Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – Santorini w/ David Gerrard of Junk Spirit Games


Josh suckers yet another player into something they have no idea how to play, and revels in the win. David contends Josh could not possibly win unless by guerilla warfare technique. – Inspiration by Josh Hale


Josh Hale 0:03
Welcome to the long distance gaming podcast brought to you by mobile gamers. Though our transcription will certainly tell you that we are evil gamers, I can assure you, that is not the case. Most of the time. We are brought to you by Odom publishing and 524 Labs.

This is mobile gamers and you are going to be hearing us play today. Santorini, we’re going to be playing Santorini on Steam. Now, I have brought to play games today because I am in the Midwest and he is in Seattle, David rod from junk spirit games. What’s going on David? at what’s going on what’s going on? Thanks for thanks for you know, challenging me to a game a century, of which I’ve never played this guy. I just so you guys know on podcast. Josh

David Gerrard 0:56
is known as Mr. Santini and he calls

people randomly and just challenges into games

Josh Hale 1:02
helped me in all fairness, I don’t just play people fans rainy.

But I do very regularly call people up and say, Hey, have you played this game before? And when they say no, I say, hey, let’s do this. You might want to do a podcast with me. Yeah, that’s awesome.

David Gerrard 1:19
So you know also whenever I play board games doesn’t matter when or where it’s full smack talk now know when I do this full smack talk has nothing to do with my skills in the game a lot to do with just ridiculousness, so just good luck to you.

Josh Hale 1:35
I’m never ridiculous. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m, I’m, you know, I’m the straight, you know,

David Gerrard 1:40
the Israeli sky. Yeah,

Josh Hale 1:42
very much. So, all right, we are in table topia. And you’ve got to press your button, I pressed my button, we are now loading up. So for people that haven’t played since rainy, it is an abstract game that is basically based on the town of Santorini, Greece or Italy, Italy, right.

Unknown Speaker 2:07
I think Google.

Josh Hale 2:09
I’ll let you do that. And I’ll keep talking. Basically, what you’re doing is you’re building this town that is very picturesque, and pretty center. And he did real well on Kickstarter. And I believe it was Roxy games that did that. Yeah. And

it has now been passed off into the hands of Spin Master who has actually sent me the tabletop version to look at and review along with the expansion, Golden Fleece. And it is a real neat looking game, insofar as what you’re doing here

on table topia, it is obviously a digital version. And the whole reason that we’re playing digital is because we are not in the same location. So we do this pretty regularly and therefore, this is

Long Distance gaming, it’s like long distance dating, but not quite as pretty.

David Gerrard 3:06
So what I’m involved Hale so yeah, so yes, centering is in Greece, you’re correct.

Okay, so what color would you like to be David? A yellow slash orange is best for me about anything that’s in that’s at least distinguishable. Take a little, little light tan dudes. Very good. I’ll be purple because that makes me distinguishable. You want to first sort of I do here? I’ve actually, not only am I new to Santa reading, also due to table topia, don’t tell anybody. So the first thing I’ll do is Yep, players take turns starting with the start player who first place their workers. So you are the star player and you must place both your workers to start it sounds like and then.

Unknown Speaker 3:51
sure. Sorry about that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 3:53
that sounds great. I go

Josh Hale 3:57
by that. Yeah, that sounds wonderful. I’m very glad that you are able to figure out how to play. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 4:04
I can figure stuff out.

Josh Hale 4:07
And I think I end up going right after you to place mine. Bear with me. Okay. Yes, I do. So I am purple. And I’m going to place mine. And because David is scary. I’m gonna go to the other side of the board. I don’t much trust David. Yeah, I’m over there. So basically, I took the top right, David took the bottom left. And we are now at a point where David can start to lose. Good and yeah.

David Gerrard 4:38
So now I first had to move a guy and then I placed the thing or do I

Josh Hale 4:44
according to the rules, you’re going to move then place and Okay, you may move your worker into one of the neighboring spaces, you may move up a maximum of one level higher or move down any number of levels, or move along the same level. Then you place your guy.

David Gerrard 5:04
Ah, ok. What’s your building rather? Yep, I gotcha. Okay. So I basically put a level one right in the middle. I said, Let’s fight. And, you know,

Josh Hale 5:16
because I don’t trust you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:22
Oh, I see. You’re gonna do I don’t like it. Oh, man,

Josh Hale 5:26
I just pulled out a single thing out here just so you guys know.

David Gerrard 5:30
This guy. Everybody. He opened the bag and just threw on the table if this is that my house right now. You be kicked around my house.

Josh Hale 5:40
I just completely decided. Yeah,

David Gerrard 5:43
no, it’s good. Well, we need to see all the pieces together. So that’s good that we hate we can see all the pieces that come in this board game all at once. Okay, so here we go. I’m going to move a dude. Then I’m going to take just one piece out of the board.

