Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – Rachael Blaske – Smash-Up!


Josh Hale 0:00
Welcome to the long distance gaming podcast on the medieval gamers broadcast network. I would like to let you know that there ain’t nobody dope as me. I’m dressed so fresh, so clean, so fresh and so plain. Don’t you think I’m so sexy? I’m dressed so fresh, so clean, fresh and so clean. I know buddy dope as me and dressed. So fresh, so clean. So question so plain. I love when you stare at me because I’m dressed so fresh, so clean, so fresh and so clean. Today’s show is brought to you by 524 Labs, Odom publishing, and some other company. Oh man. They’re never gonna pay me now because I could not remember the name. So, in lieu of that, we are looking for new sponsors for the long distance gaming podcast.

We promise to remember your name, and we promise that we will do so in a professional courteous manner. Welcome again to the long distance game podcast brought to you today by men cooperative. Hey, all this is Josh with long distance gaming brought to you by mobile gamers. And today we have the special guest of Rachel the blast ski from 524 games. And Rachel has 24 games are Jimmy Krebs 544 Labs. I’m been doing this all day. I mean, it’s it’s on my intro now tro how I’m so horrible at telling people their game names, or the company I can’t remember and I need more coffee. I I get coffee. So yeah, this is Rachel. I’m welcome Rachel and I assume that you have chosen to play smash up because that was the game that we could get logged into. So

Rachael Blaske 1:57
we that’s pretty much the the extent of the thought process, you

Josh Hale 2:01
are now getting ready to play smash up. So we we got logged in like three times. And I realized that part of the fun of smash up is determining what factions you want to be because you’re obviously smashing two factions into each other to see what the mechanics are going to be when you play. So we’re going to press I’m ready and then we’re going to be picking our factions and we’ll tell you, you know, kind of what we’re doing and hopefully you get to play along and you know, listen to us be you know, silly. So let’s press I’m ready.

Rachael Blaske 2:34
I did. I did. I’m waiting on you.

Josh Hale 2:36
That does not sound like a strong deviation from the normal pursuit.

Rachael Blaske 2:44
Okay, all right. So you’re Are you you choose first apparently I do

Josh Hale 2:49
so that I could choose aliens. I could choose dinosaurs, geeks, ninjas, pirates, robots, tricksters, wizards. Zombies. So normally, I would choose tricksters because I just find them to be humorous. But in this situation, I’m fairly certain based on our previous conversation that Rachel was going to choose geeks so I have the stolen geeks out from under the wheel

Rachael Blaske 3:25
right now I wrote I was excited about I know you

Josh Hale 3:28
are and that’s my plan to start this mashup early. Oh, you got to choose haste to I didn’t know you could do that. I thought

Rachael Blaske 3:37
I didn’t know either. I just clicked and it actually let me choose geeks. Haha.

Josh Hale 3:42
Your oil is oil. I’ve I’ve just been foiled. So now Justin Laskey. Your apparently your name on here is Jay blocky. So you’re apparently using your husband’s iPad?

Rachael Blaske 3:57
Yeah, it’s true, because I put in my stuff as well as digital and then it popped up is Jay blocky and like, whatever.

Josh Hale 4:06
When you inevitably lose, I will let everybody know that Justin Laskey lost the game.

Rachael Blaske 4:12
I approve. Now I thought you might.

And wait a second. Why did it choose? Wait, no. Why did you choose for me? Did I was I not paying attention? We’re not

Josh Hale 4:21
chose for you.

Rachael Blaske 4:23
So it’s kind of funny because I probably would have chosen ninjas anyway.

Josh Hale 4:27
So I will go ahead and choose pictures. So I have tricksters and geeks and Rachel has ninjas and geeks. And are three areas of area controller Evans City Cemetery, it’s five three and two. After this base scores, the winner discards his or her hand and draws five cards 000 at 24 roads Plaza mall. When this base scores each player gains one victory point for each minion that player has here to 00 at jungle Oasis, and nothing happens at all. And apparently it is my turn. So I’m going to go ahead and play into Kali, it’s not one nickname was not one.

Rachael Blaske 5:16
But no, it told you to draw and then it’s it now it says me to play.

Josh Hale 5:22
And I don’t know what just happened. I tried to play the min maxing. And that did not work. So it’s now your turn. So because apparently I took too long. So

Rachael Blaske 5:35
Uh huh. Well, I really have no idea what I’m doing. So I am going to go ahead and choose that one. I chose the tart Tiger assassin and a played it up on in the graveyard. Though I have no idea what that means

Josh Hale 5:53
means you have for power in the graveyard wants 20 gets put into the graveyard that score. Whoever had basically 11 out of 20 will be the one who wins the five points.

