Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – Ticket to Ride France with Matthew Kearns & Jordan Macnab

long distance gaming - ticket to ride france

“That’s not the point of the game.” Matthew Kearns


Josh Hale 0:16
Hey all this is Josh with mobile gamers we are today plane ticket to ride France. I brought this special onboard for our UK representative Jordan McNabb because you know, the British love everything about France. So we are going to play the French map and I’ve never played it, I am going to explain to everybody the game because at least one of our players Matthew Kearns out of what is it, it’s like Idaho, or Montana or one of those states.

Yeah, they’re all the same.

He is going to be playing but he has not yet played tickets ride. So I’m going to be explaining kind of the gist of tickets ride is pretty much as easy as it gets. But not everybody has played it, believe it or not. Even though ticket ride has sold like 5 trillion units. I think that’s a technical term of petroleum arm. And basically, what we’re going to be doing is figuring out the map together and figuring out the game together. So Ticket to Ride is a game where you are basically putting down trains. And you’re going to be doing those and a way that you connect cities that you have already got the cards for the beginning of the game, you must take two of the five cards, you guys should see five cards on the right side of your screen there. You have to take two of those. At the end of the game. If you have not completed those their negative points. If you’ve completed them, you get the positive points during the game, you’re able to get additional cards to do additional routes. Part of the joy of tickets ride is blocking pads from other people from being able to use them.

Matthew Kearns 2:06
That’s not the point of the game. That is

Josh Hale 2:08
absolutely the point of the game. And that is absolutely what we’re going to be doing for our UK representative because we care about you so much. Totally.

So first player right now is star mobile star mobile is Jordan McNabb. And obviously on a podcast you guys can’t see what we’re doing. So Jordan McNabb needs to be choosing his map tiles. And from there, he needs to be placing his first couple things

Matthew Kearns 2:43
confused by this because all of the train tracks shoulders Brown, whereas there’s no color coordination was on although

Josh Hale 2:50
I don’t know um, this must be the new the new thing for France and I’m sure we’re all going to figure it out together and do it incorrectly. So we are all on equal footing of not knowing what we’re doing.

Matthew Kearns 3:25
Play is not green. It’s me but it’s literally not giving me any

Josh Hale 3:37
apparent apparently you have to take three map tiles

Matthew Kearns 3:45
trying to get to the game.

Jordan Macnab 3:51
Taken taking three.

So red candle

Matthew Kearns 4:00
I’m trying to get to the game board are I see I’m part of a game, but it doesn’t show the game board for me.

Josh Hale 4:12
You can exit out and come back on this game. And it should reload for you get off of board.

Their endgame scoring.

Exactly. That is exactly what they are. And I have to walk away every so often because my daughter has a buddy over here. So every time he come near the door, I have to press mute and then go shut doors and everything else. So if you hear me walk away, you guys continue talking and entertaining people and I will you know

Matthew Kearns 5:34
cards then Oh, there we go. Hey, go

figure me out. Because

Josh Hale 5:41
I blame you Jordan.

Matthew Kearns 5:46
Ok. Ok. So I’m going to try and do something like this. I gotta work. No. So why isn’t it working? What the heck are the tractor?

Okay, I’ll just take some calls for the time being because I’m confused and disoriented.

Josh Hale 6:06
And it’s still your turn. What do you got going on? Yeah.

Matthew Kearns 6:10


allowed me to take two, two trains and then gave me an option to lays two trades as well.

Josh Hale 6:23
Oh, really.

So you’re allowed to do both this game.

Matthew Kearns 6:30
chosen was complicated.

Hey, we all choose to

Josh Hale 6:41
see this is easy. For everybody else, it’s just meant to be confusing for the British.

Matthew Kearns 6:55
One of my

focus points of like Paris or something like that I could use? No, it’s

Josh Hale 7:03
not, that’s not your focus point. That’s saying that that is one of your mission. And so it’s if you click your other card, it’ll tell you where your other mission ends are. So you can kind of keep track of them.

