Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – Gorus Maximus w/ Conor McGoey


Josh Hale 0:01
Hey, all this is Josh with mobile gamers. And this is our podcast of long distance gaming. It’s like long distance dating except for you know, obviously you don’t have those romantic moments. Wait, we’re not gonna have romantic moment. Well,

stop, tell people that was supposed to be our secret. So normally when we get done with these podcasts, we transcribe them, Connor and so what’s been happening every single time when we transcribe it, is it sets up and says that Hello, this is Josh with evil gamers. So I need to make sure that everybody realizes that we are not evil. We purport to be at times, and we make moves and do things not so nice at all times. But I assure you, we are not evil, and we just like to play games. So without further ado, I have Connor McGee on here with me. He’s from inside up games and sunny, bright, scalding hot Canada today. Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Is it bombing right now?

Conor McGoey 1:00
Well, I wouldn’t say bowling, but it is sunny and beautiful.

Josh Hale 1:02
It’s a balmy 40 degrees.

So Connor is on here and right now Connors got a Kickstarter going. I’m going to let him tell you about that a little bit. And he also had a game last year called gorgeous Maximus. gorse Maximus is a brawl inside of the Coliseum is what I kind of understand. I’m sure I’m going to explain it wrong and he can explain it better. But I’m very good at explaining things incorrectly the first time. So, without further ado, Connor McGee, tell us about gore’s Maximus and tell us what we’re going to be playing today. Yeah, for sure. So yes, of course, Maximus. This is what we’re going to be playing while having our lovely little chat. And it says again, the keynote on Kickstarter last year and funded at the end of last year are not funded, sorry, delivered in the last year. And it is a gladiatorial arena where you can play one to eight players and a trick taking format, where you’ll basically have a customizable deck that started out with customizable

Conor McGoey 2:00
A scalable deck that basically works for whatever player cat you’re at. So although no one can see what we’re doing, as we’re playing, we were playing a two player version of the game. And in the game,

you will be sending different gladiators, both human and animal into the arena trying to compete to win the right tricks. And the reason I say that is that there are point values associated with these cards. So some cards are going to be worth positive points, some cards are going to be worth negative points. So when you’re playing, you’re going to make sure that you’re obviously winning those good tricks, or when someone else is winning, you’re going to want to try and slip them some of those negative points to affect the game and in a bad way for them if possible. The other unique mechanic in the game is the ability to change Trump. So for anyone who knows a trigger in game and Trump suit in those games, the regular rules are played in that you have to follow suit enable. The one exception to that rule is the ability to challenge knew that he would match the last card played the value of it. So Josh

was play five, and I played a five of a different suit, then Trump will now change to my suit immediately. And that is a legal play. Even if I had the suit at Josh i’d lead with. So that allows a little bit more of the deck manipulation.

Mostly because it can get frustrating to me in some games, where you can basically play three or four cards and then realize that you know, you’re sitting out for this round, because you got nothing of any use, it’s going to help you. And this can really allow players to manipulate the deck for the game to go the way they hope it will. And the last thing I’ll mention and because again, you can’t see it is on the zeros and zeros, the lowest ranking card in the game, but they can be the most valuable. And why I say Ken is that all of the zeros are worth no points except for the zero of Trump. Now, as I mentioned, Trump changes throughout the game. So you’re gonna want to manipulate Trump to be the color and the suit of any zeros you’ve taken to increase the chance at that zero will be one of the one worth five points and that is 01 of the points. So it’s pretty quick to learn pretty bad, very quick teach. Although I’ve never taught it to an audience who can’t see me teaching it, which is going to be kind of fun. And yeah, so it will basically talk our way through it as we play. And as Josh alluded to earlier, I also have another Kickstarter going right now and that is for Rise of the Elder Gods. A fun fast game, nice gateway game gateway both for gaming but also into the lovely world of HP Lovecraft. So wonderful art on there by Reese app when and if it interests you, I highly suggest checking it out. Got a great low price, and some some beautiful artists and fast gameplay. So yeah, that’s it for now we can jump right into this Josh if you’re ready.

Josh Hale 4:39
Now, you know, HP Lovecraft according to some modern theories was actually a woman who tried time travels.

Conor McGoey 4:45
Oh, that I’ve read a lot about him good and bad that I had not heard.

Josh Hale 4:51
Yeah, it’s it’s what is that doctor who that has HP Lovecraft one of those shows? Yeah.

Conor McGoey 4:57
That’s pretty funny.

Josh Hale 4:59
I have my my.

Okay, so since I was studiously getting everything ready, and you were teaching everybody else how to play. And I’m the actually, actually the person who’s playing with you. What am I starting to do call Alright.

