PODCAST – Long Distance Gaming – Chai w/ Az Drummond


Josh Hale 0:00
Hi, this is Josh Hale with a long distance gaming podcast brought to you by the maple gamers broadcast network 524. Labs Odom publishing, and company not yet appearing on this broadcast. Stop. What is your name? It is author, King of the Britons. What is your quest? To seek the holy grail? What is the airspeed velocity of an on laden swallow? What do you mean? Africa or European swallow?

I don’t know that. I don’t know so much about swallows.

Well, you have to know these things when you’re King you know, welcome again to the Meebo gamers long distance gaming podcast.

Hello, all this is Josh Hale with maple gamers long distance gaming podcast. Today I’m here with Drummond from mythic games. This is the third time’s the charm podcast for the day because we are having technical difficulties as is here, all the way from the UK. I don’t know exactly where as lives. I think it’s the UK and he is part of mythic games mythic games have have four huge kick starters. One being Joan of Arc and other being super fantasy bra. Solomon Kane. Joan of Arc is the Kickstarter that had the mini that was roughly the size of my car, small Volkswagen bug. And we are going to be playing China today. China’s another Kickstarter that did really, really well last year. They had, gosh, I’m looking at it right now 2596 backers, and we’re going to be playing Chai on table topia, I have never personally played Jai which I assume is why as decided that he wanted to play that with me.


tell me a little bit about Chai and tell me a little bit about mythic

Az Drummond 2:03
thanks so much for having me on Josh. I just let you know I have never played it as well. So this is my chai tea. Having a little cherry pop moment with you I thought I would get a chance to share it across the across the sea with you we will enjoy this together. It’s gonna be quite friendly. I hope it’s slightly competitive team merchants of course. And but yes, which I really captured my interest. It’s a game that I watched keenly. I thought the Kickstarter that Don Kami I’m just I’m just correcting myself now. It is it’s done. And Connie that they ran through December into January 2019 was just lovely. They were big supporters are Frinton play, they did loads of testing, they traveled the world meeting different gamers. And the way they involved everybody during the campaign, the highest good they were communicating was just a really lovely inspiration. And I think a big part of why they did so well. And in the game itself really appeals to me a little bit into where I got my kind of big leap like kind of quote unquote official leap into board gaming, it kind of tops a little bit into games like splendor, where you’re kind of collecting resources and fulfilling orders, essentially trying to reach to a point to victory. And it really appeals to me in its simplicity. And it’s just niceness. I think it’s lovely, vibrant games. So seeing that they had on table topia, I’ve been kind of dying to play a little bit. And don’t recommend this usually, I guess. But we’re going to try this on the podcast, you and I playing it together booth for the first time. And we’ll see how it goes. I hope I don’t get too many rules wrong. So please forgive me if we do. And

Josh Hale 3:30
you know, I am the king of getting rules. And I you know, being that we do a lot of reviews that people gamers, I regularly get comments on just how wrong I go. And I regularly have to go back and say, Hey, by the way, I messed this thing up. And this is the correct way to play it. And this is why it would or would not have affected my review. Yeah, initially.

Az Drummond 3:53
It’s always tough whenever you’re doing reviews, but I think whenever you’re doing like long distance gaming, and you’re just kind of scraping or playing games with friends,

As long as you both have a good time, and it’s not God anyone’s played at all, I think it’s absolutely fine. So I might embrace a little bit of that mentality going into this. No, absolutely. And that’s kind of the reason I started this is I’m not actually what I would call a long distance gamer on average. I don’t play table topia a whole lot, or even on my phone a whole lot. You know, I’m a single father and I spent a lot of my time with my daughter. But what I’ve also realized is a lot of people that I would play with their and other places, you know, people I went to law school with are all out in California. And where I’m in Ohio with my daughter, I don’t get that outlet very often. So I kind of started the long distance gaming podcast on the thought process of, Hey, I might be able to do this with somebody that otherwise I would never ever have that outlet to do. I know I think that’s kind of cool. No, I absolutely love it. I completely get where you’re coming from a very often and we get a lot of messages building up to conventions where it’s like, we must

Sit down for a game you know we must we must get dying to play something and I’m like yes we’ll make it happen and then you realize you’ve never happens you’ve already got like three or four evenings maybe and you’re normally rushing around and then maybe work meetings kind of get in the way as well. And then you come away having maybe play two games at a five day convention and you’re like, I was crazy but no, I agree. I’m the same way and you know, a lot of times by the end of the exhibition hall hours you know, you go to dinner next thing you know, you’re either dealing with having to go out for drinks with business associates, or you are in bed

Josh Hale 5:36
and it’s like you’re getting no games played in bed maybe that’s the next big Kickstarter is the game you can play in bed long distance from to hotel room,

Az Drummond 5:45
Josh, you’re on it, you’re quickly stop the podcasters go ahead and get that Kickstarter ready.

Josh Hale 5:53
Thanks for listening in to long distance gaming.

Az Drummond 5:57
I mean, I must admit that with tabletop simulator at TV

topia and even things like rule 20 which support you know role playing games and and very nice Dungeon Master tools. There’s a lot of different tools out there so if you haven’t tried this kind of thing with some friends, there’s loads of ways to get into it and I I wholeheartedly recommend it so give it give it a go was all I would say. I played with Philip globe watch last week of boredom dice.

Josh Hale 6:21
emo tap on a German website that, you know, email tap is obviously it doesn’t much matter what language you’re doing it because most of it is symbolic.

But that German website was really quite good for being, you know, a not a full on, you know, table topia app, you know, and I didn’t even know it existed. The only reason I found out that it existed is because he wanted to play an emo tap digitally and I said, I don’t even know if it’s out there. Yeah. But we found it and played it and he thoroughly made sure that you know, I did as bad as possible but he chose

He in all fairness, he chose a game that was one of my favorite games, so I wasn’t gonna do completely horrible regardless. Oh, we did a bit of research beforehand. That’s good to make sure you got your good side. I like that. Yeah, yeah, I’m sure he really cared about being on my good side. I must tell me about shy, how do we play? Okay, so for anyone at home listening, we’re basically going to be rival t merchants. And in front of us, we’re each going to have MRT. Marty heights basically. And this is going to be our little resource bank where we’re going to collect resources. And then we’re also going to collect pantry, these special additive ingredients as well. And we’re going to be using so in front of you. There’s also a marketplace and in the marketplace, you have mint, ginger, and berries and lemon, all these nice things that you can buy, pop into your tea house and then use those ingredients and those additives that you get from the pantry to fulfill customer orders. And there’s something very nice about the setup of this game that table topia actually does quite nicely for you, but it’s really worth mentioning is that whenever you make the

Az Drummond 9:00
To put in your teeth hearts, essentially reserving it privately just for you. And I’m going to go ahead and be cheeky and put my neck right away because I’ve got the Rodney Smith card.

