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Josh Hale 0:02
Hey, all this is Josh Hale with mobile gamers. We are doing long distance gaming today with Rachel Glasgow 524. lambs. If you’re not familiar with Rachel, she has been doing the con circuit. Now since Pax unplugged last year, the first time she had ever been to a major con if I remember right, it may have been the first time she’d been to a con at all. And she made lots of friends. And she is now doing a bunch of different sort of events and things. And she is in fact, sponsoring a media spotlight sort of situation, the day before Gen Con in Indianapolis for their new game, which is meant cooperative, we’ll probably talk about that at some point during the podcast. But more than anything, we are here to do some long distance gaming, it’s a little bit like long distance dating, but not quite as pretty. We Star Realms today, and I’ve played Star Realms before but to be honest, I don’t remember how to do it. So Rachel’s probably going to talk me through it a little bit. She says she knows a little bit herself. So between the two of us, we might be able to get through it. And ultimately, sadly, I’ve been very lucky lately, and I I don’t try to win on the podcast, I just try to have a conversation and you know, keep trying to

Rachael Blaske 1:26
go Don’t worry, I won’t let you in.

Josh Hale 1:28
I would hope you don’t let me win because my luck has been absurd lately. So without further ado, this is Rachel black ski. Welcome, Rachel black ski, how are you?

Rachael Blaske 1:40
Hello, I’m good. And I was just going to say that I have not played a ton of Star Realms, but my son is really into hero realms. So we do that a lot. Analog version in this house?

Josh Hale 1:56
Well, that’s exactly what this podcast is. It’s the idea do that. While a lot of us prefer cardboard that sometimes cardboard doesn’t, does just doesn’t do it. You know, you you’re in Lincoln, Nebraska, which is, you know, cornfield USA,

Rachael Blaske 2:15
oh, now.

Josh Hale 2:17
And I’m in Central Ohio, which is you know, Cal town USA, actually, I think that is the nickname of Columbus, Ohio is countdown. And so we are just, you know, not quite close enough to play this game, you know, with the cards and you know, looking at each other and you know, saying, saying snide and horrible thanks to each other face to face, we have to do it on a podcast created digitally.

Rachael Blaske 2:45
Okay, so start rooms, if nobody is familiar, is from white wizard games, and

Unknown Speaker 2:54
it is a deck builder.

Rachael Blaske 2:57
You start with your original hand, then you use that to purchase cards in the market. And then they go into your deck. And so hopefully you can use them later on. So you’re just kind of stacking in what kind of cards you want to have. Now, Star Realms is the sci fi version of their product. And they have hero realms, which is more the fantasy side, which is more where I end up typically. But I mean, I can, as I’m looking here on the screen, I see a blob destroyer and an embassy yacht. And they all look very, very high tech. And I’m deciding what genre I want to go with. Because typically the genres, there’s colors. Red means it’s pretty aggressive. And it’s usually an attack card. Green. I’m trying to that that’s Earth and hero realms like the forest, but like, here, what do you think Joe? Looks like?

Josh Hale 4:03
I am very, very good at not having any thoughts at all. So I’m just going to go into that tradition.

Rachael Blaske 4:10
Lack thought? Cool. Well, blue, I think is usually more the it’s usually healing and stuff in the other. So Alright, so basically, you start with 50 points. And it goes down. As you remember this,

Josh Hale 4:29
this is the one that goes down rather than trying to go up to victory points you’re trying to take away the other parties. The other your competitions, hit points, basically, correct. I do remember this. And I kind of remember that blob destroyer for some reason. I mean, I don’t know why you would forget a blob destroyer. I mean, I mean, everybody have a blob destroyer in their arsenal.

Rachael Blaske 4:53
Absolutely. Okay, so I am starting I believe, am I it’s my turn, right? Yes.

Josh Hale 5:00
So it has been your turn for days and everybody’s waiting patiently for your first turn yours. Okay.

Rachael Blaske 5:08
Let’s see here. What do I want to say?