Josh Hale 5:59
That’s another write it down one that’s a that’s a base need to be on

David Gerrard 6:04
the basis. That is mid man. I got it. I got it. I’m into the middle one. Yeah, no, I got I got one.

Josh Hale 6:09
Why does it look like it has stairs? What? No, I’m just messing with

David Gerrard 6:13
Yeah, I don’t like you anymore. I was I started I started to doubt my own eyes right there. Is there really stairs there?

are what we got here? Let’s let’s look and see. Oh, that’s that’s the top. Okay, what’s the top of look like? I’m just gonna put one out. There we go. Now Now we got some out. You can leave a couple out on the on the table there. We’ll put will put a couple two levels through this. Look at this. Look at me organizing this while you take your turn. By the way. It’s your turn. Okay, man. Oh, man. Such a nice guy. fixing this for you.

Josh Hale 6:48
Okay, you are nice guy. That was actually what I was thinking about you. I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 6:52

David Gerrard 6:56
That’s part of my problem, I think is when I go to all these things that I go to. People just kind of know that. I’m a nice guy. And it’s getting me in trouble. It is now your turn. You may

Josh Hale 7:07
go I placed another base. Yeah, and you know, I am. You know,

David Gerrard 7:13
I’m going to deny this right.

Unknown Speaker 7:17
Can you do it anywhere?

David Gerrard 7:20
Oh, yeah.

Josh Hale 7:22
You have to build it next to you, nerd.

David Gerrard 7:25
Oh, okay. Hold on. So that’s where I was looking back this up. Let me think about this, then. Let’s do it. Let’s do a denial in a different way. Oh, my gosh, denied. Yeah. You know? Yeah.

Josh Hale 7:42
In all fairness, yeah. I get it. You get aggressive. In all fairness, I am all about the base about the base. No trouble.

David Gerrard 7:53
Very nice. I mean,

Josh Hale 7:55
if I were being honest, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:57
Let’s do

David Gerrard 8:02
let’s do let’s do has to be next to the guy just moved or next to one of my guys.

Josh Hale 8:06
Next to either, I think Well, let me check. General book worker, the mood worker. It’s next to the mood worker. That’s sad. Yeah, that’s really cool. Right there. Now that’s really disgusting that you? Yeah,

David Gerrard 8:19
you know what I was about to do? Okay.

Let me see here. Let’s Let’s do it. Let’s see some of this

Josh Hale 8:25
early certain that what you were about to do? might start with the word letter L and possibly, and with booze?

David Gerrard 8:34
Oh, yeah. Now the jokes. The way I do it is I do the same joke, but I do it like, okay, it starts with the letter L and it sounds like Liz. So it just you just stole the same word out. Um, I’m going to do this.

Unknown Speaker 8:48
And then I’m gonna do

Josh Hale 8:52
I’m gonna do this. Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 9:00
can you move you can play stagnant, right?

Josh Hale 9:02
Yes, you may make a move. Then I’m going to do this. Alright.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
Cool. Okay, I’m going to do

Josh Hale 9:19
I don’t I don’t think you can go around the building now.

David Gerrard 9:23
No, you can’t go. I can’t go through that corner here like that.

Josh Hale 9:25
No, only if you were up above it. I think there would bear with me You’re out. You’re You’re out of your mind. You’re already your baby mind. It’s possible that I am cheating. And working with all fairness, I I do my best to cheat regularly.

David Gerrard 9:41
Right. Yeah. So in previous games of centering, you may have cheated your way to it. My favorite is, you know, back in the day on big Blood Bowl fan. And anybody who knows me knows I’m a huge football fan. And for to the first two leagues that around in my games are used to run games when I was 18 years old. For the first two leagues around probably around 40 games, I had taught everybody that played in that store. And I taught everybody one of the rules. That was like a integral rule. I taught it all wrong. So we played two leagues with the wrong rule. So I am, I am no stranger to playing rules. And correctly,

Josh Hale 10:18
I think you might be able to, it looks like you might be able to do that diagonal.

Unknown Speaker 10:22
Okay, cool. So let’s do this. And then I’m going to put on for this go right there. All right, what you got?

Josh Hale 10:34
I’m going to move diagonal as you did. I like it and then I’m going to do this. I think my game might be over right now. Yeah, that was so basically I have made it so he can’t get up to the second level very easily. Yeah,

David Gerrard 10:50
this is a quick game. This is good. This is the worst game I’ve ever played in my life. As I don’t mean, the game itself. I’m talking about my strategy.

Josh Hale 11:00
Fred, I like to play games with someone who has never played it before. Yeah,

David Gerrard 11:03
this is how you doing? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I just it’s a it’s a new I did lose.

Josh Hale 11:08
It’s a winning strategy for me most the time. Yeah.