Conor McGoey 5:17
So on your screen, you should have 10 cards visible in your hand. Is that correct? I do. Excellent. That is always the case. So regardless of player count, and then the deck will scale. So players always start with 10 cards. If you want you can arrange those by suit, which is done by color, but also iconography for anyone with colorblind issues. And then you’re going to see that there’s also a ranks of cards are ranked from 03 to 15. But because of our player count will only be using cards 04 through 12. Now each trick is very straightforward. I dealt, So Josh would get to lead he will pick any card he’d like from his hand and drop it onto the board. That is setting trumpet the being in the game. So Josh if you want to select the card from your hand and drop it onto the table,

Josh Hale 5:59
yeah, I’m doing just as you said before, I’m sorting stuff out. Is the artwork the same as on the table topia? Is it is on the actual game?

Conor McGoey 6:08
That’s correct. The only small Yeah, actually, it’s all been kind of up. I’ve updated most of it. So yeah, it’s all it should all be accurate. Cool. Yeah.

Josh Hale 6:16
So there is any now how many cards to take a trip?

Conor McGoey 6:20
Is it just too cold? For us? It’ll just be two or three players, it’d be three. If there was eight players, they’d be eight. Okay, everyone’s only contributing one card. So am I basically what I be sending out my my best efforts to start? Great question, I’m teaching it too fast, because I’m not in front of you. So if you depending Don’t tell me but depending on the values of cards in your hand, you’re going to see that the cards valued 10 through 12, will all have a point value of one, and that’s a little gold icon below their their rank and their suit, you’ll see that the nine would have a value of two, but the eight will have a value of negative four. So those are cards you really want to avoid, obviously. So my recommendation to new players when they first start learning, as I say lead low, because in this game, if you lead high someone do, they’re going to try to steal it by switching Trump. Or they’re going to throw you one of those negative eights to really hurt you.

Josh Hale 7:13
And what card switches Trump

Conor McGoey 7:16
whatever card matches the last suit played. So you throw it out there. And I’ll see if I can show you how what I mean.

Josh Hale 7:24
Oh, so it’s a una mechanic.

Conor McGoey 7:26
It isn’t it? Is it? I made the mistake of saying yes once because in uno, it then would change the suit that everyone else has to play. And that doesn’t happen in this game with two of us, it won’t be as obvious the show or the show people. But if you can imagine you’ve now put down a 12 of blue. Let’s say for example, that I play 12. Green, I’m changing Trump to green, but the next player would still have to play blue if they have it. So they’re not changing what’s being called for like that, right? Like

Josh Hale 7:54
I say, so you’re, you’re changing Trump, but they still if they have the ability to have to play the initial color lead.

Conor McGoey 8:02

Josh Hale 8:04
So I’m gonna do this. Oh, wow. It’s really big on my screen,

Conor McGoey 8:10
zoom in or with your mouse and it will go really bigger.

Josh Hale 8:12
Yeah, I just did that.

Conor McGoey 8:15
Already. So you’ve thrown he’s thrown a six of axes down. So I have to follow, I will either another x a higher or lower my choice, or I get there another six on there. Now what people can’t see is we have a little sword here. And we have a little Trump tracker, and for some reason, sort of locked.

Josh Hale 8:33
So one of my writers has your game Connor. And she’s only made one complaint about so far. And I don’t know if it was tongue in cheek or if it was just one of those conversations that just kept going south. Um, she said that she didn’t like how many times she had to use the word Trump in your game.

Conor McGoey 8:55
I’ve actually had I had during the campaign, I had my Kickstarter ads blocked, because they had the word Trump in them and I wasn’t authorized for political ads. And no way really

Josh Hale 9:05
not a political ad.

Conor McGoey 9:07
Yeah, exactly. That’s crazy that Goofy, and I was a trump card games have been around longer than Trump. Come on. So there we go. Sorry. After all that I’ve moved our little

tracking resource here. And now tell us what suit or color is going to be trumped. So Josh set its axis, he’s played a six, I’m going to play my 10 axes. And that is going to win the trick for me. So I’m going to simply collect those two cards, use the F key to flip them over and put them off to the side of my pile. Now we’ll each draw one new card and add it to our hand.

Josh Hale 9:42
Okay, so I draw from draw deck, I presume? And how do I just draw on exactly.

Conor McGoey 9:52
I just click it just click instead of clicking, I just click and kind of pull back and said click and hold.

Josh Hale 9:58
Okay, got.

Conor McGoey 10:01
Hey, there you go. Okay, and now I leave because I want the last trick. So I am going to lead What did you play for? Go?

Josh Hale 10:10
No, the last trick blue for

Conor McGoey 10:14
I played in kind of x.

Josh Hale 10:16
So am I blues been lead? But

I am. But Redis Trump.