Rachael Blaske 6:08
Okay, so link to draw and shuffle. The rest of my hand is the deck because I played something that would allow me to do so.

Josh Hale 6:17
You drew five and I have

Rachael Blaske 6:21
this is hysterical.

Josh Hale 6:24
I waiver texting all these are pretty funny.

Rachael Blaske 6:27
Well, and I really like the geeks, because I’m straight up looking at Wil Wheaton right now. What does that mean? Interesting. You may play this minion when the opponent plays an action. Discard that action. Sorry, I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud. I’m sure what else control minion that says Geek and Sundry on it. These are like my people being

your Okay, you’re trying Whoa. I apparently took too long Your turn.

So, I am played a fan.

Josh Hale 7:10
I played a fan into the 000. And at this point in time it is your turn.

Rachael Blaske 7:20
And playing the fan made it so that you could discard?

Josh Hale 7:23
Well, I could have chosen to draw card but I did not choose to do that action. Gotcha.

Rachael Blaske 7:31
Okay, so basically, we’re trying to get to I guess I don’t understand exactly. Okay. So you’re trying to get 20

Josh Hale 7:39
points. And whoever has 11 of the power there will end up with the graveyard five points. Whoever the second person would end up with three points. And if for some reason I didn’t have any cards up there I would end up with zero points.

Unknown Speaker 7:58
Oh, gosh, we got is happening.

Josh Hale 8:00
Mostly mostly losing?

Rachael Blaske 8:02
I think Well, no, I just destroyed your minion Sukkot

Josh Hale 8:08
ritual yet again on my family friendly podcast.

Rachael Blaske 8:10
I mean, family friendly. Hashtag family. friendly. Family family. What?

Oh, my goodness. I’m sitting here sipping from my vat of hot tea with lemon and honey because otherwise I would not have even been able to talk. So okay, no, no, why? I don’t like how it till it’s timed. This is stupid.

Josh Hale 8:40
I like our time because it seems to be working out well for me.

Rachael Blaske 8:45
Oh, I’m sure there is something in the settings. Make it stop? No, I

Josh Hale 8:50
I tried. And that is all I got.

Rachael Blaske 8:54
You played game guru on to the roads Plaza mall. True game guru who is on that game guru? Oh, it’s probably a blogger that I’m supposed to know about, but maybe has gone past his time. Okay.

What am I doing? This is like, what? It just skipped me again. Okay.

Josh Hale 9:27
I really like I’m skipping you. I find that to be delightful. This is dumb. Why can I not understand this game yet? It is Oh my god. This is why I try to play my games before I actually go on the podcast. And this is why I try not to have you play the games before the podcast. Because you’re so much more fun when you have no idea what you’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 9:47
You Hush.

Rachael Blaske 9:50
All right. I’m gonna play this. I just don’t know how I’m

okay. There no.

Josh Hale 10:00
See what she says there. Those of you listening at home in the studio audience have no idea what she’s talking about.

Rachael Blaske 10:07
And because I’m not actually achieving anything, I’m just

Josh Hale 10:09
I’m knocking it and I’m not being judged at all. what I’m telling you is that those of you at home in the studio audience really have no idea what Rachel’s talking about at this point in time. that’s a that’s a fair assessment of the world that Rachel lives on.

Rachael Blaske 10:26
Oh my gosh, wow, this is really, again, I’m going to have to play these games ahead of time to actually know what I’m doing is I’m just going to lose and it’s not even going to be an indicator of skill at this point. Okay, so if I push on the card, so I couldn’t read it. Why are you playing all the sudden, I was trying to play cuz I’m awesome. No, no, you just understand the interface. And I don’t

Unknown Speaker 10:55

Josh Hale 10:56
don’t understand it perfectly yet. However, will tell you later said it better than you?

Rachael Blaske 11:05
Oh, yeah, you do. Okay. Did I just play?

Josh Hale 11:08
No, I don’t know. But your ability is blocked. Because mine. My person is a game guru. They are not affected by other players abilities.

Rachael Blaske 11:18
Oh, dang. Okay. That’s why that worked like that. Okay, what

Josh Hale 11:23
is this exactly why it worked like that. It’s almost as if I had that plan.

Rachael Blaske 11:28
Here. You have no plans. You don’t even have plans you can’t plan to know. Okay, why does

Josh Hale 11:37
he play the guy who’s the block the path character, my third card in is a trickster. And it’s a picture of his back pointed to the city. And it looks like he is taking a leak on the city. feel about that?

Rachael Blaske 12:02
Okay, so basically, you touch the card, you do? And then you touch the city that you’re trying to put it in?

Josh Hale 12:13
I’m sure.

