PODCAST – Long Distance Gaming – Burger Up! w/ Seppy Yoon

Seppy Yoon chooses to teach Josh that if you can’t stand the heat, you should stay out of the kitchen. Josh refuses to listen, as usual.

Josh Hale 0:00
Welcome everybody to the mobile gamers long distance gaming podcast today I have with me CPU. This is the third time as the try podcast today because we can’t seem to get anything technical going for us. It is now 3:32am. And as we record this podcast, and this is the fourth time I’ve said that joke it has not gotten any funnier. So what we are going to be playing today is burger up Sepi decided that he really likes hamburgers and the middle of the night. And what we’re going to be doing is making some hamburgers. This is a game brought to us by Greenbrier games, we are playing it on table topia, the idea of what you’re listening to do today is we play games digitally. Although neither one of us are particularly big digital board gamers. What we do like is spending a little bit of time hanging out and harassing each other. So thanks so much for coming on, savvy. Thanks so much for bearing with all of our technical difficulties.

Seppy Yoon 0:59
It’s all good.

Josh. I’m

Josh Hale 1:02
happy to be here. So you have in the background set up a speaker. Do you have headphones there? Maybe?

Seppy Yoon 1:09
No, no, that’s just probably my husband walking in and out of my office.

Yeah, I hadn’t warned him but you know, married life is about warning people and being ignored. You know, it wasn’t really

Josh Hale 1:27
should be doing at 332 in the morning sleeping.

Seppy Yoon 1:31
No, no, no one sleeps games to be made. displayed. We live replay. Absolutely. So

Josh Hale 1:40
caffeine to be drank. And so I have four cards my hand have already drawn up to the hand limit. Have you done that as well?

Seppy Yoon 1:48
Yes, this is over here, you can see my cards I’ll face up because I could look at them in a way that was was meaningful.

Josh Hale 1:55
Okay, so if you pull them all the way back to yourself, like almost to the boundary your screen, you’ll actually get a hand.

Unknown Speaker 2:03

Unknown Speaker 2:05
then if you

Josh Hale 2:08
press the spacebar, you’ll get to see it big.

Seppy Yoon 2:12
When you’re hovering. See, that would have been good in your tutorial we before we started

Josh Hale 2:18
OEU you know, in all fairness, I really wanted to see how you would do with as little help as possible Saturday, because I know that you are a capable person.

Seppy Yoon 2:31
You have not been paying attention.

But now in this view, you can’t rotate a

I’m just gonna play open face

Josh, so everybody can always see what I’m doing. Pretty good. I

Josh Hale 2:45
don’t want to see it. I don’t need a handicap. Oh, yeah. Now I’m going to now I’m going to mess with your brain mentally. And I think I’m gonna put my cards right beside yours. In fact, don’t

Seppy Yoon 2:53
do that.

Amy is serious. This is serious enterprise. It is it is. It is a serious enterprise. Okay, so I’m working on my turn.

You better I be doing the thing because I’m already ready to crush it.

Josh Hale 3:09
I had to change our tokens because I have the blue hand. So I give you the red token person. preacher man, I’m a son of a preacher. preacher. He did some, you know exciting things in the 70s. But in terms of preaching not too much. So let’s see here. We can put up to three cards. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 3:38
And Jordan do your thing. Are you doing anything? What are you doing here? I’m working on stuff. I’m working on stuff.

Seppy Yoon 3:48
I’m looking to see what kind of burger I might be able to build.

Who has spicy male? Or Oregon? Oh,

Josh Hale 3:58
spicy. Boring. Ghana.

Seppy Yoon 4:03
It’s a it’s an old Simpsons joke. Josh You’re too young to get my references. That’s fine.

Josh Hale 4:08
That’s fine. In all fairness, FE I do think I am your elder.

Seppy Yoon 4:12
I that is absolutely not true. We I did this math.

Yes. I saw Star Wars in the theater the first time and then you said something about Josh our bank so that I immediately ended the conversation. Do you now remember that?

Josh Hale 4:28
I do remember? Yeah. Being a little less than ya know a second nice to you on a conversation. Would you do this to me?

Seppy Yoon 4:41
It’s awful. Okay, here we go. It is this What’s happening?

