Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – Ian Moss w/ Architects of the West Kingdom

Long Distance Gaming - Architects of West Kingdom - Epsiode 11 - Ian Moss

Josh Hale 0:02
Hey all welcome to the long distance gaming podcast. Today we are going to be playing architects of the West kingdom. I have with me, Ian moss, who is the designer of dual sore Island, as well as I’m sure many other things that sit and wait for the world to see them. And today he’s going to be teaching me architects of the West kingdom. It is a worker placement with apparently a little bit of worker investment where the more card you use of a particular worker, the more powerful it is. But I’m going to turn it over to Ian so he can teach me the game while you are all listening to us and in Tell me about architects in the West. Okay.

Ian Moss 0:49
So in architects of asking him, you have your workers which are all these peoples you have, I believe, about 20 of them, which seems like a lot, but it’s never

actually going to be enough. So on your turn, you do one of two things, you either place a worker out to a location and take the action. Or if you have no workers left, and you supply you return one worker from the board to your supply, it’s very inefficient, but there are some better ways to get your workers back. So I’ll just go over the different locations. So this is sort of a worker investment game. So a lot of these things, you’ll see you get one per thing per worker you place here. So the quarry which is this location, here, you get one stone per worker that you have there. So the first time you go, there will be one second time you go there be two, etc, ad nauseum. Same with the forest forest is where you get would you get one wood per worker that you place there. So the more you place there, the better silversmith is you get one coin, one silver plus one silver, per worker you place there, so it starts off too. So that’s the general flow of a lot of these locations is the more workers you place at the location, the more work that they’re able to do. So we’re trying to do is we’re trying to build buildings, as we are architects, and that is the thing that we want to do. And also we can help build the cathedral, which is this location of here, helping build a cathedral is worth a lot of points, but also so as building buildings. But to do that, we will need all of the resources. So we’re going to have cards, I believe we get four of these from this deck, once you believe just draw from here. Yeah, I’m gonna draw four of them. And we’ll actually be drafting these as we start by can kind of go through the rest of it how everything else works. If you want to go and grab for those, you can look at them

Josh Hale 2:55
have four cards there in my hand, you do not see

Ian Moss 2:58
them, I do not each card. As you can see if you figure out how to zoom, which I don’t know how far each card has the number of victory points that’s worth on the top right. So the one that I can see currently is worth six points. In the top left, it is the type of worker or the type of apprentice that you need to have employed, some cards will have multiple and some don’t have that requirement. The apprentices are over in this area in the workshop, which is another location you can go to. And they tell you what type they are in the top left. And the way that you purchase these is you go to the workshop and you spend four silver to get one of them. And how many like how far and you can go is depend on how many workers you have there. So the first one, it always crush you for the first one, you can either get the one on the far that either of these ones on the far left, if you have two workers there, you can get any of these four, three workers is the six, if you have four workers there, you can get any of these people. So it’s kind of like a little bit of a market thing. But it still works with the investing of workers. And they will give you something, they’ll either give you an immediate action, which is the purple, if they have a loss of virtue or a gain of virtue, which is sort of like a secondary track, you’re going to be going up and down. Or like this one whenever you go to the text and you also get a gold. So the pickpocket will get you a gold every time we go to the text. And that’s why it says text and political.

Josh Hale 4:40
So he gives you a gold, but he doesn’t affect you if

Ian Moss 4:42
you immediately lose one virtue, which is what the little lightning bolt with a slash through virtue here. So virtue is the purple track, which is over on the left. And I can go to end it a little bit better later. But more virtue is worth more points. Less virtue at the end of the game is worth negative points. But they have their benefits going one way or the other. So when you pay for an item in silver, if it has red silver icons like these top two in the workshop, it means that they those to go to the tech stand. And if you want to you can go to the text and lose to virtue and get all of the silver that’s there. So it starts at four. So that’s actually kind of good. That’s a way to get a lot of money really fast, but it hurts you because you’re a little less virtuous for taxing the people. If you look back at your card, the only other things that to know is the resources that it requires. So they don’t tell you how much of each one that you need, if you look at them, and then once you have those, you can take the action to build the card, taking the action is going to the Guild Hall, we actually play some of your workers and lay them down. So when you return workers, you don’t return anyone that you’ve placed at the Guild Hall as sort of our timer for the game. So in two players, we only have these first three spots in each row.

And the game ends when the whole track fills up.

So some of the other locations. So I said the quarry and the forest, the mines work the same way, you get a brick plus a brick per worker or and this is a choice, you can’t do multiple things, it’s just one action. Or you can get a gold for every two workers you have there. So the first time you go there, you can obviously get brick, but then after that you can either get more brick or get a gold talked about the silver Smith, the talk about the workshop, the other item you can think you can get in the workshop, when you go there, instead of paying the cash is to get more of these cards that you can build. So that’s the way you get building cards is you get one building card plus one for every two workers you have. So we’re going to kind of get through some of these and might want to build more. And if you want to, then that’s the way you get more of those cards. Very good. There’s only a couple other places. So if you go to the Guild Hall, you can build one of your buildings at the bottom of your building, it’ll tell you if it has a special ability, it’ll either be like, at the end of the game, which will have a little flag icon. And it’ll probably be worth points, or it’ll have an immediate effect, which will have the lightning bolt icon. So you just do the thing that it says when those come up. The other thing you can do at the Guild Hall is you can help build a cathedral every time anytime you want to build the cathedral, it will cost you one of those cards that you have. So this one, the first level of cost you a card. So you’ll discard one of your building cards and pay a gold, you’ll move up. Anytime you help build the cathedral, you’ll get one of these cards, which is just a little reward of like virtue or extra resources or something. So yeah, so that’s all this deck, and it’s sort of a random reward for helping build the cathedral.

Unknown Speaker 8:05
So if you go to the tax stand does it cost you It costs you

Ian Moss 8:08
to virtue, but you get all of the money from the text. And so this track is like an extra cost or benefit from doing the different things. If you move up higher on the virtue track, if you get to like space number 10, because we will start at seven, you can no longer go to the black market, which are these spaces down here. So the three spaces in the black market, only one worker can be at. So you have the tax stand. And most of the locations have the big circle, which means any number of players can be there, the black market only has one space per release once and you pay these costs to get the thing underneath it. So this first space is a silver and lose virtue to get a golden a wood. This will change throughout the game, but two coins in a virtue to either hire and apprentice for no extra cost or drop five building cards and keep one. And then the last one is three coins in a virtue to get to.