Josh Hale 5:10
Is anybody can tell? I know Rachel very well. And so this conversation might be a little bit more personal than the conversations I’ve had, you know, most of the people I have on here. However, Rachel and I know each other very, very well. And she, she’s a, a delight to be around.

Rachael Blaske 5:36
Okay, now, here’s the part where I always struggle in digital games to try and understand the UI. Because I am attempting to purchase the blob fighter. Oh, and also you can buy if you don’t see anything you want to buy. They have over all the way on the left is explores, which are basically ways to increase the amount of money in your deck for purchasing, which is a good strategy early in the game. There rubies in hero realms, so. But I can afford that blood fighter. If I can figure out how to buy it. I just Okay, so I’m trying to use my scout.

Josh Hale 6:24
Oh, that’s why it was your turn using you cannot buy the blob fighter. odd. Is it? Because it’s my turn. It’s been your turn. I know. I know. And I don’t know quite how I feel about take

Unknown Speaker 6:41
the blood fighter from me Who the heck are you

Josh Hale 6:47
going to do because I want to make sure that you feel you know comfortable and happy. And when you take cards I took the blog fighter and explore that like a lot of games they go and to your discard. What was the game I was playing a while ago, where instead of your discard it goes on the top of your drawl deck.

Rachael Blaske 7:10
No. All right, I’m concentrating on my next move I can’t listen to you

Unknown Speaker 7:15

Josh Hale 7:20
So she’s concentrating which this means that pretty much this podcast I’ll be talking because she’ll be concentrating and you are ridiculous, credible amount of time. And obviously I had to give that a little bit of a pause because the longer the pause the more important is what you’re saying.

Rachael Blaske 7:43
Okay, so once I once I do it there Okay, there we go. So I am acquiring the embassy. I can attack right. Yes. Okay. Their first blood. Haha. 49 points. It work. Haha, there 49 points. I don’t know. And now I can’t use this. So. Okay. I think I did it. today. Your turn.

Josh Hale 8:23
You have done something. I may have to press mute for a second if I do you just keep talking. I’m gonna be any different time. Come back. I was not gonna say anything about so we got to

Rachael Blaske 8:45
turn your turn

Josh Hale 8:51
for this for moms.

Rachael Blaske 8:54
All right.

Josh Hale 9:00
I want to make sure that you realize how long I waited. It has been literally months. And did you know the more often that you say the word

Rachael Blaske 9:08
you love that I say it all the time. It’s your favorite thing.

Josh Hale 9:16

Unknown Speaker 9:19

Rachael Blaske 9:22
All right, I’m waiting for your turn.

Josh Hale 9:27
I just took the blob destroyed because you know reasons. Now I just attacked you to make sure that our hit points remain the same. And I pressed and turn. And now it’s your turn and I was able to get three coins and two attacks. Now obviously normally when you’re playing a well any game for the most part, you’re not going to be telling people what you’re getting. But we do try to tell you a little bit on the podcast what we’re doing more than anything so you can feel like you’re tagging along because obviously on a podcast The only thing you get to see as the end screen where it says that I very decidedly destroyed Rachel with my blog.

Rachael Blaske 10:08
I’m having a hard time feeling afraid of anybody saying blob destroyer.

Josh Hale 10:17
As well you should you should feel very afraid. I mean, have you seen the movie the blob? I bet it was it was a movie. And exactly what I envisioned the blob destroyer to be is just a huge blob in space that actually all it does is goes and sucks things into it. That’s ending their ability to excellent fight. And that’s how I envisioned the blob destroyer. And the reason that I envisioned always is because I’m

Rachael Blaske 10:47
tearing them right Wait, I said no cancel on spent combat Why would you do that? There I hit you Well, at least it’s kind enough to remind me when I don’t do something right.

Josh Hale 11:08
remind you when you don’t do something right so what

Rachael Blaske 11:11
what I’m saying prompts me to say Oh, sure not playing this correctly.

Josh Hale 11:22
Oh darn it, I didn’t mean to do that.