So I very good, absolutely claiming this with our lovely little monkey canoeing through a river for cnet’s. Beautiful, and my other card, then we’ll go into the kind of common customer.

Josh Hale 9:21
So I picked the tin man just because you know, obviously I’m the digital wonder over here. I tell people that regularly and I’m probably wrong regular I love well. And then the second card goes where

Az Drummond 9:34
so up the top above the marketplace, we have a little customer and kind of what is the actual term for it is essentially the customer who. And so you basically put cards like plus two. So in our case with two players that we the two cards that we choose plus two random cards from the customer deck, which I’ll pop out as well. So these are nine orders that we will look to fulfill and these ones are ones that are in the common pool we can booth work towards, but the ones that are in our reserved area, those are private, so you can’t steal the opponents one. And every order is going to give you a certain number of points. So you’ll see in the bottom left hand corner of each card, there’s a little cup of tea with a certain number of points. And to fulfill in order, you need to match the ingredients. And also the additives that come in the bottom. So it’s pretty straightforward. In the case of this 15 point cards, you’d be looking for some ginger, some lemon, and some honey, which is actually right up my street, I’d be all over that.

Josh Hale 10:26
So now the card that I have beside my player board over here is this normally something that is open information, or is this something that would normally be closed information.

Az Drummond 10:36
So it’s a SARS malware, it’s open information until you score it. And then once you score that card, it goes theists died. So you actually it’s harder to keep track of the actual points, each player has very good. And so on your turn, you basically have three actions you can do and there’s a handy little reference card, you just going to choose one of the three actions. The first one is to visit the market, you get three gold or three coins, essentially, anytime you go to the market, and you must spend at least one, at least one copper, and each time you visit the market. And spending is done very much like push an explosion. If you’re familiar with it, I love this little mechanic in China, you buy according to the column. So there’s a column of stuff that costs one, there’s two columns, stuff that costs two. And there’s three columns of stuff that cost three. So if I wanted to buy a mint, for example, I could choose one at one. And what will happen is if I take this mint away, everything will then slide to the left. And that’s important because when you buy ingredients, anything that’s orthogonal II connected, so if you’re able to kind of manufacture it, so there’s lots of linking ingredients, you buy them all in a single girl, and you only pay the cost of the highest column. So if you have four lemons connected, and one of them is in the three column, then it’s going to cost you three for those four. But if you manage to move them down, so they moved us into the two areas, only, then you only be paying to get the same number. The trick is you have to buy everything connected, you can’t just take a couple out of a group. So we have quite interesting, quite a simple board of the minute, a lot of singles and the ones that are really connected with these three lemons at least two minutes. So there’s not really a lot happening. But there’s definitely a little bit of planning ahead. And unlike push an explosion, when you go to the market, you get your three coins. And then you can buy as many times as you’d like. And every time you buy, the the flavors will slide down, but they won’t refill until the end of your turn. So that’s where you go to the marketplace to get your your tea flavors essentially. The second option you have is to grab items from the pantry. And these are your additives, these are less frequent. And normally, they’re the kind of final touch to your child. And you want to grab three items from the pantry whenever you go there. And it can be done from the available pantry and visible, or it can be done at random from the pantry bag. But you only have six pieces in your hearts were pumped your items. If you go over that, it’s fine, you can swap them around, but you’ll have to discard dying to six. And you can also when you go to the pantry, pay one to reset the pantry before you go there. So if this if you’re really desperate for something that’s not there, you can just reset it, hopefully get some new stuff. Cool. So marketplaces, option one pantry is option two. And then finally, option three, four, your turn is to reserve a customer. So as I mentioned at the top, there are four customers, this could be used competitively to kind of deny someone if you thought I was going for a particular one, you could reserve it for yourself. Or if it’s something long term that you definitely want to go for, you can do that as well. And then a new one would simply be pleased. The second thing that happens with this action is you then get to trigger an ability. And there’s actually a small ability deck with it cards in it. And three of them are visible at any one time. And we will draw a new one of these each of the five rounds that we’re going to play. So what we have currently, the two in the left are actually the CM This lets you get a copper or silver coin purchase from the market for free. So you can just grab some

Josh Hale 13:59
free Yeah. For a bargain.

Az Drummond 14:02
And the one in the right thing is that you may take any single pantry item in the pantry board.

Josh Hale 14:08
When do you play those cards? Is that immediate? Or is that something you hold on to that’s something

Az Drummond 14:12
you pay you busy just trigger it. They’re like global common actions as far as I’m aware. So you’ll visit the market to buy stuff, go to the pantry to get the additives, or you’re going to reserve a customer and trigger one of those abilities adds a bit of randomization to the strategy. Okay, the final thing you will always be able to do, no matter which of the three actions you decide to take, the last thing you can do is fulfill an order. And you’ll see at the top because there’s two of us playing, we have two chai tea cups, and randomly placed beside each one of those is a little tip. And the tips can vary just how much coin you get. But basically, we will take our full ingredients, we will take the customer card and essentially put those ingredients into one of these chai tea cups representing filling up the cup. And then we will flip over one of the tip tokens and we’ll get that much extra gold or money because at the end of the game, you’ll get points for your completed orders and points, whatever money you have left. The rind will end once in our case, because we’re playing two players, once both tips have been taken, what will then do is we’ll get to new tips, go to the second round and then carry on. So essentially, it’s kind of a risk to making in this case and a two player game, just tan Chai teas, we’re only going to have 10 orders fulfilled. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to make five each obviously it could be slightly different depending so it’s 10 total 10. Okay, the only thing I want to check quickly is just because I’m not familiar with this, as I said this is my first time playing. I just watch it whenever we draw from the pantry. How do we refill it and just check and then yes, empty. So once you’ve had your pantry turn, if you do take some out of there’s all the empty spaces enter, just repopulated back up again. So the pantry will always have stuff available. And that’s it. There’s one, there’s one small final thing I mentioned right back at the start. One of the reasons I really like this game is that the customer orders you’ll see have colors at the top welcome and we’re playing is blue and green. So the customer orders either are blue, or green. And the reason that’s important is you’ll see that you have six green leaves, I have six blue leaves. And whenever we make one of the cups of tea, we must put one of our leaves of the matching color in. If I met one of the green leaf orders, I have to take one of your leaves busy representing that I’m kind of serving one of your customers. And I have to give you a coin for that. And from watching play threes and getting a little bit of background on the game, I see that the scores can be very tight. So completing and giving according to your opponent for completing one of their customers can sometimes be enough just to swing it, because it’s like a two coin swing.