Josh Hale 4:44
Yeah, I’m waking up to you. I’m gonna start my burger on cast is up to sappy you

Seppy Yoon 4:51
go No, I don’t know. We’re just

gonna play a couple of turns, I think.

Alright, so Berger up at my radar because I have an entire line of games if people aren’t familiar fighting a bias games, your entire life line of games, which are these 3.5 inch cards. So our second one, the first one we just self published a squirt. And our second one just hit Kickstarter on September 17 for a flash Kickstarter,

which is the hedgehog hop. And that’s

Josh Hale 5:30
the 27th. Right?

Seppy Yoon 5:34
We funded in seven hours. We’re really proud of the top.

It’s very exciting. And then we have our third we started working on our third one for next year’s fall Kickstarter. I’m going to take my three cards. Oh no, I How did I grab to them? What? Oh, now I

Josh Hale 5:52
have more than one. Yeah, like what am I doing? The entire deck of cards is like wobbly up here. It’s a tower of wobbly cards.

Seppy Yoon 6:00
Alright, it’s your turn. I think I didn’t buy any ingredients. I couldn’t finish any burgers. Okay, so I’m going to get a veggie Patty. explain

the rules to people.

Josh Hale 6:11
If they want to look up the rules, they can be anything and they can go to, you know, the same websites we had to go to?

Seppy Yoon 6:20
Sure. I like people being interested in what’s going on.

Josh Hale 6:24
Oh, yeah, I know. I’m absolutely positive.

Seppy Yoon 6:27
You just did you just cheat? Did you throw that coin in because you bought an ingredient? Right now? Oh my gosh. It’s gonna

Josh Hale 6:35
be that kind of game. Yeah, exactly. That was my question. game. So basically, what I did is I put down a veggie burger because I, I am cognizant of all of our vegan listeners. And I put lettuce on that. And then I used fake real cheddar cheese because it’s vegan cheddar cheese. And I’m thinking did the right thing. I’m thinking IOOI I cheated myself even on that. So if you do a card, and the coins are showing on the end, you’re going to get bonus coins on top of how many ingredients you have. And I think I just cheated myself. So I need to draw back up to four. Right?

Seppy Yoon 7:20
You had to complete that burger to get the point is a perfect ingredient.

Josh Hale 7:23
What’s a perfect ingredient? The ones with

Seppy Yoon 7:25
the coin on it. That’s the game phrase. It isn’t. Yeah. So you got it. You got to finish that burger. I’m very sad that you’re going to finish that burger. I better work on something else.

Josh Hale 7:38
Okay, you’re doing good. That is what’s going on here. So

Unknown Speaker 7:43
yeah, I

Josh Hale 7:44
I have in my possession and I need to sit down with it. Your what’s it called hedgehog hop,

Seppy Yoon 7:51
the hedgehog.

Josh Hale 7:54
So Sepi has made a couple games, one of which was that I looked at earlier that here with processing

Seppy Yoon 8:01
on the process itself shot.

Josh Hale 8:03
So processing is obviously a game about food processing. And it’s what’s for dinner is what I’ve heard. And so basically this game is just like, you know, that’s it food processing. There’s nothing different about what you’re processing. It’s just standard food. Is that correct?

Seppy Yoon 8:25
No, absolutely not. Josh, it’s like you you’ve never even like looked at any of the games I’ve written.

Josh Hale 8:35
as well.

Seppy Yoon 8:36
Yeah, processing aliens have conquered the planet. They’ve enslaved us all. And

using the power of horrible democracy, you have to figure out who gets turned into me, who gets probed for science and who gets free to live in the alien


Unknown Speaker 8:50
What did they get for

Unknown Speaker 8:52
that for science?

Unknown Speaker 8:54
First science. There we go.

Josh Hale 9:00
Obviously, you do get probe for science, you know, because that’s a thing. And so played that game a little bit earlier this year. And that is a you know, I mean, you know, I I got nothing more you know, Donner Party seven. So that is one of these games. Another game that he had was end of the line. This is obviously a game about processing food and being at the end of the line. That just you know, boring place to be I only write I only write games from my life Josh and end of the line is post apocalyptic family survival.