Rachael Blaske 11:24
This is the most I’ve ever heard you talk hashtag family friendly reference to unfiltered gamer. Dad

Josh Hale 11:42
You know in all fairness, I do say dag on a lot and I am a single father. So I do try to keep it somewhat PG on my regular basis. Because if not, it would be dropping f bombs left and right. Rather than drop f bombs my my exploits of choice is Razzle frazzle. And I say that quite frequently. And it it has become kind of a thing at my home because when I say razzle dazzle, my daughter knows I’m actually saying the F word. She looks at me with a dirty, you know, like, you know, stink faced. She knows what I’m saying, even though I’m not saying it. And I don’t think I can win the razzle dazzle anymore. So I can’t even do comic.

Rachael Blaske 12:36
I know I always go breath of fresh air, you

Josh Hale 12:38
know? Right, exactly. That’s me. That’s, you know, Hanna Barbera, you know, from right, you know, the late 70s, early 80s with dog and pirate and all that stuff and you know, the Wacky Races that was just put into a board game with us. C mon or come on or, you know,

Rachael Blaske 13:03
the panel the other day and Eric Lang said, you know, it’s come on guys come on.

Josh Hale 13:12
And just I don’t feel it. I truly do not. See my so therefore, when he says that it appears to be disingenuous. And I just don’t have an answer for him. So I

Rachael Blaske 13:33
just like to point out to our listeners, just saying that, Oh, no, I am not going to point out anything now. Would you? Dang it.

Josh Hale 13:45
Please point

Unknown Speaker 13:48
to point out because

Josh Hale 13:49
then you get a thing. I think I think I cry. I’m pretty sure. Just you and I are on the same page. That what you were going to point out, no longer a thing. So she’s going to point out that she was winning 5246. So for those people that

Rachael Blaske 14:20
No, no, we don’t need to talk about what score is No.

Josh Hale 14:24
That made it not 52 4040.

Rachael Blaske 14:33
But since they can’t see the screen, I could say that I’m lying 46 to 41.

Unknown Speaker 14:40
You could say that you’re going to end your turn. Are you going to keep a

Josh Hale 14:48
well, actually, I had to I believe it or not. I was getting a shoot. blob destroyer has some sort of some sounds like an issue. I agree. Are there any cards in the trade or other gonna tell you that or to using? I don’t know. Why would you not tell me that?

Rachael Blaske 15:18
Hurry up? I’m getting distracted. I’m gonna like go start playing on Facebook.

Josh Hale 15:26
Yeah, Facebook addiction. And so I’m gonna get rid of the missile mech? is you get a scrap because

Rachael Blaske 15:40
he gave me a Corvette. That’s cool. I want a Corvette.

Josh Hale 15:44
Yeah, I see. I don’t know how excited I was like the yellow

Rachael Blaske 15:47
genre. I really wish that I knew what the genres are. I’m sure it’s in the rules.

Josh Hale 15:57
Yellow is tech. Green blob. Grey is your

Rachael Blaske 16:06
greatest default.

Josh Hale 16:11
Universal. Man, you

Rachael Blaske 16:16
totally getting that Corvette just because it’s a Corvette. And I will never be able to afford one in my life, just like I

Josh Hale 16:30
used to. Yeah, I know I did the same thing, not this. I mean, it’s okay. Because

Rachael Blaske 16:36
it made it so that it’s 4141 now, but now I can’t use that again later, because I accidentally trashed it.

Josh Hale 16:53
So I just got another blob destroyer out.

Rachael Blaske 17:01
And I hear that sin a sin. I’m gonna say this wrong sin from limb. He plays this like crazy.

Josh Hale 17:16
I play it crazily as well.

Rachael Blaske 17:19
I just have to say, I’m really into the people behind the games. And Debbie is the one one of the people who runs the company and she’s pretty stinking awesome.

