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Josh Hale 1:36
Welcome to the long distance gaming podcast. We are brought to you by 524. Labs, Odom publishing and

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somebody else

Josh Hale 1:51
never going to get paid now.

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Hey all this is Josh with people gamers. We are doing long distance gaming today with Max sidemen. Max sidemen is a game publisher who is where are you located Max? We’re in New Hampshire actually, New Hampshire New Hampshire’s obviously

on the eastern coast where now compared to me, I’m in Ohio, where you know, kind of landlocked besides Lake Erie. And today we are going to be playing patchwork patchwork is a game by Google Rosenberg, that when I first heard of the game, I thought it was nuts that somebody made a game about quilting. And I have since became addicted to the game. I really, really like it and

Just goes to show that I was absolutely wrong on first impressions and apparently I should never do that. So, Max, thanks for coming on and tell us a little bit about your company. As I take my I think it’s my turn to take the first move so you can go ahead and talk as I take this little l here thank door. Yeah, so

Max Seidman 3:22
the company I work for is called resonant and we’re a tiny indie publisher out of New Hampshire.

It’s run by Mary Flanagan who is a boss she’s a game designer and you know, longtime person in the video game industry. And she’s almost started doing board games a little more recently.

We’ve been making games for a few years now we’ve got new things that we’ve got monarch we’ve got a visitor and Blackwood grow. We’ve got mechanic upcoming and a few things coming out soon hopefully. Yeah, we reviewed visitor in Blackboard Grove was that last was that Gen Con last year. When did we do that? That sounds

About right yeah, it just came out to hobby. Last year it was it was Target exclusive. Yeah. And that was in for people that are not familiar with the idea of that game that is a game that is very much like a movie about a boy named Elliot in the 80s

Josh Hale 4:19
and others as much as I can tell you about that. But I don’t know how many other movies at a point in LA. But I do think it’s actually your turn to take the first move because I don’t think I can do anything. Alright, not letting me

Max Seidman 4:30
This is my first time using the app. So let’s give it a shot. I like that LT soldiers till your roof there.

Josh Hale 4:35
Oh, razzle dazzle.

Unknown Speaker 4:39
Anyway, except

Josh Hale 4:43
maybe drag

Max Seidman 4:45
this little this little check thing?

Green looks good, good.

Josh Hale 4:51
That was a horrible move, and I’m no longer a fan of Max sidemen.

Max Seidman 4:58

Josh Hale 5:02
I will steal my own next move. And I took a kind of a p looking thing that had a single button on it is already took initially had a button on it. So basically what happens is, every time we pass a button, that’s the that’s the income, right?

Yeah, it’s also the victory points. Right? Yeah. So if you have a bunch of buttons on your board, you get more income as well. So there’s a huge reason to be grabbing these things that have buttons. And now Max has a five by one with a button on it, which I assume he’s going to grab and put right on top of his l just to make me miserable.

Max Seidman 5:49
Oh, good. So I should have warned you over perfectionist. This game never ends. Well, for me. That was one of the perfect, but let’s give it a shot. I’m taking this weird z thing.

It’s really, it’s huge, so I can’t afford anything else.

Josh Hale 6:04
Oh, that’s right. I got you do have to spend your buttons as well. Golly, I completely forgot that aspect of the game.

Yeah, that’s how ugly

Max Seidman 6:19
Am I my absolute favorite thing about this game is the I love the way the turn structure goes.

Where if you take if you take pieces that have a small time cost associated with them, you can go multiple times in a row. I love that.

Josh Hale 6:38
Yeah, so mine was horrible as well. If that makes you feel any better at all.

Max Seidman 6:43
Oh, look at your boards. It’s so much cleaner than mine.

Unknown Speaker 6:47
Well, it’s planned.

Josh Hale 6:51
Not planned very well, but it’s planned. So you got that eight button cost with us three buttons on it.

Max Seidman 7:03
Yeah, right. Well, I guess I’m taking the one thing that can’t afford

Josh Hale 7:07
the one that I want, of course.

Max Seidman 7:10
Put a button on it. It’s going to give me current gonna give me a victory points. That’s good. Anyway.

Josh Hale 7:14
Yeah, yeah, I hear you. And I see that. And I find it a little bit disgusting. To be honest.

Max Seidman 7:21
Let’s try that.

Josh Hale 7:27
So you were talking about Gen Con, you guys did a bigger booth this year. You said that was a new experience? How did that go for you?

Max Seidman 7:35
Yeah, no, it was really good. We we go to Gen Con, we’ve been going every year for like, eight or nine years even before this company was founded. And we’ve been exhibiting various stuff we’ve been doing and this year was our was our first year going through double booth, we managed to work ourselves kind of silly doing it. But it was it was great, we were able to get think

something like

30 players playing at once, which is kind of our big metric, we just want as many people playing the games as possible, because we know they’re gonna have a good time. So which one try to get them out in on the table. Right?

