Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – The Mind – Debbie Moynihan Rachael Blaske CJ Moynihan – Episode 16


Josh Hale 0:03
Welcome to the long distance gaming podcast brought to you by mobile gamers. Though our transcription will certainly tell you that we are evil gamers, I can assure you, that is not the case. Most of the time. We are brought to you by Odom publishing and 524 Labs. Hey, y’all, I have Rachel blocky. I have CJ Moynahan, or CJ wizard. And I have Deb one hand or Deb wizard. Rachel Vasquez from 524 Labs. They are the team that created networks and delivery. And we’ll be having a new game come out in September called Nick co-operative. Devin CJR from white wizard games. You may know them for heel realms, you may know them for their new game that came out at I think origins last year called sportswear. I don’t know it was a UK games Expo, if I remember. And they are going to be playing today with us the mind if you haven’t played the mind before, the mind is a game that basically is. A lot of people argue that it’s not a game. I don’t have that sentiment myself. It’s one lot of words, but I don’t also follow that necessarily. I just go by whether or not it’s fun. And the mind is basically where you are going to be sending out cards and trying to read the mind of your fellow players. We are doing this on a mobile platform. And we’re going to be doing this via you know, obviously we’re not in the same place. We are all over the world. And I’m in the Midwest, Rachel is I think and Idaho or one of those states out. Where are you, Deb? MCJO.

CJ Moynihan 1:53
We’re in Framingham, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, near Boston. Very cool. So

Unknown Speaker 2:03
not not nine,

Josh Hale 2:04
you are such a spud. So here’s the idea. I’m going to introduce all these folks to you, in case you haven’t met them or you don’t know who they are. And case you don’t know me. I’m Josh Hale with people gamers. Richard Laskey, you are the mastermind at 5.4. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rachael Blaske 2:23
Alright, so I am readdle. My husband, Justin was the designer for mint works and then delivery. And then I got bit by the bug, and I’m kind of in it now. So I try and keep Josh in check. And very, very rarely works.

Josh Hale 2:46
Congratulations for having known me. Okay, Debbie. So you are white?

Rachael Blaske 2:53
Honestly, it’s not for everyone.

Josh Hale 2:56
So we will get into that I’m sure. So WR white wizard. And you’ve been there. Gosh, how long has white wizard existed?

Debbie Moynihan 3:06
Since 2013. And I’ve been at the company for three years. I did start early on just as a consultant and unpaid consultant. I was dating Rob at the time when they launched the company and I was a marketing executive. So I helped them with the initial star rounds marketing plan. But since then the company’s grown a lot and you know, released to several more games. So I joined about three years ago, I was jealous of how much fun they were having at work every day while I was slaving in corporate America. So I operations and marketing and everything else, but the designers and developers do not want to do.

Josh Hale 3:45
So basically what you’re saying is you have come to the light side of the Force. Rock on CJ, tell us who you are, man.

CJ Moynihan 3:54
All right. Yeah. So I mean, I have I started just by going to conventions, because I’m working at them, because I really wanted to just go through and just a blast teaching people how to play and learning all these games. And I’ve just been in the business ever

Josh Hale 4:14
since. So I assume CJ, that you in them with the last name one hand are not related. Is that correct?

Debbie Moynihan 4:24
No relation

Josh Hale 4:28
to you right now. I mean, I don’t know how I feel about that. But I will go with it.

Debbie Moynihan 4:33
So I just wanted to add to that. So CJ is my son. He started working with us when he was 16. Working in the conventions. And basically like most of our demo staff is his friends from high school and college. So we have actually a team of people that he’s brought in and that love competitive product games and current board games, which has been fantastic for us because we have the same people that come again, again to the big conventions with us. And he started interning with us and recently graduated from college with computer science degree. So he’s doing a combination of game design and product management for digital apps at the company full time. He just recently started full time after graduated college.

Rachael Blaske 5:13
So fancy.