That’s it. I think we’re pretty much ready to play chat if you’re ready.

Josh Hale 16:44
Very good. I will send you are obviously the guest and I’m on home turf. I will have you go for

Az Drummond 16:50
Absolutely. So I’m going to look and choose one of my three options. So I’m visiting the market going to the country or preserving a customer. I’m really not a fan of the market right now because my Rodney Smith card requires to have three FT flippers, three Jasmine’s and there is only one chestnut on the on the marketplace right now. So I’m not super excited about that.

Josh Hale 17:11
I promise I did not do that to you on

Az Drummond 17:14
I think it was my bed I got to I get too excited to reserve the Rodney car before looking at the market. In

Josh Hale 17:19
all fairness, that could be a complete lie because I need for Jasmine’s

Az Drummond 17:23
Oh yeah, this is going to be a jasmine fast, I think. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to the market. So I’ll immediately get three coins. So I’ll take it to what an end of the day is I’m going to buy this lavender, and that will cost me one. And then all of these will slide down. And they don’t refill until the end of my into my action is complete. And then I spend another one and night because they’ve slid because I’m trying to be super sneaky about this, I’ve got two minutes that have come side by side so I can get both of these for the price of one. And number two, I am five off, I just need to recap, I realized I’m kind of moving all these lemons dying and you can be on for a juicy lemon pick up so I kind of don’t want to be too overzealous here. So I’m going to stop there. I’m going to keep my one coin, keep my ingredients. And then essentially at the end of my turn, I could fulfill an order. But I am not in the position to fulfill an order right now, unfortunately.

Josh Hale 18:18
So it’s so pretty. Okay, so you can purchase as much as you want on the

Az Drummond 18:22
term, you only get three, three coins from the market. But you can continue to purchase and yes, I should refill the market for you as well. Here we go. So long as you have the gold and the money to pay for it. Because the idea is when you go to market, you’re selling some of your teeth. So you’re getting some coins every time you visit there, and you’re only going to have so much to be able to buy.

Josh Hale 18:41
Interesting. So I will go ahead and go up here and reserve the lemon lady.

Az Drummond 18:47
Oh, very nice.

Josh Hale 18:49
And so I’m going to take the action that allows me to pick and I’ll pick the three lemons. Is that correct? action? I think

Az Drummond 18:59
you’re off. On Oh, sorry, forgive me. Apologies. You’re actually taking two actions. But you know that because reserve a customers want action.

Josh Hale 19:07
Right? And then all of a sudden you do want that you want a card?

Az Drummond 19:11
Yes. This one is only for ones and twos the power and that one would have been f3 because the lemon was gradual frazzle, very close to the music played.

Josh Hale 19:23
I thought it was a very amusing play. And I was obviously incorrect. Okay, so I need to put the card back. I suppose.

Az Drummond 19:33
You could still do that and grab the honey potentially which you do need for that.

Because there’s a pyre let you get one from the pantry. So it’s not bad.

Josh Hale 19:45
Yeah, but then that lets you take the lemon.

Az Drummond 19:48
It’s just whether Yes, we start a lemon war right now.

Josh Hale 19:51
Right. And I

Az Drummond 19:53
I’m not that kind of guy, Joe, so I’m not gonna steal your lemons?

Josh Hale 19:56
I don’t believe. So I start with three. Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and take the jasmine which was needed. So that knows all this stuff down.

Az Drummond 20:09
So now you could get those three lenses. Hmm.

Josh Hale 20:29
Yeah, I guess I’ll take the three lemons. And that leaves me with nothing.

Az Drummond 20:32
It’s it’s one of the reasons I really like this game is that you can combo number of spans together. But you have to be careful not to overspend and leave yourself too short.

Josh Hale 20:42
I remember too short. He wished he was a little bit taller. He wished he was a baller. I can remember that. So I think I’m done with my turn. That was all three of my coins. Yeah.

Az Drummond 20:55
So just going to fill up the market spaces that got freed up, but there are some Jasmine Yes, no one, Jasmine or four Come on, there’s gotta be some Jasmine heightened in the bottom of

Josh Hale 21:03
that bag. And it cost you three, that’s a that’s a heavy way that Jasmine, I didn’t really I’m not fancy Not at all. And I really think you should, I think you should go ahead and go for that.

Az Drummond 21:14
I think what I’m gonna do is I’m going to somebody use my ability to reserve one customer card, I’m going to reserve this blue customer card that requires three minutes. And then I’m going to reveal a new one. So I’ll fill up the pool. And then I’ll trigger one of the abilities. And I’m going to trigger the ability that says I can basically get a free one copper or two silver action from the market. And I’m going to take these two

Josh Hale 21:36
as well, you should because now you can fulfill an order that was fulfilling order a free action, or is it one of the actions?

Az Drummond 21:43
No, you got it. So no matter which of the three actions you do, at the end of your turn, you make fulfill an order. So I’m going to do exactly that. So I will grab these three mint. And I will pop them into this is a choice. Now I’m going to go into the left teacup. And I essentially you flip this card first time so you can’t know how many points I got, unless you’re good at simple math. And then I’m going to flip the token over. And I’m going to give three coins from the bank and coins to equal points at the end of the game. So that is quite nice. And then essentially once the second JT has been made, we will finish the right get some new tips and then we’re going to the second round. There’s nothing there’s no significant change at all in the players as the rounds go on.

Josh Hale 22:25
Now, can either one of us do the second one was that?

Az Drummond 22:29
I could really yeah, could serve both the teams before you have to serve that one potentially.

Unknown Speaker 22:33
Oh, that’s right.

Az Drummond 22:38
How’s this nice set collection thing? I’ve usually your two or three things are the minimum But the worst such small points and if you play the longer game, go for the big orders. You get more points, but then do you risk it’s

Josh Hale 22:49
going risky? And so I took the big 15 car. Yeah. I’m taking the ginger.

Unknown Speaker 23:02
Now the stuff moves down.

Josh Hale 23:06
And that was mine. Tire action because I’m not able to do anything at this point.

Unknown Speaker 23:19
Where is that Jasmine? This is not like that at all. Oh, crap.

Josh Hale 23:26
Fishing in the bag alone. Yeah, apparently I’m cheating. Okay, so I refilled for you. Yeah, and now it’s it’s all you Yeah.