Conor McGoey 10:29
That’s right. So if you have blue, you have to play it. Or you can play a four because I played a blue for if you don’t have blue, or you don’t have before, don’t want to play it. You could play any color you want, including pink axis, red, pink, there you go. That’s a better even better place. So he’s played the nine which is worth two points. So he’s followed my blue, play the nine on it and one himself to

Josh Hale 10:50
where’s my soundboard. A lot of those have been collected and put on your

Conor McGoey 10:53
side of the board. Actually, it will do is no, that messes up for everybody on this system. So I am blue. I’m gonna put it by the bag. There we go. You put your red bag at the top of the screen and put

Josh Hale 11:05
it in the bag.

Conor McGoey 11:07
zoom back a little bit should be

Unknown Speaker 11:08

Conor McGoey 11:11
Yeah, we can do either.

Josh Hale 11:14
Okay, gotcha. So now it’s my lean.

Conor McGoey 11:19
Ok. Ok. And now what I’ll do this each one card instead of making a draw, there you go.

And now you lead because you won the last one. Okay, so

Josh Hale 11:33
I don’t know how to strategize I’m looking

Conor McGoey 11:36
at you know how to strategize

Josh Hale 11:38
for listeners. I’m obviously not very strategic.

Conor McGoey 11:48
Oh, yet. Yeah, I think he was trying to log into a false insecurity. All right. So he’s thrown an 11 arrows, which is green down, that’s worth one point. So just to teach Josh how to play, I have a 10

arrows, I’m going to show him but I’m not actually going to play it. So there’s my 10 arrows, which I could play, but then Josh would have won the trick is 11, beating my 10 and he would get two points. So instead of doing that, I am going to play my blue 11, which is allowed because I’m matching the rank. And now because my cards played after his but it’s the same rank, I’m not changing Trump to blue, and I’m stealing these kind of know how I feel about this. And those two points. It’s almost like I made the guy that I will.

I’ll give us each card. And I will lead again. And this time, I’m gonna lead with the blue. So

yep. Klay Josh

says take Okay, so.

Josh Hale 12:48
So I’m not talking a lot because I’m trying to actually figure this out. This is like the reverse the entire podcasts on economy because normally I do exactly to you what you have done to me, I force a publisher or a friend, whatever, to come on to the podcast. And I say, Hey, I know you made this game, but we’re going to play this other game that you’ve never played.

And now you’re doing it to me and I’m, I now see what other people are silent half the time, the podcast the other way. It makes for a very entertaining moments. But I like when those entertaining moments are at the expense of somebody else.

Conor McGoey 13:31
Yeah, that’s fair. That’s her I can call the void. I suffer from verbal diarrhea. So it’s my turn chatting while you shred it. Okay.

All right. Now we did that last time you did right with your blue 10. So you get to lead.


Let’s put the green 12 like a sucker. So I’m going to throw

Josh Hale 13:52
my green. So those go in the blue bag right minus four points.

I just want to make sure you were paying attention will be to get out of here.

Conor McGoey 14:06
Mr Hale

Josh Hale 14:08
Oh, oh, oh, I thought it was just back and forth.

Conor McGoey 14:14
No, not with your 12.

No, no, whoever wins the trick leads to the next.

So while Josh thinks about his move, he’s obviously wearing what these crowd points I talked about earlier, at the end of the round will take all of our cards that we’ve collected, flip them over and count up just the courage of those valued points on them. Anything without a value on it, we don’t care. So that’s why getting and giving points or negative points is so important at the end there and we’ll add them up and whoever has the most will simply take one victory token. There’s no scorekeeping outside the tokens so the first person to win three tokens will have won the game. Very straightforward and it helps with any runaway lead again, I

Josh Hale 14:53
don’t I’m not feeling that. I’m feeling

Conor McGoey 14:56
like you know, one point for a total of three.

Josh Hale 15:00
Well, here’s my thought is, you know, right this second I’m just playing the game with you. And here’s let me win next game. I let’s make it interesting.

No, it’s not. Oh, man. I thought that that was Trump still stupid.

Conor McGoey 15:26
Alright, that was mine. Um, you know, I

Josh Hale 15:29
mean, I thought that was Trump

take some

technical term here.

Conor McGoey 15:38
Oh, no, that’s fine. I’ll let you take it back. I’ll let you take it back. It’s your first game or they’ll take back seas well people were

yeah sorry it’s true.

Oh, there you go. Well play it okay so you he’s played a six on my sexy has now changed Trump to green and he has the lead

actually did a podcast with a bunch of guys last year just around the same time is gorgeous was up we had a four player game going

Josh Hale 16:14
I’m gonna start doing the stream cast as well.

Waiting on the studio to get to where I want it to be all right, let’s do it.

So you got ran I I might as well take some points.

Conor McGoey 16:35
Which is fair.

Yeah, well done.

You got a green see.

Josh Hale 16:55
I don’t know how I feel about you being able to do that. I have negative I have a present for you when it’s a card that’s not the same

Conor McGoey 17:05
for everyone who cannot see what we’re doing.