Josh Hale 5:17
Do you think you would get into gaming when you were going to school? Or did your mom was dragged into? Well,

CJ Moynihan 5:24
it’s a kind of a mixture of the both, you know, but it’s definitely something that I’ve always loved. And it really is not something that I expected would be feasible, but here I am. And it just blast.

Josh Hale 5:40
It is you know, I go to these conventions all the time. You know, my, my nickname and the game apps anymore is the green booth because I always go and all these silly green colors. And people laugh at me and I have a lot of fun going and seeing what I what new things I can get him to laugh at. But honestly, you know, just like your mom, I started going to convention just because it was fun. And I continued going because we ended up growing a team of writers. And now we have a team of people that are doing all sorts of content. And I’m, you know, I’m still an attorney. But I do this a whole lot more now, which is kind of cool. So as you said, I never would have imagined, but yet, here I am. So we’re going to play the mind. And I assume it tells us Who’s going first on this is the first time I’ve played the app does. I know, Deb said that she had played looked at the tutorial and played a little bit with you earlier. Who is going first here?

Debbie Moynihan 6:45
Well, I think whoever thinks they have the lowest card goes first.

Josh Hale 6:50
I was thinking that game.

Debbie Moynihan 6:54
Before anyone goes first, we need to synchronize our minds. So we need to like put our hands together, see the little digital hands in the bottom right hand corner, put your finger on that and slide it up and sync your brain with us. So we can figure out who has the lowest card.

Josh Hale 7:11
So basically what we’re doing here, as we’re not telling each other anything about what our hands are currently holding, we’re going from the lowest number to the highest number on a per round basis, and not telling each other anything. And we so we’re gonna have to kind of go and continue talking about I guess any other thing in the world, except for the game. And you know, sadly, the game tells you not to talk, but we are gonna have to break every rule the game has ever had a podcast

Debbie Moynihan 7:51
before we start, so drag your little hand back. Now that we’ve synced our minds,

Rachael Blaske 7:58
huh? What’s the emotion and expression pieces on the sides?

Debbie Moynihan 8:08
I think you can just click one, click one and then it changes my face. I just opened my eyes wide. And now I just close my eyes, my eyes changing. So you can change your emotions. So you can see everyone’s little teddy bear cartoon face. But if you click on your card, like you’re going to play it see my little hand, you can see that I’m touching a card right now. Uh huh. way that you can signal to us because in the mind a lot of the things in real life when you play the mind physical part game, its body language, the facial expressions you’re making. So these little emotion pieces on the left and right side allow you to change your little It looks like a teddy bear face to me. But I suppose this is probably bunny.

Josh Hale 8:55
Bunny, you can change this might be a fat Bunny, because really thick.

Debbie Moynihan 9:02
So might be hard for us to I’m not sure how much I’m personally going to use that feature. But you know, once we get the funding of it, maybe we can try out some of those.

Rachael Blaske 9:11
That’s so funny. I’m how interesting to try and make a digital app where you’re supposed to go by people’s body language.

Josh Hale 9:22
And you know, it’s even more interesting Rachel as a digital app where you’re reading people’s body language, you’re supposed to not talk to each other. And yet you’re doing a podcast.

Rachael Blaske 9:38
Okay, so, so Oh, somebody Oh, and then there’s there’s a ninja star, what’s the ninja star? That’s your one replay.

CJ Moynihan 9:48
Oh, just our

way that the ninja star works is that any of us can start the ninja star. And then if you all agree to use it, then we all discard the lowest card in our

Debbie Moynihan 10:01
Oh, you’re not sure whether or not you should play. None of us there. Sure, it usually happens when there’s a very wide gap from one car to the next. Like if the car that’s down is like eight and we all have something in the 70s or 80s, you might wait a while and then start to wonder really is the next card at three like so then you might use the ninja stars don’t want to mess up?

Josh Hale 10:25
Because I’m absolutely sure I shouldn’t go first. And that’s all I’m gonna say. Because we have to kind of keep the momentum going forward. Otherwise, people are going to want to go home and not listen to us.