David Gerrard 11:12
No, and then I doubled down with my loss by making a stupid move. Like after saying well, I just made a dumb move

Josh Hale 11:19
the door to go. Yeah,

David Gerrard 11:21
I went Yeah, I snuck it in. Well, if you want me to go again, I can’t Oh, that’s right. hold hold please.

Josh Hale 11:30
Dude, this game’s overdue now that was bad.

Unknown Speaker 11:34
And this game super over

David Gerrard 11:37
Yeah, I can’t. Yeah, I’m pretty much pretty much done here. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 11:41
plays a block.

David Gerrard 11:43
I can’t even play except for the wrong block before hold. Hold please.

Unknown Speaker 11:47

Unknown Speaker 11:49
Bam. All right, there we go. So when you’re playing Legos over here,

Josh Hale 11:54
so I’m gonna go right here and you know,

Unknown Speaker 11:57
see I can’t I can’t see I think

Josh Hale 11:58
I might want to do that this

David Gerrard 12:01
now i don’t know i’m gonna play I’m gonna play this and then I’m going to drop I’m gonna drop this on you and that way you can’t move anywhere so yeah, don’t worry I did. Yeah, no, I like you know, it’s like old school where you put the you put the you know, like, like the old work ya know? No, mouse top I gotta drop it on top of you. That’s the only way I can do this. And then well let me at least build this so I can act like hey if you don’t do anything next year maybe if you like have a heart attack then I went there we go now we’re good no like you know I was I was building you you you part of the foundation remember the old like was a lethal weapon to where the guy like shoved him into the into the cement that was being mixed and he’s like you were building the foundation off you I forget the exact joke but what’s

Unknown Speaker 12:47
legal weapon how

David Gerrard 12:51
are we gonna have problems

Unknown Speaker 12:54
are we gonna have problems

David Gerrard 12:57
Lethal Weapon how many Lethal Weapon movies they make like five on

Unknown Speaker 13:01
Mr here

David Gerrard 13:04
let’s see here. I know there was three or four all there was only four Okay, I’m pretty sure it was oh man 1987 is my turn correct Oh yeah, I’m like I said if you forget to take your turn Oh, let me go since you took so long you timed out now I win. This is this game is a joke. I’m gonna call on Roxy up right now. And tell them they’ve done the wrong thing. All right, we’re close board I’m bad at this game. Let’s let’s go let’s get in there

Josh Hale 13:33
like a clear board function. Oh,

David Gerrard 13:39
is it gonna work faster than my hands? my mouse

Josh Hale 13:43
this I’m currently busy doing a screen grabs

Unknown Speaker 13:48
Oh, oh, I love the game of us. of me being beat I don’t like to think of the US

Josh Hale 13:54
beat so much as you were just handed a historical loss

Unknown Speaker 14:01
Yeah, that was pretty bad. Like

David Gerrard 14:06
all wait, hold up. I just got an email from Roxy. Oh, yeah. Apparently I’m banned from games in the future. Yeah, I’ve been banned from paying Roxy games which sucks cuz I relaxed is thrown so it’s too bad. You know?

Josh Hale 14:21
I don’t think we have been doing that review yet.

David Gerrard 14:27
Oh, yeah. No, you gotta ya know, it’s uh

yeah, it’s too bad have been bad it’s been it’s official Dave Gerard from drunk spirit games. banned from rocks league games. 520

Josh Hale 14:36
rock please going that’s um, that’s been master play ours either. But that’s the master and yeah, sure. You’re not allowed to play there. Yeah, that was so let me get back to the game. We’ll try this one more time for the for the pleasure of the listening audience. Yeah,

David Gerrard 15:02
maybe we can get I’ll get in there. I’ll

get some Oh. Oh, some happened. Oh, would you do you did you clear it?

Unknown Speaker 15:12
So Oh, there you go. Cool. I look

Josh Hale 15:16
I did a restart. And it restarted the screen so that we played the main part. Do we want to play again so you can lose tragically yet again? Or

David Gerrard 15:33
Well look, you know, you know, it’s you know, it’s better than one loss right.

Unknown Speaker 15:38
Two out of 3222 losses.

Josh Hale 15:42
One out of three I just said you would lose two out of three

David Gerrard 15:48
Yeah, exactly. We just keep playing games until I lose two so it might be long at all

Unknown Speaker 15:55
Yeah, no problem.

Josh Hale 15:55
You might want to change colors because I that you will tennis Did not you

David Gerrard 16:03
know it’s not the color dude. It’s not that’s not what happened. The components never do me wrong. They weren’t doing the right thing. That’s why I started asking is I kind

Unknown Speaker 16:13
of wanted to play the power tonight

Josh Hale 16:17
that’s why I said don’t do you want to play them because Lord, Lord No. Well actually, in this situation only it truly is. Lord knows because all the special powers are gods. Yeah, yeah. Yeah,

David Gerrard 16:34
they’re all separate Gods right? Yep. Yep. I got something like 50 Yeah.