Rachael Blaske 12:15
Know, how are you playing it? Because I’ve been trying to drag and

Josh Hale 12:19
drag you have to. So if you want to read what they’re saying you long click and right. If you want to play it, you just tap it.

Unknown Speaker 12:28

Josh Hale 12:30
who I like this one? So I am playing that the other player cannot make any plays or moves on their next action?

Unknown Speaker 12:43
I can’t I still don’t understand.

Unknown Speaker 12:47
You don’t need to

Rachael Blaske 12:49
know I do. I can’t get it to play and I don’t know why.

We arrived at on that one. So that’s interesting.

Yeah, mostly because Oh, did I do it? No, I didn’t know I prevented

Josh Hale 13:07
you from doing anything.

Rachael Blaske 13:10
Really? Was that what it is? Yeah.

Josh Hale 13:11
I wouldn’t let you do anything. You were just stuck.

Rachael Blaske 13:18
Okay, cuz I’m selecting and I’m trying to place and it doesn’t

Josh Hale 13:26
tap the thing and then tap the city. There’s three cities up there.

Rachael Blaske 13:30
Right. And it did.

Josh Hale 13:32
Apparently you are a incorrect tapper.

Rachael Blaske 13:35
Apparently, cuz I am clicking on one of my cards. And then I am Oh, hang on.

Josh Hale 13:41
In. The hamper, by the way, is a technical term.

Rachael Blaske 13:47
Okay, so I almost had it. And then it ran out of time and sent it somewhere.

Josh Hale 13:55
Oh, yeah. Hey, it’s my turn. Look at that. Oh, no, it’s your turn.

Rachael Blaske 13:58
Well, and now it’s like you have too many cards. Choose some to discard. And I’m like, because you won’t let me play them.

Josh Hale 14:06
I’m sure it’s fairly accidental.

Rachael Blaske 14:11
Yet real salty here real quick.

Unknown Speaker 14:20
Okay, so it’s my turn yet?

Josh Hale 14:24
No, I’m doing something. It’s actually let me do something. It will not ever.

Unknown Speaker 14:34
Ah, ok.

Rachael Blaske 14:38
I can’t say that. This is my favorite yet. Geez.

Josh Hale 14:42
Just because you’re losing.

Rachael Blaske 14:43
You just made me discard Felicia Day.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
Yeah, sorry.

Josh Hale 14:51
Sorry, Felicia. Bye, Felicia. are you saving Felicia Day for a particularly moment in time?

Rachael Blaske 15:02
Just kiss. She’s awesome. And I was really excited to play that one.

Josh Hale 15:05
Bye, Felicia. Okay.

believe you. I wouldn’t believe me either. And I would really think about,

Rachael Blaske 15:28
Oh, my gosh, I played something.

Josh Hale 15:32
You did. But on that bottom row, just so you’re aware, since since people can’t see what we’re doing. You are no longer able to play ninjas into the bottom row ever again. By the way,

Rachael Blaske 15:43
ever again, because of Wil Wheaton.

Josh Hale 15:45
Know I played somebody. I don’t know what I did. I did something.

Unknown Speaker 15:52

Rachael Blaske 15:55
But I played Wil Wheaton. I mean, that means I actually achieved something because I actually played played a card. That’s just stunning.

Just do something to get rid of Wil Wheaton.

Josh Hale 16:08
Know, I just took control of him.

Unknown Speaker 16:14
on every level,

Josh Hale 16:16
that is this entire game. The first time I played this game, I played with somebody who really liked to the mechanics, and he just destroyed me the entire game. And then I got one card, played it. And like everything cascaded and I got I won the game and I’m like, I don’t even know how I won this game. It wasn’t even fun for me. And he’s like, that’s why it’s so fun. I’m like, you and I have a drastically different opinion on what fun means.

Rachael Blaske 16:46
I got rid of your disenchanted. I don’t know how I did it. But I did it.

Josh Hale 16:50
as well. You should have.

Rachael Blaske 16:51
Yeah. Yeah. Don’t forget it. What is that? Okay, that. So they light up when they’re

Josh Hale 17:00
when they’re playable? I think it goes.

Rachael Blaske 17:02
Okay, because I’ve been trying to not play those. Oh, oh, my gosh, I just got an achievement that says all like, like, you know, on the, the I the apple games platform, it’s an achievement that says you played a minion and it says all your base are belong to us.

Josh Hale 17:23
Very good. I have not gotten any achievement yet. But that’s mostly because most of this game has been your turn.

Rachael Blaske 17:32
That’s okay. It just gave up on me because I wasn’t paying attention. Now. It’s your turn.

Josh Hale 17:36
Like, so over it. Oh, let’s see. So I’m scoring the first one.

Rachael Blaske 17:49
But you went over the 24. Is this not like blackjack?