Matthew Kearns 7:14
Also the the missions, all the points that you’ve got on your mission conscious or the green.in each location.

And then also the end of each of those will choose a blue flashing. So you can kind of see where the the endpoint of the

Okay, so I’m on the board. Now it shows certain color rails that you have to play at that point are those are free rails, or how’s that work? Yeah, the little colored ones are the only ones that look actually normal.

They’re the ones where you specifically

watch, just you do is choose choose from the top right hand corner, because that’s what I did. So you know, I’m

going to go for a couple of whites or something. And then it’s going to give you an option to then lead us on track

on these

Unknown Speaker 8:22
individual individual lines between the

Matthew Kearns 8:26
now one train card for lines

Josh Hale 8:31
will in the in the normal Ticket to Ride.

That’s what I was gonna say in the normal Ticket to Ride it’s four of the same color. We don’t really know what it means in this one, it could be four different colored ones.

Matthew Kearns 8:45
giving you an option to live tracks as well. Now you’ve just taken those two Dre picked up my cards, which I took two white cards. So I’ve got two black to white, ovary three orange, and you

say I want to start Can I start from Schirmer and put down?

Josh Hale 9:03
You can go anywhere you want.

Matthew Kearns 9:12
All right, I will try to lay down track somewhere.

I try.

Okay, so I live black track network. So apparently

Josh Hale 9:25
the entire game Jordan is all wild.

Jordan Macnab 9:31

Josh Hale 9:31
That’s what it kind of looks like he laid to black on that on that location. And

yeah, did

Matthew Kearns 9:42
you see Josh, when you play it, you’ll pick up cards that don’t seem to take any of the cards out of you?

Josh Hale 9:49
Oh, I think I know what it’s doing.

You’re laying track, it’s telling you what color you want it to be when you finally decide to do it.

Matthew Kearns 10:02

Josh Hale 10:03
Oh, that’s ugly. That’s cool.

Unknown Speaker 10:13
Literally just

Matthew Kearns 10:14
the core of the track that we’ve chosen.


infused okay.

Unknown Speaker 10:54
Grab cards, we tracked on the track as

Josh Hale 10:59
well, you want to be careful, because if you notice what I did, I actually dropped the train.

Actually, all I got to do was to lay track, I didn’t get the secondary option of choosing a track color.

Yeah, I’m trying to figure out what the correlation of using the cards is. So using the cards is how you lay track when they’re not a track how you lay your train down when you finally want to lay a train, which is what I did. So in order to lay down that blue train, I had to give a blue card away, where you guys have been pulling cards and laying track, I just put a train down that is all I did.

You drag the card from the bottom to the track that you want to lay.

Matthew Kearns 12:20
So if you’ve now got two blacks in your hand, and you want to live two trains, where you’ve just got those two black colors, then you can just drag the black cards up there and drop them on that dream track.

Certainly on many cards,

Josh Hale 12:38
wild card of any color.

Matthew Kearns 12:44
Because you can only pick up one of those you can either pick up to

Jordan Macnab 12:48
wildcard each

Matthew Kearns 13:12
land rail.

Unknown Speaker 13:21
Josh, I am done.

Josh Hale 13:24
So I lead a orange train. And so for purposes of you know, you guys are seeing what I’m doing for purposes of people listening. Basically, one of the things that you do and the regular tickets ride is it’s of great interest to a player to take these single tracks that do not have doubles, which wouldn’t allow somebody else to play the same location. So what I have just done is I have prevented anybody from going from unger’s directly to Lamont directly to tours. And I’m sure I’m pronouncing your name correctly for any of our French fans. And I’m sorry, and I do know how to say early on. And

I Well, you know, I that’s why I brought you on to the entire podcast because I figured that was what you wanted to do. So basically what I’ve done is I have blocked off a couple locations to make it easier for me to complete something down the line.