Rachael Blaske 10:34
Okay, so I also probably should not go first. So. So I’m going to be like, I don’t

Debbie Moynihan 10:45
you know, I’m waiting to see what CJ is I have the advantage that I’m next to CJ. And are related. So try not to give each other hand signals or show each other our numbers.

Rachael Blaske 11:01
Okay, so I’m going to grow jet. So now somebody else goes.

Josh Hale 11:11
We have not left last around as yet.

Debbie Moynihan 11:15
And if you think you’re pretty close, you might want to touch it your part signal. But you’re not sure. I mean, if you had like 3637 38 just play it immediately, right?

Josh Hale 11:30
So in lieu of moving the hand, because people can’t hear you moving your hand. That’s good for us better playing. But we’re gonna go ahead and do is we’re going to say those exact words that you just said, Let’s, let’s go that way people can have that, you know, they can feel like they’re playing along.

Debbie Moynihan 11:49
I played it 35 that was the first part and then someone else played.

Josh Hale 11:55
So I just played the 93 and we were good.

Debbie Moynihan 12:00
Plant hydrogen, say what number play?

Josh Hale 12:02
Oh, yeah, I agree with you.

Rachael Blaske 12:04
So right before you did that I threw in my 68. So

Josh Hale 12:11
we’re now on

Debbie Moynihan 12:13
the synchronized probably all have to have our hands out at the same time. So we figured that out during our preliminary testing.

Rachael Blaske 12:21
Okay, so now we were ready to go.

Josh Hale 12:29
Fast and

Unknown Speaker 12:34
going so fast now.

Josh Hale 12:37
PJ played his really quick I almost now has everybody played

Rachael Blaske 12:43
know everybody except for me. And you I think have one left and I am not gonna go for a while yet.

Josh Hale 12:50
Okay, then let’s try this.

Rachael Blaske 12:52
Boom, boom, we got it.

Josh Hale 12:55
Nice. Okay, so now we’re on level three. Now we all have three cards for people that are not familiar with the game, the first round, you end up with one card and you’re trying to go low to high, the second round, you end up with two cards per person, and you’re still going low to high. We’re now in round three. And we are going to be going from low to high. But now we have three choices. Obviously, the first card you’re going to play from your hand is going to be the lowest, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into being lower than somebody else.

Rachael Blaske 13:27
Okay, and now we have two chickens, because I’m calling the chickens now instead of ninja stars, because chickens. Are you sure it comes? called to it and wow, that was?

Josh Hale 13:42

Debbie Moynihan 13:42
Rachel, can you stick your hand out one more time?

Josh Hale 13:48
Thanks for the hand.

Rachael Blaske 13:49
All right. Okay. So fast. Okay. All right. This fast.

Josh Hale 13:58
Yeah, so we have a in an 18. I have played and I don’t know who else played? I did. So Rachel and I both have two cards left. And CJ and Deb with three left. Now does tell you on the game that how many cards people have left. But for the listener at home. We’re down to 10 cards for the round. And CJ is putting his hand down. He’s you know kind of feeling the emotion in the room. Oh, no, I was wrong.

Debbie Moynihan 14:35
He died.

Rachael Blaske 14:36
That’s so sad. Oh, we gotta we gotta synchronize man.

Josh Hale 14:42
That was lovely. And I I blame CJ for that mostly.

Rachael Blaske 14:47
Okay, we are now synchronized. All right. Get it quick. Okay, there. That’s

Unknown Speaker 14:57

Josh Hale 15:00
truly certain I’m kind of holding off for a while.

Rachael Blaske 15:04
Okay, you wizards there again. I know you’re both like

alright, which which of you wizards thrown it because I’m not

Unknown Speaker 15:27
just killed another bunny.