Now, I’ve got no buttons as usual.

Josh Hale 8:18
He’s got no buttons. And there’s one thing that he can afford, which is like really Amai for his board, it’s the the cross looking one that has a single button on it and cost for time. Huge. So I think

Max Seidman 8:31
I’m going to ask if you’re going to do that.

Josh Hale 8:39
I think you slide the past two though, right? Maybe

Max Seidman 8:43
there is it is it basically ever need.

Maybe my next term was actually built by something useful from?

Josh Hale 8:51
I certainly hope not, I would not like that myself. building something useful does not work within my current game plan. I’m doing okay, I suppose. You know, it’s funny, I’ve been doing this long distance gaming. And basically, the idea for anybody that’s listening for the first time is Max and I are on, you know, very different places on earth. And I seem at conventions, but on average, we, you know, we never get time to play games at convention. So we’re now playing a game digitally long distance. And while that wouldn’t normally be something that I’d be excited about, because I like to actually, you know, feel the cardboard, sometimes you don’t get that opportunity to play somebody at the time that you would like, because you know, life. So we’re playing long distance gaming, and we are doing that right now with patchwork. And it’s kind of cool to be able to do that, you know, when I first started the hobby, not too many years ago, honestly. You know, it was always a struggle to get somebody sitting at the table that enjoyed the same hobby, as I did. You know, I’ve made board gaming friends since but you know, it’d been cool if I would have been able to, you know, at that point in time play some of these games digitally with my brothers, for example, they just didn’t exist at the time, not the way they do now. And so it’s kind of fun to play with people digitally, despite the fact that it wouldn’t normally be something that I would, you know, immediately go for. That’s kind of cool, and just got a bunch of income. I don’t know how I feel about that, to be honest.

Max Seidman 10:48
With me five, five steps to do it, though, you may get two turns before I get another one.

Josh Hale 10:54
See, the ugly thing is you’re making me spend buttons or time. But I think I have enough time that I can spend less buttons, which I think is what I will do.

Max Seidman 11:10
And over those your option there were two identical pieces except one cost more buttons and one costs more time.

Josh Hale 11:17
Exactly one cost a one time and three buttons. And the other one costs one button and three time and i i personally found that to be quite disgusting. So I’m going to go ahead and do that. I bought a two by two with two buttons. I’m placing it in my corner in the hopes that I can work around it. And I’m I’ve now passed you yet again on the time track. But I also got income so it didn’t hurt me real bad.

Max Seidman 11:52
But I was really I am at peace of course, as well. You should

Josh Hale 11:56
have been. But you do have that for six there that has the two buttons on it wouldn’t be a horrible one for you at this point.

Max Seidman 12:04
Get a good spot for it. And also of course, I think that means I get the patch. Like us.

Josh Hale 12:12
That’s horrible

Max Seidman 12:13
board has these like five patches and first person across some growth curves and then they let you fill in the spots in your board. Right the single patch. Yeah, everything steps together just like clearing a one Tetris.

Josh Hale 12:27
Yeah, that’s horrible.

Max Seidman 12:32

Josh Hale 12:35
golly, that’s about all I can do. Mine’s pretty ugly. Right. The second. I’m hoping there’s obviously I need it a two piece.

Unknown Speaker 12:46
But I haven’t seen that yet.

Unknown Speaker 12:50
one by two.

Max Seidman 12:52
And already exist.

Josh Hale 12:54
Yeah, I know it exists. But you know, my luck will be you’ll you’ll see it first. Yeah. Unless I can pull something else that forces you not to get it. That sort of thing. So resonant you’ve had you’re on your third game for resonant? Is that right?

Max Seidman 13:11
Well, you actually technically had a couple of games we inherited from RO, from before wrestling and started. resonant. So we actually have a couple of party games. Also buffalo an awkward moment. But so technically 15, but it’s really the third game in the hobby space.

Josh Hale 13:30
Oh, cool. Now do you guys still have the other two are still still out?

Max Seidman 13:36
There actually. Yeah, they do. They they’re really they’re really good for us. They do good, good stuff for us. But they’re they’re very straightforward port party games. So they’re less less fun for for hobbyists like myself.

Josh Hale 13:47
So max just took a turn where his timer put him directly on top of me, which gives him another turn to make me miserable. But that is one of my favorite and least favorite mechanics of this game. It is a frustration watching somebody do that. And particularly like right now, because you’re going to get that other single patch. I would think you could. Can you? Yeah, you can get it if you want to.

Max Seidman 14:16
Yeah, but if I if I there’s one piece that fits really all my boy, but we give you the patch on the certainly.

I’m gonna grab this thing that is worth a ton of buttons actually.

