Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – Ascension w/ Gil Hova

Ascension digital with Gil Hova winning

Gil Hova kindly destroys Josh in Ascnesion. The man is just that good!


Josh Hale 0:03
Welcome to the long distance gaming podcast brought to you by mobile gamers. Though our transcription will certainly tell you that we are evil gamers, I can assure you, that is not the case. Most of the time. We are brought to you by Odom publishing and 524 Labs. This is Josh Hale with mobile gamers and long distance gaming. We are talking to Gil Hova today of formal ferret games. And we are going to be playing the game that Gil suggested of ascension. And I have a feeling Gil’s gonna win today, because I have no idea how to play ascension, but he’s gonna try and teach me a little bit. So tell me about Ascension Gill and why you chose it.

Gil Hova 0:45
Hi Josh Hi, everyone. We’re going to play a sin. This is one of my go to iPhone games. And it has been as long as it’s been out, I’ve been playing this and every single expansion i i scarf up, you know, there’s a little quibbles I have about the good here and there. But overall, it’s one of the smoothest deck building games out there. And there’s so much variety of play. There’s a lot of really, really smart designed. So I’m going to show you essentially rock on. So I’ve not played

Josh Hale 1:13
it. So as a deck builder, obviously,

Gil Hova 1:17
can I, our listeners know what a deck builder is? Or should I go?

Josh Hale 1:21
I mean, feel free to tell them, there’s nothing that you know is going to hurt the feelings, I’m sure.

Gil Hova 1:25
Okay, so the basic idea behind a deck builders, everybody starts a personal deck of cards, and a lot of deck builders will deck of cards. And this one they’re kind of is but I’ll get to that in a second. The important thing is I have my own deck of cards, and Josh has his own at the start of the game. It’s 10 cards and total five of which start in our hand. And that’s also a standard deck bill. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to play cards, we’re going to use the cards to acquire new cards that are laid out in the table, those cards that we acquired, go into our personal discard pot, the cards we played, and the rest of the cards that are hand going up at some point, our draw deck runs out we reshuffle or discard pile allude to now the cards we just got, that becomes a new draw deck. So the idea of a deck builder and goes on our deck being stronger and stronger I’m in and hopefully

Josh Hale 2:08
so we’re drawing five cards, and are we going to be drawing more cards this round? Or are we effectively going to be looking at two rounds of draw before we start seeing the cards in the middle?

Gil Hova 2:19
Well, effectively, yes, in this version of the game, we’re effectively going to just have our first use of five cards, and then whatever we buy is going to appear until at earlier or third round. Again, with some of the ascension expansion that changed. But we’re playing just the vanilla base game, which I think at the gathering, I’m playing co t remember what but this is I haven’t played this version in maybe a year or two. So I might be a little bit rusty, it should come back home,

Josh Hale 2:47
I’m fine with you being rusty as I’ve never played.

Gil Hova 2:52
Okay, so to actually play. In this game, there are two different kinds of currency one is called runes, and the other is called hold power. So the rooms are going to come at first from your apprentice. And if you double click on our apprentice card, you’ll see at the bottom there is a big triangle with a plus one. That means when you play an apprentice, you get plus one room. And you’ll see there’s cards in the middle of the table that have a triangle on them, it will write with a number and that’s their cost in rooms. So in order to buy those cards, you have to spend that amount of room. If you click double click in a militia, there’s a red circle with a plus one that is power. And you’ll see cards in the central row with a red number, a red circle in the upper right and a number there. And that’s how much power they to defeat. So those cards in the central row with a red are called monsters. And they’re a little different in that you don’t put them in your deck instead defeat them, they give you a one time reward, which is listed on the card. For example, we have this card called smells trickster, which takes three power to defeat reward is that it gives you a V that’s anytime you see a number and a star, that’s a VP. And it also gives you a room that usually that makes sense so far.

Josh Hale 4:00
does make sense. So it’s your turn first crack. Yep.