And it makes it harder for Jordan and Matt to do the same. So basically, I’ve just made anything that they’re doing more difficult. And you know,

I think that’s a very important part of this game is to be friendly and nice to your neighbors

Matthew Kearns 15:01
ride with that mindset ever. When I played it I have to play the 40 times

Josh Hale 15:06
and yet in various different and yet you have never liked it. So now I’m teaching you how to like the game

Matthew Kearns 15:15
ticket a

Josh Hale 15:18
ticket of death.

Unknown Speaker 15:23

Josh Hale 15:30
Where are you trying to get to?

Come on? Stop messing with me.

Stop messing with me. I don’t need your help.

I do not need your help at all, sir.

Yeah, I actually laid track that time to make you guys miserable

Matthew Kearns 16:13
loves company.

Josh Hale 16:17
In all fairness, I want to make sure that you guys have a good experience playing this game. And

the only way I can do that is to make you miserable.

Unknown Speaker 16:30

Josh Hale 16:31
memorable for me.

So this wild mechanics kind of interesting Jordan where you’re placing the track down and it gives you the option. So like where there’s the triple tracks if you wanted to make somebody absolutely miserable. Like where there’s the five, from Paris to dish on

the land of mustard. Um, you could feasibly turn all three of those tracks like all pink, just to make it difficult for anybody else.

Matthew Kearns 17:18
It’s an experiment. I’m not sure the game would allow that. I’m not sure if it would

be interested in to try.

Josh Hale 17:27
Well, I like to think of you know,

myself as you know being courageous and, and making the game as miserable for the both of you as possible.

Matthew Kearns 17:38

up what’s up the smallest

scoring cards ever, in this game.

You just slowly crawling across from angles to Bry most of them.

Josh Hale 18:02
In all fairness, what I’m actually doing is just seeing how much of the board I can block.

Matthew Kearns 18:11
just screwing everyone.

Josh Hale 18:15
Josh wins ticket ride 523 I’ve never seen someone score five before.

Matthew Kearns 18:26
Wild Cards.

Haha, I successfully completed one of my cards.

Josh Hale 18:36
dag on it, I was gonna block you there too.

I see what you did there. And I don’t know if I appreciate that humor not

Matthew Kearns 19:14
I could see how this game can actually take about an hour. Because you’ve managed to get through all three cards.

Jordan Macnab 19:24
I mean,

Matthew Kearns 19:26
the beginning as you want to look to the cards, little the wizard. And I’m presuming Joshua probably done the same as you look at the points and try and get them so that those close together as possible, so you can complete them as quickly as

Josh Hale 19:38
possible. Now I’m the exact opposite.

Matthew Kearns 19:41
Totally polar opposites. I mean,

Josh Hale 19:43
yeah, I end up going from one end of the board to the next on purpose. And then that way, when I pull the cards out to do additional ones later, what I’m actually trying to do is randomly pull one out that is already complete.

Right? And so I do that, and any theory that you have to do it another way Jordan means you’re wrong.

And and if you win Jordan, the reason that you win is because

because I’ve let you and I, I want you to feel like you are a part of the tribe, despite, you know, being on the opposite side of the world over there. And you know, that land of the free

and fish and chips.

I’m a very inclusive sort of guy.

I don’t know how I feel about this conversation anymore.

You’re British, you’re not allowed to get angry.

It’s like I’m doing it on purpose.

Matthew Kearns 21:23
Oh, he’s just a douche.

Josh Hale 21:28
There he goes, and appropriately spaced word.

So we had the conversation before we started this because Matthew has not been on the podcast before. And the idea was, you know, I don’t really care about cussing, necessarily, as long as it’s appropriate to the time in the game. You know, if it’s something you would say at the table, then it’s probably okay here too.

But we, we got to talking about when is it appropriate? And it’s pretty much the same time we’re at the table, you’d go. Oh, and we all know what the end of Oh, is.

Matthew Kearns 22:17
The way you play this game, I can see that actually helped me quite a lot.