Seppy Yoon 9:44
Uh, if you’re old enough, no, The Brady Bunch is it’s like taking the Brady Bunch and sending them to Thunderdome

sapien sapien sapien Yeah, you’re good.

You’re gonna cover the walls and nothing but Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Very good.

It’s my turn. I should be playing a game. I was like, I’m like, What is going on? I can put another meat on top of this meat. You can’t put a meat on top of it. Can you? Yeah, okay. It’s green. Oh, no, it’s right. I didn’t have ours. It’s this way. This one and we’re going to do chicken. And then this one says

Josh Hale 10:22
to additional ingredients.

Seppy Yoon 10:24
I like that and on top of that, and now it wants. I need a third ingredient to get this done. So I’m going to cheat a little bit.

Josh Hale 10:36
Chicken beef together. That’s sacrilege. It’s Sacra

Seppy Yoon 10:39
delicious is what it is. And then I’m going to steal this ingredient. And I’m cheating a little bit. I understand that. Oh, no, I can’t do that. dinette. Nevermind I’m taking my Coinbase

Josh Hale 10:54
so squirrel or die in case people haven’t played it is just a game about you know, squirrel trying to get enough?

Seppy Yoon 11:02
No, no, that is incorrect.

It is absolutely incorrect.

Josh Hale 11:06
And I’m on batting zero for three

Seppy Yoon 11:09
you are you’re you’re betting zero for three. Ah, it is whether or not you have the mental resources to survive winter as a squirrel in the world’s most dangerous backyard. It’s another fabulous filler game $10 a large format three, three and a half inch cards.

It said you went offline Josh? Are you there?

I’m here. woman says you’re no longer playing the KN

Josh Hale 11:38
here. This is what we were talking about before with latency, I will make sure to delete this. Or I’ll make sure to leave it in just for the entertainment value of our podcasts.

Seppy Yoon 11:49
Okay, podcast citizens. Okay, making a terrible Berg. Should I continue?

Josh Hale 11:54
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. You should continue no matter what the show must go on. In my

Seppy Yoon 11:59
gonna rotate my ingredients. This is an experience for me for as far as using this.

Josh Hale 12:08
I like it. Who? Who builds out these games? And this? Is it fan base. It’s the publishers themselves for I think it depends on the game. I think some of them are done fan base. I think some of them are done with digital companies that that’s what they do. And I think a lot of them are done with public folders that a lot of time on this. I’m done with my turn. I have failed. Thanks a lot. It’s creative burger, you know, kind of set stuff up. It’s definitely a whole lot of effort and mine just bust out again. So I may keep buzzing out for whatever reason here sapien if I do, you know, I do care about you and I haven’t left.

Seppy Yoon 12:50
Like good. Your lies will get you really far with me. It’s amazing. I do try to be you know,

Josh Hale 12:57
kind of neutral. So I turned is that what’s going on here? You Yeah, yeah. Okay, very good.

Seppy Yoon 13:03
I really want to get these peppers onto this thing. So I like to build this and need to go teach you

Josh Hale 13:10
tower larger. So what was this? Man? I don’t have enough. I guess I could do this and rotate it. And now I had our

Seppy Yoon 13:23
you could probably make that that veggie burger happen. Right? You have to sell it a gradients on it. No, you don’t. But I can do a

Josh Hale 13:35
Oh, I’m reading all these things wrong. This is horrible. I can’t do anything.

Seppy Yoon 13:39
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. You know, it’s like, I’ve never played this game.

We’re destroying this perfectly lovely and enjoyable like game of 30 minutes of building a

Josh Hale 13:52
burger. We are the only people in the world that could play a 30 minute game and just under three hours.

Seppy Yoon 13:59
Yeah, it’s a it’s definitely a thing.

Yeah, this I really wanted to add. And I really wanted to add this peppers to this.

Hold up.

The husband unit is now working in the kitchen. Yeah, yeah.

Josh Hale 14:20

I can’t do anything, man.

Seppy Yoon 14:31
How do you ever finish? You start working on a second burger? Yeah, but I can’t because the ones have any ingredients that are helpful.

Now you just start stacking it up and hopefully eventually one of us will be able to finish a burger.

Maybe we should just play first person. burger. I know. I see it. I see it.

Josh Hale 14:50
Okay, now I am able to do the

Seppy Yoon 14:53
Yeah, now add the pickles to Did you add three great ingredients to it?