Josh Hale 17:52
No, no. Yeah, you have to go over want score.

Rachael Blaske 17:57
Oh, I get this game is rigged. Men don’t even know how to play it. And you’re like, oh, what now?

Unknown Speaker 18:06
Okay, skill level.

Josh Hale 18:08
Um, I have no skills. I just keep reading the cards.

Rachael Blaske 18:14
The cards, I just click and try and get it on a base. You have

Josh Hale 18:18
any Felicia days in your hand? Not talking about that? Cuz I just removed her from your hand. If you did?

Rachael Blaske 18:25
I didn’t. Haha. You’re so lucky. Apparently. You own them all. Good for you. runner up with zero. Thank you. And then it says it’s all about the base score your first base. And that was the achievement that just popped up from Apple too.

Josh Hale 18:43
Yeah, I must not have my achievements on the phone right now.

Rachael Blaske 18:48
I can play on the iPad.

Josh Hale 18:51
Yeah. I don’t understand why anybody would ever do that.

Rachael Blaske 18:55
Because that way, I don’t actually know either.

Josh Hale 19:01
I guess I guess on a bigger screen as well nicer. As far as not having

Rachael Blaske 19:09
Oh, my gosh, what do I do? Okay, and choose another card. But ok. Says play a base name affection.

play this actually action card or go back and choose another card.

Josh Hale 19:24
So most people that listen to this podcast, or get onto the website and check out what the writers are doing that people gamers are probably familiar with the fact that 524 is one of our best and biggest sponsors. And I just wouldn’t feel right. doing a podcast with you since you have a Kickstarter coming up without mentioning it and asking you what it’s all about. Because I’m sure there’s people that you know, they want to know.

Rachael Blaske 19:54
It’s entertaining, because I’m like, focused so much on the game. I’m like, Oh, yeah, Kickstarter. commotion. Okay, so yes, men cooperative is coming out on the ninth of September. So what day is this going live, Josh?

Josh Hale 20:12
What day is this podcast? This is actually going live today, if I can get it edited in time. Oh. And that’s just because with Gen Con, our schedule got behind. And I’m playing catch up all the time. So

Rachael Blaske 20:30
Well, today. So on Monday, then it will be going live on Kickstarter. And we actually have some other exciting stuff going on, where we are kind of branching out even where we are going to have some other language cross platform. crowdfunding campaigns happening too. So for our fringe listeners, we’re going to be offering the entire series in French on the game on platform, in our friends at lucky duck are going to be running that campaign. And then we’re going to combine two campaigns together to earn our stretch goals.

Josh Hale 21:13
That’s kind of cool.

Rachael Blaske 21:16
Yeah, it’s gonna be a fun way for everybody to participate. And I’m excited. I think that we’ve put a lot of heart and soul into this, this campaign. And it’s been fun to watch it actually start to take shape and see people interested, we’ve had a lot of people who are super involved in the series board game,

Facebook group.

And the Facebook group has been pouring out content. So if you want to know about the game, you’ll have to get on there for sure. Because there is just tons and tons and tons of stuff where you can learn all about the game itself. And in a nutshell,

Josh Hale 22:06
it is sorry to interrupt you. But I’m curious. Since I’m looking at your husband’s name on my screen full time, since that’s who I’m playing on this game, apparently. Did Justin make the new man game?

Rachael Blaske 22:21
No, no, he actually did all the development on it. Well, he and his co developer Mel, but they developed on it this time, because you know, it’s beautiful, the universe that Justin created, but we have now had other designers playing in our sandbox. And it’s been really fun to see what their ideas are.

Josh Hale 22:46
Did you go out and find the designer? What was the story on this?

Rachael Blaske 22:51
Well, john Gilmore and Brian Lewis, we’re discussing things and they’ve been working together on dinosaur Island. And so they I had the idea of doing a men’s game. And I actually went back and looked at the she just stopped winning.

Unknown Speaker 23:11
Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you by winning.

Unknown Speaker 23:14
You’re so rude. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Rachael Blaske 23:18
Wait a second. I think I’m

Josh Hale 23:21
something I’m sore island as I’m yeah. I went mercilessly.

Rachael Blaske 23:26
Yes, that’s pretty horrible. Stop. I’m gonna quit coming on this podcast nicer.

Josh Hale 23:31
Um, you know, everybody else I play on this podcast beats me on average.

Rachael Blaske 23:36
There’s no comments for that.

Okay, so, john Gilmore, I looked back on the Minton design contest. That was on VGG back in the day, where Justin had entered networks and kind of started our story. And they’re on the forum. It said something like, there was Johnny Rotten, which is john Gilmore’s. bbg is their name. And he says, Man, I really wish I had time to do something cool like this. And that just made me smile, because now I know that over the next couple of years, he did make time for it. And he did end up with sending us our way. And so now we’re working together. So how cool is that? That you can go back in the forums and see all the wishful thinking the end ended up coming through.