Unknown Speaker 14:28
The double?

Max Seidman 14:29
You can have a patch. Yes, I can have a patch. But you can have the nicely shaped one if you want.

Josh Hale 14:35
Yeah, yeah. You’re wonderful guy here.

Max Seidman 14:39
Yep. Very good.

Josh Hale 14:42
Dude, that’s horrible. And that’s just going to waste man that passes patches.

Max Seidman 14:49
Oh, no.

Josh Hale 14:50
So now what is your What is your function within resonate with? What do you do on a day to day basis,

Max Seidman 15:00
given that they’re like, we have zero full time employees. And you know, a bunch of us working part time, we all do a little bit of everything.

Mary and I both do design.

And I do a lot of the kind of production stuff. So back and forth, and back and forth with the artists getting everything ready for print. By testing and taking everything to show as we all do all of it.

I think was huge.

Josh Hale 15:32
Yeah, but at the very least right the second the you cannot get that patch. And you can’t stop me from getting it seems Well, let’s see if I can. This first could pass.

Max Seidman 15:48
I got money. I’m gonna spend it. Oh, I see. I wanted to really wanted that patch or to deny that patch.

Josh Hale 15:54

Max Seidman 16:07
There’s the PC need. Here it is.

Josh Hale 16:09
Yeah. And, and it puts me right on top of you. So I get a second turn.

Max Seidman 16:14
Simply boy.

Josh Hale 16:16
I think that I think that’s what I’m going to do and where I’m going to go. Neck and neck when it comes to income now. You’re getting 12 hear what you’re getting nine. I’m getting 10 every time you pass those buttons. Don’t worry, that is going to change.

Max Seidman 16:34
All right. I can big let’s see.

Josh Hale 16:39
So my income. Oh, that’s pretty good. Yeah. That just went up to a tremendous amount of income. And Pat’s past one I got a patch. I’m able to fill it. That was a crazy turn for me. I think gotta take that big T.

Max Seidman 17:00
Well, it fits nowhere.

Josh Hale 17:02
Yeah, because I need the next piece. So please, you know, be nice, Max.

Max Seidman 17:07
I’m not sure it’s gonna happen.

Josh Hale 17:10
I don’t know how I feel about that response.

Definitely think you’re gonna waste this entire board on that little l aren’t. Yeah,

Max Seidman 17:22
I absolutely AM.

Unknown Speaker 17:25
Max, that’s horrible.

Max Seidman 17:29
wish they could inspect the upcoming pieces better?

Josh Hale 17:33
You know, actually, I kind of like that on the digital one that it forces you to plan just based on that. Oh, I guess you can you can slide the whole thing.

Unknown Speaker 17:45

Josh Hale 17:47
I didn’t realize you can do that. If you touch the pieces, you can slide them to the left.

Max Seidman 17:54
You can’t try them on your board. have a hard time. No, you cannot.

Josh Hale 17:57
All right. I’m just gonna have to suck it up on that.

Max Seidman 18:00
Yeah. See how it goes. Let’s go with that. The belt little tiny LP so I get another turn. Right here. That is such a waste.

Josh Hale 18:09
That’s horrible.

Max Seidman 18:10
It’s a fine piece.

Josh Hale 18:12
All right. Oh, no, that’s not that’s really really bad. What is that going to get two more terms? Yeah. For you need to take that big one, then. That big one gives you three buttons and put you on top of me.

Max Seidman 18:29

Josh Hale 18:31
that fits your board.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
Think I want to

Max Seidman 18:38
this is this is my OCD coming through and feels really good. The epi I like the way this piece fits my board.

I still get another shirt. Although I’m not right on top of you.

Oh, I’m out of money.

Josh Hale 18:55
See, that’s really ugly. Because now you’re going to get yet another turn.

Max Seidman 18:59
Yeah, but not have any cash for it. Which is nice for you. I think I have to do that.

Josh Hale 19:07
You’re gonna have cash. You’re going to go press that button right now.

Max Seidman 19:09
Oh, you’re right. You’re right. I am.

I will do it.

Josh Hale 19:13
Oh, that’s horrible.

Max Seidman 19:16
I think I got the seven by seven.

Unknown Speaker 19:20
I did indeed.

Josh Hale 19:22
I’m so not a fan of playing games with you. This is all

Max Seidman 19:26
really good at this game. Now. I’m actually usually bad happens.

Josh Hale 19:31
You know, in all honesty, it’s probably more fun for the people listening at home. That I don’t win regularly. Because then I can laugh at me.

Max Seidman 19:41
Big one big one for the listeners.

Josh Hale 19:43
Yeah, exactly. You know, a little bit entertainment value show must go on. And now you get a patch. You gave me the ugliest pieces that could possibly exist.

Max Seidman 20:00
It’s kind of a mess. So maybe they’ll fit really well.