I think it’s marble, I think it’s called

a stone. And I would say that’s really good because marble is actually really difficult to get. And then once your person is on the black market, they’re kind of stuck there until it fills up. The other way to get marble is that the king the storehouse, you get one action per worker you have there. And then these are just the costs to either raise your virtue or get a marble.

Josh Hale 9:47
Start with them and gold, I’m not

Ian Moss 9:49
sure. I would think so I think we would start with some, but I thought that’d be listed on your player board. And it is not as I remember. Alright. So the last thing to mention, is the guard house.

And that also has to do with the town center.

So in the I’ll talk about the town center first and the town center is you place a worker there, and you pay a coin to the text and to capture a group of workers of the other player or your own. If you take your own, they just go back to your supply. If you take your opponent’s group of workers, they go to this special little neat area on your player board that has that same symbol. And those are workers that you’ve captured, so we can capture each other’s workers. Now the reason we want to do this, besides being a jerk, is because you can drop them off at the guardhouse to get one coin for each one that you drop off. That’s another way to get money is just sort of be like oh, you have a lot of people in the Corey, I think I’m going to take them from there. Specifically into players, you get two actions per worker that you put there and pay a coin. See, you put a worker there pay one coin, you can capture two groups of workers instead of one. Say and then on later turn you can go to the guardhouse, which gives you one action per worker, you can deposit any workers you have captured into the guardhouse and get a coin for each, you can release all of your people from the guardhouse. Or you can pay five coins or take a debt and lose a virtue to release any ones that are captured on the another players board. So another player can just hold on to your workers and never go to the guardhouse. But you can just come here and get them released. Like hey, listen, you didn’t really have a warrant, so you have to let them free.

Josh Hale 12:03
So we start the first quarter starts with three

or four months.

Ian Moss 12:08
The last thing you can do the guard tower is pay six money to flip over a debt. Some things in the game will give you a debt, which is these cards here. And that’s how you pay them off, they’re worth minus two points at the end of the game. If for every debt that you have, that’s unpaid. If you flip them over to flip, yeah, then whenever you pay off a debt, you get a virtue.

So that’s that’s bad. But also,

if you do have that, it gives you a virtue for paying it off. So if you’re good, you can just be like, Yeah, but if not, you can be like no, I definitely will take negative victory points to keep doing the bad things that I’m doing. So if you want to, we can draft these cards, or if you want, you can just pick one that you want to discard of your starting cards, and we’ll just discard it to kind of skip that process. Yeah.

Josh Hale 13:03
Just Just card water, my points and good. Shuffle.

And I don’t know what I’m discarding. But for, okay. See, I just put it back on. I’m going to discard this.

Ian Moss 13:29
Alright, so let’s see what you want to build, I would usually pick like one of your buildings that you’re trying to go for first and then start getting the resources for that one is usually the good hint. At the end of the game, it tells you all the scoring at the venture. On the bottom of your thing here. Like you get points for all the buildings that you bill, how far you got in the cathedral, wherever you are on the virtue track, minus two points for every unpaid debt. Any gold or marble that you have is worth one because those remarks expensive resources, every 10 points over the point and then every two people you have still in the guard house is worth minus one point.

Josh Hale 14:14
So go ahead and take your first turn, try to tell people what you’re doing, although I know, CS, or the interesting thing of the idea. So I am going

Ian Moss 14:25
to I’m just gonna move my entire player board

instead of just grabbing a singular worker. So I’m going to go to the forest, which will give me one would

because I would

Unknown Speaker 14:45
I did

Josh Hale 14:48
you went to the horn

Ian Moss 14:49
do the better thing. So you pay $3

Josh Hale 14:52
to go to the black market. Just

Ian Moss 14:54
back to the supply, not the tech stand. And you lose a virtue. I’ll go I’ll go ahead and move over to 48 go here at six. Yeah, stuff is to the left over here is all the resources to get to marvel a stone and it would just much better than my one would turn.

Yes, I like steadily declining.

Josh Hale 15:21
I am now less

Ian Moss 15:22
if you get too low, you can no longer build help build the cathedral. They don’t want your help anymore.

Unknown Speaker 15:32
Wow, that’s the suddenly

Josh Hale 15:36
it’s like, you know, you don’t have to go home. So

Ian Moss 15:38
I’m going to do a very boring turn. I’m going to go get to wood at the forest. Hey. I’m sorry, if I hold shift. I can get multiple things at a time. But I’m not gonna do that. I’m just gonna go one at a time. f3 What? Right. Few mines. And you always get one for going there plus one for everywhere.

Josh Hale 16:04
Where if

Ian Moss 16:06
I cannot up on this game is great. No one who’s listening can see it. But it is very good.

at tier two super worker.

Josh Hale 16:18
So apparently, I’m moving my entire player board.

Unknown Speaker 16:21
Listen to you please. One at a time, man.

Josh Hale 16:23
So I’m going to take a

Unknown Speaker 16:25
worker throwing on a worker so at least three bricks. No.

Ian Moss 16:30
Are you it’s over the course of multiple turns, I get to do things in between. I can’t.

Josh Hale 16:36
I thought it was too.

Ian Moss 16:42
I don’t know if I like that as well. Right? Although it is very bringing

Josh Hale 16:47
in either it’s called Klay apparently,

Ian Moss 16:50
although I guess I don’t know how you visualize Klay however you visualized Klay It looks like a brick and I guess the game was

Josh Hale 17:09
I visualized Klay

Ian Moss 17:10
person so their their interpretation and Klay does not match up with your

Josh Hale 17:14
that’s the guy’s name. So that’s what Klay

Ian Moss 17:19
right. Alright, so I need some money? Not at all. Not at all.

Josh Hale 17:23
We are completely different planets,

Ian Moss 17:26
I’m gonna lose to virtue. So I’m actually lower than you currently. But I do get all of these coins.

I pick up this whole stack.

Can I pick up this whole stack?

I’m just gonna drag it out. Whatever it is.

You got to play the first time. You should get three. Great, good. So

Josh Hale 17:57
while you’re doing that, I’m going to if you

Ian Moss 18:00
look at the I get two plus one for every worker you put there.

Josh Hale 18:04
No, I only one.

Ian Moss 18:07

You are much better at resources than I.

Josh Hale 18:12
So I’m getting three this time plus one for the last time. Forget what I’m

Ian Moss 18:15

Josh Hale 18:16
good. Very good. So I’m taking my

Ian Moss 18:18
and we go to the quarry to get one stone singular stone

Unknown Speaker 18:29
kit at it here.

Ian Moss 18:31
Next turn super exciting, I’ll

Josh Hale 18:33
call you and I will get a singular stone.