Rachael Blaske 15:29
bunnies who came up with this game? Oh, yeah. Oh, synchronize. Okay, ready? No. Okay. All right. This is way more than I thought it was going to be. Okay. So now we’re going to go down. What’s happening? No. So cards left OUNUNCJ cards, right. And CJ is flashing his hands so maybe he thinks

Josh Hale 16:00
como Flashdance really

Unknown Speaker 16:02
entertaining, like

Debbie Moynihan 16:05
51 and he had a 67

Josh Hale 16:06
he’s doing a little Kevin Bacon up there in the corner with a

Rachael Blaske 16:11
funny way to play. Like some sort of would be Jesus in the background and like do it.

Josh Hale 16:19
I’m sure for copyright reasons that probably would not be legit. But I do suggest highly Rachel that you sing the Bee Gees.

Rachael Blaske 16:27
No, no, I’m good. I’m good. All right, green goof and CJ wizard who’s got it?

CJ Moynihan 16:34
Like he plays pretty consciously, but I’m just gonna go for it.

Unknown Speaker 16:37
Oh. Okay.

Josh Hale 16:43
Before we did get to the next round we got back. We have brought a bunny back from the brink of the abyss.

Rachael Blaske 16:49
Excellent. synchronize

Josh Hale 16:57
another we have four cards. Oh, flower. I will go to the wizards on us. Okay.

Rachael Blaske 17:12
Oh, that was good. I was down. Now who didn’t go next?

Josh Hale 17:20
I don’t know. That one’s a little scary because I thought it was within reason but I just completely obliterated my my thinking I was gonna go first.

Rachael Blaske 17:36
I’m afraid

Josh Hale 17:39
you’re afraid for

Rachael Blaske 17:41
pressure? I didn’t emotion to show how afraid

Josh Hale 17:45
he was. Here’s my tears. Oh, yeah.

Rachael Blaske 17:53
Okay, and while we’re dead. All right.

Dead bunnies. Oh, my turn.

Unknown Speaker 18:04
wait to do it.

Unknown Speaker 18:07

Josh Hale 18:08
I can tell you at this point in time. I’m probably just gonna hang out till the end of the round. We’re absolutely cheating on this game. And

Rachael Blaske 18:24
I know I know. Oh. Oh.

Oh, I was hurrying so much. People was I had like a 32 and a 35. And CJ through his 39 and the last like bright.

Debbie Moynihan 18:47
Trying to get it out there.

Unknown Speaker 18:48
Oh, yeah. Go go go.

CJ Moynihan 18:52
Get my 39 down.

Rachael Blaske 18:53
Mm hmm. All right. I not sure but I’m gonna go for it. Okay.

Josh Hale 18:59
Thank you. Good.

Rachael Blaske 19:00
Well, good. I am officially out of cards. Oh, the 49 to 5559 6078. Josh, you’re the only one with cards. Dude, go.

Josh Hale 19:15
I’m flashing you guys my cards because I have three of them. Why are you on? Because it’s fun. So basically, you know, I now control how fast this game goes. We do have a 78 showing. And I’m going to go ahead and show you my 88 Mm hmm. I’m going to show you my 97 G’s. And then I’m going to show you my 98

Rachael Blaske 19:46
and that

Josh Hale 19:49
Yeah, we’re on to round five WeChat five cards. Now. I’m green synchro. Alright. Got some synchronized swimming going on.

Rachael Blaske 20:04
And I feel like it’s important to note that one of the reasons why I invited CJ and Deb on this podcast Oh crap, I missed it. But wait, no. Did I mess it up? Did

Josh Hale 20:18
you wanted to mess up the podcast? I

Rachael Blaske 20:21
kill the bunny because I was trying to talk.

Unknown Speaker 20:30

Josh Hale 20:33
we’re obviously going much slower now that we have five cards and I’m I’m curious. Devon CJ. We know that 5.4 has a Kickstarter coming up. What do you guys have coming up anything fun?

Debbie Moynihan 20:47
Yeah, we are working hard getting ready to launch a Kickstarter next week actually. On Tuesday.