Josh Hale 22:23
I’m not doing it to be mean to you, Jordan. I’m doing it to be mean to you and Gandalf of Borg equally.

Matthew Kearns 22:35
Absolutely, man. Take a screenshot of yourself online.

People be like who is a couple trends? Fish. You know,

Josh Hale 22:46
oddly enough, I feel happy with what I’m doing.

Now, my my world is coming together quite well. And

it is only slightly lonely over here.


that’s all I got.

Matthew Kearns 23:12
Okay, this is an experiment. What do you think? Three?

colors? What do you think that’s going to be? Or do you think that’s the same as what it was green wise, it just has to be one wild woman to have the same color.

Josh Hale 23:26
You have to have while if I remember, right, I think it’s the same as a rails and sales where you have to have a wild for the head of the train. And then everything else has to be the same color.

But that pretty much again means that whatever you do, Jordan is probably wrong.

Matthew Kearns 24:02
And just

I don’t care what you call the video of the podcast, the people will know. Okay,

Josh Hale 24:10
the people know that we are nice to our British brethren.

So Josh, how did Jordan meet you? He didn’t meet me. We just let him think that

Matthew Kearns 24:27
you know, give him something sometimes.

Josh Hale 24:31
He he was getting bombed.

Like, we couldn’t let that continue. We know how we thought about that the last time.

Oh, gosh, it’s my turn. I’m busy giving you a hard time.

I don’t know you guys have got like less than 15 minutes I saw a 55. So, you know, in all fairness, I think I’m doing

just fine.

So that’s weird between Ren. How do you say Ryan Ren and unders are on hairs or whatever, man, I’m horrible with French names.

I’m not able to change the color of that one. Where it’s directly between the two cities because there’s that green track in between between so I don’t know how that works. You know,

it specifically says you cannot place a track piece on this route because of this cut off by a track peace.

Who made it green? Did one of you guys make that one green?

Well, maybe the beginning of the game has a specific colors.

That’s what I’m saying. You put down the green to force somebody to have to do that green. Right. Okay, so that’s what happened. He took the green. So those other routes are no longer available.

Matthew Kearns 26:36

Josh Hale 26:37
That’s interesting. And that’s a really, that’s a very Josh thing to do. Congratulations.

Matthew Kearns 26:45
There’s a few other places where the

five trip

Josh Hale 26:52
Oh, that’s interesting. There’s a six down there between to loose and Avignon. Hey, I can say two words in French.

This isn’t too loose where the Moulin Rouge was?

Or is that just a movie?

Hello, did you guys leave?

Okay, you’re just talking in the background? I heard somebody’s voice I’m going. I don’t know where they went.

Oh, my God, it’s been your turn. It’s been your turn for a minute and a half. And we’ve been quietly sitting here.

We basically been punishing anybody listening to the podcast for a minute and a half waiting on you? Um, you know.


it’s tough man.

Matthew Kearns 28:13
Gandalf, Gandalf of gold. Now you can pick up more tickets as well, when you completed the move. I think it might actually force you to as

Josh Hale 28:20
well. Not only that, but you can do it before you complete to

Jordan Macnab 28:24
win, it just takes turns.

Josh Hale 28:26
Right. So it’s your turn?

Well, at least it wasn’t the old one. I presume it’s still the same.

Are you still going?

Yeah, no, you.

We have now been waiting for you for a minute and a half silently punishing our audience.

Just tell us what you’re doing. And we’ll help you out.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
Right there between

Matthew Kearns 29:18
nicely laid some black truck there for you as well.

Josh Hale 29:21
Now that was him.

It was not me. I would not do such a thing. I am a kind, caring person.

I mean, I don’t know if I like the sound of that. Sir.

As I said, I don’t know if I appreciate that quite as much as you think you appreciate. I don’t have words.

Yeah, you can take off the top of the deck. In fact, if you get a wild off the top the deck, you still get to pull another card. There There are times where you need one specific color we’re picking off the top of the deck is your only option because it’s obviously not in the draw pile.