Josh Hale 17:35
Yeah, I spent a little time with Debbie at origins, I would assume that I was gone. So I’m going to just keep destroying the same type thing, just in case you are going after mechanical stuff, trying to read stuff, because that’s what your Corvette is. I’m just going to destroy them to AMI,

Rachael Blaske 17:59
you know? Oh, to explain how there’s two icons at the bottom of several cards. The first one is if you play it by itself, and then it has that same genre at the bottom. And so basically, if you play two of those at the same time, you get the extra effect.

Josh Hale 18:21
Yeah, I do remember that. It’s been a while. I have lots of money.

Maybe lots of money, but you know, not wrong. And there’s nothing you can even buy for that amount of money. Right? The second, that’s really particularly exciting, I did

Unknown Speaker 18:46
need to attack you.

Josh Hale 18:50
So I’m not buying any blobs currently, because it’s your turn, it’s her turn. So just because I’m I’m going to just go ahead and attack you to start. And because I can’t buy anything else, I’m going to buy a couple explorers because my turn really, really nice.

So if people hear in the background where I’m at, and this has been a thing for a while. If you hear me going, it’s the department or not State Department, the Ohio highway department. And I live right on the side of a highway and there is no good time to schedule these podcast because I get to hear the you know, the highway department mowing like 73 hours a day.

Rachael Blaske 19:53
And that’s even with having a microphone that’s not supposed to pick up that stuff. I hear nothing. And that’s impressive considering I have four children, and I may have threatened them to go away. I can do this.

Josh Hale 20:11
So I bought a stealth needle which I don’t even know what it does. But you know what? I bought a solid life lessons right there. And yeah, yes, I agree. So if anybody you know knows what a stealth needle is, after this podcast, feel free to go on to any of your podcast listening services that could include iTunes, SoundCloud, gosh, Spotify, just going on the web page, you are welcome to make a comment and tell me how daft I am for not knowing what a stealth needle is. It’s possible but I met them to

Rachael Blaske 20:49
Africa. Speaking of fun things that people bought for no apparent reason I now own wigs, because I was going to dye my hair for Gen Con. A nice beautiful purple to promote mint cooperative, since that’s the color the theme color. And I was thinking about it. And I realized that my daughter has a middle school orientation or like open house two days after I get back. And she may not want me to be that mom. Not that there’s anything wrong with being that mom wouldn’t want. I just feel particular compassion for any child heading into Junior High cuz I believe that they are less than human. So

Josh Hale 21:47
I, I hear you. Okay, actually,

Rachael Blaske 21:53
I used to tell my husband that because I used to sub at K through 12. And when I would do the junior high, I would come home from work and I would tell my husband every day that I firmly believed that children are picked up and not hurt by aliens and snatched when they go into seventh grade and they come back sometime around sophomore year.

Josh Hale 22:30
Now I would like to say it is now your turn. You do have to discard one of your cards that you haven’t heard and I do apologize for that. That was an accident. I swear. The fact that you are point wise now looking at 32 to 25. Of course that’s your neighbor of course. I mean,

Rachael Blaske 22:46
it’s very I have so many

Unknown Speaker 22:48
what your point

Unknown Speaker 22:53
okay, attack

Rachael Blaske 22:59
so much. You but I attacked you. I felt like I am not playing as well as I would prefer.

Though, I honestly, Josh, I tell people all the time when they’re like oh, you beat me. I got smoked. I’m like no, no, you have not been smoked. Until someone has beat you. 48 two, and you had to log that on VGG. And that happened with you. Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
You beat me 48 to two songbird. Oh,

Josh Hale 23:47
remember songbird that was very

Rachael Blaske 23:51
painful. Oh, and this morning, I told my boys to go downstairs and clean up cuz I literally had to scream across the house today. Teague put away all your DND stuff. I felt very weird. I felt like I was like my mom or something. Um, but instead of doing that, because why would anyone ever listened to me I’m just a mom. He ran and got Shobu and decided to play that on the floor rather than them clean the table.

You know, you can stop attacking me anytime.

Josh Hale 24:43
I mean, supposed to be doing.