Az Drummond 23:41
I definitely see some potential nice purchases from the market here. But the tricky thing is there isn’t really any fantastic orders this three berries here, which could be really nice. I’m just gonna, yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and spend so I’m gonna hit the market. So I’ll give me my three coins. And it’s going to big splurging, even though I’ve no idea what I’m going to spend this on. So I’m gonna spend two on these three strawberries.

Josh Hale 24:05
So I’m not sure that I believe you anymore. Well,

Az Drummond 24:08
there isn’t a single strawberry order, right? Yeah, but I’m very much hoping that with this kind of preemptive buying that a couple of strawberry orders will just appear right. An endless spend one on these two lavender.

Josh Hale 24:21
Yeah, so you can fulfill the order and you think I don’t see that man.

Az Drummond 24:26
You have to barter at the market. All right. I’m gonna spend another one. I will take these three lamkins as well. And I have Shaka blocked my tea house with ingredients night. So I’ve got Yeah, three lavender, three berries on a mint.

Josh Hale 24:39
I’m really feeling like we should have played a different game at this.

Az Drummond 24:45
It’s this for a long way. What are you still in writing? One? I think you’re okay.

Josh Hale 24:49
I don’t know. I don’t know you. You’re fulfilled two cards. And I haven’t gotten one. I’m, I’m feeling it.

Az Drummond 24:55
My Oh, yes. But it’s only worth four points. I really want to fulfill a four point card. I don’t know. If that’s that is the lowest right there by a long way. I don’t know yet. You know what, let’s just go ahead and fulfill it. Yeah, that’s

Josh Hale 25:08
what I thought that way, you’re gonna get your ingredients up there and get more victory points. And now it’s the end of the round. Oh, what’s

Az Drummond 25:16
another three? Okay, that’s quite lucky. That’s worked out quite fortuitously. And so what will happen is the tips will all go back. And we will essentially shuffle them up. So we get them randomized. I love the handy, right click shuffle to new tips, I will pop this on to run to and then you are essentially the first day of this run, which means you get to draw a new ability card from the ability deck, and then essentially just up here, and then you’ll cover one of the three ability. So we have two that are the same and then one but you can draw a new one and just say this is no alive. A liability.

Josh Hale 25:52
So what am I doing this, I just get

Unknown Speaker 25:53
just draw one foot the door and we’ll see what it is.

Az Drummond 25:59
So this one, I will refer to my handy dandy PDF. This one says you can sell a flavor tile for a silver coin basically two

Josh Hale 26:08
very interesting customer order as well because

Az Drummond 26:12
I need a new customer order.

These were both actually oh actually forgive me I nearly forgot many short changed you my friend, I forgot to pay you, I need to pay you for one of your leads, because that second order I completed was one of yours. Which means I owe you this. So I essentially have to buy one of your leaves for from you and pay you that that copper.

Josh Hale 26:38
Interesting. Okay, so Whose turn is it now?

Az Drummond 26:41
Your turn? Yeah, no, we need to eat that to choose which one of the three abilities Do you want to override or if it’s going to cover one of them with this new ability?

Josh Hale 26:51
Cover the metal one? Yeah,

Az Drummond 26:52
perfect. scenario, we have the ability to get one or two market the ability to sell an ingredient for two or get a free pantry and you try these whenever you reserve a card.

Josh Hale 27:02
Sure. What is this card on this dude on the five.

Az Drummond 27:07
So he just requires new interest in the old one. He doesn’t actually want any specific flavor. He just wants lots of vanilla. So he wants to vanilla. It’s from the pantry. So there’s one. There’s one currently available here. But there’s also the pantry bag which you could draw blindly from if you wanted.

Josh Hale 27:24
He’s got a sweet personality. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 27:28
I like that beard is quite nice.

Josh Hale 27:32
I’m gonna go ahead and draw all this meant. Big because? Well, because it’s a thing. Yeah. That’s for me. That’s quite a tidy song.

Az Drummond 27:44
I’m still gonna leave you with Tuesday.

You can you can overfill Oh, no, just going for a cheeky one.

Josh Hale 27:59
Yeah, yeah. Because I want that lemon. Well, I’m pretty close to being able to fulfill one of those big orders.

Az Drummond 28:07
So I think you’ll have to spend this little coin to make that happen, because Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry about that.

Josh Hale 28:12
I am the world’s worst bookkeeper.

Az Drummond 28:15
I have a mug that says I love spreadsheets. And it’s super true.

Unknown Speaker 28:19
Super true.

Az Drummond 28:23
I could there’s there’s a comedian, his name escapes me now that does a whole routine on spreadsheets. And that makes me very happy. nearly as happy as the fact that you just read a whole ton of jasmine that I need.

Josh Hale 28:36
But you need I don’t want to hear you on this podcast. Thank you everybody for listening. For Jasmine, I used to tell everybody what a nice guy you were it is a lie.

Unknown Speaker 28:53
This is for?

Unknown Speaker 28:54
I mean, it was.

Josh Hale 28:57
Yeah, I got nothing man. You got nothing wrong.

Az Drummond 28:59
Rosie needs a cup of tea. Josh, you’re not going to deny Rodney a cup of tea or you Come on, I would so deny

Josh Hale 29:05
romney a cup of tea. He could be in a desert. I’m not gonna say it. I’m thinking that it’s at the back of my mind. I’m not gonna say it because that would be recorded for me.

Az Drummond 29:18
So I’m going to take the unsurprising market action and I’ll get three which I’ll immediately spend on these five Jasmine was just a

Josh Hale 29:28
night as a Rebecca then I actually saw Rodney last week at Buckeye game Fest in Central Ohio.

Unknown Speaker 29:36
Oh, hi. Was he?

Josh Hale 29:38
You know, I have hardly ever spoken to him at great length. Um, you know, it’s always Hi, how are you? Because you know, we’re always at the same conventions. We talked a little bit about Copenhagen, and Copenhagen. Rowan, right, which is not out yet. We preview on it, is it? I mean, it’s Copenhagen? Yes. Copenhagen rolling right forum. And I know that sounds, you know, recursive. But it truly is, you know, some games just really lend themselves to that rolling, right mechanic. Yeah. And Copenhagen is one of those games. That’s

Az Drummond 30:13
fantastic. Here. It’s really when it works really well. That’s really awesome.

Josh Hale 30:19

Az Drummond 30:20
roadies actually is hopefully going to be spending some time with us helping us with our turnover at 1.5. Kickstarter, he’s going to be doing some work with us on our rubric and helping us refine it, which is really nice to have his support this time around. You can also try and leave from the bag By the way, when you take it from the pantry. If there’s

Josh Hale 30:36
no then I’ll do that. I’ll randomly draw from this. Single Yeah. And that is horrible. Nobody wants milk and RT, that’s horrible.