Ian Moss 18:40
I have to keep checking the card that I want to build and be like Wait, do I have the things I know? I’m gonna follow you into

Josh Hale 18:46
I’m gonna get to some right?

I know where I’m at oddly, which is like not normal for me. I mean, you’ve played games with me and a lot of you know go into debt and you know normally I have no idea what I’m doing I’m just like

Ian Moss 19:05
all right, let’s do the workshop. I’m gonna spend four coins which will take me the rest of your whatever you’re doing on your turn. So

Josh Hale 19:12
every single time

Ian Moss 19:16
wait to have those go to the text and here you go taxed and have some money. Also, if you get low enough on virtue, you no longer have to pay me stone. I will take this pickpocket who has fancy fancy art and I will put him somewhere I’m gonna put him right here.

Unknown Speaker 19:34
That’s your work you work for me know.

Ian Moss 19:38
Alright, so if you want to do that you go to the Guild Hall. And you’ll attempt to lay your worker Okay, so I know

Josh Hale 19:45
I can do one

Ian Moss 19:46
of my first Diego top lemon building

Unknown Speaker 19:50

Ian Moss 19:52
is it rotate? No, it doesn’t do it.

Josh Hale 19:57
Oh yeah, I’m just trying to see how the land down

Ian Moss 20:01
I figured out

Unknown Speaker 20:04
FF flips

Ian Moss 20:08
Alright, so then you can complete the card if you have the stuff. What do you do? Do you have the you have the worker you need the apprentice? Very good.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
Maybe does it

Josh Hale 20:21
I do have a stuff. What do I do with it? Where do I put it?

Yeah, oh, I need an apprentice.

Oh no, I don’t have anything. I gotta come back. Okay, so now I need to buy apprentice

Ian Moss 20:34
right? Well there’s money at the text or you can set up money I’m going to money every time you go to the silversmith or plus number

Josh Hale 20:42
four calm

Ian Moss 20:47
and I just get a gold every time I go to the text and so I don’t want you to be hoarding all my taking all the money from there because I need to go there and get my bonus

virtue for buying the pickpocket.

No virtue I can no longer build on the cathedral. I don’t know.

I think it’s mine now. I see what am I doing? I don’t feel bad. I don’t need the motor years stuff. Let’s let’s go into the mindset because

Unknown Speaker 21:19
Klay Okay. Oh,

Josh Hale 21:30
I’m going to silversmith taking three gold three money.

Ian Moss 21:34
Klay No, come on. Come on. Come on table topia, you can do it I believe in you.

Unknown Speaker 21:41
Clay and Klay.

Ian Moss 21:43

I will go to the text and at least two more virtue.

Get two coins at one goal.

Josh Hale 22:00
grow the former Smith and I will take four gold. Silver.

Ian Moss 22:03
Yeah, I am also going I’m going to the workshop and I need to hire somebody else. So I have to pay

me three coins. Yep.

Josh Hale 22:26
For purposes of conversation, I’m at the silversmith and I’ve got three guys there. You have not yet taken me to the guardhouse, you certainly could shut up I go to the mean it doesn’t

Ian Moss 22:39
really prevent

Josh Hale 22:41
you from doing anything.

Ian Moss 22:44
But hoarding money means that you could always just release them so I don’t get any money.

So if you go to the if you enter the guardhouse, you pay five coins to release all of your people from an opponent’s board. So if I go grab your money just go to the guardhouse and release them and I don’t get any money for capturing yeah

Unknown Speaker 23:20
so much money

Josh Hale 23:22
so I could do this to get more because my turn right

so I could go up there and

Ian Moss 23:29
now on to you I get so if I capture your rifle you can just release them and you then you get back to

Josh Hale 23:35
you out of let you from home Berlin grabbing

Ian Moss 23:38
a little bit money to do it. Alright, so I think I need to actually go build a thing because I can do that now. Because I have the right people for it. I made sure alright, so I played this which I have both of the right people I have to pay I earlier

Josh Hale 24:00
board six money.

Ian Moss 24:06
I don’t think you ever will.

Josh Hale 24:12
I never want to worry about money again. I messed up.

Ian Moss 24:17
I’m probably going to get more stone. I’m probably gonna get out there

Josh Hale 24:22
by just continuing does take money again.

Okay, so now I’m gonna go to the workshop.

Ian Moss 24:40
Like my pay less coins to do it. But you can imagine you’re in the workshop. So I need to get any either. How do I get on the front? Which are the same Squire currently bought that same smug Squire. Just under your board somewhere. Just kind of set them down there. I know what they do. Yep. To have it goes to the text and which I will steal and where do I put them?

Josh Hale 25:11
No asked me for.

Ian Moss 25:13
So the player boards normally just have like a starting regular setup, but the other side of all of them and the regular game, they have like, perfect setups. So you start at different like with different starting resources and money, and also in different spots of the virtue track. So if I start anywhere under seven, in the like the asymmetric version of this game, I usually just go full, like, I’m not gonna be virtuous at all this game, I’m just gonna just gonna lose a lot of points at the end of the game.

But not pay taxes. That’s the that’s the main part.

Nice move stuff down the new one, do the thing. All right, to have enough to get to know. All right, thanks, turn getting some wood.

So the Squire out there, they’re going to be the same. The one that you have every time the black market refreshes, which is when these three things acquire one of these thresholds in the Guild Hall. Like there’s like a little icon every time that happens, which is like twice or three times during the game. You You can pay something to get a glass I believe of you have no one in if you have no people in the guardhouse, you just get a marble immediately.

Yeah, double square.

Yep, you get a virtue for that also.

Josh Hale 27:01
Okay, so back to the thing and take another supplier we’re on opposite ends of that spectrum. And I cost before right?

Ian Moss 27:10
Yeah, I gave you both um

Unknown Speaker 27:13

Ian Moss 27:15
I want to say it’s we’re luckily

Unknown Speaker 27:18
I don’t get

Josh Hale 27:20
Oh, I get it. Now. Did you already give me the

Ian Moss 27:22
time to go to the king storehouse. And I’m going to turn these three

these three stone into one marble? Because unlike you have a problem getting marble?

Unknown Speaker 27:46
Yes. Oh,

Josh Hale 27:57
okay. So is it my turn?

Unknown Speaker 27:59

Josh Hale 28:01
I am going to go back to the thing again, and I’m going to take the thief because that benefits you most? Yeah,

Ian Moss 28:08
yeah. If you could pay, I’m gonna make you pay a couple of those.

Josh Hale 28:14
Since you’ve been taking the tax overtime. All right. I mean, that’s what you were going for. Right?