Josh Hale 16:37
And then I have the Golden Fleece look at I’m curious as to what that has changed. And I don’t think that there was this many gods originally

David Gerrard 16:49
know the original one only had like Oh, I thought 30 or something like that and then I leave no, no, the god the main gods that come into game there are 10 then there are advanced gods that they made the Kickstarter and that are up to 30. And then they announced announced this expansion, the Golden Fleece expansion, which I think includes another 25 plus a miniature which I don’t know what that does, and sort of some other stuff happening too. But it’s possible that I’m really off because now that I’m actually just while we’re talking pull up the

pull up the sheet for it and I’m way

Yeah, I usually follow Roxy pretty closely because they make really good high quality games. They made high quality games before, you know, but obviously their track record is really strong. So you got it. You got it. You got to follow and watch what people are doing. I very much like say

you’re all about the fashion for them. So we do what we do a junk fair game sounds like a black we have like a black shop shirt that we do. And I actually think it does pretty well. On top of the fact that it hides my Yeah, never even really had

Josh Hale 18:00
a big belly. I’m I’m flabbergasted.

Unknown Speaker 18:04
It’s a monster.

Josh Hale 18:07
So I went first this time and I took the bottom left. And you are you’re not doing something we i don’t i don’t know if i’m gonna like what you’re doing at all. Yep. Yes. I’m going to I you know, I think I’m going to stay with a similar strategy of choking you off up there.

Unknown Speaker 18:28
choke point.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
Oh, man. What? Oh.

Unknown Speaker 18:35
Oh, dude, I turned it

David Gerrard 18:36
you just see that. My endgame character got really angry and tried to throw the piece across the board. You know it.

Josh Hale 18:41
Our problem was when you flip the tables when it’s a computer. You look really dumb. Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:50
it’s not good. It’s not a good look on Dean.

Unknown Speaker 18:56
Just going down for room.

David Gerrard 19:04
Is this the kind of game where you can like, you can see it happening like, you can see unfolding like, like really far out. sort of game that

Josh Hale 19:13
perhaps maybe you should not play? You know, you know,

David Gerrard 19:20
I went on a 12 game losing streak against my daughter into poor and I thought, dude, every game I thought for sure. Like, okay, mid game. I’m like, all right, I got to this time hundred percent, we would count it out. And I swear it was like she’s come some kind of old Western pulling in a side of her pocket or something that because it should always be me by two or three points. And I just oh my god, and it just happened again. But I would but I yet have had the moment where I was like, Okay, this is good. I’m going to this is going to be the one I just played by the way. And I don’t think it’s going to happen here. I kind of maybe put you in a weird spot but maybe not. I don’t know.

Josh Hale 19:55
No, I I hear what you’re saying. I do. I’m not sure if I agree. is you can go right here now. would allow you to? Yeah, if I put that on. What’s not going to stop me.

Unknown Speaker 20:14
Now, I can

Unknown Speaker 20:15
not use the powers All right.

David Gerrard 20:19
Now No, no, I’m just gonna like own slant. I’m gonna hit my monitor with my hand really hard. And hopefully that’ll like.

Josh Hale 20:26
Everything from one place

David Gerrard 20:27
will be good. Yeah,

Josh Hale 20:29
we’re good. We’re good. Look at this move. Look at this move. Oh, that would not be unsettling to do that.

Unknown Speaker 20:34
Oh, my God.

David Gerrard 20:37
Oh, my gosh, dude, I did it happened.

Josh Hale 20:41
I would really like to have you on this podcast regularly. Yeah,

David Gerrard 20:47
just because. Just because you need to win more your games. Look, I’m about a 50% but with you.

Unknown Speaker 20:54
In all fairness.

Josh Hale 20:56
I really don’t win that often. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:02
no, it’s good.

David Gerrard 21:04
You don’t? Yeah, you got to play against me if you want.

Josh Hale 21:07

Unknown Speaker 21:11
I was good.

Unknown Speaker 21:13

Josh Hale 21:15
Oh, no, you got to check this out. No.