Josh Hale 20:54
Well that is the day this podcast will be alive. So you heard it here first there will be a pause there will be a Kickstarter launching today for those of you that are going to be looking at what white wizard is done. What is your new Kickstarter daddy.

Debbie Moynihan 21:11
Several news that’s for epic car game, which is a fancy car game strategy card game. It has a TCG stop feel to it, but it’s not collectible so there’s no random packs it’s much more affordable you know, you can spend this very small amount of money and still be able to do all the super fun things you can do for the trading card game like draft constructed seal the alpha back draft format, which is pretty cool we’ll talk more about and also as part of Kickstarter has a new Star Realms expansions that coming out called high alert and a Kickstarter exclusive pack for Star around so for people that even if you didn’t go to Fiji pro games, if you’re a star around him, which I know many people are, they can back at a level where they can get the new narrows that be the first to get it and get that Kickstarter exclusive back as well. So we’re kind of that’s an add on. It’s not actually what we’re kickstarting. But we wanted to have that in there as well, because our star arms fans are, it’s been from Melissa to and CJ is actually the designer on the new expansion for epic. So we could talk a little bit about it.

CJ Moynihan 22:25
Or Yeah, so Jules is coming up with and it is a set that is fine, that new player can just pick it up and play right away. So it’s super streamlined. It’s all a whole set of new parts. So we released sets so that all your players and basically, the departing is that you can draft that you can play again, friend, and we’re going to be releasing

spoilers for it.

Josh Hale 23:06
Yes, I do like spoilers. And probably by the time you hear this that the spoilers may be popping up. Because obviously this is going to be heard the day of the Kickstarter. So just to keep you guys on on task here. I’m trying to synchronize my hand and nobody else’s.

Rachael Blaske 23:25
know we are all synchronized and never pulled back. Yeah. Yeah, let’s go. Let’s go that route. Yeah.

Josh Hale 23:33
I am. I am multitasking. Feel. I made me nervous. So we just lost her last bunny. Bunny has died.

Rachael Blaske 23:46
CJ is one below me.

Josh Hale 23:48
Oh, yeah. It’s that last bunny you’re automatically dead. You don’t get like a last play. Right? So we just got spanked we 98 points. Our playtime was 533 seconds. And most of the winning was mostly CJ and Deb and most of the losing was mostly all Rachel. I had I made no mistakes obviously.

Rachael Blaske 24:16
Right? Somebody screenshot that. So that.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
Does those bunnies look really upset?

Josh Hale 24:25
But they do look like some mad bunnies. Okay,

Rachael Blaske 24:28
so we can do one more? Because I mean, I feel the need for redemption.

Josh Hale 24:33
Where we could try? I mean, I i would i would obviously asked

Rachael Blaske 24:37

Josh Hale 24:39
do you have time to have Rachel help you lose again.

Debbie Moynihan 24:45
Now, great to win.

Rachael Blaske 24:48
Maybe? I don’t know. That’s possible. I was telling CJ how badly I lost at Star rooms last time I was on this podcast.

Josh Hale 25:01
The sad part was I was trying to have your when I was rough, rough day, I apologize for that. Whatever.

Unknown Speaker 25:12
started another one as well.

Rachael Blaske 25:17
Alright, one more shot before I actually try to go and do real work for the day. But

Josh Hale 25:26
do you guys play digital games? Or are you mostly all in tabletop?

CJ Moynihan 25:34
So I mean, I like to play a lot of tabletop games. With my group of close friends, we will just cycle through all kinds of new games that are coming out. But I do like the occasional online game. But most of my friends group that I play with like the kind of older tabletop games like things like lords of water deep