Ian Moss 28:23
So there’s, there’s a lot of apprentices going around. Alright, so I think I have no doubt about it. Eventually, I’ll be able to build a thing. It’s games all about eventually building a thing. I got turned in three wood for a marble and I get another action. I don’t care about rich Your

dad Your virtue? Yeah.

You have the money for it.

Unknown Speaker 29:01
I’m gonna go

Ian Moss 29:02
get a real nice stand for me.

Josh Hale 29:06
And I’m going to take

Unknown Speaker 29:10

Ian Moss 29:12
patron you gotten four people. So here. Okay, so

Josh Hale 29:22
I am not virtually honest with you.

Ian Moss 29:30
Alright, so I’m actually going to do this thing that I said I was gonna do long time ago.

So I have the right people, I have all the resources I need. I immediately gain a virtue, which I don’t know why I wanted to do that. But

Josh Hale 29:43

Ian Moss 29:46
because we’re nine points at the end of the game.

Alright, so that goes over here. I’m just gonna, I’m done. Those those? Yeah.

Josh Hale 29:57
Why would you do that? That’s silly.

Ian Moss 30:00
It costs you one less. So don’t prevent one. Loss of virtue, you still have to take minus one. But you’re I mean, you’re probably virtuous right now.

Josh Hale 30:10
So I’m going to go the tax fan since it doesn’t cost me any virtue.

Ian Moss 30:16
Yeah. Is that right? My coffers? Be a nice.

Josh Hale 30:25
Well, beyond that. That’s a lot of money that doesn’t go into chaos. Moss’s hands. I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve had to pay money for

Unknown Speaker 30:33
the text in the YI. Oh, wait, no, I

Josh Hale 30:35
can’t imagine that you would there were nine in here. So I’m only going to take eight because we apparently over stacked up on unless there was something that number.

Ian Moss 30:45
Now you have a bunch of money, I’m going to make you spend it, I want to go to the town center. I’ll pay a coin. I don’t have to because this is the tax stamp. And that’s free for me.

Josh Hale 30:54
So it’s

Ian Moss 30:56
all of your workers from the silversmith

they’re going to come join my little guard house over here. And you have to pay to get them out.

Unknown Speaker 31:07
It’ll cost you five

Unknown Speaker 31:10
to the bank.

Ian Moss 31:14
The guardhouse? And then for my second one, I’m going to take back three of my own

Unknown Speaker 31:20
how much

Josh Hale 31:24
to you are to the bank to have which because so where do I put my God to do that? You have it?

Unknown Speaker 31:30

Ian Moss 31:33
Take Take my money.

Josh Hale 31:40
Does any of that go into the tax collector or

Ian Moss 31:42
the third game wise to have it?


Josh Hale 31:48

we kind of got this on a roll going now what what else do you got going on

Ian Moss 31:54
there? I think fun. Well, I think the next big thing and I was kind of just told this but we’re actually going to be having one Wonderland

Josh Hale 32:03
live too. But you know, I’m Gen Con. That’s more interesting to me than maybe somebody who doesn’t

Ian Moss 32:08
that’s a that’s one of the ones that john and I are doing with the Eisner spend and Tim Eisner who did title blades and Tim did grim forest and then they both did the grim masquerade which released at origins which is fantastic.

Through drew to the sky bound, yep, so it’s gonna have both their logos on the one box.

kind of highlights I don’t know what I’m doing anymore was gonna be going

Josh Hale 32:43
to Sky bounder

Ian Moss 32:46
silversmiths, it is

Josh Hale 32:49

Ian Moss 33:01
If you don’t have enough apprentices now, I don’t know what you’re doing.

Josh Hale 33:05
You captured a bunch of my people all at once. So I do appreciate having people back. Ok, so now I’ve got enough to do my shopping.

Ian Moss 33:15
And I believe you definitely have enough resources but you have a gold.

Josh Hale 33:20
Okay, so I’m doing this I’ve got enough for this right. This is the fortress visit the mind just gonna go.

Ian Moss 33:35
Very to work. Oh, no. See, just give. Yeah, it’s not a great game. Okay.

One of these things might fix some ground.

Josh Hale 33:45
So it’s my turn. Now. It’s my turn as work done. So how many gold do I know? I hope play aboard stop.

That’s horrible.

Ian Moss 33:55
Are you doing that? Can I go here and get for would?

Three say You would?


Josh Hale 34:24
Sorry. I was creating on trying to figure out how to get my stuff over here. Yes,

okay. I believe now. Is it my turn.

Now, I’m going to go build something. And you’ve got a flip me up there

Ian Moss 34:44
on the bottom and gives you two free captures, so you can capture your own workers back or you can capture I think it costs groups of my workers. I would suggest your own workers. But you know, that’s just me.

Josh Hale 34:58
What does it give me? I just thought

Ian Moss 35:02
that is the reason Yes.

Josh Hale 35:14
Are you saying that because you don’t want me to capture your list? That was the wrong bag?

Unknown Speaker 35:21
Just making sure we are on you just like no you don’t go here. You stop now.

Josh Hale 35:26
So there’s a marble hanging out on top of those bags up there. I always liked how table topia, if you don’t get it perfectly, it just like we’re just gonna have you hang out for so it is a sort of a game of two halves.

Ian Moss 35:42
In the world, this is a very different take on Wonderland. So tell me about the sort of the Wonderland that you know, the island things are a bit different. What’s the looking glass? What

Josh Hale 35:51
is it? What is that? What

Ian Moss 35:54
you war is come to Wonderland basically, it’s why it’s called Wonderland tour. So it is a drafting and then an area control game. And they kind of work a little bit separately where you kind of bounce back and forth between one and the other. But you are playing as the different factions of Wonderland like Alice and her rebellion. The Red Queen, obviously, Mad Hatter and his tea party. And then also the jabber walk is is no longer fictional. He is real and he wants to prove it by taking over Wonderland.

So besides the the super fun stuff that we’re doing with the gameplay, and we’ll also have art by Manny Trembley, who did dice throne. So if you if you have seen his art Yeah.

Josh Hale 36:45
As well he should I mean, and honestly

Ian Moss 36:49
it’s a very manly art style. Yeah, it’s a it’s a little bit crazier. I would say a little bit more mad.

Just very thematic. Oh, no. Okay.

Josh Hale 37:05
Same style, different style.

Unknown Speaker 37:18
It’s been a lot of fun. It’s kind of

Josh Hale 37:20
love if you’re waiting. It’s

Ian Moss 37:24
very hard to get people to Yeah, we started showing people at origins, but it was very much like no

Josh Hale 37:31
telling people what it was,

Ian Moss 37:32
I want to say invite only but I had the only coffee exists at that time. So people had to like come find me if they wanted to see.