Unknown Speaker 21:23

Josh Hale 21:25
Oh, that’s, that’s really disgusting. Um, so I’m gonna go here. Start the same process over. And I think the best way to start that process over is to do this. I think so. So I just dropped another bass. All about the bass about the bass. No treble. And David here doesn’t know what to do. He’s He’s stumped. He’s really stumped. What? Yeah,

David Gerrard 22:00
I’m just like, I’m done. Oh, okay. Hold up. Yep. I started throw my pee

Josh Hale 22:08
now they need that function and table topia of it. Yeah,

David Gerrard 22:13
are you just like, wait, what would happen when we got this picture here? And so yeah,

Josh Hale 22:17
you need windows or something? Oh. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:22
What are you doing? I just like Wait, hold on. I did.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
I’m trying to

Josh Hale 22:29
break in the board. This Yeah,

David Gerrard 22:34
well, Oh, my gosh, table topia, what have you done to me? Oh, no, look at fix it. Look at this. Look how beautiful it is now. Oh, my gosh, it’s just like the picture basically. You’re welcome. Okay, let’s figure this out. It’s my turn yet. So I gotta figure out what we’re doing here because I think I’m fairly certain, but I i could be wrong. That something cool could happen right now. If I go there, okay, hold hold please. Let me know. I actually figured My turn out. I kind of want to do that.

Unknown Speaker 23:06
And then I’m going to do do that. That

David Gerrard 23:12
whole Yep. Okay, get some basis out here. boo, boo, boo, boo boo. Boo.

Josh Hale 23:17
It does work better when you make this sound. Alright, cool. Yeah,

David Gerrard 23:22
no, that’s pretty standard for me as well. I did that while I’m like attacking people like I’ll be playing some kind of like I’ll be I was playing Twilight Imperium yesterday, actually. And it was to Monday, you know, two days ago. And and while I was like moving ships into story stuff, I was making that sound doo doo doo doo doo. everybody’s like, dude, no, those aren’t the sound effects of Twilight Imperium. Like an old cartoon? Oh, it’s happening.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
Okay, hold up, hold up. So,

Josh Hale 23:55
right now he has not much you can do in the bottom left him side of the screen. He can’t go up to levels because his guys got very short legs. And I am you know, just kind of sitting back waiting for him to get out of the way because, frankly, he’s on the way

David Gerrard 24:20
let me see here. We got fine No matter what

Josh Hale 24:22
you do you set me but

Unknown Speaker 24:27
let’s do it. set you up for the win. I did a double dog dare you.

Josh Hale 24:33
So I’m gonna go right here, which is, you know, the obvious move, obviously him and see then you’re going to move over here to do that.

Unknown Speaker 24:44

Josh Hale 24:45
I don’t like that. So I’m just gonna do this.

Unknown Speaker 24:50
Now you can’t top that.

David Gerrard 24:54
Look, don’t confuse me because I’ll think that you’re doing something legal. I’ll be like, Oh, man, that sucks. Okay, so then you have put your Yep, you got to put you got it. You got it. You got to top that all this way. This? Are you seeing what’s happening? Oh, man. magical things. Oh, let me fix that. Make it look cool. Yeah.

Josh Hale 25:16
Did you say something about you? Looks cool. Oh, very good.

David Gerrard 25:21
Not Not me looking cool. The games looking at very good. I know. This one is looking sweet. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:28

Josh Hale 25:34
So I gotta do this, despite, despite myself. And I’m gonna do this.

Unknown Speaker 25:45
Despite myself.

Josh Hale 25:55
So obviously, anybody who’s listening what I’m saying, I’m going to do this. I’m going to do this. I have no idea what we’re doing. But what? Yeah.

David Gerrard 26:03
Oh, yeah. I forgot the podcast. I keep. Yeah, I used to stream back in the day. So I’m used to people actually watch them doing. But yeah, I i right now, I think I’ve got a little bit of a weird control thing. We’re basically taking. You know, we’re building buildings first, second and third level from Santorini and Catherine off.

Josh Hale 26:21
It is. I mean, it is a picturesque game. And often. It’s just nice. Yeah. And I’m hoping that you win one, I, I think you

Unknown Speaker 26:33
need a winner.

David Gerrard 26:37
Either way, I’m fine. I’m just happy playing games. I don’t, you know, I’m not I’m not one of those guys who needs to really win it, you know, I always had explained it. Like, you know, I used to run a game store for a years. And during that eight years, I play video games, I play board games, video games, whatever, for probably 10 to 12 hours a day for eight years. So that that like need to win is is kind of like muted amongst all the games, the thousands upon 10s of thousands of games that I’ve won and lost. So at this point, I just want to see cool moves happen. And if I pull up the move, or if my opponent pulls off the cool move, that’s it doesn’t like the same reaction. Like oh, hey, awesome. You know,

it’s your turn, I dropped I dropped this piece right here. Yeah.

Josh Hale 27:18
So I’ll go here. And I’m going to drop a second level. And I’m trying to force you to a point that you’ve got to either put a third level down or that you’ve got to like, get out of my way. Right.

David Gerrard 27:40
I’m gonna move down here, I’m gonna put a little to backup and I’m going to let us keep playing this game of who’s going to try to move up.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
Okay, so

Josh Hale 27:54
I’m going to move him back towards the domes, the dome on the rock. And, you know, you’re probably going to do the second level, so I can’t do anything. Yeah, yeah.