Josh Hale 17:09
Americans don’t play hearts


well, Ohio we play you guys the same as me.

Conor McGoey 17:19
Think of think of hearts. Right?

What you don’t play hearts.

Unknown Speaker 17:28

Josh Hale 17:28
out of here. So is it my turn?

Conor McGoey 17:31
That’s true. That’s why the New City don’t have green hit at origins last year. It was crazy. Hopefully it’ll be that big of hidden origins this year. I’ll actually have copies for sale

Yes sir.

Josh Hale 17:47
I do not have great I don’t know how I feel about this.

Conor McGoey 17:50
Oh you making all the

Josh Hale 17:52
time so basically what he has done as he just took two of the zeros that are more valuable the end by having an hour. So I am currently sitting it like negative three points.

Which I protocol column because I made that mistake wants today

has positive 3 million points. So basically, he’s just making points off of making me loose. And I’m not sure how I feel about this at this point.

Yeah, but I’ve got like negative 20 points, man.

Yeah, they don’t

never had a stack on top of the bag. For you. They’re like

Conor McGoey 18:42

Josh Hale 18:43
for purposes understanding we’re playing on top. Yeah.

And there’s a lot of good drag and drop functions. But every once while you get something that’s a little glitchy.

Like dropping something into a bag should just like drop it up here right now when I dropped it in the bag. It just like hung out on top the bag acting like

like nothing happened.

Unknown Speaker 19:07

Conor McGoey 19:17

Josh Hale 19:19
I like to think of myself as a ninja gorgeous Maximus player. Oh,

Conor McGoey 19:23
yep. See, Well played, sir. He did very quietly as well. I played a blue five, he apparently has no blue. So he just stuck me with the pink eight. I’ve been trying to get out of his hand forever but playing little cards.

You just pretend like you know you’re doing for the first company draw all

Josh Hale 19:41
coming quite

Conor McGoey 19:42
alright. So that we’ve taken we’ve taken all the cards in the game. For this player count. Now we’ll take everything out of the bag.

Josh Hale 19:50
Okay, do I put them on the table? Or what?

Conor McGoey 19:53
I can’t see my screen.

Right click on on the bag.

Make sure you go to draw option, not the deal option.

Yeah, so what I usually do is I’ll drop them into the table, but only worry about the ones that are point value of and

Josh Hale 20:15
I ended up with

Conor McGoey 20:17
point values I stack and negative for go.

Three, or for example, but then

Josh Hale 20:25
Xiaomi rounded.

Conor McGoey 20:28
All those

Josh Hale 20:29

Conor McGoey 20:37
That’s not too bad, actually, for your first game. So blue is Trump. So only the blue zero is worth five points. That’s five, I mean, 67899. I’m just counting sorry. So I have nine, I have nine points.

And you have minus four points. There we go. So now all I would do is I would take one of these, these chips. I’ll put it next to my bags, we see that I’ve won one and I will one round. Now if I flip that chip over, it’s a two on the other side to show that I went two rounds. One type one three rounds. That’s the entire game. Just three, what’s that?

And then it’s game over?

Is there a way to

Josh Hale 21:20
So while we’re talking about this, I’m not picking on you to shuffle

Conor McGoey 21:24
everything up,

Josh Hale 21:24
I have some maybe exciting news on something I’m working on.

So I met these folks out west gamma, gamma is the trade show for basically industry folks. And we also have a retail presence. So we we go out the gamma. And I met these folks that have a school in Mexico to teach people how to build games.

And we found a game that we really, really liked. And I think it’s going to be the first game under our label. The will be being Christian. And

I hope it does, well. Obviously, it’s probably going to go to Kickstarter. And the upside of it is is that nobody will have to read my review of it. Because

I don’t think that would be particularly cool.

But I think it’s pretty neat game. And basically what we’re doing is we’re going to be donating a good portion of what is earned on it back to the school to teach more people how to build games.

Yeah, I think it’s kind of fun.

How many? How many suits are there?

Conor McGoey 22:50
That’s genius idea. I love that idea. That is very exciting news.

Yeah. Alright, so I’ll be nice. Even though I dealt, I’ll make myself go first this time, because going first is not advantages in this game.

A great question. So we are actually only playing with three suits, because there’s in a one, two or three player game use three suits and a four player game for suit and a five third game five suits. When you get to six, seven or eight players, you are just adding cards to the top and bottom of each suit. So at six player game, you’d be adding a three and 13 to the deck. So I pulled up

Josh Hale 23:29
the source as we’re playing I asked to see what other words work for. Right so attorney trauma bead and I want to be and agree. I said there aren’t any

Conor McGoey 23:43


Josh Hale 24:03

forgetting about the draw. It’s

Conor McGoey 24:07
not an easily.

Josh Hale 24:11
So basically what I did is he dropped a five and I dropped a five of another color which ended up being blue on top of it will change Trump. And that’s like the first intelligent thing I’ve done all game.