I don’t know. You got flipped that one over. There you go. That’s

all right. Now

you can finish that order.

Josh Hale 15:07
Rock on so I have a burger. Did you follow the rules to salads? no meat. tower larger. I think I’m good. No, don’t have it. 123456 No, I didn’t. I’m still cheating.

Seppy Yoon 15:23
is a tower a larger? How many’s? Oh 779. So you have to get another you have by this extra veggie Patty. You can do it. Yeah,

Josh Hale 15:33
I can do that right now. And

Seppy Yoon 15:35
you’re supposed to do the beginning your turn. That is officially cheating. All this is Asterix for the entire game. I’ll take this one. And then I get to the point. I don’t accept the asteroid.

Josh Hale 15:50
I’m not Jackie Robinson. This is not baseball. But

Seppy Yoon 15:56
ok. And you get five bucks for finishing a tower.

Josh Hale 15:59
Five for tower

Seppy Yoon 16:01
tower. Man that is a scoop all those up and put them in the discard.

Josh Hale 16:08
Does the actual game have a baggie discard? That would be really nice. Now let’s bring in the digital game. There’s a bag that discards that’s a Santa Claus bag because it obviously has more space than what it looks like on the outside. It’s either Santa Claus or Doctor Who.

Seppy Yoon 16:27
Oh, wait a second. Did you just finish that last burger without putting a bun on top? No did not have been fitted?

Yeah, right here. I took it Look.

It’s empty right now. No, no, that’s the order completion.

Any have been on top two, I think. No, that is the top on.

Look at the picture on it. I think that’s the order. I think you have to play a tablet. Let’s flip over some of these cards and see if we’re right.

Josh Hale 16:57
See if you’re right I’m pretty confident. That’s it. Is the top five All right.

Seppy Yoon 17:03
I’ll stop cheating them. Oh, these these are your cards anyway.

Unknown Speaker 17:07

Josh Hale 17:09
This is working out very well for you. Long Distance gaming pod.

Seppy Yoon 17:18
All right. Thanks for having me on.

This is your as opposed to teach me a game today. You totally baited and switched. You made it sell. You’re like oh, by the way, the game that I promised to teach you. I taught somebody else now can you embarrass yourself by teaching me a game badly? I know you’ve never used the software before and then you’re older than dirt.

Josh Hale 17:44
And in all fairness, the bait and switch worked really well. I’m just saying

Seppy Yoon 17:51
I’m not comfortable with anything that you have got going on.

Unknown Speaker 17:56

Josh Hale 17:57
I got enough.

Seppy Yoon 17:59
Three different sauces to Can I get three different sauces on a burger? Oh, that’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 18:04
That’s so saucy. Do I have any sauces on a burger yet? I can’t do that one. So what beyond the hedgehog game? what’s what’s going on with you? I mean you going in and cons and soon?

Seppy Yoon 18:19
Let’s see the the con schedule coming up. Game whole con in Madison.

I am a superfan I’m excited that we get to go back Have you been to game whole con Josh? I have not that’s one that I’ve not made it so game all gun. I’m all the special guests have to run their own game. So it is absolutely enchanting to see Steve Jackson running groups himself. That’s fun. Yeah, no, absolutely. So everybody in role playing it is a huge role playing con. For people who love the sort of the history in the old school knows and then all the way to the the current role playing games. It’s about 4000 people, alum I would highly recommend game whole con to people. So I go and hang out and obviously the board game area and say Hey, will you have pity on me I make board games which was so that’s what I do the entire convention. But if I was going to go to a convention just for convention sake, the two conventions that I would definitely probably single out for completely different reasons are a depth of con and a and a game whole con as far as larger cons go. My favorite. Tiny con is Captain con in Warwick, Rhode Island. If you’ve never been to that one that one is, it’s just fantastic. It’s my favorite little con. You know, I have a friend here in Ohio that every year, he goes to a con called the corn on the cob

Josh Hale 19:58
con on the Cobb and I just like the name. I think that’s like the most delicious name of any con that I know. I really, really enjoy that. And so you know, that’s just going to be a thing. And I really enjoyed listening to him talk about the common the cob, more than anything because I like how often I can get him to say the word corn on the cob. So I like that one. I of course, like origins and I you know, I know that’s not a small con anymore.