David Gerrard 28:10
So you try to try to basically get your he has one guy that’s not that’s on the flat part of the board is on level zero. And he’s trying to get him to compete at level two, and I just

Unknown Speaker 28:21
denied it. So you know,

David Gerrard 28:26
you have to keep going. Keep going with it.

Josh Hale 28:29
deny that it’s

Unknown Speaker 28:29
weird denial game. Yeah. So I put up you know,

Josh Hale 28:33
I can’t deny beyond his reach. He’s got short arms. He’s the kind of like a Tyrannosaurus Rex really big mouse Jordans? Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:43
It’s not good. So what

Josh Hale 28:45
else you got going on, man? I mean, you’re playing games. But you got any problem? Yeah, yeah,

David Gerrard 28:51
I got a lot going on, you know, I kind of came off gamma, where, you know, you and I hung out a bunch, which was awesome. But I kind of came out began with a weird funk and just kind of went into a weird creative depression, I would say, without trying to say that I’m depressed. I’m not trying to, you know, say that I was diagnosed with that, but definitely, like a weird, you know, kind of almost like a, like, writer’s block or blocker game design, you know? Yeah, I don’t know. And, and so I just kind of almost did nothing for about a month and a half of just, you know, just trying to live my life, I’ve got two daughters, and, you know, everything they do is awesome. And, and, and supporting them and doing, you know, great things with them. And, and so, you know, I’m doing the whole board gaming publishing thing as a, you know, as a side job thing. So this is not mainly what I do. So as far as the board game stuff, I just kind of let it fall off for about for about a month and a half. But now I’m back into it. I’m closing out time strikers, which is a two player game that will be coming soon. Probably on Kickstarter, probably July August timeframe, which is a two player game where each player is playing an assassin that’s trying to take the other assassin out. And you both have access to teleportation and time traveling technologies, it’s in the future. So there’s a lot of like counter play, and a lot of little cat and mouse kind of style combat. It’s, it’s really quick. And I enjoy I enjoy that one, mostly because I like to show it off to people when I have it in prototype level right now. And then, when they play it, they’re like, Oh, this is pretty this is not what I thought it was. And it’s actually is super simple. And it works really well. And so that feedback from that has been great. And then we have an expansion. We know I’ve got battle bards, which is our dice, dice based deck building game was actually dice. It’s a deck building game with cards that uses dice to fuel everything. And then in with a bard theme, a fantasy barred thing. That game was supposed to be in my hand soon, because the manufacturers pregnant, but we’re going to be doing an expansion for it, just based on how well it did on Kickstarter did pretty well for us. So we’re going to be doing an expansion for it, which was always kind of something we thought we might want to do like right away, but I’ve got some really cool ideas. And also the best pun ever for a expansion which is, you know, it’s a battle of the bards is the name of the game, but then the expenses would be called no holds barred. But spelled var D, and which is amazing, right there. Sometimes when you get a gun and you just got to make a game. You know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 31:32
I mean, and then and then I’ve got another game. You’ve got to do what

David Gerrard 31:37
are you see happen?

I can’t do both. I can’t do both. I wouldn’t really not that smart.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
And so

David Gerrard 31:49
that’s how that’s how Josh I got too much of a grip on this game Josh, let’s talk about yourself. It’s your favorite subject. So I know you’ll probably just forget. So yeah, and then the last thing that I got going on is we’ve got a game made by Tyler, Sigmund. He made our tower signals crows game, he wasn’t designed for that. And he’s given me another game of his he’s worked on for a long time that has a Viking theme to it. Very excited about it. So I see what you did, you’re getting your guy back into the game.

Unknown Speaker 32:21
I’m going to do

David Gerrard 32:25
this and put this guy here. But yeah, so that that game, we’re getting into some issues around trying to get a good prototype for it. It’s already essentially built, but it has some, some changes that I like to do to kind of bring it you know it for example, it has dice based combat, and I want to move that to a car based combat system. So it doesn’t feel so random. where basically you hold on the cars and then you expend them to do things so I’m hoping to be able to pull that off. So

Josh Hale 32:50
when he said he was going to do this he just moving around the board. He’s not really doing anything other than other than trying to block me out. All Yeah, and all fairness, it’s it’s getting ugly for

Unknown Speaker 33:05
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:09
Well, I’m going to do

David Gerrard 33:12
Can I actually control all this, I can control this. Let’s get right, let’s get right into the center with all of

Unknown Speaker 33:21

David Gerrard 33:23
Let’s go Let’s go crazy. So I’m gonna I’m gonna I see what he’s trying to do is trying to set up a different area where he can score and I think I just basically topped it off so he can’t actually do it. I’m basically saying a different threat zones. checkers style where I’m like, sacrificing moves, so I can potentially win later

on so you have to sacrifice.