And then we need to refill the pantry backup. So it’s and I need to spend stuff to fill fulfill an order. Oh, yes,

Unknown Speaker 30:53

Josh Hale 30:55
So spending that spending that?

Az Drummond 31:00
Oh, this is a 15 point or order?

Josh Hale 31:02
Yeah. It’s almost like it was planned.

Unknown Speaker 31:08

Az Drummond 31:10
I generally love that in the artwork of the game. There is so many different variations of people drinking tea, like you have people on a boat, you have people in London, you have people come at a camp fire at night time. It’s not just quintessential in a coffee shop. It’s literally take your tea anywhere with you. And I’m

Josh Hale 31:25
a big fan of that. Okay, so how do I fill these teacups up top, so

Az Drummond 31:28
busy, just just click and drag it and pop it here. Unfortunately, that one of the downsides of digital gaming is you don’t have the fondle factor of the physical cups that you’re dropping the ingredients into. But yes, essentially just chuck them onto the cups. And then this tip is yours. So you can flip it over and find that many coins you’re gonna get

Unknown Speaker 31:52

Az Drummond 31:55
For everybody at home, I’ve had three tips which was three, three and two. And Josh, his first tip was one I don’t know maybe it’s something says something about your service Josh, me but you need to your P’s and Q’s maybe need to be improved.

Josh Hale 32:05
I’m fairly certain that it has more to do with the guy who picked the game, the guy who’s serving the tea, I will just put that out there. And I’m not gonna say anything. Because I don’t think anything warrants it

Az Drummond 32:18
I call shenanigans. So if you want to, you may flip that order now to show that you have scored it and it stops me seeing all the lovely points that you have

Unknown Speaker 32:25
that horrible,

Az Drummond 32:27
and it’s the end of the second run, because we have we have filled both of these. And I’m going to very carefully shuffle multiple times the tips.

Josh Hale 32:37
Yeah, as anything he fulfills, is gonna be a three and me with a measly one.

Az Drummond 32:44
I’m going to draw a new ability card to start this right. And this ability is the player chooses a flavored tile in the market to be immediately reset. So I’m assuming actually not 100% on this one. I’m assuming we take them away and put them back in the bag and then put new ones back because that’s what I would assume as well. And I see that you probably want a lot of ingredients. So I’m gonna go ahead and cover up the one that will give you free ingredients because yeah, gonna make you pay for them. Right. What am I going to do when I got it? I have I have no orders reserve. Nice. So I need to think about new plans. I think that you plan involves

Josh Hale 33:24
so right now there’s two orders that require stuff in the pantry. There’s one of those orders has ginger. The other one doesn’t require anything. He likes vanilla because he’s a sweet demeanor and Captain boat. Then you have a couple that are apparently making maybe sushi. I think

Az Drummond 33:42
that actually might be I don’t get this wrong. I got a feeling that might be done and Connie. Oh, that’s cool. Possibly. I’m not sure. Yeah. Everyone’s in different situations, which I absolutely

Josh Hale 33:54
love. It kind of looks like they’re either making sushi or pot stickers for their T and then you have a couple camping and they’re laying drinking tea and a sleeping bag outside of their tent because you know, anybody that camps always sleeps outside the tent, mom but they’re buying the fire. It’s remote. It is romantic. It is romantic.

Unknown Speaker 34:16
And you know what, I deserve that car because I like it.

Az Drummond 34:21
I’m going to trigger an ability what I’m going to trigger

she know what I’m gonna I’m gonna take something from the pantry. I’m going to grab some sugar no, yes. No sugar with the battery.

Josh Hale 34:41
With all these none of the stuff is stuff I need. This is horrible. These

Az Drummond 34:45
damn customers they have no respect. They don’t they really don’t. Don’t don’t order what you have in stock. It really is.

Josh Hale 34:52
Right. So I’m going to go ahead and get your or your terms done. Yes, my Transylvania. Okay, so I’m going to take Dan and Connie Is that what you said the names are Dan and

Az Drummond 35:04
that’s the that’s the creative is the game designers Yeah, although I’m not 100% sure if that is them on the card or not?

Josh Hale 35:09
I’m going to go ahead and fulfill that fulfill

Az Drummond 35:13
Okay, you know I have free choice over which cup you decide to fill in which tip you decide to choose so this is absolutely your free decision.

Josh Hale 35:22
As I need to know if I should take the left or the right

Az Drummond 35:25
no I’m not no I’m not having any shenanigans cold

Josh Hale 35:32
so I’ll do the left one I suppose. And

Unknown Speaker 35:43
we’re recording this screen right now.

Josh Hale 35:47
We will recall no obviously a screenshot at the end

Unknown Speaker 35:50
that was good.

Josh Hale 35:53
And for my action up here for the ability

Az Drummond 35:58
to fulfill is basically free thing yet you haven’t taken your action yet yet.

Josh Hale 36:02
Right. So keen to fulfill I love it. I’m going to pull a gradient ingredient out of the pantry and that’s still not what I need.

Unknown Speaker 36:11
Oh, wait a second vanilla. No. Yeah, I

Josh Hale 36:16
was hoping to get vanilla or this other ingredient on this other card up here. Whatever that is.

Az Drummond 36:22
That is almost say that cinnamon or not make this definitely a star in Nice. They’re on a bit of cinnamon, and it looks like some clues. Maybe it’s any sort of

Josh Hale 36:33
powdered ingredients

Az Drummond 36:35
Yeah, I think it’s probably I’m not fancy enough to really know that if a definite term. So I’m going to go to the market now grab my three and then we’re going to splurge So first of all, I’m going to buy this Jasmine which will cost me one shift all of this time and then I’m going to buy the number by this gentleman for another one sup too and total and I have pretty much no space left but I might pick myself up cheeky Yeah, you know, I’m going to spend two more. I’m going to get all of this Jasmine or is this just know this is lavender sorry. And I’m going to actually get rid of some stuff. I think these lemons that I tried to buy earlier have done nothing for me so they’re going the way of the dumpster

I got a hold on

Josh Hale 37:27
sound effect of the dumpster there.

Az Drummond 37:29
I just realized I’ve just dumped stirred my lemons

look at the fact that I actually did need to have those lemons. I just jumped

Josh Hale 37:39
on you know an oddly I’m okay with that.

Az Drummond 37:43
Yeah, I think that’s me. I’m done with my action. So you feel this?

Unknown Speaker 37:49
Oh, okay.

Josh Hale 37:51
Well, that’s a lot of strawberries. So our board right this second looks our market looks like a story strawberry patch.