Right, yeah. centrally located is is a good way to say it because we’re like three hours from origins and also three hours from Gen Con. So it’s like the perfect L shape of those two conventions.

Josh Hale 37:58
Oh, cool. I didn’t know you were at origins. I should have guessed. I mean, you’re generally local.

Unknown Speaker 38:10

Josh Hale 38:17
farther from Gen Con than you But well, actually, I just signed. We are going to be in Columbus starting August 1. And I’m sure there are there’s

Unknown Speaker 38:27
definitely 100 games there.

Josh Hale 38:30
We are in a far different position than when you first met me when I was doing like you know a couple games per convention for our writers. We we picked we picked up 100 game for our writers at origins.

Unknown Speaker 38:44

Ian Moss 38:47
I believe it is your turn.

Josh Hale 38:51
It’s it’s a slog. I mean, it’s a whole different sort of work than what you do, obviously. But you know, it’s my writers all say, Man, it’s like Christmas every time we get a package from you because we have no idea what’s coming.

Ian Moss 39:07
Yeah, I think it’s right grabbed

Josh Hale 39:08
my turn. I’m sorry. Okay, so get

Ian Moss 39:13
a song enough for that reason I said other reasons. To do

Josh Hale 39:18

Ian Moss 39:19
I need if it’s my turn

it’s still free.

I got my for that from your help myself a little bit. And boy, You sure have five other other reasons, land in their own business. Be real shame somewhere to happen to him.

He’s just making way more money than me, but I’m still

making you spend your turn.

Josh Hale 40:03
And I just paid $5 to get my people back.

Ian Moss 40:06
I can pay a coin to that two more times. So I am but I’m just gonna grab my own people back. I know. I feel like I don’t want to keep doing that.

Josh Hale 40:15
But in all fairness, you gave me a bunch of people back

Ian Moss 40:17
so it’s nice to like build some place up and get a lot of work. But also that looks really appetizing for me fairly rare opponents just be like oh, I’m just gonna go take those. Oh, man already. like half the stuff I need.

Josh Hale 40:35
I didn’t feel like the thing to do

Ian Moss 40:37
is Marvel i don’t know i everyone likes Marvel in this in this world, but it’s really expensive. To Marvel immediately. So lightning bolt mean. Automatic

Josh Hale 40:49
so I’m building another building.

Ian Moss 40:53
That would be waiting. There’s a semblance of balance here.

Josh Hale 41:03
And I think I get to marvel at turn is that what that is?

Oh, that’s horrible. I thought was better than that.

Ian Moss 41:16
You put your your non flipped person up here. I got it. Why?

Josh Hale 41:20
Why would I want that? I mean, listen,

Ian Moss 41:22
real tired. When they go the Guildhall they got me down.

Josh Hale 41:24
So I need to get rid of stuff in order to take my marble, but now I have a building. Right another building that will help with the cathedral and I’m sorry, I can’t I’m really just not virtuous at all.

Unknown Speaker 41:41
They won’t let me anymore.

Ian Moss 41:44
I gotta turn some of this stuff into other stuff.

Josh Hale 41:48
Well, in all fairness, it’s kind of like there you know, end of week, you know, let’s go hang out with building

Unknown Speaker 41:53

Ian Moss 41:55
To stone. Yep.

gonna move your coins around. So few of them over here. Yeah.

Only the new for once.

Josh Hale 42:19
Okay, so it’s my turn.

Unknown Speaker 42:23

Ian Moss 42:24
what am I doing a bunch of Marvel so you can pretty much do anything you want. So you can see how much

Unknown Speaker 42:31
I know it’s weird. I need and I can’t get

Unknown Speaker 42:38

Josh Hale 42:41
I don’t know what to do.

Ian Moss 42:44
I can tell everyone can hear it in your voice to just

Josh Hale 42:51
have to marvel.

Ian Moss 42:58
Right? You didn’t do that layers to specific change for Tom? Nope.

Josh Hale 43:09
Yeah, um, so I’m going to go ahead and go to the town center and spend my to me that’s different.

Ian Moss 43:16
I know you got out of your board you have to

Josh Hale 43:19
watch right? Because I only got one guy there.

Ian Moss 43:24
Okay, is it the guardhouse and you go to the guardhouse? Come out for the five

Josh Hale 43:31
I’m gonna go ahead and do

Ian Moss 43:34
it’s always the you know, made it too good. Got a couple groups out here. You got this group at the Korea looks.

Josh Hale 43:42
Okay. All right. Good. And do you? And then I

Ian Moss 43:49
don’t know how far I will go to

Josh Hale 43:52
make you pay money for my own to prevent you from taking four of them.

Ian Moss 43:58
They deserved it.

Josh Hale 44:03
That’s not very exciting. It’s not like a group of four or five. Three, man. I mean,

and I just forced.

So I just force you to turn stuff five gold our stuff. Guys back.

Ian Moss 44:20
Nicely starting over over here. He deserved.

Josh Hale 44:23
It always reminds me of the cousin then it’s Danville

man is always in jail. All have

Ian Moss 44:35
you over here.

Unknown Speaker 44:38
Go mingle.

Ian Moss 44:46
It’s to PR. So you could totally get for

Josh Hale 44:50
that for us before

Ian Moss 44:55
eventually, to stop having people on the board.

Josh Hale 45:03
So if you go to the town center again, does that mean I get three groups?

Ian Moss 45:13

That one goes to the text. And the first one does, which is why it’s free for me because I don’t get to pay it. I don’t pay taxes. It’s a really virtuous.

Josh Hale 45:23
Sure. But there’s a benefit there, which allows me

Ian Moss 45:28
to look at all the

Josh Hale 45:30
people that all sorts of ugliness

that go to the text and or to the

Unknown Speaker 45:38
am I okay,

Ian Moss 45:44
I love the text. And I don’t worry about money, I’m going to go ahead and oh, if you if you hit one of the ends of the track, and then like nothing happens. So if I go down too much farther on the virtue, I just immediately get a debt

go up all the way

to get rid of that.

Josh Hale 46:01
And in case, in case you’re worried about getting money, I’m going to go into those two.

Ian Moss 46:09
Alright, so he didn’t take my one from the quarry. So I’m going to go there. So I get at least to have something.

If you go to the guardhouse, you can just put them all they’re going for each of them

Josh Hale 46:27
become more virtuous.

Ian Moss 46:31
Sounds Sounds good.