Josh Hale 33:50
I can not sacrifice.

Unknown Speaker 33:56
Oh, I just laid a

Unknown Speaker 33:58

Unknown Speaker 34:00
And he’s got a topic he’s gotten and I’m no drop it off.

Josh Hale 34:07
And he has now put one of his characters down on the first level. Right? Yeah, I got a first level guy. I gotta get back. It’s not working out real well for you. I mean, I’m gonna go. Oh, look at this. Look at this. This is so ugly did so. Yeah, look at that.

Unknown Speaker 34:35
magical things happen.

Unknown Speaker 34:38
What are you doing? Okay. I’m interested.

Josh Hale 34:44
I dropped another.

David Gerrard 34:48
Oh, no. Oh, geez. I just threw up. I got so angry. I was like, I’m out. Hold up. Okay, that’s what my guy was telling me just a little little mental math here. 222-222-2222 you’re going to do

Josh Hale 34:59
mental math. But then you said the beginners game that you’re not very good at math.

David Gerrard 35:06
I’m just not very good at this style of game. Let’s do this. Let’s do it. Let’s do this button. And Oh, geez. Yeah, just throw like I did. I don’t care. Oh, man, things are happening. Okay, so let’s put this guy on to a first level. And then I’m going to build another first little bit further out.

Josh Hale 35:30
I think I’m gonna build a second level. And I want you to try to stop me over here. I don’t think you can get to me.

The only thing you can do think so. And I think you just messed yourself up. Now. I think you messed yourself up. I don’t think you can do it that way. Go back. Now, yeah, go back before you start off. So I think you know, not not quite there. That one should have been there.

Unknown Speaker 36:06
I think I’d have to do

Josh Hale 36:09
is I have to move your guy on to the diagonal up above you on the first level. And then you have to build a third level to force me to

Unknown Speaker 36:21
build a camp.

Unknown Speaker 36:24
Right? Yeah, yeah. Interesting. I think. Yeah.

David Gerrard 36:35
I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do my own way. I’m gonna do it this way. Anyways, because I have a different plan. My plan might

have a different plan, though.

Josh Hale 36:57
I didn’t pull all of them out.

David Gerrard 37:02
Good. You only put like four. Is it? Okay, I can’t stop it. I can set myself up for for winning. Next turn again. If you if you have a sudden heart attack. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
How about that? I think I’m good.

David Gerrard 37:18
Oh, no, you don’t want to have a hard time I heard you gotta

Unknown Speaker 37:24
go back home.

David Gerrard 37:28
And then, when you come back, I’m gonna be sitting here like this with two by two guys. And I don’t know how I did it. But I got two of my guys on the third level in the same Yeah, I I don’t know that you got good. Game, dude. You know what, you know, I hate to say it, Roxy, I love you. But I’m kind of glad I didn’t get this game. You know, because I’m rocker. Master, I’m really

Josh Hale 37:50
glad that you know, I have gotten to know, David as well as I have. Because I, I very much in joy. The idea of not losing. And David happens for me.

David Gerrard 38:11
Right. It’s kind of the service I provide as a buddy, you know? So you have?

Unknown Speaker 38:18
Probably definitely. So

Josh Hale 38:19
you’ve lost two out of three? What you have you have your board coming up, and what else you got coming up? And I think that, you know, it’s gonna be fun, exciting. Yeah, yeah,

David Gerrard 38:34
I mean, we I have I have a, I have a group that a couple couple people that are trying to start their own business making acrylic tokens and wood tokens. I’m kind of like mentoring them. So I’m kind of excited about the prospects of them doing something as well. When you’re in this industry, at our level, I say our level like you’re there, I think my level, I should say, my level, you do a lot of like kind of mentoring and helping other people out. So I’m actually really excited to kind of see some of the people that are in my area that are doing well. And obviously, I’m from the Seattle area. So it was a big gaming scene here. There is I met with a woman about maybe four or five weeks ago, that showed me a game and I don’t I didn’t see a lot of the game. But I was super impressed by her ability to just basically know how to run a business. And she was very motivated, had excellent questions for somebody who was a very first timer, you know, like one of the people who is like, I have a game that idea, but I don’t know where to go. Normally when you meet those people, the questions they asked her very rudimentary, and they really kind of go nowhere. And then they have some, they definitely had some concepts around what they think is happening inside the game industry that just off. She She was this, this one was like super on point with everything. And I feel like just because of how smart organized she was, like, doesn’t really matter what game she’s going to be making that she’s going to do very well. And so I’m, I’m excited to see where she’s going. And I’m hoping to bring her along on a couple of events that I’m going to, you know, like one of those things where we do like a shared space kind of thing. Because I just want her to, I think she’s afraid to you know, as someone who is not a, like a heavy gamer, I think she might be afraid to go to gaming conventions, thinking that, you know, gaming conventions are one thing when they’re, you know, they’re clearly another. So I want to I just kind of want to get her into full because I feel like that if she were just just stepping in there with confidence that she will be able to rock it. So I’m excited to see that happen too. It’s a weird thing, you do a lot of that you do a lot of like weirdly mentoring and watching other people and then cheering for them and hoping that they do well. So I’ve got those kind of extra couple things going on as well. And those those guys making acrylic tokens, I hope that they do well. There’s a lot of a lot of issues around starting your own business. And that’s kind of like, you know, the startup phase of any company has the most exciting time. And so I get to see these other people doing their startup phase, and kind of participating in that kind of way as well. So that’s, that’s fun. But for Duxbury games, and for me, you know, we’re just kind of tooting along we’re doing what we’re doing.