Josh Hale 24:33
Now, you know, and knowing is half the battle. So now that’s cool, man. So there’s john and Brian. Yeah, john, being john Gomorrah and Brian Lewis who did this or Island.

Rachael Blaske 24:47
Yes. And john did a lot of other titles that are pretty well known. Like, he’s got a new one coming out called wayward that I think debuted at Gen Con. And he did dead of winter and wasteland Express. Which is it’s fun, because a lot of the games that he’s done, actually are a lot like our line, worker placement and pick up and deliver. And it’s just been really cool to see how we are starting to just do some crossover.

And obviously his Co Op, which I believe

can remember is dinosaur island called no stone.

Josh Hale 25:31
Yeah, no, it’s not. Okay, so the owner has Co Op, but it’s also got the element of the trader.

Rachael Blaske 25:40
Well, yeah, his definitely his other designs are more complex. And because we focus on single mechanisms, so that way, they’re quick and easy to teach. So his other stuff is amazing, but it’s definitely next level.

Josh Hale 25:55
So have they been? You know, hasn’t been people been excited? What’s been your reaction to it so far? Because I know you showed it a Gen Con. Oh, yeah.

Rachael Blaske 26:05
Well, I always laugh because the immediate reaction to the villains names are it’s just brings joy to somebody’s face, which is not on my face right now. Quit playing dumb. These cards. Oh, sorry. Oh, no, you’re not I don’t I don’t even fake apologies. I

Josh Hale 26:30
I think you’re right that I’m not sorry. I will take that.

Rachael Blaske 26:36
So anyways, they I always love the segue of you know, if you live in a mentor universe, you of course. Have sorry, you have to actually think to lose to you. Um,

Josh Hale 26:53
gosh, for been

Rachael Blaske 26:56
hashtag family’s been. Alright, so

Josh Hale 27:01
was a talking about Josh. And the metaverse and I’m calling it the metaverse until you guys decided to go ahead and just put that on the cam. Reverse. Okay, whatever.

Rachael Blaske 27:13
The multiverse or whatever you’re calling it right now.

Josh Hale 27:17
It has an extra I like universe does.

Unknown Speaker 27:20
Right? Right. Yeah.

Rachael Blaske 27:21
Um, so in a mental verse or Miss Universe, you all have your villains are dental. So they have names like ginger vitesse, and Nick Oh, team and garlic. And every time I would say that, they just, I mean, it could be the most flat face like they’re totally just listening with focus, and they’re not like enjoying themselves at the time. But the second I say that, it just, you know, their face cracks a smile, and then I know that they’re in we’re in it with me, so I love that part of of the world.

Josh Hale 28:04
Um, hey, um, yeah, sorry, I’m busy playing main cards for you.

Rachael Blaske 28:09
I know. I’m just trying to click things. And remember to play them as long as I play, then it’s not as off what are you doing?

Josh Hale 28:23
You couldn’t you weren’t allowed to play on that city? Sorry.

Rachael Blaske 28:26
It hurts. All right. I’m gonna go up there then. Haha. It doesn’t mean anything. I don’t even have any in two of the city’s

Unknown Speaker 28:44
Joshua Hale play a turn. He’s He’s a main main man. His face. Alright, so I’m

Josh Hale 28:58
so basically I just went up there to prevent you from being able to take those cities without

Rachael Blaske 29:05
you don’t you really don’t need to block me anymore. It’s really okay. There’s no way I’ll win anyway.

Josh Hale 29:11
I you know, sadly, I I can’t even really disagree with your analysis.

Rachael Blaske 29:19
I’m very intelligent. I know. This is.

Josh Hale 29:22
Yeah, I yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:26

Rachael Blaske 29:28
okay, so the you had asked about the general

reaction and, and how it was, how it’s been received.

Unknown Speaker 29:37

Rachael Blaske 29:39
was played against you. So you must destroy one of your minions.

And you chose it? Because I probably didn’t do it fast enough.

Unknown Speaker 29:52

Josh Hale 29:53
sorry about that.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
General receipt of the product. response, I think

Josh Hale 30:00
bonds whatever, cuz I don’t need a receipt. I’ve not paid for anything.

Rachael Blaske 30:03
No receipts.

Okay, so, um, I think one of the one of my favorite things about it

is the other day.

The other day, we had a, we had Jeremy Howard playing it live in the solar gamer solo gamer.

Facebook group.