Az Drummond 38:01
It does. And there’s not a single customer who really cares about strawberries. There’s one guy that be like, I’ll take one, but that’s about it.

Josh Hale 38:08
He’s like, yeah, you know, I kinda like strawberry. I know it’s a thing. But you know if I had my druthers Okay, so it’s my turn correct. So I’m gonna pull three things out of the pantry and I’m just gonna look at all

Az Drummond 38:25
so we’re looking for TSDO

Josh Hale 38:30
Why can I not get the cinnamon? Or the you know the vanilla? I think this game hates me. Oh yeah mobile for right now. You know? It I’ll live through it. I’m sure

Az Drummond 38:47
flipping some cars anytime. Not fine. I’m just making sure that I didn’t owe you another another leaf but I don’t. Okay, so I need to really think I need I’m going to get a little stuck here for don’t get some better orders. So I’m gonna

Josh Hale 39:04
I’m going to reserve please get one of those cards. Yeah,

Az Drummond 39:08
I’m going to reserve this guy.

Josh Hale 39:10
Because he’s the one guy who wants one of those.

Az Drummond 39:13
He’s the one sort of all the stories I’ve got. And then I’m going to use the ability that I’ll let me sell an ingredient for today and I’m going to sell a strawberry because they’re in abundance. I’m grab two coins for that. Oh, where’s all honey you had a minute ago. There is Alice in Wonderland having some tea.

Yeah, that’s me. I don’t know. I don’t

Josh Hale 39:42
I so hate this game right now. It’s been It is so so disgusting.

Az Drummond 39:57
If it ever comes back to Kickstarter, Don and Connie know that they can come to you for a Kickstarter page quote.

Josh Hale 40:08
I play it all the time. And I hate it.

Az Drummond 40:11
I do have some games like that in my life that I play all the time and I am terrible at them. And but I love losing them like does a game called Best tree hardest effort which I am pulling up but I love it.

Josh Hale 40:24
Yeah, there’s a lot of people that really liked that. And that’s one that I I’ve never really

Unknown Speaker 40:32
found an affinity towards.

Josh Hale 40:36
You know, that’s not to say I dislike it I just you know, I know some people just love well, same thing with Terraforming Mars, people that love it, you know, play it 5 million times. And me myself. I’m like, Man, that’s okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
So I have

Az Drummond 40:55
you still got a coin left? Because you know, I

Josh Hale 40:57
wanna have you been spending my coins?

Az Drummond 40:59
No, no, but you still always get three when you go to the market.

Josh Hale 41:03
clients, three for the market. And two of my

Az Drummond 41:05
Yes, he still got another imagine recording still spare.

Unknown Speaker 41:11

Josh Hale 41:13
So, golly,

Az Drummond 41:17
I go on by all those strawberries, you know, you’re really wanting, you are

Josh Hale 41:22
not a nice person.

Az Drummond 41:25
I see us both eyeing up that meant?

Josh Hale 41:30
No, I’m going to give all that meant to you. So you can make your mint, mint tea, strawberry smoothie

Unknown Speaker 41:37
board with them.

Josh Hale 41:40
And that was my turn.

Unknown Speaker 41:47
Right? I’m definitely fulfilling orders. But to do so I need to get some more mental for sure.

Az Drummond 41:57
I’m also the leader from the lemons, but I don’t have enough space is to get everything I want to be a bit more patient here.

So I’m going to go to the market. So I’ll get my three and then I’ll just take one because I’m going to spend to have it on meant.

Josh Hale 42:12
So normally, by this point, as I’ve talked to people about their new project, whatever they have going on,

Unknown Speaker 42:18
we’re making a T Josh, we don’t have time for

Josh Hale 42:21
I know, I know, we’re doing our best to drive each other nuts on T you know, God forbid, is talking about the newest minis game. No,

Az Drummond 42:31
no way. I’m fulfilling this order, and it’s blue. One of my things, I’m gonna flip it over, I’m going to get a 3000. All right.

Fill that and get that out of the way. And and it’s your turn to pick up an ability card because it’s the start of a new rind. And this is Ryan for us. This is the

Josh Hale 42:50
I did spend one of my coins, I went up there and spent up.

Az Drummond 42:55
I just I just totally made a mess of the tip. Sorry for that.

Josh Hale 43:01
Take one and flip it.

Unknown Speaker 43:05

Josh Hale 43:08
I’m guessing that you are going to want to have the ability to get rid of some ingredients. Or whatever the thing I covered up was I don’t even know what I covered up.

Unknown Speaker 43:19
I got so disgusted at this point. I hear you really really want strawberries. I’ve just got all of the stories.

Josh Hale 43:27
Okay, Whose turn is finally here.

Az Drummond 43:28
So yeah, so it’s the start of the fourth. Right. And I’ve completed four orders you’ve completed two but I know I know. Yours are stinking big ones. And, and yes, it’s good to go.

Josh Hale 43:39
Okay, so I’m gonna pull this card down. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 43:44

Az Drummond 43:48
The fun of the fun of you sometimes.

Josh Hale 43:52
Okay. And I am of course immediately going to fulfill it. Love it. So it flips yet again.

Az Drummond 44:05
You and you need to put What color was that was a green or blue. So you have to pay me a coin for my leaf.

Josh Hale 44:16
I didn’t know that I wouldn’t have taken that.

Az Drummond 44:21
And again, you know, I have complete free choice over which pit peachy which tip the cheese?

Josh Hale 44:26
If this is a rowing this table. I’m flipping this table.

Unknown Speaker 44:32
Hey, is it three?

Josh Hale 44:34
I finally got a three.

Unknown Speaker 44:36

Josh Hale 44:38
Okay, it is now

Az Drummond 44:40
your turn? Did you pay me my coin from my leaf? give me

give me give me that coin that is that is mine. That’s coming over here. So yeah, I told you I’m a horrible

Josh Hale 44:49

Az Drummond 44:52
Because I know, we obviously like to talk about what we have coming up, we have like a huge, huge one, the Joan of Arc 1.5 company incoming and the first of October. But for me, it’s just a good time to make some tea. You know, it’s nice to take some time and play some games and whether it’s in person or across the nation, you know, it’s good.

