Pirate’s Plunder – New Entertainment – Review

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I am enamored with this game. A good fun game for kids.

Steve Mayne

MeepleGamers 8.5/10 Publisher: New Entertainment LTD Designer: Uncredited Artist: Uncredited Game Type: Push your luck, Take that Initial Year of Release: 2016 Age Range: 5+ Expected Playtime: 15+ minutes Number of Players: 2+ Pirate's Plunder - New Entertainment - Review 1

Theme and What is it?

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*Note* Copy of game provided by publisher for review.

After a long sea battle you and yer crew set out to loot a captured ship. Except in your rush to get all of the best loot someone has accidently set the powder room on fire. With only a short amount of time you’ll not be able to get all of the loot. But maybe you can get the most. You’ll need to grab all you can and get overboard before the fire reaches the powder kegs and they explode.

Pirates Plunder is a family friendly push your luck game with a mild take that element. You’ll need to balance getting off the ship with your loot against staying on board in order to get enough to be in first place. Pirate's Plunder - New Entertainment - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

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Pirates Plunder is a family game with a simple decision. At the beginning of your turn you have to decide to draw a card or go overboard with your loot. Drawing a card will either give you between one and five gold, a special card, or draw the boom card and end the round. Gold cards are added to your stash, increasing your points at the end of the round. Special cards will give you a quick shot power that can do everything from allowing you to steal a card from another player, protecting you for five rounds, or switching your stash with someone else.

The boom card ends the round. Everyone still on the boat discards their stash. If you choose to go overboard at this point you count out a number of coins from the treasure chest equal to the number of coins represented by cards in your stash.

If there are any coins left in the chest after everyone has received theirs you shuffle the deck and go again. At the end of the game, the player with the most coins wins. Pirate's Plunder - New Entertainment - Review 3

Initial Impressions

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I was very impressed with this game right out of the box. I liked the components and the art. The rules felt simple enough that the game would be good for its target audience. I immediately began showing the game to friends and family. Pirate's Plunder - New Entertainment - Review 4

Game Build Quality

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The components are all very impressive. The cards are all excellent quality. They’re all durable, solid, and have a nice finish. The plastic coins are all excellent quality and have a nice detail. A plastic chest that comes with the game to hold the coins is solid and a nice size. It holds the entire game with only a little preparation. Pirate's Plunder - New Entertainment - Review 5

Artistic Direction

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I really like the art in this game. It’s got a nice cartoon quality. It’s bright and colorful but is easy to make out what each cards is and does. Pirate's Plunder - New Entertainment - Review 6

Fun Factor

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This is a push your luck game for kids. You only have the one decision to make but it’s engaging for the age range. The take that element isn’t too harsh but might put some people off.Pirate's Plunder - New Entertainment - Review 7

Age Range & Weight

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The box says 5+ and I think that’s pretty close. The decisions are pretty quick and simple. It’s fast and keeps your attention. There’s no room for younger children to get bored waiting for their turn. Pirate's Plunder - New Entertainment - Review 8


Instagram Twitter Facebook 8.5/10

I am enamored with this game. It works very well for the target age range. It might get a little upsetting for young players but could be used as a teaching tool. It helps with a bit of critical thinking and how to balance odds versus risk.

If there is one drawback to the game I would say that some of the take that cards can feel a bit oddly unfair. For example, one of the cards has you switch stashes with another player. If you happen to have the largest stash at the table this can feel a bit cheap. However, the game is fast.

Additionally, I think the game is fun for adults in that it only takes around ten minutes and can be a quick filler/pallet cleanser. Overall it’s pretty fun and can be a little ridiculous. It inspires laughter.

In the end, I always encourage folks to try a game before they buy it. If you can get to a hobby shop or convention where it might be available. I understand that it’s not always possible with kid’s games. If you end up buying this on spec, I think you’ll be fine. Even if it’s just for having a nice set of gold coins. Pirate's Plunder - New Entertainment - Review 9

Parting Words

Speaking of gold, one other thing that’s gold is your time and well-being. I know things get crazy with the demands on out time. But in the midst of it all please remember to take some time for yourself. There are people you’re important to and they need you in their lives. Be well.

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