And he got his butt handed to him. Like it was. It was bad. I mean, Nick was merciless. Nick. Oh, teen, he was merciless to him because you choose the villain that you’re going to play against in that game. And Nick is our intro boss. And a lot of people don’t like playing co ops because they feel like they’re too easy. Let me tell you, it was hysterical watching him go, oh my gosh, I died again. Oh, my and and of course die. Totally not dying, you just end up with bad breath until you play again. But

it was very funny watching him.

In and

and afterwards. He’s like, you know, I mean, I don’t want to reflect poorly on your game or anything. Do you want me? You know, I’m like, No, you know what? It’s challenging. And I think that the world is ready for a slightly more challenging Co Op. I kind of really like that. So we are, we are proud of of the difficulty of this game. And it’s going to be really nice to serve as a challenge.

Josh Hale 31:48
How long does it take to play a game?

Rachael Blaske 31:50
Oh, 15 minutes or less like so if you get if you get totally killed? If it’s awful. You just blinking.

Josh Hale 32:02
Right? Now, I’m sure it’ll come across on the podcast. But on my end, whatever you just said to me was entirely bleeped out almost like you were cussing. And I don’t I don’t think that that’s the software doing that. I think it was just an internet glitch. But it was kind of like, you know, where they do a video and next thing you know, it’s just like, dead air. But you still see the mouth moving? So that’s funny. I assume that I for that reason, I assume that you were cussing at me? And that is Oh, yeah.

Rachael Blaske 32:36
Yes. Hashtag family friendly? Yes. There was no, there was no words no expletives were used in the making of this podcast.

Josh Hale 32:47
I’m not sure how this game is still going on. So how long does your game last? Because smash ups only supposed to last a couple minutes. And you have thus far been talking to me for 30 minutes. You know, I’m sure that everybody that’s listening to us is so excited that our geek them that they are still listening saying, Oh, this is wonderful. And I’m stuck in traffic and I’m stuck listening to you guys.

Rachael Blaske 33:15
That’s right. That’s right.

Well, our game is, like I said, 1015 minutes tops, because it’s quick thing. But this is not. I love that it’s one to one to four players. So you can play it on your lunch break. You can play it while you’re waiting for your food you can do those type of activities. But this I don’t think I would ever play in a doctor’s office, however

because of taking too long for me to lose to you.

Josh Hale 33:54
I agree. I I have no words other than on gray, because anything else I would say would be tremendously mean. And you know, that’s not my personality. I I think mean things. I just don’t say them out loud. Normal. Yeah. I mean, I’m having really mean thoughts. if that helps.

Rachael Blaske 34:16
I that does make me feel better. You’re welcome. I ok. I think, therefore you are. I’m going to try and win.

I’m going to come from behind and I’m going to beat you.

Josh Hale 34:29

Unknown Speaker 34:30

Josh Hale 34:32
We figured out how the game works. You know? I applaud your initiative.

Rachael Blaske 34:39
Yes. I have an optimistic spirit. And I am going to Oh, yeah, yeah. Do you see that? That one? What is the name of that base on the on the bottom? The third base, the dread gazebo? How do you see that? Oh, there it is. Got it. Yeah, totally

Josh Hale 34:56
gonna win. That’s okay. I only want two points there. I’m letting you stack it up.

No, no, that’s cool. And you said that goes to Kickstarter on the ninth. You know what time is going to go for people that want to you know, try to be that magical number one, number one.

Rachael Blaske 35:25
Oh, yeah. 9999. of Central Central Standard Time.

Josh Hale 35:32
So you can say no, in German, but what time is it going to go?

Unknown Speaker 35:37
9am. Central Standard Time.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
And I live here

Rachael Blaske 35:44
in Nebraska where it’s honestly not for everyone. And I love how almost anyone because that’s

Josh Hale 35:53
also true. So every time Rachel’s on podcast, she makes this comment about Nebraska being not for everyone. And we always kind of laugh about it because the

Rachael Blaske 36:09
that’s the tourism.

Josh Hale 36:12
Right? The State Board actually made that the slogan for Nebraska. Nebraska is not for everyone.

Rachael Blaske 36:23
It used to be like the What was it? The good. The Good Life. That’s what it is. The brassica the good life. And then it became Nebraska. Nice like that, that that was the one word Nebraska. Nice.

Josh Hale 36:41
You know what, I can actually see that one because I say that a very frequently when people are telling me something, I’ll just say, Ah, nice. And it’s a very neutral way of saying either I really like it or I really dislike it.

Rachael Blaske 36:58
So you’re listening.

Unknown Speaker 37:01

Rachael Blaske 37:02
Nice. That’s for me. I was listening. But, uh, and then now it’s Nebraska. Honestly, it’s not for everyone.

Josh Hale 37:14
I I’m still not sure really how I feel about that particular slogan.