Gil Hova 4:03
Okay, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to spend three apprentices and as you can spending them one by one, and now I can buy cards. Now it might be possible, there are six cards in the middle of the table. That’s called the portal row. And I can buy cards or defeat monsters out in the portal, or they have power as their costs. Now, it’s entirely possible that some that I won’t be able to afford anything in the the portal row, or maybe I’m just not, there are these fallback cards in the upper left hand corner. One is called a mystic. And that costs three rooms and its benefit when he plays it always gives you so it’s one of those that will help you with currency. And the other only costs two rooms is called a heavy infantry and it gives you the power. And that might seem like a better deal. And in a lot of ways it is to start the game of eight apprentice. So we start the game effectively with eight rooms, but only two militia and to power their deck. So we only start with our deck rooms in power, which means we can afford the five cost rooms if things come out. But we can we can’t defeat any monster more. So power getting power early in the game is good. But there is a card in the portal row that I am interested in. It’s this card that’s called a burger Mark three and it says on it that it’s a mechanic construct. And I want to point your 10 if you double click on the card and look in the bottom left, it’s got a three and a star in the bottom left. That means at the end of the game, this card is going to be worth three. It’s a pretty sweet card. So I’m going to take that card I’m going to drag it to my discard pile on the bottom right and you see a new card up here. It’s plays from the portal row. And now I’m going to play to malicious there’s nothing I can defeat in the center row with that. So there’s a card called a cultist in at the top and that’s just a straight if you have to power one cultist for one victory point, and you can do that as many times as you want. And if I wanted a did that I got a VP and I’m going to end my turn now and it is your turn. So you’re playing a militia, another militia so that gives you your to power which means you must have three apprentices left so that gives you the room

Josh Hale 6:05
so how do I get the I just have to defeat the cultist.

Gil Hova 6:08
Yep, drag it to the void. The Void is sort of the central discard pot. Okay, I

Josh Hale 6:13
didn’t see that. Very good. Okay, and

Gil Hova 6:16
so you just scored one VP by defeating the cultist a cultist should say, and now you’ll play the other and you’ll see you’ve got a choice there’s a card called temple librarian and the temple librarian has a power that you can discard a card discard the card you draw to either that or you can get a mystic who will give you two extra room

Josh Hale 6:36
one for the mystic very good I think and want the power. So where are you at go Where is home?

Gil Hova 6:42
I’m in Jersey City, which sounds like it’s very deep it’s actually right across the water from I’m effectively in the New York Central politics I usually tell people New York City because that gives them a much more accurate idea of where I live geographically even though I’m across the border I’m really not across the border by that far. I can get it to Manhattan a matter of like oh that’s sweet. So I go I’m I’m in Manhattan twice latest that’s where my plates in group meeting. Tribeca the very very southern Manhattan and in the fall I usually in Brooklyn, what do you teach? I teach a class happened called contemporary concepts and board game design. And I think it’s now going to be trends and the idea is I’m to have a literacy of you board game, or more recent games like this is stuff board game games get a lot of my students are learning how to make video games me well actually literate when it comes to digital or when it comes to board games they don’t really know much of aboard came past monopoly scrabbled Some types but actually NYU has a board game one to one club they will have played magic and all of the quote unquote but I’m going to teach them the next steps like I’m going to show them legacy games and the exit and fog of love you know I’m going to show more of the current edges of the board game we do a lot of freedom and peace the games you know these games that he’s doing that are sort of pushing the boundaries what game design so that when they sit down either sit down to design a board game sit down decided a digital game but want to add concepts of a game like aspire for a little more literate Freeman freezes the one that did Friday yes freedom and freezes big game is power grid is funk engine German, but he also did Friday and recently fast forward that don’t require because they extensive to how to play the game just by going for the card so that’s like fortune from stronghold correct? That’s, that’s a fruit. That’s one of the Fast Forward games. Yes, exactly. Um, some games accomplish this better than others. But overall, I think a brilliant brilliant concept. He’s one of my favorite designers and frankly an idol

Josh Hale 8:38
so you like obviously Ascension? That’s a deck building game. Yes, I’m familiar with what you’ve put out your seminal games probably the network’s high rise words he’s a fantastic word game and bad medicine my writers way a lot. Thank you. When are you when we’re gonna see Gil Hovis deck building game,

Gil Hova 8:57
when I come up with something that’s worth worthy of standing out? Like I don’t I personally, I’m not a fan of categorizing games by mechanism. I know why people do it. Because that when you play a game, you’re you since you’re effectively running the game, you’re arbitrary in the game, you become very innately familiar. Wayne Meccano, of course, has a deck built, but I don’t like to approach design by saying, okay, I want to make a deck because that’s a bit too much of it. And I feel like there won’t be enough for a hook be enough to say what makes them different than other games. I can’t say it’s a deck build that test it really narrow down a ton of deck build, it has to be the question of why. What makes this deck build from another tech bill. You might hear something in the background. That’s not a bomb that’s about to go off of I set my breadmakers start working at about Sam, it’s about 11th now so the bread maker if only smell this podcast smell this licious smell of freshly baked bread. I this podcast we not other podcast or some other podcaster you wouldn’t want to smell them. And

Josh Hale 9:56
in all fairness, if I was baking bread, it It might be something or to a bomb go off.

