Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – Ally Gold & Matt Ryan play 7 Wonders

Josh is brought down a notch or two by
Matt Ryan and the Bezier Games internal philosophy of “no mercy”.
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Josh Hale 0:01
Hey, all this is Josh Hale with mobile gamers doing the long distance gaming podcast. We are obviously doing this on a weekly basis at this point in time. And today, it’s still on distance podcast. And it’s a little bit like long distance dating, but not quite as pretty. Today I have with me, Holly gold, and Matt Ryan from bezza games, they are going to be at Gen Con here briefly, I’m gonna be hanging out with them. And apparently, because of today’s podcast, I’m going to Oh, both of them a beer. It’s It’s a sad thing that I owe beer. But that doesn’t mean I get to drink with my friends. Since we are not able to drink today, as friends, we are going to be long distance gaming. The idea behind long distance gaming podcast is we can’t always be together to play games, we can’t always be together to play Cabo, or werewolf or whatever the game may be. But sometimes we’re able to do it digitally. And although I’m not generally a digital board gamer, I’m not much of a gamer on computer systems at all. I do like playing games with my friends and hanging out and laughing and making fun of each other and setting rude and snide things. And so that’s why I brought Ali and Matt on. So they could both be mean to me. And in the meantime, Ali gold is the I believe her title is marketing manager for Boise game, she can correct me as soon as I learn. And Matt Ryan as the events coordinator for bezza games. And I may be saying the wrong title for him too. And he can correct me as soon as I let him on.

Matt Ryan 1:36
HM, manager, but event coordinator sounds cool, too.

Josh Hale 1:41
And as soon as I let him, come on, he can correct you and tell you that. And in the meantime, what we are going to be playing today is seven wonders we were going to play just two of us. And I realized as we started doing this, that it’s a three person game, and I was very daft. But that does happen. And you know, sometimes you want to play something and you realize, Oh, boy, I don’t have enough players. But in this instance, we had Matt, who happened to be there at the office with Ali and he said he would love to play a game with us. In fact, he was begging Ali really. So Ali, Matt, thanks for coming on. We always love seeing you guys. And today we’re going to play Seven Wonders because I forced you guys to play game with me. How are you guys doing?

Ally Gold 2:28
We’re doing good. Thanks for having us, Josh.

Matt Ryan 2:30
Good. We’re doing awesome, man.

Josh Hale 2:33
So if you haven’t seen Matt at a convention, he’s got this. Like longest hair. And he just he just looks like a nice guy. Don’t let that fool you. He’s, he’s you know, he’s a scary dude. Ali is about six foot three. And she just got married. And where do you guys get married that way?

Ally Gold 2:55
in Cabo actual.

Josh Hale 2:58
Not just like the game, it was almost like you planned it? Um,

Ally Gold 3:02
no. It’s funny, actually, when I got hired, and you’re making us go, that’s a weird coincidence. So we gave out Cabo to all our wedding guest.

Josh Hale 3:09
Oh, that’s cool. So I the first time I actually spent much time hanging out with Allie, we played Cabo at dice tower West and Las Vegas. And I fell in love with the game immediately. I hadn’t seen it when it was released two years ago, this was my first interaction with it. And I liked it. So well, I pretty much sent people to their booth the entire con, because I wanted them to sell out of it. It was awesome. And I think you guys did end up.

Ally Gold 3:36
Yeah, you’re a big part of that we did.

Matt Ryan 3:40
That. We really, really, we enjoy it. So it’s glad it’s glad this not just us, because we’re we’re always concerned, we’re bias. But it’s nice that everyone else is enjoying it as much as we are.

Josh Hale 3:53
It’s a ball. But in the meantime, whoever started this game has got to press the Go button so we can start playing in the game as well. Okay, don’t have that. So I’m either one of these guys, things happening. Yes, it’s starting up. So neither one of these guys have played Seven Wonders before, what we’re going to be doing is basically picking cards out of a deck of cards that we each have, and then passing the full deck. So the next person gets to play out of the same card. All three of us are playing. And I hate to tell you guys, but I’ve been extraordinarily lucky lately. Even though I’m not trying to win, I just can’t seem to lose. I hope one of you beat me. It would be fantastic. And so right now we’re all picking a card, and then we’re going to be passing our deck normally wouldn’t tell people what you’re doing. But I’m going to go ahead and tell people what I’m doing. I picked the marketplace. Now. We are waiting for Ali and Matt to play. And I don’t know what they did, but

Ally Gold 5:00
says Where do I drag it?