And by and large when I do that, I never get what I need.


it’s your turn.

You may go whenever you would like we will not try to rush you.

Ticket smack it.

Matthew Kearns 31:04

Josh Hale 31:05

So I don’t think I’ve completed a ticket at all yet. I am just conscientiously focusing on disturbing both of your games.

Matthew Kearns 31:30
I mean, this is the whole point of taking a ride. I mean, that’s just gorgeous.

Josh Hale 31:35
In all fairness, my track

my track truly looks like crap.

Matthew Kearns 31:42

Josh Hale 31:48
I like to consider it a, you know, the the Tijuana version of city planning. I lived in Tijuana. And that was such a strange animal because there was nothing that seemed to be planned out. Like in the future. It was all just like, we’re going to put a building here.

Yeah, industrial, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter that industrials right beside the neighborhood, they’ll be fine.

I don’t really like that you did that? I mean, in all honesty,

and I want to share my thoughts with you. And let you know that what you have done is completely unacceptable.

Are you noticing how random mine is?

You guys are finishing stuff. I’m going finish stuff. That’s just silly.

I don’t believe in this theory of finishing stuff.

Matthew Kearns 33:04
Just for the viewers, I’ll pick up another two tickets. In my meeting that I’ve completed three tickets,

Josh Hale 33:11
just you’re just you’re just randomly throwing that in the conversation casually. I’m just now kind of completed my original three tickets. And I am now going to take a rest because I have went from one end of the map to the other I I it’s been a long time.

No, but with how you’re playing, it’s just like skipping turns.

We all see that you have no actual plan.

So the one thing I dislike about Ticket to Ride, because I really enjoy blocking mechanics and games. If you guys haven’t figured that out about me yet. The one thing I really dislike about tickets ride is like between Paris and early on, for example, you have a I think it was a white tracker blue track a pink track and an orange track, right.

I would like to be able to put another pink down just to block you guys. And you’re not able to do that that is not considered copasetic and the Ticket to Ride universe. And I think that, you know, the designers have missed a step here. For those that really enjoy blocking people like myself. Now you are not able to do that, at least, at least that was not what you were able to do in the original game. That doesn’t mean that they haven’t changed that and you know, made France be that thing. You know,

because, well, France, you know.

But with that being said, that’s something I’ve always enjoyed is the idea of blocking people to make them miserable.

It’s like I planned it out.

I agree. You make no sense.

Matthew Kearns 35:26
Find green right there between Loria and woman

Josh Hale 35:32
between wearing where.

Yeah, and I got nothing man I am. I’m truly sitting on nothing here. And I,

I have to say, I’m in the game, keep saying it’s your turn.

Matthew Kearns 36:06
Stop pressuring me.

Josh Hale 36:10
So I’m gonna do stop it. I know it’s my turn. The game is like hurting. It’s like, sir,

we know that you couldn’t possibly be thinking about your turn. So we’re going to force you to think about it right now.

So I wonder on this game, if you could feasibly just take cards, the whole game, and let other people lay the color. And then you could just deal with every time.

Matthew Kearns 36:55
Which cards you pick up all the way through the game. And I’m sure you could do that. Because you always know what somebody was pushing for. Know,

Josh Hale 37:01
what I’m talking about is you have to play the track, right, you have to play the color.

If you started the game, only picking up track or picking up trains. So you had lots and lots of color, you could feasibly every single time somebody laid down a track to pick a color, you could feasibly just steal it out from under them

Matthew Kearns 37:31
as double or triple tracks, right.

Could be relatively easily.

Josh Hale 37:39
Except for those places that have the singles and then you’re right.

Color of trap on those multiple train things there would not let you

that’s too bad that that’s a misstep. In my opinion. I like anything that allows people to be mean to each other.


I mean, in all fairness, if I were to say what you had, I would say lots of nothing.

And I don’t want to you know rush anybody or anything, but I would like to let you know that I did just complete a ticket and I got it stamped. And as much as you guys think I am random. Oh, no, there is a plan.

destroy you.