Rachael Blaske 37:23
Well, honestly, it honestly,

Josh Hale 37:26
that slogan is not for everyone.

Rachael Blaske 37:28
It speaks to my Stark. It’s okay. I kind of like that.

Josh Hale 37:33
I, I lack snarky ness all together. I am. You know, just so vanilla and nice. I would never say anything snarky. That’s great.

Rachael Blaske 37:45
So, are you losing yet?

Josh Hale 37:48
No, we’ve been at two to eight for the past like 27 minutes. Um, and as I said, for those listening at home in the studio audience I’m sorry that this is so painful for you. Because normally Rachel loses much faster.

Unknown Speaker 38:09
You’re not wrong.

Rachael Blaske 38:12
I mean, that star rums that one was brutal.

Unknown Speaker 38:16
It was pretty brutal. It was so bad. 3 billion points to 03

Rachael Blaske 38:22
billion. That’s what it was. Okay, did that work? Did I finally No, no, almost. Yeah. Did I win? One one. I think I won one.

Because that’s the thing. 111211 and nine, nine.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
I won the dread QZ

Josh Hale 38:46
bow four points goes to JK to please coach, Mr. Joshua Hale. before and now that one goes away and saying it’s your turn, turn.

Rachael Blaske 39:03
Okay. We’ll play that.

I got another point.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
Wow. Seven to 10. Now,

Rachael Blaske 39:14
I’m from behind. I wouldn’t take you out.

Josh Hale 39:18
You do appear to be on that trajectory trade path, but I’m going to get an extra point as well, because I wouldn’t want you to feel alone in that. Okay. Yeah.

Rachael Blaske 39:32
Josh Hale play turn.

Josh Hale 39:35
Actually, it’s telling me Jay blocky drawl to Carnes. That’s what I’m hearing on my sign.

Rachael Blaske 39:41
I think it’s confused. I should screenshot it and send it to you.

Josh Hale 39:45
I can help that you don’t know how to read on. iPad, you might need to get an Android.

Unknown Speaker 39:53
Oh, got it. Got it.

Unknown Speaker 39:56
Here I am playing

Rachael Blaske 40:00


What is that? Oh, you’re looking at the top five cards of your deck.

Josh Hale 40:11
Oh, no one’s gonna do but I got tired of looking at that card.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
That’s fair.

Josh Hale 40:17
So I’m gonna draw on shuffle. Oh, and it gets rid of all those cards. Oh,

Rachael Blaske 40:23
that’s horrible. Well, you can get you can choose if you draw and shuffle, then you can get rid of your current hand. Or you could have just put it back. So you knew what was coming?

Josh Hale 40:32
Well, I did the opposite and didn’t pay attention at all. So Holly, no, no. My hand is horrendous.

Rachael Blaske 40:45
Two more cards from your deck. Oh, that’s my turn. Finally. Geez.

Unknown Speaker 40:51

Josh Hale 40:58
So I soon lucky dog that you were I mean, did you go all the way up to the, to the man himself? Or, you know, where you? You know, how did that all come about? Vince is the best. I mean, if you’re allowed to tell us?

Rachael Blaske 41:13
Yeah, well, there’s of course behind the scenes, blah, blah, blah, blah. But we ended up meeting at origins. And we were talking shop, and he was super interested in the games. And that made me super happy. Because I think we’ve got a really fun set of games here that a lot of people love. And he agreed, and he wanted to bring that to

the French people. So that was really cool.

Josh Hale 41:46
That sounds fun. Well, I haven’t paid attention to the campaigns on game on too much. I know, they’re starting to do some interesting things with it. But I don’t know much about the platform.

Rachael Blaske 42:00
Well, I know that it’s a French company originally. And so they have a lot of have, like a strong base there in France. And that’s really cool. I love that. And I’m learning about the other. I mean, obviously, I just haven’t paid too much attention because you know, Kickstarter is the end all be all at the moment and United States and

learning that there are other platforms that are more region specific.

Josh Hale 42:26
Yeah, like there’s one Italy, there’s one in Germany, there’s a Japanese one if I remember, right. So it’s kind of interesting that some of them are very, very region specific. And, you know, for us in the US, we just think that the only thing out there is Kickstarter, maybe Indiegogo. But there seems to be a lot more. And in fact, some of the American companies are starting to use some of those other platforms because of a different audience.

Rachael Blaske 43:00
Hmm, it’s true. It really allows you to specialize.

Okay, what am I waiting on here? people’s What’s happening? Oh,

Josh Hale 43:10
apparently I have to decide what card to be mean to.

Rachael Blaske 43:17
You forced something. Okay. Now, next. Let’s do that one.

Unknown Speaker 43:29
So my

Josh Hale 43:32
golly, this game’s taken so long. I’ve run out of witty things to say. And are you there? You know, I got nothing here for you. To entertain me here.