Josh Hale 46:40
So ugly. I have like 10 people I can try. Now how do I put them in the guard tower?

Solid that’s exactly.

Ian Moss 46:55
Much. No, I just have to go there, too. Yeah, it’s free once they’re there. And but it takes me there.

Josh Hale 47:05
Can you grab me?

Ian Moss 47:10
Yeah. And also there’s,

Josh Hale 47:12
like, it costs you the same thing to get them back. So

Ian Moss 47:15
check the we will check the guardhouse. And if you have three for every three that you have here, you’ll lose a virtue and whoever has the most Oh, there’s like this. There’s the timing thing where if I think that’s going to trigger at some point, I’d be like, Oh, it’s probably

Josh Hale 47:31
worth it to you otherwise,

Unknown Speaker 47:33
I’m going to be in debt city.

Ian Moss 47:37
And that’s hard to pay off.

My I’m gonna go get my people there.

Unknown Speaker 47:47
I could just leave them there. But

Ian Moss 47:50
what kind of what kind of leader would I be?

You’re so virtuous, you don’t even let them go to the guardhouse. These charges will not stay.

Josh Hale 48:05
So Whose turn is it? Mine? We’re

back on. Right.

kind of leader that I like.

The apparent that just happens to know the chief of police sort of thing. Oh, yeah.

Okay, so now what do I do? I’ve got to

Ian Moss 48:42
I mean, so I knew a lot of stuff going in right like

Josh Hale 48:47
I have nowhere to say

Ian Moss 48:50
awesome. I did not know that.

Josh Hale 48:58
Since we last talked I become the lawyer for a couple of publishing company that’s kind of cool.


Ian Moss 49:08
That’s awesome.

Josh Hale 49:12
Oh, no, I I’ve been a lawyer for going on 15 years. Oh, yeah. I don’t you know, it’s not something that I’m too often worried about insofar as like hey, I’m a lawyer. Um, but no, I’ve been around you know time or two I’ve spoken all over the world was it’s just you just paid it down.

So you went and I think I’m going to get some more brick

because I get multiples of brick and you have not yet you know yeah. Been mean to me like I was to you.

Ian Moss 49:52
I mean I just gotta run to the text and real quick and then I’ll be I’ll be right as rain

Josh Hale 50:00
all fairness you are Yes. I keep having to get Marvel that’s my it’s my Can I have one

you know, you might have been a benefit to doing what I did at the beginning of the game.

Ian Moss 50:14
Can I assassinate your thief

Unknown Speaker 50:18
so it’s my turn

Unknown Speaker 50:21
now Yeah.

Ian Moss 50:26
My turn I’m going to message him and I’ll let him know be like listen, I need this to make this a very quick I don’t know.

Josh Hale 50:35
It’s only going to cost me one virtue.

Is there an assassination mechanism in this game that I’m not aware of.

Unknown Speaker 50:47
Right now

Josh Hale 50:51
folks, I’m making it for the expansion

Ian Moss 50:54
All right, do I have what I need now Can I can I just kind of finish this

Josh Hale 51:00
I play with

I tell him I’m gonna go to the text and he has the assassin or what what is the guy the thief and he just for me? I mean it’s like he’s

Unknown Speaker 51:13
all right.

Unknown Speaker 51:15
Oh, are you

Ian Moss 51:21
Yes, I built this building a White House which I’m looking at

Josh Hale 51:28
telling people you’re

Ian Moss 51:29
in the game

Josh Hale 51:31
for virtual conversation because you’re messing with each other than time Hey, by the way I’m gonna go the text and Oh no, you’re not

let me tell you what I feel about that.

Is it my turn? Yes. Oh, nope.

Ian Moss 51:47

still flipped

Unknown Speaker 51:57
you would

Josh Hale 51:59
want to make them that I’m in building something as well?

Ian Moss 52:01
I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 52:04
I know that way. And

Josh Hale 52:08
I did not go ah darn it No I’m not I lied

venture I’m going to the for 30 years of this so

I’ll have to wait till the next turn.

Ian Moss 52:21
But I got my car need a bunch of brick now why do I have it?

Josh Hale 52:25

Unknown Speaker 52:28
until I guess I’m going back to the quarry and

Josh Hale 52:31
he understands my humor I’m going making the same jokes somebody will find me funny I’m sure

Unknown Speaker 52:41
there you go right

Ian Moss 52:56
Yeah, well you got you got way better buildings and I got I’m

Josh Hale 53:03
in a position to build my guys now

so now I can build I already spent my brick I just out here beside my bike backing up and I immediately get four stone right

Ian Moss 53:26
right so there’s multiple ways to do it you can if you get otherwise

Josh Hale 53:30
giveaway was like you can

Ian Moss 53:35
drop five and pick one building so you get a little bit more of a choice.

You can also just get building cards and then immediately spend them at the cathedral. So if you look at the cathedral the points for building

Josh Hale 53:47
now how do I get more more to do it I’m at a point or I should 20 points in

Ian Moss 53:51
this game which is alive but you know that’s a a non virtuous folk don’t get that option.

I just went so it’s definitely worth

it’s just it’s just gives me this is I get infinite it’s just a victory points in the evidence symbol. I don’t know what that piece

I went again. Yeah, my trends are real boring.

Josh Hale 54:25
Is it my turn of yours?

Go ahead and

take the hard.

Ian Moss 54:34
Do I just want to capture all I guess this week’s

Josh Hale 54:36
not for everything on this card?

Unknown Speaker 54:42
Yes, yesterday.

Unknown Speaker 54:47
But like these two thing.

Josh Hale 54:49
Did you go?

Ian Moss 54:50
Yeah. And also going to graduate you pick a lot of them.

Josh Hale 54:57
It’s your turn.

Ian Moss 54:59
Oh, it’s my tourniquet.

I’m going to go to the guard house and deposit them for five coins. For the first time in this game.

Josh Hale 55:11
I cannot tell you what you want to do.

Ian Moss 55:13
You grab

Josh Hale 55:15
so I’m gonna go get one card

Unknown Speaker 55:19
to three, four.

Ian Moss 55:23
Now that I’ve moved them from stack to a little bit closer to me, I’ll move them all the way

shorter to whole process. All right.

Josh Hale 55:35
I’m just put them on my board. I’m gonna go with our house.

Ian Moss 55:38
Need stuff. Corey, time for stuff.

Josh Hale 55:43
Get your coins. I’ll get my people five points for you.

I don’t know what you’re doing. But I don’t want to hear that your turn.

Unknown Speaker 55:52
I’m going to go here.

Unknown Speaker 56:03
Damn it. All right.