Debbie Moynihan 26:06
And I play star rounds. A lot. Part of that because part of my job, but I do get into it. And also our kids really like to play it star homes has a cool pass and play feature. So like if you’re sitting in a restaurant, like we’re on vacation suite waiting for your table, you don’t need internet, you can play pack and play. So the kids can also play it like on their iPad in the car and things like that came into play from here. And TJ actually does play our games a lot too, because he’s the digital product manager for our digital apps. So he ends up during the day playing a lot of our games. So we go in and we do play testing of our games. And they always say like when you’re making games, you don’t have time to play other people’s games as much. And I think that’s part of the case for us with our digital games. So he’s working on the epic digital app and the startups digital app, we have an epic app, that’s an alpha, it’s not out yet. And start on zap, you know, and now we continue to come out with expansion. So he’s always working on new stuff. for that. We are, we have signed up for the wild classic, quite a few of our friends are going to start playing World of Warcraft again with classic reboots. So I wasn’t a world of warcraft player. But I was I thought it looks super fun at the time I had a job, I just had zero free time. So now see this going to help me teach me how to play so I can get into the world of warcraft. So we do like playing a bunch of digital games that are not for game games. I played some digital board games as well. Another one.

Rachael Blaske 27:38
I don’t know, any free time. Because I know how many children you have. It’s pretty insane how you actually have time.

Debbie Moynihan 27:48
While we play games with them, they also play test our games and you know, the postcards we give out of conventions, they might put the free steam codes on those postcards for it. So, you know, they get involved as well. And they’re excited about board games, and we bring home new board games and play with them. So we’re lucky that our kit most of our kids are old enough that they can play games with us. And they like playing digital games, and they play more digital games than we do. And they like playing the tabletop games too.

Rachael Blaske 28:20
I can just barely handle life at all. So props to you guys.

Debbie Moynihan 28:26
Well, our five year old. We were all playing board games, and she was bored. So she grabbed CJ his iPad and found the only game on it, which was Hearthstone. Playing Hearthstone.

Rachael Blaske 28:38
So cool. All right dub synchronized.

Debbie Moynihan 28:43
Oh, and you’re waiting for me. Sorry.

Rachael Blaske 28:45
That’s okay. All right. We are synchronized and I am not going first. cheat, cheat. Cheat cheat.

Josh Hale 28:57

Debbie Moynihan 29:00
Definitely not going. So funny.

Rachael Blaske 29:04
Oh, my goodness. Oh, they’re there. Oh, look at that. Josh is actually going first. That’s weird.

Josh Hale 29:11
Yeah. I don’t do that a lot.

CJ Moynihan 29:17
One card is always an interesting time because you’re chilling it out. Sometimes everybody has a high card.

Rachael Blaske 29:24
Right. All right, so whoever’s going next. I mean, knowing CJ, he probably has one below me and I’m gonna throw it at the wrong time.

Debbie Moynihan 29:44
Nobody’s even put their hands.

Josh Hale 29:49
In all fairness, I’ve thrown my card. Like the point that

Rachael Blaske 29:56
I’m watching these wizards, because next calling them wizards because they’re their names on here is Deb wizard and ZJ wizard. I’m just like, Oh, I’m watching the wizards who’s gonna break

Unknown Speaker 30:12
down wizard, wizard.

Josh Hale 30:16
So I’m gonna give you guys a little emotion here and cry because you’re all taking an inordinate amount of time.

Rachael Blaske 30:28
I if I throw we’re gonna lose, I am convinced. So I’m just playing with the emotions now. I’m waiting for CJ to break. Yeah. I mean,

Josh Hale 30:45
that doesn’t seem to be a thing, right?

Rachael Blaske 30:47
Oh, yeah.

Debbie Moynihan 30:50



Josh Hale 30:57
somebody threw 100 right there.

Debbie Moynihan 30:59
Yeah. Yeah. Not even raising my hand. I love to get 100.

Rachael Blaske 31:05
Right sync up. Okay.

Josh Hale 31:11
I’m crazy. If I had one right after the hundred.

Rachael Blaske 31:16
That is really weird. Cuz you did. Okay.

Debbie Moynihan 31:21
Sorry, I was raising my hand. But I want to give people a chance to put out other single digits.

Rachael Blaske 31:25
Oh, I’m so not good at strategy.