Conor McGoey 24:25
Oh, I don’t

know I do you want each time so you don’t have to?

Josh Hale 24:29
Yes, I understand. And I don’t know what to do.

I’m going to lead

Unknown Speaker 24:43

Conor McGoey 24:48
And it’s your lead because you want. Right?

Josh Hale 24:52
Lead low if you’re unsure, because there’s nothing really that can beat the seven absent putting something above the seven, right?

Conor McGoey 25:06
Yep, that’s good. I’m about eight is that always the ones you’re watching for? I will throw a 10

That’s right. And nothing by side zero below the 70s with any points and taken to a higher player camp.

Josh Hale 25:27
So we changed Trump yet again. I called in Now it’s my turn again.

Conor McGoey 25:33
So I can teach

Josh Hale 25:33
because it works so well. Last time, I’m just gonna throw

Conor McGoey 25:36
another shout out some color. Which can backfire to me if you don’t have

Josh Hale 25:40
this, or if you do that. I don’t mean no stinking card. Oh, you

Conor McGoey 25:43
played a red or pink six on my six. And now he changed Trump.

Unknown Speaker 25:52

Conor McGoey 25:58
pressure to see to cut it was not

Josh Hale 26:04

Conor McGoey 26:04
I don’t play my new character that would have been up here. All right, I went knows my life will let you two points. No property deal is each one card.

Josh Hale 26:13
My hyena laughs in your general direction.

So have you been watching Game of Thrones?

Conor McGoey 26:28
Oh, I don’t want your stinking hyena.

Josh Hale 26:32
Yeah, I’m kind of saying.

So I’m not gonna ruin it for you. Because you know, that would be wrong. But I have not. I just saw something.

Conor McGoey 26:44
I read the books. And then I watched the first two seasons, but we don’t

Josh Hale 26:47
i don’t really care one way or the other. It’s a show and you know, there’ll be other shows. I

Conor McGoey 26:53
not caught up on any of that.

Josh Hale 26:55
So you did 10

Conor McGoey 26:57
nor do

Josh Hale 26:58
I follow it. 10 blue and white. Trump.

Conor McGoey 27:02
It seems very polarizing and I have to lead it I have to play with mother.

Which is true of most of.

Josh Hale 27:12
So if I were to play a 10 of another color, I’d get two points and blue.

Or if I were to play and eight blue.

Conor McGoey 27:27

Josh Hale 27:31
God forbid, God forbid being chatty on a podcast.

Conor McGoey 27:37
That is cool. Recognize the good player? Um,

Josh Hale 27:41
I yeah, I

Conor McGoey 27:43
yeah, I should have thought

Josh Hale 27:46
we were doing a ball yesterday, which, you know, our podcast, pushed out like weeks in advance.

But there was this one moment where neither of us could figure out what to do. And it was like complete silence for like 10 seconds and it was so painful.

Okay, so I’m gonna play a five on to your seven. I think. Let me read check my cards. Yeah, that’s, I think going to be my best. Now I think I’m going to give you another high end.

Okay, you can have those cards.

Conor McGoey 28:32

Josh Hale 28:37
I’m oddly I’m okay with that.

Conor McGoey 28:42
You really don’t want to be

Josh Hale 28:43
I am. I am. At this point. I don’t really want to so how do you show negative points? Because I see you have some points up there. So.

Unknown Speaker 28:51

Josh Hale 28:53

Conor McGoey 28:54
Yeah, you know what? Look at my cards. I’m pretty screwed right now. You’ve already given me the blues.

You were

Josh Hale 29:02
looking for us who won the round? Not how many points they had. Okay.

Conor McGoey 29:12
All right, my token up there. And now you lead 11 matter. See, when they add up the point and I’ll have to decide was the highlight

Josh Hale 29:20
blue token or 11 something else? Or a romp? But I can’t do a Trump if I have a blue right by four. And I was a head by so much doesn’t matter this round. Oh, man. I don’t want to play it. Do you think this would be adequate?

Conor McGoey 29:36
Loving blue. Yeah.

Josh Hale 29:40

So that was entirely possibly maybe planned.

Conor McGoey 29:48
That is correct. So

Josh Hale 29:49
I am going to you know, I even like in these hyenas. I’m just going to let you hang out with another hyena. Oh, yeah, for sure. It’s great

Conor McGoey 29:57
play. But 12 on my 11 you get yourself to take a point and you can get him.

Josh Hale 30:08
So I’ve been told I have this bad habit. When I get on these podcasts. I have some metal dice from a dark silver Ford. Man,

Conor McGoey 30:17
you had a mic.

Josh Hale 30:18
And every time I get on podcast, I have this nervous habit of rolling. And because we’re so heavy in the table I have is basically hollow on top. It sounds like I got a bass drum in the background.