Josh Hale 45:08
No, that’s, that’s actually, you know, kind of the whole point of this I, I like to let people talk about their new projects, because obviously, they’re excited about them. But, you know, in the meantime, I get to, you know, play a game with them and force them to have fun. You know, you know, how rare that can be in? You know, when you’re actually making games? How often do you actually get to play games,

Az Drummond 45:29
it is funny, it is something that a lot of my friends do not understand at all, they totally assume that I’m just playing games at work 24 seven, and that’s all I ever do. And it’s definitely not the case, I think, since I joined mythic, but a year and a half ago, I’ve played substantially less games than I think I did before I joined, which is very peculiar. And but I think whenever you’re working on games, and you’re refining them and improving them, or whenever you’re working on communication, there’s never enough people you can tell and there’s never enough improvements you can make. And there’s never enough people you engage with and have good fun with. So it’s kind of it’s all good time filling stuff. So it’s kind of it’s it’s board game adjacent, if that makes sense. And it’s still really enjoyable during that. So yeah, doing stuff like this, this is awesome.

Josh Hale 46:14
And I hear you with board game. And Jason, you know, I we obviously, you know, go to all the conventions and get review copies for all the writers. And, you know, obviously, now we’re doing this, and we’re working on live streaming. And, you know, I’m in a little bit different position where I’m at insofar as I do get the ability to play games, but, you know, it’s not like I get the ability to play games, you know, 10 times on the way I want to, you know, play 10 games and review them and, you know, decide if they’re deep enough that they weren’t two to three plays that are just before you review it. And you know, some of those some games can be tough, because you feel like you’ve experienced all there is to experience and a play through. You know, a lot of times you’d be wrong. But, you know, how many times can you play through a game when you’re trying to review? You know, like, last year, I did 60 reviews and written and our writers, they’re up to 10 articles a week, right? The second Oh, my goodness and our scheduled out to November. That’s incredible. Isn’t that crazy?

Az Drummond 47:25
I mean, what when you’re looking at 4000 D Boykins in a year, trying to keep peace with that. And even even if you’re looking at 10% of those 5% of those, it’s massive.

Josh Hale 47:35
We are 10% of it right, the second as far as how much content we’re putting out. And I still feel like we’re so far behind.

Az Drummond 47:43
Yeah, that’s incredible. It’s a good problem to have. But it is it’s tricky. And I think you nailed it, when you said it, you have you have to spend a lot of time working on what is really interesting what is worth showing what is worth diving into on a deep level. And, and it’s you have, you have to take that time to ask acid, you start with the final rhyme by the way because I just completed the second order.

Josh Hale 48:05
So I have to do the card up,

Az Drummond 48:06
grab yourself and ability and we’ve only got two orders left. And then that is going to be all that also pop that diner what it will do is will take three ingredients from the bag and place them onto that card and then whenever you reserve an order, you may trigger the ability and what it lets you do is you can swap tiles you can swap one of your tiles with the tile on the card.

So if you’ve got tiles in your house that you want

Josh Hale 48:35
interesting so

Az Drummond 48:36
pop that would basically just go

Unknown Speaker 48:38

Az Drummond 48:40
two, it doesn’t say it doesn’t say only one so I assume if you trigger that ability you can essentially swap them however you wish.

Unknown Speaker 48:48

Josh Hale 48:50
it’s my turn is it is indeed

Az Drummond 48:54
yeah so we’re kind of going from Kickstarter to Kickstarter a lot at the moment you know this this year and we had a sort of fantasy bra earlier and and then we were kind of obviously running off the back of the page manager of right busters as well and and and i with with Joan of Arc which is really our big Oh you got your vanilla barks really are big big big flagship game. So this Kickstarter the number 1.5 is going to be just massive and I’m super excited for it. Look at you you manage to get all that stuff. Oh, you’re gonna have to pay you’re gonna have to pay me for my nice leaf.

Unknown Speaker 49:31

Unknown Speaker 49:32
you know why? Cuz

Josh Hale 49:36
I hate this game. so horrible.

Az Drummond 49:42
And then you’re gonna have to choose you’re gonna have to choose a tip before you work out how much money you get. Which one do you want left or right

Josh Hale 49:50
I had luck on left will do the left.

Az Drummond 49:52
I’m not going to turn it I’m not gonna I’m not gonna involved you have to

Josh Hale 49:55
go and get it all come on. gonna blame me.

Unknown Speaker 50:01
I’m not going near it. You’ve been lucky the last time you

Unknown Speaker 50:08

Josh Hale 50:14
Yet again Josh drawls Hey, one.

Az Drummond 50:16
I love what you’re stacking your orders. I have no idea how many orders you have stacked in there.

Josh Hale 50:23
It’s just for me. That’s what you see.

Az Drummond 50:26
So there’s only one order left to complete. And am I going to be in a position to complete it? I don’t know if I’m going to be able to answer this can be tough.

No, I think I can work this some highs good cost me a lot of points though.

Unknown Speaker 50:41
Unless it’s horrible. Don’t like it.

Josh Hale 50:44
Yeah, I don’t think you should. I think you should just you know, give me four or five more turns.

Az Drummond 50:48
I’m going straight into analysis paralysis mode for a second here just work and I can make this happened. It’s going to

Josh Hale 50:56
cost me paralysis on a podcast is so exciting,

Az Drummond 50:59
isn’t it? Anyone driving their car just like hold on? Because the connection disconnect is my bluetooth calm what’s happening

Josh Hale 51:04
right now it says it’s still playing. I don’t know what’s going on with this podcast. This is the world’s worst podcast.

Az Drummond 51:11
I’m really good at multitasking. But I’m terrible at laughing and thinking at the same time. My break times my weakness my

Josh Hale 51:21
brain has turned off. He’s now laughing.

Az Drummond 51:23
I am. I don’t know what to do. I can’t give you this last order because that you might sneak the victory and need to complete one of these somehow, or Come on.

Josh Hale 51:33
It’s gonna be so expensive. In all fairness, I don’t think there’s much I can do. At least not in a single turn.

Az Drummond 51:40
Yeah. Okay, I’m gonna, I’m going to splurge. I’m gonna go I’m gonna go to the market, grab my three coins. And I’m going to

Josh Hale 51:46
get five strawberries.

Az Drummond 51:48
I guess I know. Those strawberries have been left alone, this entire game. I’m going to spend to you on this one little Jasmine, which will move this lemon and mint and ginger long. And then I’m going to spend read on these two men. Not really sure this is a great technical decision, but I’m going to go for it going to go home. So I can then use these three men. And this one sugar to make this gentleman a cup of tea. And I have to do those

Josh Hale 52:15
before you will reserve them.

Unknown Speaker 52:16
You can do them from the common pool yet.

Unknown Speaker 52:23
The replay quick.

Josh Hale 52:25
Yeah, we only need to listen to this podcast for another 51 minutes and 35. So welcome to the mobile gamers podcast where everything goes right the first time.