Josh Hale 31:36
I don’t know how they would use it’s more

Debbie Moynihan 31:44
to understand how your opponent’s think and how they play so

Rachael Blaske 31:49
well. What I understand is that we just don’t play we just sit there.

Debbie Moynihan 31:56
Well, I mean, that is a nice thing about the mind. Right? It’s very casual. Not a big deal.

Josh Hale 32:03
Bonnie killer.

Unknown Speaker 32:07
Yeah. Oh, my goodness. Fantastic.

CJ Moynihan 32:12
strategy. You know, like, sometimes you’re playing it someone. And I know that Debbie plays aggressively. So she’s flashing a card, then, you know, maybe it’s a little bit lower than what I might expect.

Rachael Blaske 32:26
Knowing Josh, he’s just

smashing his card, but that means that he’s probably just bored and he’s just dancing like I

Josh Hale 32:44
alabaster machine. We’re just saying

Rachael Blaske 32:51
CJ, that too. I have one.

Josh Hale 32:56
I was right. I was right. See every once in a while. And I would like to point out yet again, I have no card. So we’re all waiting on all three of you.

CJ Moynihan 33:07
Much better at drawing low cards.

Josh Hale 33:09
I’m a natural at it. Really. It’s the same thing in poker. I always draw low cards. It’s great for straights, but not for much else.

Rachael Blaske 33:23
So I need to get better about figuring out when to use the Scherchen.

CJ Moynihan 33:28
Well, you can tap on it and then we can agree on to do it or not.

Rachael Blaske 33:32
Hey, why not? Oh, no.

Josh Hale 33:36
I can tell you I will not agree to it at this point in time because I have no cards.

Debbie Moynihan 33:45
If anyone is your share your next.

CJ Moynihan 33:49
Rachel’s next but

Rachael Blaske 33:51
I am absolutely not next.

Josh Hale 34:02
So we went from

28 to 61 and CJ was correct. That’s a big leap. It’s almost a quantum leap. Really?

Rachael Blaske 34:15
Okay, yeah, still not thinking I’m next

Josh Hale 34:19
to Debbie’s is during the Flashdance up there

Debbie Moynihan 34:22
might be next but

Rachael Blaske 34:26
this podcast I am going to end up breaking down and being like Oh

Debbie Moynihan 34:36

Rachael Blaske 34:41
I really can’t believe that we play games that kills bunnies. I really All right.

Josh Hale 34:52
So I’m thinking TJ is next.

Rachael Blaske 34:54
Yeah, he’s the only woman

Josh Hale 35:00
you are taking me way too seriously.

Rachael Blaske 35:07
Okay, I’ll see how fast I can. Okay, go nine and then 12 that’s like the lowest card I’ve ever had. Flashing this maybe this is not a family friendly game.

Okay, watching these wizards flash

Josh Hale 35:48
I would like to remind you that we are a family

Rachael Blaske 35:53
I’m sorry I will behave

Unknown Speaker 35:59
higher than you

Rachael Blaske 36:00
another one bites the dust

Debbie Moynihan 36:03
Yeah, we brought the mind home I kids loved it. We played it over and I know a games a favorite one. It’s like I’m constantly having to put it away because the kids have played it and left it out somewhere on the mind like

Rachael Blaske 36:18
many times that is that is exactly what happens with hero rooms all the time at my house. All right synchronizes synchronize need to feel your mind

Debbie Moynihan 36:35
will have a lot of new stuff you.

Rachael Blaske 36:39
What was that? Is that? Is that a? Is that a spoiler?

Debbie Moynihan 36:44
I mean, we did the kickstart we kick started a lot of new sets for here around.

Rachael Blaske 36:49
See this is

never flash.

Josh Hale 36:58
I would like to advise you that our new score is game over with a score of negative 125 seconds. 330 second 37 seconds of play time, I believe the play time might be the same exact amount of seconds. So we are committed to moving in 337 seconds.

Rachael Blaske 37:18
No. There it was 533

Josh Hale 37:19
last time. Was it 533 I felt like it was the same. Honestly, we are not reading each other’s mind.