Trying to make great games and

Josh Hale 41:05
the idea of the regressive and the progress of insofar as the, when you help people out, you know, the next project they do, who knows, you know, what, you know, what you’re going to be involved in and, or vital. Sure. Right, I see a lot of it even. I do, sir, for sure. And, you know, you’ve seen me at enough conventions at this point that, you know, kind of the way I talked to people as always about, you know, more interested in what they’re doing and what I’m doing, because, no.

Unknown Speaker 41:43
Oh, sure. Yeah. Yeah.

David Gerrard 41:44
Yep. Yeah. And I think you’re kind of keying into something, too. I forgot. I actually in a couple weeks here, I’ll be going to eat TX and I’ve got a couple panels will be speaking on and running. And one of them is specifically make allies, you know, don’t seek employees seek allies. Right. And so, and I think that I think the gaming industry is really more ready for that kind of, you know, running, you know, back in the day, like I always think about standard comedians, I follow a lot of standard comedians, back in the 80s, it was very competitive for center convenience, but nowadays it because of the whole podcasting, everybody’s helps each other out, and you’re all cheering each other on and so, you know, I think that’s just the way it’s, it is now for the gaming community as well, where because we’re also connected and internet is a thing, podcasts are easy to do, and they’re fun, that there’s just a lot more collaborative opportunities there. And there’s just, you know, it’s not like if you make a game, it doesn’t mean I don’t make money. Right. And I think back in the day, I think that used to be like that, you know, like

hold like 10 game off we have the

Josh Hale 42:45
idea of the the industry back in the day, you know, and back in the day could be even as little as five years ago.

Unknown Speaker 42:57

Josh Hale 43:00
Yeah, exactly he talks about the gaming industry you regularly heard people talk about there is no money in games there’s there’s no way to make a living, there’s you know, this is a hobby It couldn’t be anything else. Right and you see people doing very well you see the James Hudson to the world you know with his collaborative efforts with the people who created a walking dead you see the people down there and a galley what is that one called? I can think of the expansion on that game, the salty and the sweet, the robot game from Australia. But they they do, like all sorts of special effects on movies. And that’s where they got their start was doing special effects on time, right. Yeah.

David Gerrard 43:48
GDPR with what’s the company? What a workshop? Yeah, but what it doesn’t want us

to little workshops. Gaming division is like a hobby

Josh Hale 43:56
for them. It’s still making, you know, they’re there still. Right. There’s still something that I’m sure two years ago. Yeah. You know. It’s, it’s something very cool. Oh, yeah.

David Gerrard 44:10
Totally. Yep.

Josh Hale 44:12
Anyways, man, I appreciate you coming on. Yeah. Yeah, I will obviously stay in touch. Are you doing origins?

David Gerrard 44:22
I won’t be doing origins. My budget for going to game conventions is kind of low right now. Not because I’m not doing well in the game. fumbling I’m fighting. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:35
exactly. I don’t even know what I’ve been fondling. No, I’m funding.

David Gerrard 44:42
I’m funding various trips for my family to do during the summertime. So we’re kind of being very tight on money right now. And so that’s going to make it so I can’t go to origins, I also probably won’t be able to go to, to like, dice tower con, which was hoping to go to what’s socks, but you know, I have some cool trips for me and my family to go to this year. And, you know, the timing of those trips and the timing of those events, you know, run up right against each other so well.

Josh Hale 45:13
You’re not as origin tonight, but yeah, I’ll be

Unknown Speaker 45:15
there again. Oh,

Josh Hale 45:20
no, no, then I just don’t have to see where the pitch comes in. Won’t take your hand and give you a hug. Yeah. Yeah. And all that by the clothes that I were.

Unknown Speaker 45:41
Oh, yeah. Okay.

Josh Hale 45:44
And this and I appreciate your time, man. Thanks for coming on losing cool man. Long Distance gaming has been brought to you by publishing 524 Labs and the letter Q. If you have succeeded and getting all the way to the end of this podcast Winner, winner chicken dinner, Ram, a lemon, ding dong.

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