Conor McGoey 30:36
That’s what I can hear.

Josh Hale 30:40

I thought that was the game.

Unknown Speaker 30:45

Josh Hale 30:52
So you let blue you let it zero right?

Conor McGoey 30:56
Yeah, I got to actually get it in the game actually have on my desk. No,

Josh Hale 31:00
I don’t have any.

Conor McGoey 31:02
My computer do you

Josh Hale 31:03
have that?

Conor McGoey 31:04
The game does it as well. The game like yeah, I could do it here at the game.

Josh Hale 31:08
So I I mean, I threw him out my lion. And I pulled two points out as well as a zero.

Conor McGoey 31:17
Which I don’t have a know.

Josh Hale 31:18
That all goes into my bag. How much the zeros actually count at the end.

Conor McGoey 31:25
Oh, dirty.

Josh Hale 31:27
Well, oh, gotcha. Gotcha. Okay, now it’s my turn yet again. Right.

I’m going to give you another hyena.

Wow. It’s a laughing alligator.

Conor McGoey 31:44
Only the zero of Trump is worth points, and it’s worth five. It’s the most valuable turd in the game.

Josh Hale 31:50
Yeah, take him. Take them where you can because that’s the last point you’re going to get is correct. No, I have no idea.

Conor McGoey 32:00

hungry alligator? Well, I got some point. So I’ll do this. I’m gonna cost I think

Josh Hale 32:11
I’ll do this.

Conor McGoey 32:14
Do you think so?

Josh Hale 32:17
And I know I keep saying this night. I keep remembering that we are not doing this on some sort of

Conor McGoey 32:24
Trump. Trump Canadian.

Josh Hale 32:27
Okay, so I have a high 12 that I don’t think you can match unless you change Trump.

Conor McGoey 32:35

Josh Hale 32:36
Oh, that’s hardly


Conor McGoey 32:46

Josh Hale 32:55
Bow now sadly.

Conor McGoey 33:00
You anyone listening can imagine I had.

Josh Hale 33:02
So I had to throw a dream A to follow his

green zero and I couldn’t do it. No way.

Conor McGoey 33:10
You love that I changed Trump because now you get your frickin pink eight. given to me shortly.

Josh Hale 33:16
Oh, but it’s mine. Right? Oh, I was thinking. Okay,

Conor McGoey 33:22
you didn’t have enough green.

Josh Hale 33:24
And so here’s the question,

Conor McGoey 33:28
which isn’t too bad. You feel lucky? That zero is the one worth five points right now because it’s close to the end of the game. And it’s currently Trump.

Josh Hale 33:38
Yeah, well, so I have a red eight, which is native four points. Trump is currently green, because Connor, yet honor changed it thinking that it would be valuable to him. And he had to throw Trump 11, which beats my read eight, which he gets a point out of it. And he loses for.

Conor McGoey 33:59
That’s what I was screwed.

Josh Hale 34:07
I’m okay with giving you all of them.

So right now we’re counting. I’m at three, three minus four. Others,

Conor McGoey 34:23
I saw that comment and I actually bought those eight green hairs. Right? I didn’t

draw all of them. And here comes accounting.

Josh Hale 34:36
I got six. So

I want one round. And now Connor has to shuffle because I don’t know how to shuffle on this.

So basically, we have three callers. Yes, you did. How does the play ended up changing when you have three and four people because I would presume that the meanness goes up.

Conor McGoey 35:28
It can there can be more challenges for sure. There’s also more eight to need to worry about this more point value cards because there’s more.

So there’s a little bit more to watch. Makes it makes it a ton of fun. And actually, once you get to four more players, I highly recommend the team version

where you actually can play in teams of two or three, whatever you want to do. And then there’s four cards missing.

Unknown Speaker 35:57
Turn your hand. So you can

Josh Hale 35:59
have up to five I’ve

Conor McGoey 36:00
Yeah, basically, now that we’ve got to play you and I could play against a bunch of newbies. And then that’s for newbies to get destroyed. Okay, 30 cards are there, flip it over. shuffle it up.

A couple times. I’m superstitious, and then I will do this each.

Good suits. That’s correct.

Josh Hale 36:24
Is there laughter Oh, it’s so yeah, I see often bottom and I see that you will always have a 10 card and Whose turn is a person

Conor McGoey 36:30
gave him 10 card hand at 830. In

Josh Hale 36:34
the morning is the lead

Conor McGoey 36:37
to click player game is the only time you have a draw stack now

Josh Hale 36:39
Don’t we all stay the same. There’s no

Conor McGoey 36:41
drop back.

Josh Hale 36:47
No, no, I was just doing it more. So if people were actually

podcast, you know if they happen to be playing the game that maybe they will remember this brief of me asking.

No, I don’t know if

Conor McGoey 37:05
that’s true. So I’m going

Josh Hale 37:07
to go ahead and start with the sevens again.