Okay, so this has become a turned end all terms because I just let’s see. Oh, man, that was that was really rough. And sort of face that you had I? I know you really had worked hard on that face. But, you know, it was in my way, I had to make way for a space highway. You know, sorry, I just made up your blog. We’ll see. I’ll tell you, my blog will has been blogging along on its own wavelength, not bothering anybody.

Rachael Blaske 25:37
Oh. Also, my husband is a bit of a woodworker he likes to build things. And he has noticed my recent obsession with Shobu and the organic components within we’re inspiring to him. And so he went to the workshop yesterday and purchased some items to make me a I’m totally it’s like, it’s like the fan version of Shobu. I think it’s going to be a thing. building your own show billboards that you can like, obviously, you would still buy the same ones from Kurt, but you’re going to be able to, you know, make a fan version.

Josh Hale 26:26
So for those people that are not familiar with who Kurt is, she’s talking about smirking dagger had a game that will be out at Gen Con called Shobu. And by By the way, I assume you’re going to be at Gen Con. Are you doing anything fun? No. I’m just gonna go work.

Rachael Blaske 26:46
Oh, I know. I know. I saw the entire direction. I was like, No, I’m gonna just pee in the Cheerios. That’s what I’m doing right now? Um, yes, actually, I’m going to go ahead and sponsor a mixer for publishers and media so that they can see the new game, because men cooperative is pretty fun. And I’m excited about putting that out in on Kickstarter in September. And I’m also actually doing something really fun with the ladies of tabletop as well. And I organize a breakfast where everybody can come and eat waffles and hang out and be around other women that are kind of walking the same road in the industry. And I’m excited about that, too. So if you have not heard about that, and you’re identified female in the industry, let me know and I can shoot you an invite.

Josh Hale 27:49
Sounds like fun.

Rachael Blaske 27:50
It’s my turn.

Josh Hale 27:54
It is your turn. I was I was not going to say that out loud. I was going to say quietly right now. So nobody would here on the podcast that I’ve been talking about yourself. So I got my one

Rachael Blaske 28:04
little commercial and I couldn’t focus. You know, it’s weird.

Josh Hale 28:09
Apparently, No, you cannot focus on your turn at all during a commercial. So tell us about Nick co-operative though, because, you know, doing the media thing.

Rachael Blaske 28:21
It is a new Co Op that we’re putting out that it’s the first time that we’re putting out a Minton games that Justin did not design. He did do a lot of development work on it. But this design came from john Gilmore and Brian Lewis. And they brought us that design after they did their work on dinosaur Island. And it was really exciting. I was I was happy to see other people looking at it at the Minton world. And wanting to accept that challenge because it’s it’s tough to get certain amount of components in a small space and still make a really big game. So it was really cool. Now, MIT cooperative itself, it is basically you take all of the locations that you have come to know and love from seeing them in mid delivery, and the characters in mixed works. And as we go on to develop that universe, you find out that there are superheroes at it. superheroes like citizen cinema night, liberty, licorice, General gumdrop, and all of them are there to protect us from the panic inducing a villains named Nick and Gerlich. And finally the mother of Mouth Disease, Ginger vitesse. So we got to beat him up. And basically, you roll the dice. And if they cause trouble with a trouble card, you have to mitigate the trouble. Because when they do, when they attack, they remove mints that removed that reveal pet panic points. I need more coffee.

Unknown Speaker 30:18
Panic points that mean that you have increased regional panic. And if you get to 27 I believe it is. You lose.

Josh Hale 30:31
Oddly enough money. I was 27.

Rachael Blaske 30:35
And let’s not talk about how many I have. And can you please stop beating me? This was my idea to play this game.

Josh Hale 30:44
I told you. I’ve been absurdly lucky. And games lately, to the point that ridiculous that people will stop. Oh my gosh. I can’t come on to the podcast about that absurd luck you have. So she was at 15 knocked her down to two hit points.

Rachael Blaske 31:05
She had. Oh, I missed that.