Rachael Blaske 43:44
You went totally dark for a good five seconds. And I laughed to myself, because I thought that your phone died because you’ve been talking to me so long.

Josh Hale 43:53
No, I just got nothing to say. Man. I’m all out of woody isms.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
Dad jokes. Oh, no. No.

Rachael Blaske 44:05
Justin’s way better at that.

Josh Hale 44:08
But just because you’re used to his.

Rachael Blaske 44:10
This is true. You do have some pretty lame jokes. Oh, thank you so

Unknown Speaker 44:13

Rachael Blaske 44:17
Oh, good. You want one? Yeah. It’s all like, what? 15

Josh Hale 44:21
I’m hoping it’s 15. So the game can be over.

Unknown Speaker 44:27
Taken for ever.

Unknown Speaker 44:30
Oh my gosh. Wow. So I do

Josh Hale 44:34

Rachael Blaske 44:36
I have a smash up story because I’ve never played it. But my exchange student from back in the day, we used to host a lot of exchange students and my Norwegian kiddo. He loves smash up from from being here. And they couldn’t get it over in Norway. And so we shipped it to him without him realizing it was coming in. So he was super excited about that. We sent a lot of different expansions or whatever to it. So this is why I don’t have it now. And so I can’t play it so that I know how to do this faster.

Josh Hale 45:16
Yeah, that that would obviously work. Because I haven’t even gotten my turn to actually work. I keep having to discard stuff.

Rachael Blaske 45:26
Game over man, it says

Josh Hale 45:28
doesn’t say game over. Oh, rock on

Rachael Blaske 45:30
you one. Again.


Josh Hale 45:36
Yeah, I’m doing that. And I’m getting my screenshot that shows the man I missed it. So I got a What’s it called? achievement right now. And it was very aptly named because the nerds one Revenge of the Nerds.

Rachael Blaske 45:59
Oh, excellent.

Josh Hale 46:00
Yeah, I thought that was cute. But it’s not going to show up in the screenshot. And the screenshot got the second achievement, which was away with the fairies to do with it? Well, my guys were trickster. So I assume that, you know, they’re considered fairies was the Yeah, I don’t know. I you know, I didn’t like ask them beforehand, you know? Well, that’s how they self identify as as fairies. So, you know, go with a prom. Anyways. Hey, I’m excited for you for the ninth. I hope you guys do. Excellent. And obviously, you know, we already got the review out for MIT cooperative from Ben and Idaho.

Rachael Blaske 46:47
Yeah, Ben and Ellie took it to Yellowstone.

Josh Hale 46:50
Did they really?

Rachael Blaske 46:51
Yeah, they took it to Yellowstone and got some really good pictures of at the lodge. I think this is cool.

Josh Hale 46:57
Oh, that’s fun. That sounds like really cool. Did they seem to enjoy it?

Rachael Blaske 47:00
Yeah, I think that they, it mentioned that they forgot the maples that came with it and it but they ended up having like some tiny epic maples or something with them. And it worked out well. Like, I don’t remember which ones they were was like, was it tiny, epic zombies? That would have been really funny.

Josh Hale 47:17
I would assume that they’d have some sort of maples with them, because they have reviewed lots and lots of games in the last year and a half. Right? I would assume that they have maples, like you know, coming out the wazoo at this point in time. Yeah, Ali said she was gonna post some pictures on Instagram, I believe. Oh, cool. Ali’s Instagram is I think the gamer babe with underscores on between the gamer and babe. And she is obviously a big part of people gamers as this band. And, as always, the people at 524 are a huge part of people, gamers, and we could not continue to exist without them. So thank you, people at 524, especially Rachel Blackie, for coming on air today. We hope you do really, really well with men cooperative. And thank you for showing me yet again that there are times that I can win.

Rachael Blaske 48:14
I mean, I might lose here, but I’m not losing on Monday. So it’s all it’s all good.

Josh Hale 48:19
Hey, man, I hope you do really good. And congratulations on a really cool game and hope that it does everything that you guys want it to do. Cool. Thanks. Come on. You have made it to the end the long distance gaming podcast. Today’s show was brought to you by MIT cooperative. And man. I still don’t know the company’s name, but they are definitely not going to pay me. So if you’d like to sponsor the long distance pop gaming. Dude, I don’t even know the name of my own show that this is horrible. But I did find out Forrest Gump password. It’s one forest one. The past present in the future walked into a bar. It was tense. You know, since I’m so horrible at podcasting.

I think I want a job cleaning meters.

It’s something I could really see myself doing. Thanks again for listening to long distance gaming. Brought to you by the maple gamers broadcast network, 524 Labs and Odom publishing.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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