Ian Moss 56:06
Feel Okay, so I’m going to get one marble and I have two more actions to

Josh Hale 56:10
go the workshop and take two cards.

Ian Moss 56:12
Since I don’t need this brick, I’m going to go up to a virtue. Ah,

it’s happening.

I come back. I’m almost as virtuous as you are

Josh Hale 56:21
fairly certain what I’m doing. And

Ian Moss 56:39
I need to go find someone to chop wood for me.

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Sorry to

Ian Moss 56:51
say it who apparently chops would.

Josh Hale 56:55
Okay, so I’m going to, I believe you know, I think I’m going to go get some gold.

Ian Moss 57:01
And then I’m gonna go build a building.

The only one that’s trying to

make your people fall down. What are you doing is you’re just standing there.

Josh Hale 57:13
I’m going to go get some

Ian Moss 57:14
session. I think I have enough to build this final card that I have.

Josh Hale 57:22
I want to make gold last time I’m fixing it right now.

Ian Moss 57:26
I live dumb enough wood. I’m gonna go fix that after your turn.

Just gonna do things in the opposite


Josh Hale 57:33
I’m gonna go get some cold.

Ian Moss 57:38
So you go to town center.

Yep, but you pay one point to the text and

text and doesn’t look great anymore. I don’t know what. I don’t know.

Yep, saw that. Okay.

Like that’s too many

Josh Hale 58:06
spotlight do that.

And then I get to do it twice.

Ian Moss 58:14
I don’t even fell over.

Josh Hale 58:16
That’s horrible. Okay,

first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take my five so you don’t know. The second thing is I’m going to take your forest

Ian Moss 58:29
near the forest. Yeah, we get three wood. And then I’m going to build this thing that I said I was gonna build last time for the same action

Josh Hale 58:37
and I don’t even have space on my board. So your guys just get the hang off for in three.

To stone. It’s like I’m all over this. The Guild Hall.

Ian Moss 58:54
I built this thing that when I go to the library Oh no, no, it’s immediately I get discard a card to get to go. I don’t have any carts.

spill all the wrong guys.

So it’s the same as the Guildhall you’ll place a thing on do the thing

and make them fall down.

Don’t worry, I got it.

Yeah, you discard a card and spend a gold and then you move up to this first spot on the track.

Unknown Speaker 59:31
Do it

Ian Moss 59:33
Yeah, just awkward.

One of these cards here with a little scroll on it and you’ll flip it over and see what you get. It’s like a little bonus. It’s even better. Yeah. It’s just better.

Josh Hale 59:48
And absolutely gold.

Ian Moss 59:52

of course.

Unknown Speaker 59:58
Just to see you and

Josh Hale 1:00:02
where do I discard? Right. It’s awkward. Like and also but

Ian Moss 1:00:07
I have one worker left on my board. So I think I need to go release some workers.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
So I get it now. I’m going to pay one

Josh Hale 1:00:19
flip. What do I get? I get a

stones on black.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
And also

Josh Hale 1:00:31
I know what it sounded my phone.

Ian Moss 1:00:33
Alright, so the other thing that happens when you drop here is we the black market refreshes which means everyone who’s here at the black market goes to jail.

Yeah, go straight to the car took all

Josh Hale 1:00:46
your workers but I was like, you know,

Ian Moss 1:00:48
I did forget to mention that and then we flipped over this top card. And now it’s a new setup for these two locations. And now and now he check so for me three, you lose one virtue which you only have one so you’re fine. And then whoever has the most, which is you it’s a debt card. Okay.

I’ll just place it right.

Josh Hale 1:01:17
You didn’t tell me that. That’s horrible.

Ian Moss 1:01:22
It’s fine. You have the money to just go pay it off immediately.

Josh Hale 1:01:25
That’s horrible.

Ian Moss 1:01:28

and if you are the guardhouse you can release your person for an action and then also pay off a debt for an action since you have two people there

Josh Hale 1:01:38
Oh, I see why you didn’t tell me very good.

If I don’t tell you about the rule sir You are will lose

Ian Moss 1:01:46
discard a card and pay for of any combination of wood and stone user.

I don’t like this I would like this to stop happening

Josh Hale 1:01:57
and what’s the cost of doing that

Ian Moss 1:02:02
as you go up in the cathedral, there’s less spaces so like only one person can get that top Cathedral Ward two people in the next two and three in the next My turn there is sort of a get there first.

Josh Hale 1:02:14
What do I need to do to do the next Cathedral

Ian Moss 1:02:17
also there’s only five of those cards so it’s like only the first five people to build on the cathedral her first five times get one of those

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
would you get

Josh Hale 1:02:25
very good. So

Ian Moss 1:02:32
yeah, if you go up one more, you’ll no longer be able to visit the black market so you know

keep keep that

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
in mind.

Ian Moss 1:02:46
Alright, so I’m going to go here you stand up Broadway

and a ps3

virtue gonna

Josh Hale 1:02:59
get to marvel

I go up to

Ian Moss 1:03:04
means I can no longer build on the cathedral

Josh Hale 1:03:09
Yep, I don’t I don’t make

Ian Moss 1:03:13
any virtue back

building a cathedral Yeah, that sounds like the thing to do. Yep yep

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30

Josh Hale 1:03:33
What does that thing to the right of it man

Ian Moss 1:03:37
flipping them over

Josh Hale 1:03:39
Oh, that’s painful with me building up there

Ian Moss 1:03:44
I didn’t know his foot

Josh Hale 1:03:46
not build on the cathedral. I think I’m going to go um, yeah. build on the other one of the hosts and that coffee one Marvel and a card virtue and I did not apparently do card one from last time so I’d like for you

I don’t know how they’re supposed to be I didn’t flip the first one. I figured you did.


All right. I’m done. I go up the cathedral track and I get a car

and that’s like a so I go up in

what we call it and virtue and I get to would

Ian Moss 1:04:37
kind of lacking on the

Josh Hale 1:04:38
that’s okay, I think you’re the only one missing the black market because you’re not allowed to do the cathedral track anymore obviously. Oops

Ian Moss 1:04:49
Alright, so I think I

Josh Hale 1:04:53
done hmm

Ian Moss 1:04:54
going to go to the town center

Unknown Speaker 1:04:59
pay a coin

Josh Hale 1:05:00
I’m going to go

Ian Moss 1:05:02
grab my people from the forest to the forest and get

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
and also your

Ian Moss 1:05:08

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
go right over here. No, I’m fine.

Josh Hale 1:05:15
I’m fine sir.