Unknown Speaker 31:06

Josh Hale 31:11
You had to raise your hand points to get back up to six. And, you know, I won’t say anything, you know, is trying to you know,

Rachael Blaske 31:21
just go away recycling station.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
Yeah, that that recycle

Rachael Blaske 31:27
that recycling station. Okay. I’m ending my turn. So it’s really

Josh Hale 31:35
I’m really looking forward to that. I know. At that media event, we’re going to have

Unknown Speaker 31:44
people University from people universe,

Josh Hale 31:48
showing people that game because she’s going to be in town for that event. And beyond that, I’m sure. I would think that she’s pretty excited about that. Because you will not be entire

Rachael Blaske 32:03
now nobody really thought about when I should be there, I suppose.

Josh Hale 32:11
Well, I had thought about it. And then you know, I I said you know you’re going to be sponsoring

Unknown Speaker 32:18
me there. So

Josh Hale 32:22
no, I would think so. Our but it’s really cool. That cell is

Rachael Blaske 32:27
yes. And I sent her the print and play because she’s over in.

Josh Hale 32:33
Yeah, she actually saw that

Rachael Blaske 32:34
on her Twitter. She’s over in Australia. So I can’t get her prototype fast enough before Gen Con, but she agreed to make the print and play. And I’m going to go ahead and teach her over Skype here soon.

Josh Hale 32:55
So as I got onto this podcast before everybody started listening, right, told me she would have to be off this podcast by 11am. She has important phone calls to me. And I’m trying my very best to make sure that she gets I have a feeling.

Rachael Blaske 33:14
Okay, no, I want that one. A royal readout. That’s a really cool sounding card. Alright, enter it, is it redo or read out? I feel very uncultured right now.

Josh Hale 33:38
But I’m guessing that you might want something in the trade room, you

Rachael Blaske 33:42
act like I play with any sort of strategy ever.

Josh Hale 33:47
You know, a lot of that to my myself. I am a big fan of not knowing what I’m doing. And so far in life. I’ve been able to do that quite.

Rachael Blaske 34:02
I always think I’m good at games. Until I play with people who are not my children.

Josh Hale 34:13
I would like to say a majority of the world what or not? I disagree.

Rachael Blaske 34:20
evident normally large population.

Josh Hale 34:27
I have been with that being said, I would like that. And I think I may even have to because I don’t know what the end screen will look like. But I like this screen that says

Rachael Blaske 34:41
Hang on. I’m taking a picture of you have been defeated all in black and white.

Josh Hale 34:48
Yeah, so I’ll I’ll put them together. And then I have 27 hit points. And Rachel has negative one. Now have I’ve been thinking about this in advance. Because I didn’t realize you could go next. I would have gotten her down to like one point and then I would have pulled off like a 15 point hit. So I can see that she had negative 14 points. Um, I did not do that. And sadly, I’m I’m missing that to a great extent. But I did get the screenshot

Rachael Blaske 35:20
I’m trying to screenshot because I’m on an iPad. And my kids have broken it so many times that the screenshot buttons don’t work anymore. So I will just have to take a picture with my phone.

Josh Hale 35:36

Rachael Blaske 35:37
yes, I do hear your screen magic

Josh Hale 35:40
person. Yeah, screen. That’s what they call me, Mr. Screen magic. I don’t always tell people that and you know, I don’t always tell people that. You know, I’m the most interesting man. I do. But when I do drink, it might be tres techies

Rachael Blaske 36:02
even know what you’re saying any more. Any more coffee.

Josh Hale 36:08
Loving, ludicrously. Yep. So Rachel, I told you I was lucky lately. I’m sorry that I was. So we’re lucky. Yeah, it again. And I’m sorry that I’ve got have you on the podcast to tell you about MC cooperative 524 Labs media event, and not being able to go to your own event. podcast for you. And if you wanted to pick from being on this podcast, I would completely understand because I would be telling me Josh, I’m not coming on for the foreseeable future. You all right.

Rachael Blaske 36:46
Hey, all the things you’re saying. I’m not disagreeing but I may try it again in the future.

Josh Hale 36:55
All right, welcome. Thank you. Coming up at 10 con

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