Unknown Speaker 20:03
Oh, oh, funny guy there.

Max Seidman 20:07
I’m not joking.

Josh Hale 20:12
I’m joking. On on the

Unknown Speaker 20:16
on the humor over here.

Max Seidman 20:21
You got this zigzag in the middle of your board. I know there’s a piece that fits there that we can avoid

Unknown Speaker 20:26
me from taking it.

Max Seidman 20:27
Oh, good. I didn’t that was not intentional.

Josh Hale 20:31
It was a really nice piece too. Now I no longer have a zigzag. So at least at least I have a chance at doing here. That was so ugly. Oh, I see.

Max Seidman 20:47
It’s limiting the things I can choose by not just what I can afford, but also what fits on my board. Ah.

Alright, what’s.

Josh Hale 21:05
So it’s kind of humorous when we do these, because a lot of times, we all end up saying, I’m going to do this or I’m going to do that. And you and I can absolutely see it. But nobody, nobody listening on the podcast has any idea what I’m going to do that means? So I have to always kind of pull people back and say, can you kind of explain what that is? And why it means that you’re wrecking me. And I knew that’s exactly what you’re going to do there. So you put the the DAG on the L on the top right. And now he’s going to try and get this patch. But I’ve got to prevent him from getting this patch or piece of paper. Because if I don’t,

Max Seidman 21:48
it’s not true. You can take you can take two turns through.

Josh Hale 21:53
But it cost me seven. And

Max Seidman 21:57
I guess the weird there’s the weird. Yeah, that

Josh Hale 22:05
ever gets to take that train again. Yeah, I think I have to do that, right?

Max Seidman 22:10
Or two of those pieces had a one time cost. So you could take an either of them and chosen

doesn’t take on the term. Nice.

Josh Hale 22:19
And I raised my income by three. And I Oh, look at that. I didn’t realize I did that. So I ended my turn one space away from the end of the game. So I do still get another turn.

Max Seidman 22:37
Very nice. Yeah, I didn’t

Josh Hale 22:39
mean to do that. I mean, not on purpose at least 1234.

Max Seidman 22:43
So if I take this five, that’s it for me.

Oh, but it covers so much space

Josh Hale 22:50
does cover a lot of space. Yeah. Okay.

Max Seidman 22:53
I’ll spend my 10 buttons to get this piece and covers up so much nice.

Josh Hale 22:59
over that, thank you 10 pieces right at the end. That’s

Max Seidman 23:02
ugly. It was really expensive. But I guess it’s better than having an empty space, the band

Josh Hale 23:10
was 23.

So my income 17. So 28 as well and my income no matter what. But then you have that bonus? What’s that bonus? Do the

Max Seidman 23:31
seven or seven? Or it’s it’s just seven points. Its first person to hit a seven by seven square right? Did I lose you?

Josh Hale 23:38
So it appears I lost my excitement. So I’m going to continue playing this and try to get to the end of this game. I think Mac Seidman closed his browser there. We’ll see if it comes back.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
Or no. I’m going to

Josh Hale 23:57
gosh, it would cost me seven. So I’m going to do

Max Seidman 24:03

can you hear me now we

Josh Hale 24:07
can do that. It gives me income and covers a bunch of space.

Unknown Speaker 24:15

Josh Hale 24:18
that is game. So at this point in time I ended 23 to 23. max had the seven by seven. And he ended up with less holes. And so he ended up beating me 12 to one. So Max, although you are gone, you have just destroyed me. And

Max Seidman 24:56
you hear me Hi, thank you for that.

So you’re

Josh Hale 25:02
resonant games they are, they just put out a game called mechanic mechanic is a game about kind of the idea of a moving board. And I know max could describe the game much better than I can. But when it comes down to it, the idea is pieces will disappear that you are able to choose not unlike patchwork, really. But those pieces will disappear. And they’ll be gone from the game for the rest of the game based on the movement of the cog or the wheel. And I saw it at Gen Con and really neat game. Hopefully, it turns out well for them. I know they had some manufacturing issues that they were working on getting resolved. But I hope that turns out really cool forum, we will most likely have a review of that on mobile gamers. I will make sure that gets posted on Twitter and Facebook and all that so you can see what our writers think of mechanics and that is with Max sidemen at random games. So right now max sidemen is typing, and I don’t know what he’s going to say, but I will try to keep talking until he says whatever he wants to say. And it says that he’s trying to type something up. But with that being said, I really appreciate him coming on to long distance gaming and just completely destroyed me on patchwork. And thank you so much resident and Mac sidemen. Thanks so much. This has been long distance gaming by mobile gamers. Have a good day. Thanks so much resident by

this podcast has been for brought to you by five points for labs, Odom publishing, and cartoons from the 1980s. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle

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