Rachael Blaske 37:29
All right, did you screenshot that? Because that’s a really adorable bunny. I did screenshot it.

Josh Hale 37:34
So like I can only take so much losing in the day. And today, I’ve reached my limit. So white wizard. Thanks for coming on. I’m really excited that your Kickstarter is going to be starting the day that this podcast goes live. And if there’s anything you’d like to tell your backers, please say it now before we get off because hopefully they’ll listen to you. And they’ll say, Hey, we really love you. And we want to press that back button and we want to back your Kickstarter, and we want to get your new stuff. And now’s the time to tell them whatever you want to say.

Debbie Moynihan 38:12
Thanks for having me on. I would say we hope that you will go and check out Kickstarter page. Our games are really affordable. Designed by Magic the Gathering Hall of Famers, epic is awesome. Like, features on one yards. Amazing. Definitely go check it out. And if you’re a player, know, like I mentioned earlier, we’re going to have the high alert set available and Kickstarter.

CJ Moynihan 38:41
Yeah, I mean, I guess what I would say is that if you are if you want to play our game where you don’t have to worry about not, you know, you didn’t you didn’t draw the right resources at the right times then strike.

Josh Hale 38:57
Cool. And Rachel, I know you guys, one coming up. I believe you have told me yours is coming up. September 9.

Rachael Blaske 39:05
Is this true? Nine Nine?

Josh Hale 39:08
Because we really haven’t discussed too much what what’s going

Rachael Blaske 39:10
on? Okay, well, first of all, because I really love the people at White wizard. And so they helped me out with an epic card game set for myself. And I was having a blast looking through it because I love all the different characters and all of the different I mean, it’s a game like this is epic card game one like not the one that’s coming out on Kickstarter. So I can only assume it’s going to be 10 times better. Because CJ, you know is helping with it. And they can sabotage me winning every game. I assume that he’s got a lot of good stuff. But I know I loved it because I’m like, Oh my gosh, there’s dinosaurs and King Kong and all these other like, it’s just it’s a epic card game. And someone with a quirky sense of humor like me really appreciates that. So I’m with my game that we have coming out on not on Tuesday on nine nine, which is actually a Monday, because again, working week we have Nick cooperative coming out, and it is a co op version of a Minton game, which is the first one that Justin, the first one in the series that Justin has not designed, we went ahead and

Josh Hale 40:36
crazy he did like such a great job on the other ones, I would only assume that you found somebody that could equal up to the task.

Rachael Blaske 40:45
Well, I mean, it’s really fun to start to branch out and meet new people. And having john and Brian from dinosaur Island come to us with this was an idea was really cool. I really enjoyed the fact that we have new people to work with and, and see new ideas. And so they have a really cool game that they that they’ve made. And superheroes are awesome. And villains are cool too. And I’m really excited to potentially have more villains. There is there’s some stretch ideas that we have circulating in our brains that I’m really excited to see where this will start or goes. So back in on 919. And I’m sure that if you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen Well, I’m hoping that you have seen the new group that we just launched the MIT series board games Facebook group, and we are putting all sorts of new stuff about it on there all the time. And you can always check out men cooperative com.

Josh Hale 41:57
So that is Rachel with 524 Labs talking about the multiverse. And Debbie and CJ Monahan from white wizard games talking about their new Kickstarter, which will live the same day as this podcast. Thank you guys for all coming. And thank you for helping me lose twice in a row. That was tremendous. And I look forward to seeing you at the next con, I assume you’re going to be on to other conventions in the near future. And everybody look for those two great logos, white wizard games, and 524 Labs. Thank you all for joining in. And thanks for playing

Rachael Blaske 42:34
bass. Thank you. Thank you.

Josh Hale 42:38
Long Distance gaming has been brought to you by Odin publishing 524 Labs and the letter Q. If you have succeeded and getting all the way to the end of this podcast Winner winner chicken dinner, Ram, a lemon ding dong.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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