Don’t you worry your pretty little self yeah

Ian Moss 1:05:33
I don’t like this and I like to steal my work ethic.

Oh my god. I forgot you have like four other you

Josh Hale 1:05:42
sir. Not a very nice person. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:50
Well, I need some

Josh Hale 1:05:51
unfortunate if you’re going to do that. I’m going to go to the town center. I’m going to go to the text. I’m going to pay a coin collect I’m going to take this moment people back and Mr. Monster I’m also going to take your people back this is kind of ugly and mean and their people still can’t fit on my board.

Because they were off board there are so many over here their

Ian Moss 1:06:22
first one I’m gonna drop off your three people for three coins.

Josh Hale 1:06:28
There you go.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:33
And then I’m going to pay

Josh Hale 1:06:35
for I think I’m going to go

and collect a stone

Ian Moss 1:06:40
to get all of my people away from you.

Seven people it’s seven people.

I don’t like that. I wish you wouldn’t have done that.

I had a plan involved you’re not doing that. Dang it

all right. I’m gonna go build

because had this thing that I’ve had this thing that I could build for the black markets gonna refresh when I do that.

Josh Hale 1:07:26
The guardhouse to get my people back.

Yeah, I didn’t think you would, sir. Yeah.

Ian Moss 1:07:36
It wasn’t great. Before I immediately get over to you though.

Josh Hale 1:07:39
I thought you were going to go to

the guardhouse them.

Ian Moss 1:07:46
Specifically the fountain says that my debts are only worth minus one victory points to the two.

And there’s only two more guys

Josh Hale 1:08:00
don’t like it. I know. Which means you’re going to have the guy in the black market. And you’re going to have the most people at the at the guard tower.

Ian Moss 1:08:09
That’s kind of miss it just shrink your board saving shake them off.

dexterity games and hip topia co works

Josh Hale 1:08:27
are good. So it’s my turn.

I’m gonna go to a federal

Ian Moss 1:08:35
Sure, why not?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:39

Josh Hale 1:08:40
I mean, that might cost me eight.

Ian Moss 1:08:46
All right, I’m gonna go here get two hearts. Nice.

Strong one at a time.

Like, wait, I figured out how to drop multiple.

Josh Hale 1:09:01
Okay, so I go up again. I get another hard.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
I’m going

Unknown Speaker 1:09:13
to clay

Josh Hale 1:09:15
and I get three of your money are you doing? I can see you doing it?

I don’t know. I kind of like my my role.

Ian Moss 1:09:28
I’m gonna go to the mines again.

Josh Hale 1:09:35
Go up here to the


Get a couple stone.

Ian Moss 1:09:45
Can I stop you?

The answer

is no.

Josh Hale 1:09:54
I’m going to go to court and get three stone.

Ian Moss 1:09:57
I believe we get one more turn though.

Josh Hale 1:10:02
I know not what you speak. Right.

Ian Moss 1:10:07
Now I’m trying to figure out like I’m all

Josh Hale 1:10:10
over the place storehouse.

At this point in time.

So the question is, can you stop me? Yeah.

Ian Moss 1:10:34
Oh, that’s so many points. Do we have to tell you this up is a necessary thing

Josh Hale 1:10:40
that I cannot confirm or deny. We can just say it and agree to it.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
Yes, he just got a card.

Ian Moss 1:10:49
It’s not worth anything, but you get it.

So I’m going to go with I get an extra action because it said

I’m going to go to the going to get rid of these resources that I don’t need to go to a gym or virtue and not get negative points for

Josh Hale 1:11:04
it. And then I’m going to turn that stuff.

Ian Moss 1:11:07
Yeah. Emma zero points from a virtue.

Josh Hale 1:11:09
Oh, man, I get that last card too. Right.

Ian Moss 1:11:13
You want to go up here and you pay six. So it’s that the very last option on the card house?

Josh Hale 1:11:20
I think somebody’s gonna want to know, right here. And I does that mean I get a green card? Yep. There you go.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:29
Put it back on top.

Ian Moss 1:11:34
Yeah, my last turn was not having we’re not losing points for virtue.

Yep. And you get a virtue and dislike very much. And how do I pay the debt?

Josh Hale 1:11:52
But I have

Ian Moss 1:11:55
all right. Yep. So at the bottom of your board, it tells you all of the inner game stuff is victory. Or

for your buildings that you built.

Josh Hale 1:12:05
Oh, I bet it’s underneath you. Pick it up.

My last turn

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18

Josh Hale 1:12:20
I’m at 26 Ok, so my debt is paid. So I gotta flip that right

Ian Moss 1:12:25
to remember that.

Josh Hale 1:12:27
I immediately

Ian Moss 1:12:28
points for the cathedral. I’m a zero.

Josh Hale 1:12:32
Okay, so

how do we map this? Are we done

Ian Moss 1:12:38
victory points for virtue.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:42
So you got five

Ian Moss 1:12:47
zero still 28

minus two points for every debt. I have one by lose one lion minus so it’s only about 27 now because I only lose one instead to one victory points. Every gold or marble save to some at 29 two points. Every 10 coins worth one

by five so now

Josh Hale 1:13:14
I’m at 20 which puts me at 42 total.

That puts me at 47 total.

Ian Moss 1:13:29
Alright, so I’m at 29 still and then minus one point 32 people in the guardhouse I only have one so


Unknown Speaker 1:13:41

Ian Moss 1:13:55
right. Or because I knew how to play that I should be good at it.

Josh Hale 1:14:00
I don’t think I get 113456789 you avoided points on that 46

and I only have zero

46 to what

Ian Moss 1:14:25
I’m so we

Unknown Speaker 1:14:28
probably will

Josh Hale 1:14:34
have however we will

Ian Moss 1:14:37
definitely going to Kickstarter.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41
I will be ever

Josh Hale 1:14:45
so I I’m going to say that since I won you have failed on two counts because I should have not that that’s not supposed to happen. But in all fairness, hey man, I really appreciate you coming on. I really enjoy hanging out with you as always and I hope your game that you’re doing with the Eisner’s goes fantastically winds are going to go live Yes.

Do you know where you’ll be a Gen Con.

Good look for em MOS everywhere at Gen Con. He will be unmistakeably everywhere. And I will also be a Gen Con you can look for the guy in the absurdly green outfit with probably a green Mohawk. And that is I’m pretty confident I will be the only guy there with a green Mohawk and absurdly green clothes. So hey, man, thanks for coming on. I hope it was fun. teaching me architects of the West kingdom. And until next time, everybody that’s listening. This is long distance gaming, where it’s just like long distance gaming, but not quite as pretty. Thanks

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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