Seppy Yoon 20:38
No, no 10 day. Well, it was a 15,000 people this year, I think it was 3 million.

I I’m a huge fan as far as huge cards go. Origins is my favorite.

Josh Hale 20:50
Right? I mean, yeah, you actually have time to talk to people want to enjoy their company. And you know, God forbid, you might actually be able to play it game. So you are reloading your hand right now. Is that correct?

Seppy Yoon 21:05
Yes, it’s your turn.

Josh Hale 21:06
Okay. And I’m going to take a turn I think. And I’m going to do

Seppy Yoon 21:11
is this do people get to? Is this like twitch streaming? Do people get to see what we how we played the game? That’s kind of kind of the fun of this is? Oh, that’s awful. We should be talking about what’s going on Josh? You know,

Josh Hale 21:23
I normally I would but you know, I’ve been so enchanted by your conversation here.

Seppy Yoon 21:28
That Oh my God, we should have played something super boring than that. I don’t know. Actually, an old guys would appreciate it. You know, you get it done. Yes, we could have just played chess Josh. And we’re going to talk

Josh Hale 21:41
we’re actually playing here is rummy cube, we’re not playing burger up. For us, and I’m sorry, you know, for all the people that wanted to hear us play burger up. But rummy cube just sounded so good. That we are. That’s just the thing. That’s what we’re doing.

Seppy Yoon 22:04
Absolutely. What is the end condition for this game? Is it when you make a second burger? Because it’s going to seem like it’s when you make a second burger? I think it’s a


Josh Hale 22:12
Yes. Let me look it up on the handy dandy.

Seppy Yoon 22:19
So um, yeah, for us.

These small size games is a really good fit, because our number one client is actually your favorite local game store or your friendly local game store, depending on you know, how you want to spin the wheel. A lot of games are made here in Minneapolis, just that, you know, like leader games is up here. Chip theory is up here. Fantasy Flight is up here. Since they’re now part of as mo DZ. Man is up here Atlas is up here. Adam’s apples games is up here, prolific is up here, all these people are up here

in the Twin Cities, so

it’s often a thing that you don’t even get to play all the games of people that you love Coco, let alone games that might be in the space that that people who buy games from you are from, you know, and and in that case, a lot of those people, their number one clients are either like Kickstarter backers, or direct to consumer kinds of stuff. Everybody has sort of a different business model. Sure. Does that make

Josh Hale 23:28
any sense at all? No. For me, it does. But you know, I’m a whole lot more involved in the industry than, you know, podcasting. Which, you know, I’m the attorney for a couple companies. And I am you know, I fly all over the place to deal with, you know, all sorts of contracts stuff. So, yes, it makes perfect sense to me. But for somebody who may be a, you know, not an industry Insider, you know, they may think that we just don’t play games for a living. fairness, that’s kind of what we’re doing right this second. But this is such an odd duck. playing game

Seppy Yoon 24:05
right now. I don’t see you moving at all. I see. Talk. I hear you talking. But I do not see any gameplay. Anywhere. I like to talk. Yeah, you can’t talk and play at the same time. Apparently not.

Josh Hale 24:21
Why do you Why do you have so few cards because I’m drawing back up a second because I can draw and talk at the same time

Seppy Yoon 24:28
and I don’t think you can.

It’s tough. So I am the world’s worst guest to I’m sorry, wrangling me is the worst as well. Get dog squirrel. Squirrel. Okay. It’s my turn because you’re not doing anything. But yeah, I’m done. I’m done doing okay. I’m gonna put this meetup middle been on there which everything? Yeah, it resets everything. And that’s gonna let me put this sauce. I’m going to rotate this cards and outside. Now I have a trick applesauce burger. And with this triple sauce burger.

And more importantly, I’m going to

Josh Hale 25:08
with this trip, sorry, you cannot do the one that you think you’re going to do. Why? Because this is three different sauces.

Seppy Yoon 25:17
all their different years. gonna catch up three times you’re

Josh Hale 25:27
the catch up burger. My seven year old daughter would be

Unknown Speaker 25:35
an apple pineapple and catch up. What

Josh Hale 25:36
is wrong with you sappy.