Josh Hale 5:03
Just drag it to the middle to the middle. Okay. Yeah. And in the meantime, we’re just going to be doing this back and forth the whole game. Now there is a timer on this game, sadly. So we can’t go as short as or as long as we might do while we were, you know, shooting the crap. But you can do whatever you want. Now, if it says it’s negative up there on the bottom left, that means it costs you coins to pick that particular thing. So you may want to think about that when you’re choosing because you only have so many coins that you can choose. Me, I’m just kind of continuing to go as Matt Nally, kind of figured out what they’re doing. And so basically, I’ve picked a couple resources. And I’ve picked a couple markets. And my assumption is one of them have picked brick, the other wood. And now we have looks like Matt has gotten one of the marketplaces. And Ali has, or and bricks. So Ali may want to think about getting something other than or because if she continues to get the same thing, she won’t be able to spend it on anything. So part of getting these cards is the idea of spending them to get better cards, both in the current round. And then the two consecutive rounds. Me Myself what I have purchased something that gets me cards for less due to the markets. And Matt has done roughly the same thing. And we just keep on plugging away at this. And it’s amazing, because if you play this game regularly at all, the biggest complaint about this game on the tabletop is how slow it can get. Because of the idea of analysis paralysis. You don’t really get that chance and the digital game. I mean, we’re we’re plugging away, we’re almost done with round one at this point in time. We need help I, I see that I’m trying to talk and help guys at the same time.

Ally Gold 7:10
I know like I’m trying to pick it up. So I can’t see where is my like Bank of money to work with?

Josh Hale 7:17
Your bank is right above your name, and it picked a card for you. I think

Ally Gold 7:22
so is it right above my name. So that’s, that’s mine. Okay,

Matt Ryan 7:27
so you should add to that number nine.

Ally Gold 7:30

Josh Hale 7:35
And so basically what you’re doing alley is you’re picking stuff to be able to spend it on other stuff, to be able to spend it on other stuff, all it is a chain reaction game. So being that you don’t know the cards, but half of what you can do is just kind of be playing with them to do whatever you’re going to do, what I would suggest, were, what might be helpful for listening is as you pick a card, just tell people what they are. At the end of around, you have military conflict. So both of you beat me in the military conflict because I didn’t focus on military at all. for your purposes, that means I have a negative victory point, or, and you guys do not. So now we’re into the next round. If you see a chain on the bottom left, that means that something you purchased in the first round allows you to chain for free that purchase of the card,

Matt Ryan 8:31
no need.

Josh Hale 8:44
So I’m continuing to get changed. And apparently I’m going to have a bunch of yellow at the end of this game, because that’s pretty much what I’ve been choosing every time. Ali has the card that allows or to get red cards for one last. And Matt has got, golly, what is that up there? couple different things. He’s got a bunch of military. So you know, I ought to be picking military, but I don’t have that capability right now. So I guess I’m just gonna Oh, that’s what I can do, maybe. Okay, so I burned a card in the middle where it’s the yellow stuff. If you burn enough cards in the middle, it gives you additional powers or victory points. And that’s what I did for that first.

I forgot all about the middle thing there. It’s been a long time since I’ve played this. We we’ve played the dual, which I know Matt’s familiar with. But I haven’t played the main version of this for golly, couple years probably. I like it real well. But it does go a whole lot faster in the digital version. So I presume you guys are going to be at Gen Con.

Ally Gold 10:15

Josh Hale 10:16
We’re excited. are you guys doing anything fun, exciting before Gen Con.

Ally Gold 10:22
Yeah, we actually will we are driving in Tuesday. So we’ll have a little bit of time before the con starts. And we’re posting a really cool event on Wednesday night. For reviewers and media to come out and get a sneak peek at silver before they you know have to hit the booth because it’s probably going to be crowded. Gen cons are first time that we’re going to have it for sale. So it’s a big deal. We’re looking forward to it. But at the pub across the street from the con will be having that. I think it starts at 730 correct me if I’m wrong on Wednesday,

Josh Hale 10:57

  1. And it’s being co hosted by 520 four labs, which is also very excited because they are bringing out their third MIT game, which will be MIT cooperative. And you guys just both got me on military again. You guys are beat me up on military?

Ally Gold 11:11
Well, it’s a good thing is I still don’t really know what I’m doing so

Unknown Speaker 11:15
well. That’s okay.

Josh Hale 11:17
In all fairness, that’s what you should be doing is beating me up. But now I’m going to by military, and at least you guys can’t beat me up. So much this round maybe. So this is the last round. We have just flown through this game. We are on the podcast about 12 minutes. And we have almost finished this game. I didn’t realize this thing played so fast digitally. It’s kind of cool, but it’s also really fast. Just fast.

Ally Gold 11:53
So do you play the AI version of this a lot?

Josh Hale 11:57
You know what I don’t I hardly played digital games apart from when I do a podcast with people. And not because I don’t like them. Just most the time I’m busy, right? So I just don’t get a chance as much as I’d like. But I love playing games. I mean, obviously, I just don’t get as much time as I otherwise would lie.

Ally Gold 12:21
We’ve been sucked into silver lately. We just launched the app this past weekend and we’ve had testing going on for months so we’ve been playing a boatload of that so we have not had time for anything else digital wise

Josh Hale 12:32
but I did play through silver a little games you guys once you sent me that email the AI on it has beat me up left and right. And you know I think I’m pretty good at it in real life that and Carla both they both have a similar feel

Unknown Speaker 12:49
really good karma.

Josh Hale 12:52
But the the downside to the digital one is I’m not as good at silver apparently as I think I am. It is really mean to me.

Ally Gold 13:03
A little help you practice. You gotta gear for next week when I kick your butt.

Matt Ryan 13:08
Oh, yeah.

Josh Hale 13:12
If you beat me up too bad, I may have to have a throwback and say, you know guys I’d really like to play Cabo.

Ally Gold 13:20
It’s funny there were

people that were like, Oh, just learned this at dice tower. But we gotta practice so we can be allies.

Josh Hale 13:31
That’s funny. That’s cool. I, I played Cabo to death. I still do. In fact, I ended up sleeping a deck because I’ve introduced it to so many people even after dice tower. Yeah, and I hardly ever sleep decks, but I’ve played it so much that I hate time with beat up.

Ally Gold 13:49
I know we had people at dice tower buying like four and six copies just so they could they were out a deck that have backups.

Josh Hale 13:56
Really? Yeah. Well, its price. It’s not price prohibitive to do that, right, compared to a lot of games.

Ally Gold 14:03
Well, there was one guy who he had known it from years ago. And he couldn’t find it anywhere since it went out of print. So he was so excited to see it again that he was just like, I’m just going to stock up.

Josh Hale 14:12
He was scared that it was gonna go out of print again. I’ll never see it again. Yeah. No, I like it. I like the artwork. Silver has a very distinct artwork on it as well.

Ally Gold 14:24
Yeah, we love the art on it. We’ve had a lot of compliments on that.

It’s like kind of pic sorry.

Josh Hale 14:34
Yeah, I could see that. Kind of like the almost actually now that you say pick sorry. It Oh, man. You guys end up with six power. Are you guys? Man, you guys. Okay, so they ended up just destroying me and

Matt Ryan 14:53
me Never

Ally Gold 14:55
the silent killer. And most games

Josh Hale 14:58
know that this was this was rough man. So I’m going to take a screenshot of this so people can see just how much you guys destroyed me because as much as you guys kept saying you didn’t know what you were doing. I now see that that was a ploy. Now you’re taking it easy on us because you feel bad being the host. I don’t feel bad. In fact, it’s it’s been a constant bone of contention lately. Every time I’ve hosted the DAG on podcast, I’ve been winning. And I don’t mean like a slightly winning I mean, winning decisively. And I feel bad because exactly that because I’m the host and you know, it’s like, golly, you know, I shouldn’t be doing that. So I ended up with 30 points. Ali ended up with 34 points and Matt end up with 42 points. He and I both ended up with pretty good points on blue. We both ended with 15 points on blue and Ellie end up with Bob kiss on blue. Two points. But they they both just destroyed me on military might. So his victory points for military was nine points. So that would have taken him down without military to 31. Now 33. And then I end up with negative six on that. So absent military, I would have maybe not lost, you know, I might have been this, you know, first loser rather than this, you know, second loser. But yeah, man, you just kind of destroyed us here.

Matt Ryan 16:27
Anytime you need to be brought down a peg, you let me know.

Josh Hale 16:31
I do appreciate that. I’ve been waiting for that for days, actually. And I said the alley. I’m really, really truly need to be brought down a peg. Do you think you could have met on the podcast? And she said, Well, he’s kind of busy. I mean, you guys started it by bringing me down peg before we even started the podcast that was too busy to even be on Well, it’s the week before

Ally Gold 16:50
Gen Con. He’s He’s busy getting all our stuff loaded up in the truck and getting everything put together.

Matt Ryan 16:56
We always do a mock up with the booth. And so we have it marked jump out in our warehouse.

Josh Hale 17:02
Oh, do you really? That’s cool.

Ally Gold 17:03
Yeah, it’s nice to do a dry run that way. When you get there. You’re not messing around too much. You just know where everything goes.

Josh Hale 17:09
What size booth? are you guys doing?

Ally Gold 17:11
There’ll be 20 by 30?

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Oh, wow, that’s a big,

Ally Gold 17:15
the largest us booth.

So no, it’s gonna be really good. We’re in for one, right? Yeah, five for one. And we’ve got a ton of cool things going on everybody. The first people to the tables each day actually will be able to buy silver for 10 bucks if they’re first at the demo tables each morning. With awesome exclusive playmates. We’ve only got like a handful, maybe 30 or so. So those are probably sell it pretty quick that go with the game.

Josh Hale 17:46
So the first booth, does that mean the very first people to demo it right? We’ll have five tables, I think,

Matt Ryan 17:52
five demo tables

Ally Gold 17:53
five demo table. So we’re going to fill each table each morning. So the first people to do a full game at the table. So you’re the first in the door, you can buy the game for $10. And then if you miss

the next man try again.

I’m sorry.

Josh Hale 18:10
I’ve tables and place for people.

Ally Gold 18:11
Right? So there’s 20 chances for each morning to be one of those people.

Josh Hale 18:17
Okay, so there you have it first, if you are one of those first 20, you at least have a chance at getting it for $10.

Ally Gold 18:23
And we’re only bringing like, I think 500 copies. So I think they’re going to go pretty, pretty quick.

Unknown Speaker 18:28

Josh Hale 18:30
Cool. Well, guys, thank you so much for being on here and bringing me down a peg I’ve really

Matt Ryan 18:34
timed when we got your bag if you if you want to give me around for my money at Cabo, you let me know, at Gen Con, I’ll be down.

Josh Hale 18:44
I will try to learn some other game. And I will try to do that in such a way that, you know, when I bring you on for the podcast next time that it’ll be a game you’ve never played nine, you know, at tournament level. And, you know, I won’t tell you that obviously, I’ll just bring you on and say you know, lol you into you know that that moment?

Matt Ryan 19:04
Okay, cool. Sounds good. Love New York slice at Fiverr comes out. We’ll give that one a shot.

Josh Hale 19:11
Are you? Are you telling us I see you right now matter?

Matt Ryan 19:15
That’s one of my favorite games. I wish there was an app for that one.

Josh Hale 19:20
I think I think that should be the next focus. I mean, I think we should push that.

Ally Gold 19:25
We’ve got our hands full right now. They’re still upgrading our suburbia app, they’re going to be influenced or in integrating all the new artwork from Collector’s Edition. So our developers have got their hands full with that right now.

Matt Ryan 19:36
If you haven’t checked it out recently, it’s got some really cool updates. Definitely jump on here. suburbia

Ally Gold 19:42
for sure integrates the whole new expansion of nightlife that’s a collector’s edition exclusive. So thanks to our backers, we were able to do that.

Josh Hale 19:53
Because it multiplayer,

Ally Gold 19:55
only pass and play. Otherwise, it’s just University AI.

Josh Hale 20:00
Cool. Well, guys, thank you so much for coming on. I as always appreciate your company and look forward to seeing you at DEF CON. Please, everybody go out and buy silver. For anybody that’s in the media, please friend me on Facebook. And I will invite you to the media event that busy a and 524 Labs are co sponsoring at the cladding on the 31st of July the last day of July for 2019. And you will get the first chance to see both silver and MIT cooperative. Thanks so much for coming.

Ally Gold 20:33
We’ll see you next week.

Matt Ryan 20:35
Bye, buddy. Bye, man.

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