Az Drummond 52:35
Well, let me give you a coin for your for your leaf. Horrible. I’m friendly like that. I’m going to grab the final cup of tea, which is a three just So wouldn’t it that is

Josh Hale 52:49
that you are a little salty, if I’m honest. That’s horrible.

Az Drummond 52:53
So now it’s time for math right? This is where you’re going to have to fill some real dead air is my brain lock Stein. So

Josh Hale 53:00
I have 15 plus six is 21 plus eight is 29 plus seven is going to be 36 with an additional four coins puts me at an even 40 points, as has completely torn us up with a total of 375 points. This has destroyed Josh today. And it has been ugly.

Az Drummond 53:25
This definitely. There’s definitely a fair amount of points over here. Yeah, that’s to be sure something I’m 3241 4750 5963.

Josh Hale 53:39
So I’m going to reposition some stuff so we can get a screenshot here.

Az Drummond 53:43
Oh, just all the pretty cards.

Josh Hale 53:44
There’s well I was gonna do it more than anything. So we have all the points.

Az Drummond 53:49
Oh, can I arrange mine so I can see all the pretty art and you can read yours You can do it however

Josh Hale 53:53
you would like.

Az Drummond 54:00
Like this is one of the great pleasures about working at mythic is I literally get to work and look at some of the most work with and look at some of the most incredible art you’ll ever see in your life. It’s we are so blessed with the artists that we work with on all of our projects. And when you come in the morning, and you just got an email from one of your artists and they’re just saying I’ve just completed this piece last night and just the excitement of opening and going oh, this is going to be so good. is honestly like a highlight an absolute highlight of my work.

Josh Hale 54:30
So what did you end up scoring ass?

Az Drummond 54:32
I think that I oh god I forgot to a 232-940-1647 so 5059 6363 to

Josh Hale 54:46
40 it was a very even game as has destroyed me 63 to 40 and I will say that again. 63 to 40

Az Drummond 54:58
I think what was it fun though, right? So

Josh Hale 55:01
booth booth? Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I’m not much of a poor loser. I I like teasing about it. But when it all comes down to it, I don’t much care one way or the other I I enjoy playing.

Az Drummond 55:16
I used to play a lot of competitive games, I used to be a big miniature game and I used to be a big card game I used to love net runner which is a big Fantasy Flight and living card game. And and I think I just find that running events and organizing things and making people happy and just seeing the enjoyment of others give me so much more kind of personal happiness than actually competing and trying to trying to win, I think I get most of my enjoyment and through just kind of relaxing enjoying because I if I’m going to get competitive, it’s something I get really competitive about. I kind of swing very heavily from one way to the other either. I’m kind of super happy enjoying arm getting my real thinking cap on and taking it super serious. I don’t really have a happy medium very well.

Josh Hale 55:58
So speaking of a happy medium, I can’t let you get off here without at least plugging yourself a little bit and telling us a little bit about your projects. Because now the game is over and you’re able to do two things at once or just one thing at once. Tell us about what you got going on as

Az Drummond 56:13
so yeah, me from it. The games right now. It’s a lot of things happening. We have right bosses project failures in production. So we’re looking to deliver that for backers, and in q1 of next year, supervising payroll, which is our big arena high fantasy, you know, very colorful, vibrant world with orcs and trolls and dwarves and mages all battling at it and players getting to just enjoy these gorgeous chunky minis. It’s it’s currently in play age manager at the moment over a gamified. com. So we’ve had a lot of people getting involved with that answer, again, which we also have on table topia. So if you want to give it a whirl, you can actually hop on the table topia and play the free to play kind of demo for that it’s again, we’re me personally in the company in general, we are big fans of getting people demoing our games at conventions as much as possible and and trying them online and trying to put in place where possible. And it’s not always easy with big games, but super fancy brawls that kind of game where it’s quite like to get into, even though it’s got quite a lot of kind of strategic depth. So it’s something that we can easily kind of pop on the digital platform. So we were eager to do it as soon as we kind of started working on that project. And then October 1, essentially is titled legends Joan of Arc 1.5. And this is our revisiting two years after the first Kickstarter and optimizations, Joan of Arc where we’re going to be bringing back the entire range. Again, we’re going to be pushing the mini count up to over 1100 minis. And we’re going to be looking at all sorts of stuff now we’re going to be expanding to the Teutonic Knights, we’re going to be looking at the pagan orders and their goals and all sort of meta evil Eastern Europe where we have the Polish Lithuanians and the forces that they bring, and a lot of this kind of pagan mythology. So we’re looking at like the god of thunder percussionists in this thing. So if you’re into big games that are very kind of narrative very kind of battle driven, a lot of diversity and lots lots of very high quality monies that are back some right up your street, it’s it’s very much like I like the term lifestyle hobby game. The core box itself, the two core boxes that make up the core game are shoe mongers. And if you actually go after the whole thing, you’re looking at over 40 kilograms of games. So it really is, and something you are community definitely How can have grabbed on with both hands on they’re doing some incredibly creative stuff with it. So it’s kind of like a lifestyle game kind of like a real spend the weekend playing it

Josh Hale 58:32
type of game 1100 minis

Az Drummond 58:36
at 1100 ministers is what will have with the with what we are doing with the new company and stretch goals as well. So I’m very much hoping it’s rather than just being like a traditional reprint, where we just bring the first game kind of back again, what we’re doing instead is we are going to be revising everything going to be improving and rewriting fixing everything, of course. But we’re also going to do brand new stretch goals with brand new content and new expansion and a whole kind of expanding further into evil Europe. So it’s going to be over 1100 Bs. And then I very much hope if we get a bit of interest in the company in that we can push it well over that. Are they 1100 unique and we do have like do you have triplicate so for example, at minded nights, we’re very very popular and might discover who is a popular among the French army and during the Hundred Years War and long Bouman, for example, a very popular and with the English and during that period. So we do have duplications of typical troops, but we have tons of unique characters. We have tons of creatures, gigantic creatures and small ones. We actually have a lot of interest from role players who love things like our Kaka tricks, and our Griffin and our beast and these kind of different things like the dragon, of course. And so we have a lot of unique ones. But I think we have to have a good marshalling of the troops as well.

Josh Hale 59:49
Cool. Well, that goes on Kickstarter, October 1, loving hundred minutes. You heard it here, probably third or fourth. And thank you so much for coming on and just destroying me on shy as and hopefully we will get to destroy each other on a new board game soon. today’s podcast has been brought to you by our full time sponsors 524. Labs, and Odom publishing. And thank you so much for coming on as thank you for your time and thank you for just thoroughly thoroughly giving me a beat.

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Thanks for letting me come on.

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