Seppy Yoon 25:39
I am a vegetarian and you asked me to play a burger game. You bait and switch me into playing a burger game? Yeah, I’m sure I’m the one who came up with burger. Yeah, well, it was like, I was like, Hey, I played this one. So we could try this out.

Josh Hale 25:56
And I said, you know, let’s play rummy cube.

Seppy Yoon 25:58
No, no, my God, we could easily play chess. So one of the local game designers, pair brothers Peter and Patrick gang are going to help us out on our next small three and a half inch card game. It’s your turn. By the way, Josh? Oh, thank you. It is called mouse cheese cat, cucumber, mouth, mouth. Cheese cat cucumber. Yeah, it is our asymmetrical game where you’re living in a clockwork tower. And you’re trying to make your dreams come true as a cat, which is catching the mouse before the mouse gets the cheese? Are you living your dream as a cheese where everybody gets along and nobody gets eaten? Or you’re living your dream as a mouse where you get the the cheese before the cat gets you. Or you’re living a dream as a cucumber where everybody gets eaten?

Unknown Speaker 26:49

Seppy Yoon 26:52
It’s super fun. We’ve been playing that a lot lately. Um, I guess that’s where our next year Kickstarter for the for the small games. But they also have a game because you were talking about rummy cube and all this kind of stuff. They have a game that I’m trying to encourage them to get out, which is sort of an interesting take on classics. I won’t steal their thunder, but when you talking about that kind of stuff. I played it and loved it. And I hope they go forward with that kind of game.

Josh Hale 27:22
So for all those listening in the audience said he’s talking about a game that does not yet exist. And he’s not going to steal the thunder of it because he won the

Seppy Yoon 27:30
IO but I wanted to name drop those two because I really believe in that. Ya know, and they’re working on our next title.

Josh Hale 27:36
So yeah, this is run cat cucumber, di

Seppy Yoon 27:43
que me hot cucumber.

You’re literally just not finishing a burger. So this pain never ends. I see how you couldn’t do

Josh Hale 27:56
it. No, I have a vegetable over here. I couldn’t do that. That one I thought I could. And then I realized I had a vegetable because I can’t do the roasted peppers spicy mail. So now the end game conditions on this are apparently when there are no pending orders coming in the stack anymore.

Seppy Yoon 28:14
Oh, yeah, we would never Yeah,

Josh Hale 28:16
we’re never going to get there. And I heard that. We’re never going to get that originally. I blame you.

Seppy Yoon 28:21
Yeah, absolutely. Right. And the reason we can’t have nice anything right? Have you ever talked to my business partner, Bob, you know that that’s the case? I’m just gonna I was supposed to only be able to stack up three. Okay.

Josh Hale 28:33
It’s a thing. And I think we’re going to have these immensely big hamburgers that are very saucy that don’t do nobody will eat the burger. I’m a kid who made

Seppy Yoon 28:45
it’s gonna be it’s gonna just be

Unknown Speaker 28:47
I want to make a burger.

Seppy Yoon 28:49
It’s gonna be just like this episode your pride. No one’s gonna want it.

Nice FE who? Like Like, seriously, Josh, you couldn’t find anybody? Well, you know, I think I like sappy he’s a sweet, sweet human being. I’m gonna make this saucy burger though. This but the sauce. burger. You gotta have two more sauces.

Josh Hale 29:10
I just gotta have a mustard and a spicy mayo.

Seppy Yoon 29:14
Catch up. You know? I’m gonna figure it out. You you pay attention to your own burger. Josh. Busy spying on user. No, no, I’m just gonna keep on going because you can’t take your turn. So how

Josh Hale 29:26
is hedgehog cop doing? Is it my turn? No.

Seppy Yoon 29:29
It’s been your turn for a while. Ah, how it’s doing. It’s good.

Unknown Speaker 29:34

Seppy Yoon 29:36
like over 170% Let me look. I don’t want to misquote when we’re doing this to do to do Kickstarter.

It funded in seven hours, which is awesome. takes a lot of stress off for me. And then currently.

We are like 170% funded. What’s good? Yeah, for a tiny company like us. We’re really happy.

Josh Hale 30:08
What was your funding goal?