Gil Hova 10:01
I have a bread maker. So it makes it easy. All I have to do is measure and then hit a button and it does all the but anyway to get back to a deck building like you look at a game of for examples you nonprofit because your nonprofit here is probably my favorite deck bill, just because it does so different. And when he asked what does he not profit in terms of deck bill compared to other I can give you I can tell you a bunch of things like it does deck thing better than probably other deck builder does. It extracts the economy of cards and to token it’s a really phenomenal deck builder. And it’s just and I’m talking about these mechanical things, but the important thing is it’s a blast to play. Like every time you play it you find bring cards you exploit, I think it’s a tremendous,

Josh Hale 10:40
that’s always one of the issues I have well not just with deck builders, but with a lot of games is where you end up playing them. And there is a predominantly powerful way to play the game and that’s what the people who are familiar with it do every single time and and I lose my interest in those type of games really quickly on average, because it’s like I don’t want to play the same game every time I want I want a game to have difference each time I play it where you know, maybe this time I do something green and the next time I do something red apparently ultimately I can win either way. If If a game has you know the idea of these are the best ways to win it I get bored there’s a game I can think of and you know I’m not going to name anything but the idea is you can expand your your your spaces basically and I’ve got a friend who does it every single time he plays and the first thing I have to do in order to play with him this game is I have to take away that ability and that ruins the game for me I have to do the same thing every single time in order to play with him in a unique manner.

Gil Hova 11:54
Yeah, I think part of game development finding that like to do every song and I mean it It depends on the game if this is like a five to six a dexterity can sure you’re gonna be playing the same way every time. Is that safe? But if we’re talking like a 60 to 90 minute strategy game yes you want you don’t want people playing it want varied approach you want take different avenue to win. And that’s that is very, very important. That said one of my favorite Petersburg is a little bit of a semi game, you know, first time you played Oh, I might be able to win by workers or I might be a win by nobles or I made a win by building or I might be able to win by upgrades. Wow, there’s four different paths. But no, you really really need nobles to win the game. I mean, do other things. But if you don’t have nobles, a very hard and that that is one of the argument against this Burg, and it’s a good argument. I enjoy playing it, but I can I can see why it’s built off because they’re incentivized, I think in sick defense. It’s one of those games where you have to do everything. It’s like a gorilla. Gorilla. You have to do everything. The question is what order we do everything. Whereas in St. Petersburg, you don’t have to do everything but most importantly, your eyes off of the nobles like you have to running in terms of nobles. If your opponents have five nobles only have one you’re going to lose.

Josh Hale 13:06
Okay, so since you named a gorilla, then I’m gonna have to apparently name this game that I have played more than once I

Gil Hova 13:12
What am I play? I mentioned a gremlin Seders, bird because I think they’re both phenomenal game.

Josh Hale 13:16
And I know and the game that I’m talking about is a phenomenal game to that’s based off of curricula. It’s caviar and caviar and there’s a tile that allows you to expand your your, your cave basically. And every time every single time, man. And it’s just like such a frustration for me. Yeah, yeah.

Gil Hova 13:41
I only played cover know, once I put so much work into learning curricula, that every time in a curricula like game comes out. I feel like well, I just rather play a curricula because it’s time and getting half decent at that game. So uh, so I haven’t played a lot of cover and I haven’t played a lot of the have I’d rather just play a great not because I just that I feel like a curriculum. Anyway, it’s my turn in ascension. Right? It is it is. Ok. So I have five apprentice, I’m going to hit the play all button, I’m going to play them all. And I can afford this big mechanic construct. Now if you double click the mechanic construct, I want to show you a couple things about it. First off, it’s a construct. And the thing about a construct is it’s not a one time play, you play a construct and it will go in front of you for an indefinite period of time and give you a recurring power. There are monsters that you can beat that will quote unquote destroy your opponent’s construct, they go in your opponent’s discard pile, your opponent has to wait for them to cycle back out again. Um, but mechanic constructs are especially interesting because of like actually a click on the cards and click on the card all the way in the right the entire sales staff. That’s all the way in the right. This is a life down construct. And you’ll notice that it’s worth T and it costs four rooms. Now if you click the little left arrow and jump to the watchmakers alter, the mechanic construct, it’s five rooms, but it’s worth five. And this is a constant kids to scientists throughout. There are four factions of the game mechanic life, life bound, enlightened and void. And of those five caught five factions. Each card is split into those different factions and McKenna are based heavily in constructs and the really important thing mechanic constructs their victory points are always at amount of a that makes mechanic construct credibly powerful. And if you get a bunch of mechanic constructs you’re going to do well Now that said, You’re not guaranteed to win. If I get a bunch of mechanic constructs and you feed a bunch of monsters you might be but I’m getting a bunch of mechanic constructs a solid strategy. So I’m going to acquire this Walter watchmakers altar. I believe that’s my second. Yep, that is my second mechanic construct. And I’m going to click and turn Okay, so

Josh Hale 15:53
basically what we have up on the board as a template library and sales trickster, still we have a mistake of creation, which is a monster we have the druids of the stone circle, which

Gil Hova 16:04
wiped out hero by founder hero heroes a cartoon play once their quote unquote, traditional, you play them once and they go to your discard pot, we have the corrosive widow, which is the the corrosive widow is a card that destroys opponents. And that’s going to be one you’re going to want to play against me once I have my constructs. So

Josh Hale 16:21
and then we have the staff.

Gil Hova 16:24
Yep. And you could see the staff will give you one power every turn. It’s pretty nice.

Josh Hale 16:30
Yeah, I think that’s what I do in

Gil Hova 16:32
one room leftover. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to do with it. But and there’s no way you got changed the game. But still, I think that’s a solid mom. Any way you can get power in the game, like I jumped to the mechanic constructs. But the trade off that I made is I didn’t get early power. So this round, I can get early power. Now I’ve got a one room card, which is a life down in which gives me one V in one word. So I’m going to go ahead and get that but with gritted one thing later expansion, they have really compelling one room cards. The one room cards and the base game are not very good, frankly. So that leaves me a two rooms left over. I’m going to skip the temple librarian because I need power in my deck. So I’m going to get that and I’m going to end my turn. Okay, so you’re going to play your construct. You now have the sill staff which gives you one power every turn playing another militia that gets you to power defeated a cultist and now what

Josh Hale 17:24
you know I think I’m going to you’re playing

Gil Hova 17:26
your three rooms so do you want to mystic Yes, you’re getting enough think

Josh Hale 17:30
I’m getting a mystic because that’s going to give me more buying power?

Gil Hova 17:34
Yes. Now the thing about these factions as they all play, and then later expansion start Ken’s where they least start feeding off of each other, which is something that was our influence Star Realms, like one Star Realms came out. And you saw cards that only had an effect. If you had another card of the same faction that in hardback was by that I forget which accent essentially expansion had a phenomenal expansion they really integrated really well. So like for example, every time you play multiple lifetimes, unlock additional powers of them. enlightened heroes like seeing other enlightened heroes of their Mokoena heroes that play off the number of constructs you have. And boy does it looks like the phone’s ringing over there.

Josh Hale 18:14
Yep, I’m going to try and fix it.

Gil Hova 18:16
Okay, so avoid his interest because void is actually in the early expansions. And in fact, most of these void is the powerful faction, it gives you power which is good and it also gives you the power to banish cards from your deck was normally good, but the game is so quick that it takes a while for the notice the effects and it’s very East draw avoid card and have no cards to banish because generally, it tells you to banish out of your discard pot to draw the card to too late. Depending on how your draw jacket the void card can be useful in terms of the banish power get sorry, you can banish a card from the deck it’s extensively the deck fitting power but that power is underpowered compared to the other faction at least I found several other people spoken with as well. And it’s nice to especially the newest six really Boyd The cards are worth more and they’ve given them extra special banish powers and they’ve done some other calls with banishing void is now a compelling auction option two expansions that said I’m going to get avoid card I’m going to get this demon Slayer, which gets which gets me three power. So now I’ve got some power in my deck and I can start to see some monster you know, I don’t know quite how I feel about

Josh Hale 19:26
the these, you know, conversation about how the void is no good. And then you went to buy avoid monster. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Gil Hova 19:35
I wouldn’t say void is no good. But I would say void is underpowered relative to other like Generally, if your choice between a void hero and a mechanic I’m going to go with but it depends. It’s all situation there’s times when the void card is the right card. And just then that was one but I think to our previous conversation you don’t get it’s not as an agonizing I think later at later expansions. It is alright, so you played five rooms worth of heroes and agency cardi picked up?

Josh Hale 20:03
It was the light bound hero that allow me when it plays to pick a card for three or less.

Gil Hova 20:12
Yep, yep. So that’s a good way to start pulling in mystic with that life down hero and life bound heroes life down is really good faction, especially in the next few expansion, they really start going off of life. Alright, so now I think I’m at a point where I have I have for for this. I have four rooms and one power. There’s nothing I can do with one power. But I’m going to pick up that temple librarian. And I’m going to pick up that heavy infantry keep on working on power. So now your your construct keeps on going. There are now five monster in the center row. So now you’re going to pick up a hero and it’s going to go to the top of your deck, they may want to consider picking up a heavy infantry, just because there are so many monster into row that that may not be the best choice but it’s it’s not a bad choice. Heavy. And on the other hand, if you want to focus on runes, Well,

Josh Hale 21:01
I think what I’m going to do is I picked up the monster or the golly I forget the name of the right. Yeah, the hero.

Gil Hova 21:10
Now if you click on your discard pile on the bottom right, you can see the cards that it’s acquired. Okay, scroll to the right, I see.

Josh Hale 21:16
I picked up the void hero, which is the shade of the Black Watch. It gets me to power. Yep. And it allows me to banish a card in my hand or discard pile to start getting my deck.

Gil Hova 21:27
Yep, yep. And there’s still 56 v left in the end games triggered when all that’s gone. That might sound like a lot but it really starts accelerating. So you’re that that’s a really solid then I’m going to pick up the heavy infantry as you said,

Josh Hale 21:42
Yep. And then another one who times because now I can start sending my deck.

Gil Hova 21:46
Yep. And you can start going after monsters once those three cards get shuffled back into your draw deck. Right my life down is an issue that gives me a V and I’ve got four words saw I will too heavy hopefully can kick a lot of monster but Nick

Josh Hale 22:01

Gil Hova 22:02
so one thing I think Ascension does that, obviously dominion is a seminal games, I think an absolutely one of the big design victory in board games. But that said, you know, there’s it’s a first generation game and second unifying one of the issues I had with I know it’s an issue. It’s a characteristic that to me is a little clunky is you have a limited number of action, and essentially remove that. You can buy as many cards as you know, forward and play as many cards as you’d like. And that just feels a lot less fiddly. And I think it’s one of the reasons why the game he plays. So I purchased the mechanized night.

Josh Hale 22:36
Excellent. Yep. And then I defeated a cultist. Yep. And I also banished a apprentice and apprentice.

Gil Hova 22:46
Excellent. That is a solid. Okay, so I’m going to play my temple librarian, so I have to discard a card from and I’ll discard this apprentice. And now I’m going to draw to apprentice. Now I’m going to play my demon Slayer, and my heavy and another heavy, and that gives me seven power. So I’m going to defeat the earth, which let me draw two cards, I could do the corrosive widow instead, which would knock out one of your construct, this is actually a really good time to discard pile is empty, it’s going to take a while for that to cycle, I’m going to go ahead and do so. And then I’m going to defeat the tournament soul, which is going to get me another card. It’s an app as well. So I have three apprentice, and I’m going to go buy a mystic and the idea behind buying the mystic or is by the time that mystic goes my hand. A lot of these monsters feed it were my heroes could be able to now it’s back to you’ve unfortunately lost your construct. But we’ll come back to you at some. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Josh Hale 23:37
I mean, I want to be honest with

Gil Hova 23:38
Well, this sort of wouldn’t have helped you that much. I don’t think because you didn’t get any cards that I did not this is true.

Josh Hale 23:45
So I purchased and of course I threw it away before I told you what it was the arbiter of the precipice. It is draw two cards and banish another card. So yet another

Gil Hova 23:55
thing card. Yeah, avoid card, it’s a good card to kill risk. If you’re Yeah, the banishment strategy, because it might force you to banish a card, that’s where any card that you buy in the game, even mystics and heavy and so when you’re buying that you’re hoping that you’re going to draw an apprentice, but at this point in the game, especially, I think you only have one other banish coffee, good, but it is a really engine card. Alright, so I played all my cards, I have three power in the rooms. So not a whole lot I can I have four heavy in a deck. So I’m going to do by another mystic, that’s my second. If you click on the bottom left on your deck, you’ll see how many cards you have. And I try to monitor my balance of infant mystic and in general power to runes in my deck, just making sure that what I have is appropriate what’s out there. So it’s my turn and I’ll keep playing my turn. And as I do, I’m going to

Josh Hale 24:42
ask you a question. I’m curious. You just had high rise and on Kickstarter, how did that do?

Gil Hova 24:48
That was a very tense it hit the funding goal six hours before the end of the now I knew I was going to hit the funding goal but was still quite a terrifying experience. But I’m really really thankful that my backers and through the game looks absolutely at quantify Morris art is amazing. And I’m really really

Josh Hale 25:06
Yeah, he’s been doing a whole lot of really neat work the past Yeah,

Gil Hova 25:10
really. I’m very lucky to have and we’ve been wanting to work together for a while. All right, so you’ve gotten to four rooms and I am

Josh Hale 25:17
going to stake Yep, that’s exactly what and and that lets you banish a card. Oh, it vanishes from the deck not from mine. I’m assuming from

Gil Hova 25:25
your from your discard pile. Yes. So you can now banish and you’ve got some cards you to discard probably should be able to get rid of an apprentice or militia. And for people who are wondering about banishing, banishing an apprentice with thing, because those cards are fairly well so it’s a typical deck building trope it’s you start the game with a bunch of weak cards you add more powerful cards to your deck but if you can also fit out the weaker card your deck which are worth zero v so you’re not really getting rid of them you’ll increase the likelihood that you’ll draw them more power cards as you go on though you got rid of an apprentice see your deck is getting quite lean as you’ve gotten rid of a few cards that you should be getting to the more power cards At Jiffy I only got two free power so I’m not drawing my head like I’m so I’m going to get this wolf shaman well the deck that’s a lifetime that’s pretty nice and that it gives me a rune and lets me draw a card so it gets me you’ve got your reactor month which gives you a discount on construct and you’ve got a tablet I believe the tablet let’s see I’m taking extra

Josh Hale 26:19
that if that if I’m not mistaken you are not mistaken sir.

Gil Hova 26:23
Under a can we owe you banish the construct? Yeah. So as long as I don’t destroy it so you can banish it so of course the later The longer you wait to banish it to get the return. The higher the more powerful it’s going to be all right I’m going to play my temple library and get rid of the print is a little worried this game now that I think your banish at quite effective. Let’s see I’ve got a Riddick lichen through which lets me get rooms and possibly power can dovetail off of other like that, or core, the pharaoh Mansour, which lets me gain to power. And lets me draw card f5 tour construct that fits with my game a little better support then my turn. I think you have a bit of an advantage right now. Even though I’m leading, I’m leading 12 to 11 if you’ve got the stronger deck, right, but hopefully I can start to see some monster so playing

Josh Hale 27:09
means to play it from my hand. Yes, yep, yep, for the room look like and throw up. I don’t have anything I can play to get that to make it work.

Gil Hova 27:21
Well, it’ll come into your hand, but the verdict like and throat effectively it’s a mystic with a special power. So instead of getting a mystic you should always get the Riddick like and because why not. That said if you have other life down cards in your deck, it can be both a mystic and a heavy in one card, just quite nine minute try. And then it allows me

Josh Hale 27:42
that’s going to go in your discard pot. Right, right, right, I’m going to take the tormented soul that’ll let you draw a new card that allows me to draw a new card and now I have a nother heavy inch. And that squeezes out another right is also going to allow me to on the cards that allow me to send my deck and allow me to get rid of something else.

Gil Hova 28:02
For me one reason why I’m not doing so well as I’m going with mechanic construct strategy, but we hate a lot of mechanic I think that’s wasn’t why that’s Um, so I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to pick up when tyrant, there is a mechanic construct the hadron link device in which all constructs mechanical. Now notice, there’s a little for my room display, I have eight rooms and then I’ve got a little one room next to it What that means is I the mechanic construct that gives me an extra room but only for buying other mechanic when I buy this Hedren link device. I’m going to have two left, which lets me get another.

Josh Hale 28:35
Yeah, that was kind of an ugly turn for for me particularly. So this turn, I can’t do a whole lot. This is not you’re going to get either a mystic or heavy and green Some turn to be like that one. I think I’m going to take the mystic because I’ve been been thinning my apprentices out.

Gil Hova 28:51
Yeah, you need rooms in your deck to replace the RID OF

Josh Hale 28:54
so just a question. Is this a good point in time because this hand was so poor, to go ahead and use the manage the construct to take an additional turn?

Gil Hova 29:05
That is an excellent question. I mean, that’s it. That’s that’s the whole question. Now, it’s still we’re, I’d say a little past halfway in the game, it depends on how powerful your next hand is. Do you think you can get five power in unity one of the sea tyrants he could get can get six power to I’m sorry, six rooms to get one of these high profile heroes? Or do you want to wait until there’s a really powerful monster or a really powerful mechanic construct total row and then play it? These are all like, that’s the question of the game. That’s one of those questions. It’s not cut and dry.

Josh Hale 29:35
Well, you know, since we’re doing a podcast here, I think I’m going to do the most exciting thing possible, which is you know, go go crazy. So

Gil Hova 29:42
I’m going to go ahead and get a vantage notice when you banish it, that card is worth I believe to victory points. So what you’re banking on is you’re going to get at least that’s the hope so that’s a good start, you’ve got a shade of the Black Watch. So you’ve got some mental power, you’ve got a drew to get one of these heroes, we’re less now

Josh Hale 29:59
they’re seated on Twitter, see tyrants as we gain five victory points.

Gil Hova 30:03
And I have to constructs and I will have to go down to one comment, that’s a

Josh Hale 30:07
shame for you.

Gil Hova 30:09
OK, so now I will get rid of one of my I can one and play I’m going to get the watch make I’m going to get rid of the borrower it’s got to you but you noticed you you’ll notice got rid of it at the best possible time which is one of my discard pilots. And that’s the maximum amount of time it’s going to take for this to cycle back into my deck. There’s only one monster left so I’m going to spike and then

Josh Hale 30:29
so that was completely accidental that I did it when you hadn’t

Gil Hova 30:33
Yeah, but I’m just pointing out that the timing was very for laying a heavy and be a reactor and now you’re paying the arbiter rid of one of the remaining your hand them apprentice they got rid of few other cards and they got power now the defeating there’s another seat tyrant but it’s not going to anything other than p but it’s still five five power five beats very nice and that’s also for now the last monster in the portal row portal row so we’re not guaranteed another monster enough it wasn’t a fourth path these remaining things are not great this is another subtle thing about playing Ascension well it’s understanding that you know all the cards everything trends towards the average so if there’s a good card in the deck good card of the portal road you get rid of it it likely based by a by a worst card there’s a bad card in the portal road you get rid of likely based by a better getting rid of cards either by banishing that a row or by acquiring them tends to be a positive in a couple of ways and that it’s a zero something I can’t get to them so that’s always a good thing. Fortunately there was a mistake of creations there’s another monster that pottery happy about that because now I can defeat it and claws some points back and that’ll let me banish a card in row so I’m going to banish corrosive widow because I don’t want and then I’m going to banish my deck and then we’re going to get another mechanic on so this is a rocket on that one I will get the heart and then I’m done and you’ve got three heavy envelopes seven power but unfortunately no monster will row so now when you get a get cards you may want to contain it initiate at a Mr. Johnny adding you’re a deck because the portal rose now do mainly I’m monsters came out but a lot of times it’s very swinging when the monster is all go out. Like as in the monster is all good, then you do not have many you were able to beat that last month. So all right now what was what was it gets rid of one of my construct so my watchmakers Alter Ego Bye bye, but it did its work I’m pretty happy with incidentally there are 11 v left in them. I’m not sure I might be able to seek it out on mechanical did a lot of my but I’m only three behind you. The fact that you knocked out one of my constructs means that my fellow man cannot draw a new card. So that was OK, so now that there’s only 11 v left, I’m not going to take like I have the option of taking the cars from the turbo. I worry if I do that I make things better. So I’m just take a habit cultist and hopefully let you uncover better.

Josh Hale 32:49
I don’t know how I feel about that. So there’s only one thing in the middle row that gives me victory point.

Gil Hova 32:54
Well, everything is going to give you Histon the number in the bottom left so oh so the flytrap which you get it when you pull the card, when you play the card and at the end of the game, you’re going to total up all the points of cards you get generally every board card is worth one v but mechanic constructs break that that used to round down but in later I realized that rounding up was more interest so a lot more cards round up in the end in the newest expansion void are generally worth just one v fewer than the amount of rooms you paid for which I think are designed to some much right Go Go temple librarian or once you’re done with it, can you hit enter? Sure there we go. Okay, now I could buy librarian now I’ve got a power I’m so again I don’t want things up for the snap Dre but his point of the game gets Oh gets me a life that it’s not worth possibly a big monster This is another emergent play pattern that emerges in the game that they would later expansion right now for him it’s better to get missed and heavy and not pick up something in the center row that’s suboptimal in the game so I think that’s why they rounded up the EP rewards of cards later on so that you are incentivize told cards from Turbo Okay, so I banished another print

Josh Hale 34:05
but obviously at the end of the game it’s diminishing right but if it was about one of the only things I could do yep Golly. There’s not a whole lot I can do here.

Gil Hova 34:14
Yep, yep the the cards in the middle row are p bad blame you. And again, this isn’t Okay, so you got a temple library and he got robbed and that’s not great either. Yeah, yeah. Again VP wise because you’re probably not going to play it see when you’ve got it and they got room for the fourth path when a crummy

Josh Hale 34:29
I’m quite content with that. In fact,

Gil Hova 34:32
all right, I played by watch makes altar and now minute and back to to start a card you’re playing a template that a lot of the arts like the new art, the old Template Library in a much, much cooler art. This one should leverage at the library and they’re both women and who’s like showing a lot of but paint behind a dress it feels I don’t know why they made that art. It’s an art critic. And at number one, you should have women in the art in your there just to show cushion butts, you know, they Okay, we are now out of P and the Wii. And that’s the end of the game. And I won by four points.

Josh Hale 35:04
I don’t know how I feel about that go.

Gil Hova 35:06
Well, I What happened was I was able to focus on those mechanics and I got just enough to put me over the edge and I had drawn link was what did it for had that not come out? I think we’ve been tied and the tiebreaker is the player last.

Josh Hale 35:19
So I think I I like this game, you know, and obviously, it’s the first time I’ve played it. But it’s, it’s one of those things that I think just like most deck builders, you’re going to have an advantage, the more you play it. You know, and you can say that about almost any sort of game. But I, I always liked the sort of games that you can have a chance to win, even when it’s your very first time. And I think this is not too far off from that. Actually, we have four points different. And I think, had you not gotten that hadron McKenna. I think there was a possibility of tying or even winning on my end, and about a third of the game. I had no idea what I was doing.

Gil Hova 36:03
Yep, yep. Yeah, you played very, very well. I think it’s a great game. I think things really add a lot to I think the later the expansions be hit or miss. Some of them are wonderful. Some of them and I’m like, I don’t know. Sure.

Josh Hale 36:16
And when I loaded the game up, it seems like there’s like 16 expansions is

Gil Hova 36:20
coming. Well, there’s a bunch of promo expansion. I’m not as crazy about those because they put like the real peak rain game breaking my favorites, I think, rally up. So we’ve immortal Heroes is the one that added energy. That’s a really good Rise of the Fallen storm of souls at events, which are pretty cool. Are you that one is the one that’s the one that’s influenced by Star Realms think that’s a very, very smart with it takes the Star Realms influence and really implement such a wonderful dreamscapes. Excellent because that one adds a personal hand, of course that you can buy with a totally different. And then I think geo teach, I don’t remember what that stands for. That’s the expansion just before the most recent one, you make sure it’s the one I’m thinking of. Yep, that’s the one I’m thinking of. It reinforces events, but it also has some really smart distills banishing, I think it’s much better than in. And it’s got really good card synergies and really good card valuation. I think it’s one of my favorites.

Josh Hale 37:27
So the the idea behind what we’re doing here long distance gaming, obviously, is you’re in New Jersey, more or less New York, I’m in Ohio. And you know, although we might sit at a convention and may be able to play a game, a lot of times we’re on globe, and I think it’s kind of fun to be able to play something that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to absent the idea of all these digital games that are coming out. So I agree, we started doing this. So we could basically show people that just because your buddy from college, your buddy from wherever, you can still play games with them, despite the fact that life moves on and you’re in different parts of the world, you know, Ohio and Timbuktu or Ohio and New Jersey, it doesn’t matter. So long as both of you are willing to make a little bit of effort. You can still game with your buddies. Yeah, yeah. So Gil, I appreciate you coming in and beating the snot out of me. Barely. And

Gil Hova 38:23
I was a four point victory. It

Josh Hale 38:25
wasn’t really a squeak, though. I mean, it was slightly more than a squeak win. But I think that was a lot to do with experience. And you know, I’m okay with that. And maybe next time we have you on we’ll play something that you know, you’ve not played before. That would be fun.

Gil Hova 38:40
Yeah, four points is a pretty narrow margin. I did quite well.

Josh Hale 38:43
I’m quite content with it then. Thanks for coming on. Go.

Gil Hova 38:47
Thank you. Have a good day. You too.

Josh Hale 38:50
Long Distance gaming has been brought to you by open publishing 524 lambs and the letter Q. If you have succeeded and getting all the way to the end of this podcast Winner, winner chicken dinner Rama Lama, ding dong.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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