Conor McGoey 37:12
Good question.

That’s smart. I like it.

Josh Hale 37:25
So I let a blue seven he took it with a red or a blue nine. And now just lead. All right. Let me see.

Conor McGoey 37:34
What do I want to do? How about I get a couple extra points and I’ll pay nine on that

Josh Hale 37:40
pink six

Conor McGoey 37:45
seater card.

Josh Hale 37:46
I might as well take a point while I can.

I really don’t need Okay, I bought this six. Pink Pink. I don’t have a seven. So I’m gonna throw six. Is that supposed to be a bowl?

Because all you really see on that picture is like the bulls but so therefore it leads me to believe that that is a BS picture.

Conor McGoey 38:25


Gotcha. I like that, actually. But the reason why which people can’t see unfortunately, is that all of the images all 16 cards of each suit, create a 360 degree panoramic was a Coliseum. So if you’re to line up cards beside each other, I did like this is cheating. But I’m see I’m playing a seven next to it. See how the image actually I

Unknown Speaker 38:55
don’t know how I feel about that.

Conor McGoey 38:57
So thank you actually lay them out. However, I do feel by looking at that

Josh Hale 39:02
bear. That’s as far as I can get with that emotion at this time

Conor McGoey 39:06
on k Trump is blue. You play Trump. I have no Trump. So I’m gonna give

Josh Hale 39:10
you a got me caught up in the case of the fields.


Conor McGoey 39:18
I think you for your love.

Josh Hale 39:20
So just do the same thing and

go ahead and give me another eight.

I think you’re scared of me as as why you keep taking points. You don’t?

Well, we know you’re not scared of me as a person. I remember seeing you in a gladiator outfit.

I mean, I wasn’t a bad idea. I wasn’t

Conor McGoey 39:53
there and I will play another nine and I wasn’t gonna say anything about your thigh.

Josh Hale 40:00
I will say that I got something for Instagram.

Um, let’s see here.

Conor McGoey 40:09
So I didn’t you


Josh Hale 40:12
or you know, I read your some of

Conor McGoey 40:14
your own hyenas back, sir.

Josh Hale 40:16
I guess Oh,

yes, I’ll do that.

I don’t really like it.

Conor McGoey 40:26
Yes, you did.

Josh Hale 40:33
I know. And it’s ugly. It’s like you planned this. And you’re not giving me any room for maneuvering. And I don’t know how I feel about that corner. Now I got colon stuck in my head.

Conor McGoey 40:48
This is for all of the tamales. All hot that I’m always writing. Call me Fred.

Josh Hale 40:56
There you go. So

so I was playing games with UGA at Academy games probably about a year ago. And it’s called Nova or something and Latin translates to Great.

So I was just calling them all day go.

Play just making them frustrated. So he started calling me peaches.

Yeah, you know what i i think i’m Oh, oddly. Oddly, I am okay with the with the name peaches.

So you lead the seven right and I dropped this year. I think

Conor McGoey 41:47
he won that one.

Josh Hale 41:51

He’s still called my peaches from time to time.

Conor McGoey 41:59
How come?

Josh Hale 42:01
You know? oddly, it doesn’t really bother me. You would think that it would.

Conor McGoey 42:08
Yes, you did. So I should be picking that up?


Josh Hale 42:16
See, that’s a pretty I might be kind of accurate for me.

I am delicious.

Unknown Speaker 42:28
Not a lot.

Josh Hale 42:30
I have words, words elude me. Meanwhile,

Conor McGoey 42:33
not really gonna bother me if I know God.

Josh Hale 42:37
I don’t know what to do here.

So if I, if I play a green, only thing that will be on green is 12. Right.

And I guess I could play another like 11 and change Trump.

What if I were just to do like this and drop a zero on your 11?

Conor McGoey 43:08

Josh Hale 43:11
Yeah, I think that’s what I’m going to do. And so I dropped a zero of Trump on his 11 so he just wasted 11 for nothing, nothing whatsoever. And

see, this is where it gets ugly because I’m not gonna tell him no green. You know what I got going on over here. But it’s an ugly hand for me right the second.

And yet again, here’s our silence that that moment where we’re now getting into the game, and neither one of us can think to move our lips as we’re thinking.

So I dropped a five a blue five, five, blue is currently Trump. He drops an aid on me because he’s kind of rude.

Your void and blue.

Conor McGoey 44:12
Alrighty. All right.


Josh Hale 44:17
Well, okay, so does that mean that that might go?

Conor McGoey 44:23
void of blue? I’m rude but also void and blue. So you just went to do No.

Yes, no, I am. I would have been an illegal

Josh Hale 44:40
you one you gotta go. Dude, court now it’s now

Unknown Speaker 44:45

Josh Hale 44:46
you can do is change it back and laughing young one.