Seppy Yoon 30:10
It’s tiny. It’s a little tiny game. I think our funding goal was like 3500 just to get it printed. And it’s a flash Kickstarter. And a flash Kickstarter means. Hey, I want to get this into stores by Christmas. Would you like any of the cool neat stuff? I only offer directly to consumers?

Josh Hale 30:32
Yeah. Oh, it’s not a guy in a trench coat.

Seppy Yoon 30:34
Yeah, it’s not. I don’t even know why he would go there. That’s awful.

Josh Hale 30:41
I’ve got really, yeah, my gosh, like What’s wrong with you? That’s awful. Oh, there’s so many things.

Seppy Yoon 30:47
So many, so many things wrong with you. Okay, now I know how to do this.

Josh Hale 30:53
Okay. You know, in all fairness, I don’t think Kickstarter would allow that sort of Kickstarter. No, I don’t know.

Seppy Yoon 30:59
those rules. The rules are here to protect us from you, Josh.

Josh Hale 31:04
They’re specifically geared toward you, sir. I literally

Seppy Yoon 31:06
cannot play any of my cards. I don’t have any cheese’s I can play this vegetable that only allows me to play one more vegetable. Yes, I’m just going to do that.

I’m done to turn again.

Josh Hale 31:20
Wow. So this has been a utterly painful game.

Seppy Yoon 31:26
This game is usually pretty delightful. But I wasn’t expecting to teach a game this morning. Josh, you promise to teach me a game? I don’t remember this Congress.

Josh Hale 31:37
I’m just gonna go with that. And I got nothing more for you. for volunteering to come on teach. I did.

Seppy Yoon 31:49
I did not volunteer. I was conscripted.

Josh Hale 31:53
And in all fairness, I will say thanks for coming on to volunteer.

Seppy Yoon 32:00
Are you are you a that

Josh Hale 32:02
123456 ingredients? So that gets me one? three coins?

Unknown Speaker 32:11

Josh Hale 32:12
two, three. And then that’s it, man. So for our purposes for today, I have got a total of 10 coins. Or victory points. I’m not sure if that’s the actual now it’s

Seppy Yoon 32:31
it’s the number of stars I think wins you the game and then money.

Josh Hale 32:35
And what do you get? How do you get stars?

Unknown Speaker 32:37
Making colossal burgers? Oh, that’s the only thing that gets you the end?

Seppy Yoon 32:42
I think that’s the end condition. I’m not 100%. Sure. Yes, you have to build one at least one mega burger. Right? stay competitive.

Josh Hale 32:51
Yeah. And apparently, I’ve, for purposes of this podcast, I’ve ended the game because we decided that it was going to be two words built. Neither one of us have a colossal burger. So we’re going to call the tiebreaker who has the most coins and I have 10 coins. And I also have your player marker. So I am red and blue. Yes, that’d be a longer player. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah, so no, it’s been great man. It’s cool that you’re doing good with your your flash Kickstarter.

Seppy Yoon 33:26
Yeah, at tiny games, little Kickstarter

Josh Hale 33:28
is very awesome. And if you get a chance to, you know, hang out with somebody at a convention. I highly suggest that he’s a very entertaining fellow and he only talks about cannibal in lightly. No, my god. It’s true. It’s not you know, too much. It’s just just the right amount of cannibalism. It’s just a smidge we’ll call it a smidge of cannibalism, you know, cannibalism never really heard anybody.

Unknown Speaker 33:56
People Judge XP ball.

Josh Hale 33:58
Reno right here.

Seppy Yoon 34:01

Josh Hale 34:02
anyways, Debbie, thanks for coming on. Thanks for being absolutely. And thanks for you know, teaching me a game and volunteering to do that. Because for people like you

Seppy Yoon 34:12
I didn’t do this game services team is light and delightful. And I but I was not ready at 330 in the morning to teach a game I came to show off your head teach me a game. We’re gonna mock how old I was and how terrible at games I was. But instead, we just had awkward silence.

Josh Hale 34:35
Edit all that awkward silence out and listener will not hear that at all. Oh, did I say that out loud.

Seppy Yoon 34:42
All right. Well, thanks for having me on Josh. I hope you have a good day. Thanks, you too. Bye bye.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai