 137PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 138PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 139

Kazoodoo Games
Having just published their newest game, Kazoodoo Games will be on hand at the show. Their newest game, Glyph, is a strategic game of combat and luck as players take their teams of warriors up against one another.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 140PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 141

Popular crowd funding website, Kickstarter , will be at the Show. With many of the companies and games on this list owing their very existence to Kickstarter it will be interesting to see what new things and projects they want to showcase at Pax.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 142

Lay Waste Games
Lay Waste Games is a smaller company with the game Dragoon settling into a comfortable and well received place in gaming. With their newest game, Human Era, just entering Kickstarter they may have copies on hand to demo.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 143PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 144

Leder Games
Having taken the gaming community by surprise with their asymmetrical game Vast, Leder Games is going to be attending Pax. With only a few days left on their latest Kickstarter, Root: a Game of Woodlands Might and Right, they will probably be showing it at Pax as well.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 145PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 146

Level 99 Games
Level 99 Games has spent their career creating a unique setting in the world of Indines. Since then they have added to it with multiple games such as Battlecon, Pixel Tactics, and others. It will be interestign to see what they bring to Pax.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 147

Level Up Dice
RPG dice manufacturer Level Up Dice will be on the show floor.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 148

Live Wire Lab
Mobile app developer Live Wire Lab will be attending the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 149

Lone Shark Games
Lone Shark Games will be on hand. Since they are partnering with the creators of Penny Arcade, Mike and Jerry, to create the new RPG, Thornwatch, it’s likely we will see the game there in some form. It’s also likely that we will see their recently released Apocrypha, Adventure Card game.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 150

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 151PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 152

Lone Wolf Development
lone Wolf Development will be at Pax. Best known for their Hero Lab program. Hero Lab is a system designed to help players create characters for numerous game systems in easy to use forms and player sheets.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 153PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 154

LongPack Games Manufacturer
LongPack Games Manufacturer is a company focusing on the high end manufacturing and customer service in the board game industry.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 155

Looney Labs
Best known for Fluxx, Looney Labs has made a career out of bring us fun, silly, and thought provoking games. They’ll be attending Pax and will hopefully be bringing their signature brand of family friendly fun and wonder to the con.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 156

Lost Cog
New publisher Lost Cog will be at the show with their first game Rampaging Jotunn. They have recently announced their next game heading to Kickstarter, Fired, which we may see at the show in some form.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 157PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 158

Magpie Games
Magpie Games is an indie RPG company that specializes in creating dynamic worlds with deep storytelling potential. Having just won the Silver ENnie for their family game Masks the Next Generation they should be in good spirits heading to Pax. Hopefully we’ll see Masks there as well as their newest game, Bluebeards Ghost on the show floor, as well as many of their other settings.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 159PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 160

Miniatures company Mantic will be on hand. Covering a large collection of genres and themes Mantic has set itself apart in the gaming universe. They feature tabletop battles games like Kings of War and Warpath, mixed with IP based properties such as Walking Dead and Mars attacks, and finished off with dungeon adventure RPG’s like Dungeon Saga and Star Saga. They will undoubtedly have some fun things at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 161

Mayday Games
Online retailer and games publisher, Mayday games, will be at the show. A company featuring many popular and unique games such as Garbage Day. They have a few new games we can hope to see at the show, Monster Island and Walk the Plank.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 162

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 163PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 164

Mayfair Games
Gaming titan Mayfair Games will be in attendance. Hopefully we’ll see their games Barenpark, and the upcoming Glass Road, and Iron Dragon.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 165PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 166

Metallic Dice Games
Dice manufacturer Metallic Dice Games will be at the Show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 167

Mind Bottling Games
Mind Bottling Games will be on hand with their character driven dice combat game, Dice Throne.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 168

Modern Myths
Comic and Game store Modern Myths will be at Pax.


Monocle Society
The Monocle Society will be launching as a new interactive product studio at Pax with a live stream on Facebook.


Monte Cook
Monte Cook publishing, founded by gaming luminary Monte Cook, will be at the show. Having released several game worlds and stories over the years it is likely we will see something from Numenera, The Strange, and Cypher Systems. They have just released a guide book for No Thank You Evil that helps children take on the role of Game Master.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 169

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 170PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 171PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 172

Nauvoo Games
Small Publisher Nauvoo Games will be on hand. Having great success with their games Cross Talk and and Stock Pile they are movign forward with a new Kickstarter in January for a game based on the Brandon Sanderson series the Reckoners.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 173PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 174PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 175

After a successful Kickstarter Andy Hunt will be on hand with his new game Necrnomicards, a game of Lovecraftian Horror featuring betrayal, strategy, and luck.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 176

New Experience Workshop
New Experience Workshop will be on hand at Pax with their games Pallet Swap and the compatible Shootout, western themed gun duel game, and Showdown a samurai themed duel game, which can be mixed together. Additionally they may have some representation of their upcoming Kickstarter On Their Merry Way, a game where players take on the role of Robins Merry Men in Sherwood forest.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 177

Ninja Division
The wide ranging and eclectic organization that is Ninja Division has grown from it’s start at SodaPop Miniatures. Since then they have added a number of games and partnerships to their list giving them a diverse catalog that includes games like Relic Knights, Super Dungeon Explore, Tentacle Bento, Rail Riders Infinite, and My Little Pony Tails of Equestria. Some of their new releases that may be available at Pax are Super Dungeon Arena, My Little Pony, and The Agents. Additionally, they have a partnership with Paizo to produce miniature for the Starfinder RPG that may be represented at the show.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 178PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 179PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 180

North Star Games
Small Publisher with big ideas, North Star Games produces games running the gambit from strategic to party. They bring diverse games such as the heady Evolution to the fun and fast Happy Salmon and even the recently reviewed Blurble.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 181PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 182PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 183

ODAM Publishing
ODAM Publishing will be at the Show. Of Dreams and Shadows, their flagship game, having launched just a few years ago is going strong. They also have a new game on Kickstarter, Lunara: Agoe of Kingdoms, which they will undoubtedly have at Pax in some form.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 184PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 185

Onyx Path Publishing
Onyx Path Publishing is a group dedicated to bringing gamers deep immersive gaming worlds. Partnered with White Wolf Publishing they release new material that supports old favorite games like World of Darkness and Scion while still creating their own unique worlds and environments such as Pugmire.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 186PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 187PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 188

Orange Machine Games
New publisher Orange Machine Games will be atthe show with their newest game Abandon Planet, a game of evacuating the Earth before giant meteors destroy all life. They may also have so version of their next Kickstarter, Black Hole Council.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 189

Osprey Games
Table top miniatures game company Osprey will be in attendance. With their game Frostgrave having a second printing and their new game Gaslands and other of their many historical game titles  set to come out this month they should have a nice showing.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 190PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 191PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 192


Long time publisher, Paizo, will be at the show. They are sure to include their popular Pathfinder and new Starfinder games in their library.                                                                                                                                        

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 193PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 194PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 195

Pandemonium Books & Games
Local retailer, Pandemonium Books & Games, will be at the show.
Passport Games Studio
Passport Games will be at the show. They have several new releases including: Skyward, Tokaido: Matsuri Miniatures, and Kingsport Festival Card Game.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 196PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 197PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 198

Petersen Games
Petersen Games is a games publisher dedicated to high quality beautiful games. With the success of their most recent kickstarter, Glorantha: Gods War, getting ready to go to print they may have some demo copies at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 199



Philadelphia Game Makers Guild
The Game Makers Guild is a group of independent game designers who meet frequently to play test each others games and offer support and advice on production.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 200

Playmore Games

Playmore Games will be at the show. With the spectacular success of their Indiegogo Campaign to fund the Diced app that will create a series of video tutorials to replace the rule books of several games. The app is due out August 2018 and may be at the show in demo form.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 201

Portal Dragon LLC
Portal Dragon will be on hand. They’ll be demoing some of their new titles slated for 2018: Zephyr: Winds of Change, Pick the Lock, Planetoid, and Palm Island.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 202

Portal Games
Portal games will be on hand at Pax. They’ve had a lot of success this year with new games First Martians and Alien Artifacts. They’ve also released expansions for old favorite Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 203PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 204PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 205

Privateer Press
Miniatures gaming company Privateer Press will be attending Pax. Their most popular games Warmachine and Hordes have some new releases from the Cygnar and Trollblood factions set for the month of November.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 206

PulsArt Studio
PulsArt Studio will be on hand with some of their fantastic art prints.
Q Workshop
Dice manufactures Q Workshop will be at the show. With many different licensed dice sets it should be interesting to see what they’ll have at Pax.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 207

Queen Games
Queen Games will be at Pax. Their latest games include a Big Box printing of Kingdom Builder 2nd edition, their newest Kickstarter Immortals, and the family game Captain Silver.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 208         PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 209

Quick and Dirty Games
Quick and Dirty Games, makers of the adult party game of the same name, will be on hand at Pax.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 210

Quick Simple Fun Games
Quick Simple Fun Games is a company striving to create games that are quick to learn, set up, and play. Their latest games, Gold Raiders and Noxford are currently in print and their next game Muse should be available soon, and will hopefully be at the show in Demo form.




PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 211PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 212PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 213

Rather Dashing Games
Rather Dashing Games will be at Pax with Demos of their games, Element, Hafid’s Grand Bazaar, and This Belongs in a Museum. Additionally Mike Richie, designer of Element, will also be on hand.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 214  PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 215

Rattrap Productions
Rattrap Productions will be at the show. Creators of the miniatures game, .45 Adventure: Thrilling Action in the Pulp Era, they will also have some of their newest Kickstarter Nab’em at Pax.




PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 216PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 217PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 218

Reaper Miniatures
Popular miniature company, Reaper, will be on hand. They’ve recently finished their Bones 4 Kickstarter and should be gearing up for the release of more great minis. November will also see the release of their 25th anniversary mini, Dain Deepax, Dwarf Hero.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 219   PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 220

Red Republic Games
Red Republic Games, makers of miniature combat game Arena Rex, will be at Pax.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 221

Reliquary Game Studio
Reliquary Game Studio, publishers of the Clockwork Dominion RPG, will be at Pax.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 222

Renegade Games
Renegade Games, publishers of popular games Clank and Raiders on the North Sea will be on hand for the show.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 223PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 224PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 225

Res Nova Games
Res Nova Games will be on hand to promote their new Kickstarter, beginning early 2018, for Dungeon Slayer.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 226

Restoration Games
Restoration Games, a newer company dedicated to giving older games a new look, will be at the show. With three new GenCon releases they should all be available to play at Pax. Their new games include Stop Thief, Down Force, and Indulgence.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 227PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 228


Rob and Dave Games
Rob and Dave Games, makers of Unknown will be at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 229


Royal N Games
Royal N Games will be on hand with their newest game Deathbot Derby.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 230PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 231

Seventh Sphere
Seventh Sphere will be on hand with their new Open Source Role Play Game, Open Legend.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 232

SFR Inc, makers of Dragon and Daemon Dice will be at the show.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 233

Shoot Again Games
Shoot Again Games will be at the show. Their newest game this year is Pinball Showdown, a 4 player auction/bidding game.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 234

Skybound Entertainment
Skybound Games, makers of the party game Super Fight will be at the show. It is likely they will also have Red Flags and Grimm Forest at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 235



SlugFest Games
SlugFest Games will be at the show. Their newest games this year are a villains expansion for Red Dragon Inn, their new co-op Battle for Greyport, and the western themed High Noon Saloon.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 236PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 237PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 238PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 239

Smirk & Dagger
Smirk & Dagger games will be at the show. They’ll probably be bringing some of their newest games including Paramedics Clear, Biotix, and Nevermore.



PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 240PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 241PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 242

Spritebourne, a small press games publisher, will be on hand for the show. They should have copies of their games Yomi’s Gate, Breaker Blocks, and Kaiju Stadium.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 243PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 244

Steamforged Games
Steamforged Games will be on hand. They’ll be running a Guildball Tournament over the weekend. At their booth they should have most of their Guildball line, plus Dark Souls the board and card games, Shadow games, and the may even have a demo set of their newest successful Kickstarter, Resident Evil 2: The Board Game.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 245   PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 246

Steve Jackson Games
Steve Jackson Games, best known for their Munchkin series, will be at the show. Their newest game Dungeon Fantasy, a quick introductory RPG will probably be at the show. However, they have said they will have events for the new Munchkin CCG, due out next year, demos of Munchkin Shakespeare, and Super Kitty Bug Slap. They may also be showing off some of the models from their newest Kickstarter for OGRE miniatures #2.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 247PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 248PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 249

Strange Machine Games
Strange Machine Games is a RPG and board game publisher who will be at the show. Best known for their Age Past rpg setting and their series of Robotech board games.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 250PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 251

Stronghold Games
Stronghold Games will be at the show. They’ve a hit year featuring the release of several new games including Flamme Rouge, Coal Barron: The Great Card Game, & Pit Crew and more games to come before the end of the year. They will probably have copies of some of their newest expansions and games at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 252PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 253PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 254

Studio 2 Publishing
Studio 2 Publishing is an online retail partner and publisher for several different companies and games. Their most recent successful Kickstarter, Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla for Savage Worlds, is urrently printing and they may be running demos at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 255

Studio Woe
Studio Woe is a Board Game Publisher and Art House. Their first game, Gruff: Rage of the Trolls has been successfully Kickstarted and is now nearing completion. It’s possible that they will have some form of the game on hand for Demo purposes.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 256

Studio Wumpus
Studio Wumpus is a digital board game creator. There only game thus far, Sumer is currently in early access on Steam and is probably going to be on hand for demos at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 257

Syrinscape is an intuitive, new, digital soundboard that’s been designed to help add atmosphere to all of your RPG and gaming needs. Featuring multiple tracks for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and board gaming the system boasts an easy to use and intuitive control system.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 258

Table Titans
After a long successful stint on Acquisitions Incorporated, artist and Binwin Bronzebeard creator, Scott Kurtz will be on hand with his latest ongoing project. Table Titans is an online comic series, gaming news, and an RPG. The new game, Binwin’s Minions, was successfully Kickstarted in September so there may be some demos on hand to show off the system.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 259

Tabletop Co-Op
Tabletop Co-op, a collection of independent game designers, will be present at the show. They will be bringing: Brass Empire, By Order of the Queen, Dwarves: Dig, Delve, Die!, Junk King, Lazer Ryderz, The Shadow over Westminster, Stitches, and Titans Tactics & Titans Champions.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 260

Tasty Minstrel Games
Tasty Minstrel Games will be in attendance. With three new games released at Essen and due at retailers in November we will hopefully be able to get hands on Pioneer Days, Harvest, and Exodus Fleet. Additionally, they just finished the successful Kickstarter for Donwfall Deluxified which they will hopefully have in demo form.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 261PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 262PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 263 is an online retailer specializing in trading card games will be at the show.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 264

Th3rd World Studios
Th3rd World Studios will be on hand. With a couple of new expansions for their game Arcane Academy coming out over the summer, they’re sure to have a couple on hand.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 265PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 266


The Broken Token
Popular for their custom inserts and game components, the Broken Token will be at the show. With the unveiling of their new Gloomhaven insert this past GenCon, it’s possible that it should be available at the show.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 267




The Burning Wheel
Designer Luke Crane’s Burning Wheel will be at the show. With the 5th printing once again underway there should be copies at the show. They may also have copies of the Burning Wheel Codex. Since they’ve also add the Dungeon World RPG to their cataloger it’s possible that will also be at the show.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 268

The Compleat Strategist
Online Retailer the Compleat Strategist will be on hand at the show.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 269

The Creativity Hub
PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 270

The Creativity Hub, makers of Rory’s Story Cubes, will be on hand showing off their latest games, Blank and Untold: Adventures Await.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 271PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 272

The Fifth World

The Fifth World will on hand at Pax. The Fifth World is an RPG set four hundred years after civilization and has a focus on family and exploration.

The Idie Bazar

The Indie Bazaar is a collection of independent game designers who work to share booth space and support one another. No word on which designers will be at the show.


Online gaming retailer will be attending the show.PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 273

Escape Velocity Games
Escape Velocity Games started as a video game publisher focusing on single player space exploration and trading.  Transitioning into board gaming, they will be showing off there upcoming game Robotech: Brace for Impact.


 PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 274PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 275

Thompson Productions LLC
Thompson Productions LLC is a comic book store that will be on hand during the show.

ThunderGryph Games will be on hand. With a second printing of their game Overseer and the addition of Dead Man’s Doubloons, their most recent Kickstarter they should have some very interesting games to show off at the event. PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 276PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 277

Tiki Tiki Board Games

From just across the river, Local game store will be present. The family friendly store featuring multiple game nights and groups.PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 278

Twogether Studios

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 279

Portland based Towgether Studios will be on hand. publisher of smaller more intimate games  Twogether Studios  has published Pheonix: Dawn Command and Illimat. It’s possible they will also have Action Cats a game whose Successful Kickstarter seems to be on track to deliver in the next month or so.

Underbite Games
PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 280

Underbite Games will be on hand. They will most likely be showing off their PC/Steam game Super Dungeon Tactics which was developed in conjunction with Soda Pop Miniatures.


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 281

USAopoly will be at the show most likely featuring new games the Thing, Code Names Disney and Marvel, Monopoly Team Fortress 2, and possibly Munchkin Rick and Morty

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 282PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 283

White Wizard Games

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 284

Best known for Star Realms and Hero Realms, White Wizard Games will be on hand. With the Star Realms Frontiers Kickstarter just finishing to great success and their newest one, Sorcerer, just launching they will likely have demos of both games on hand to bring in new and old fans.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 285

White Wolf Games

White Wolf Games, creators of the World of Darkness, will be on hand. It’s most likely that they will be previewing their new 5th edition of the game Vampire the Masquerade that’s due to be released early next year. They will be running several play tests of the new edition over the weekend.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 286

Wild East Games

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 287

Wild East games, a small games publisher, will be present. They will most likely be featuring some of their games such as Ill Tempered Tikis, Pie Rats, and Lightning Dice.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 288

Wizards of the Coast

Gaming juggernaut Wizards of the Coast will be on hand most likely showcasing their newest Dungeons & Dragons setting, The Tomb of Annihilation. In addition they will most likely have showing of Betrayal at Baulder’s gate, and the newest Magic the Gathering set, Ixalan.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 289


PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 290

WizKids games, most well know for their Heroclix system. They will most likely be there with their newest releases Witching Hour, Maze of Death Miniatures for Pathfinder, Empires, and the newly announced Dark.Net due out next February.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 291


Wolff is a smaller game studio. They will probably be showing the recently released Guards of Atlantis. They may also be featuring their newest successful Kickstarter Warpgate.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 292

Wyrd Games

Wyrd Games is a miniatures gaming studio most well known for Malifaux a alternate history Lovecraft in the old west style game. They will probably have some of their more recent releases for it available, including the Jury and the Grootslang. Additionally they may have demos of their newest Kickstarter, the Other Side, a miniatures game focusing on large scale engagements that is a companion to Malifaux.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 293PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 294PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 295PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 296


Wyrmwood is a retailer specializing in artisan wooden gaming accessories such as dice towers, card boxes, and an array of custom products.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 297

Yanaguana Games

Yanaguana Games is a small publisher with quick thematic games. Their recent Kickstarter for Re-Chord, a guitar themed card game, was cancelled, they may have it at the show to build support for a second try.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 298PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 299

Zafty Games

Zafty Games is a company making small easy to pick up games. They might be there with Death Wish as it was just released to stores. They may also have Pixel Glory to show off it’s latest expansion, Light & Shadow, since it was successfully Kickstarted in March.

PAX Unplugged Preview 2017 300


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