Conor McGoey 44:49
You he played a blue throughout. So I played a pink 12 on top matches the rank and change Trump to pink stealing his car. And,

Josh Hale 44:56
you know, I’m going to go back to the hyena.

I’m all about the swearing that’s appropriate for the moment

Conor McGoey 45:13
changes Trump his color and

Josh Hale 45:16
somebody else was asking me that. And I said, You know, I don’t really care in a way. But you know, it’s one thing for you to drop, you know, an S here and there when it appropriately calls for it. That’s another that’s another for F bomb every other word.

Unknown Speaker 45:49
Oh, exactly.

Conor McGoey 45:53
But yeah, that’s actually true. That’s probably how I think but I haven’t thought about in that term. But that’s how I agree with Yeah, but don’t bother me know. when used properly. Oh, come on. Well, enjoy your victory a jerk.

Josh Hale 46:09
So I had to play the last drone.

Conor McGoey 46:13
Which I have none. No eat to feed him. He dropped good value points on his tag on it. So apparently

Josh Hale 46:21
ended up

Conor McGoey 46:23
we’ll see you might be a tightwad. I actually don’t know. You took more over old tricks than me. Yes.

Josh Hale 46:40
Is it

Why is it 71

Conor McGoey 46:46
and Trump do it right. The end.

On in the blue 00 points do you have

Josh Hale 46:53
I don’t like those.

Oh, Vic.

  1. Yeah, all eight. 910 11.

So I’m still negative points. Oh, dude, that is so horrible.

No, I have 1111 points. Positive 12 points negative.

Oh, I missed him. I missed him. So I have 13 points positive and 12 points negative. Yeah, that doesn’t change a whole lot for me.

Unknown Speaker 47:34
No, you should be better than that. Yeah.

Josh Hale 47:44
Well, rock on, man. So your Kickstarter is going on. Now. How many more days do you have?

Conor McGoey 47:49

  1. That’s right.

Josh Hale 47:55
Last Are you coming out to origin token here over to to

Conor McGoey 47:58
rock on. I keep playing until I won one more and then I would have won. Three wins.

Josh Hale 48:07
Are you going to be in your Gladiator Gladiator outside again?

Conor McGoey 48:11
Yeah, we know that. 19 or 18? It ends on June 5.

Josh Hale 48:15
Go do an HP Lovecraft outfit. Oh, you got to be.

Conor McGoey 48:21
Yes, I do. And I’ll have a bunch of demo

Josh Hale 48:24
tables as well. And I guess you’re right. Okay, so you can be a gladiator maybe you could be a gladiator was a kazoo beard.

Conor McGoey 48:31
I might actually I haven’t worn it origins yet. So maybe I will. Or did I wear it last year at work?

Josh Hale 48:37
Well, now you got it now. Now you have a thing going you do have to just keep adding?

Conor McGoey 48:40
I do but I have to wait until the games actually ready. I usually wear the outfit once I have

Josh Hale 48:44
an oddly I’m okay with you being miserable.

As long as I don’t have to wear it. Now I

show you saw me bright green shirts.

We now have bright green pants.

shoes that are bright green. And Connor it is pop.

Unknown Speaker 49:09
Weird. You’ve heard it here. First.

Josh Hale 49:11
There’s a possibility that I will have a bright green. Like

Unknown Speaker 49:17
there’s Oh

Conor McGoey 49:22

Josh Hale 49:25
Not it’s nowhere near my migraine? I don’t think.

Yeah, his mild. Mine burned your retinas.

Conor McGoey 49:35
Oh, heck yeah. Bring it

Unknown Speaker 49:39
making the joke air.

Josh Hale 49:42
That if a publisher still out there, Ruth by the time I get there that I know they want to talk to me.

But it’s actually true. They saw me a mile before I got there. Nice,

Conor McGoey 49:52

Josh Hale 49:54
So anyways, man, we’ll see you at origins. Thanks so much for coming on the podcast. And

if you send me some links for your Kickstarter, I’ll make sure to post that on the site. And apart from that, man, thanks for coming. And thanks for teaching me gorse madness. And, you know, what else do you have coming out that you want to you know, lead into anything besides your elder scrolls stuff?

Conor McGoey 50:16

No problem.

Josh Hale 50:24
A weird Western green

Cowboys, Indians and zombies I

lab see what goes on with a man. You know, obviously, you know, zombies in the western attire. And then we’ve been obviously been saying to we rains, so yeah, yeah. So

Conor McGoey 50:47
Cowboys, Indians and zombies.

Josh Hale 50:50
Yeah, I’m quick on the uptake every once in a while, kind of Thank you so much, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Conor McGoey 50:57

Unknown Speaker 51:08
That was actually well done. I like that.

Conor McGoey 51:13
That’s pretty. That’s pretty good.

No problem at all. Thanks for having me.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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