That’s as far out as I’ve thought about it. I mean, in all fairness.

Matthew Kearns 39:03

And I just completed electronic for.

Josh Hale 39:13
Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about that. To be honest. I mean, you’re doing lots of things that you know, looks like you think you have a plan. But ultimately, we all know that you do not.


Matthew Kearns 39:38
pick up your tickets.

Josh Hale 39:40
The top right? The brown cards.

Yeah, instead of drawing cards, you do the brown card.

And when we run out of cards of the trains, which you see how big the stack is, that tells you the game is ending.


not that I remember. Maybe I’m wrong.

Are you sure?

Unknown Speaker 40:15
Are you sure?

Matthew Kearns 40:18
final three, three trends, I think causes a final term for everyone.

Josh Hale 40:23
I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. Okay.

Matthew Kearns 40:28
Ticket punched,

Josh Hale 40:31
keep bragging.

Oh, I like this was bragging. braggadocio stuff going on here.

Dad gone it. That is not what I wanted at all. And that is ugly and silly. And I’m becoming unhinged.

I do have fat fingers. But that was not the issue. The issue was I just was not able to do what I wanted with the draw.

So basically, we have all been horrible at telling people what we’re doing, because we’re so all intent on winning.

I’m, I’m fairly certain that at this point.

I’m pretty certain at this point that everybody’s very familiar with the idea that I plan on blocking them.

Beyond that, I don’t really have much of a plan.

I mean, I suppose to some extent I do, but not a lot.

I don’t know why you’re giving me a hard time I’m I am conscientiously losing this game, I’m doing my best to just block you guys. But I’m not getting any points doing and

that would be absurd

Matthew Kearns 42:19
ticket because I ran out of my tickets.

Josh Hale 42:36
So I think Gandalf of Borg is going to try to go from Lamont to ruin. I think somebody shouldn’t block him. And I think that somebody should be you, Jordan

Unknown Speaker 42:55
wants to

Josh Hale 42:57
attend France.

Matthew Kearns 43:12
Very large.

Unknown Speaker 43:29
I’m going to go with

Josh Hale 43:41
I mean, she either is going to go to L’Oreal or he needs St. Malcolm or whatever it is.

Matthew Kearns 43:53
Just for two seconds.

Josh Hale 43:56
See, I’ve been meeting the mic the whole time during this entire thing because my daughter keeps walking in and out of the room. And every time she does, you know, it’s the gleeful sound of children and Lord knows nobody wants to hear that.

Joy, who wants to hear joy?

Unknown Speaker 44:16

Jordan Macnab 44:19
They’ll probably be quite rowdy. So

Josh Hale 44:24
you let your wife know that we do not condone happiness.

If your lip does not touching the floor, it means I’ve not done my job correctly.

I will beat you twice daily, three times on Sunday.

Interesting that I’m going to be twice a day three times on Sunday. I I don’t have words.

So Jordan, you are getting ready to go to the UK games Expo this was going to be your first convention as a writer. Have you been to conventions? Otherwise?

Matthew Kearns 45:26
Three years?

Josh Hale 45:28

Unknown Speaker 45:37
excited about that?

Josh Hale 45:39
Yeah, that’s an interesting thing, particularly when you’re first doing it. Because, you know, it’s a definitely a different situation, when you’re going to a publisher, and you have a reason to other than just to hear their

public relations spiel. You’re, you’re trying to see what is the cool new thing. So you can think and write about it basically.

And I think that’s kind of a cool aspect of being press is the, the idea that you’re going to get to write about all the stuff that you’re saying?

Unknown Speaker 46:19

Matthew Kearns 46:22
Well, that’s

the kind of embrace me as the as the industry tools, to

so that I can get some games and actually get some reviews. That’ll be the, the,

Josh Hale 46:36
the main outcome. Honestly, I don’t think you’ll have any issue. Um, it does take time to build the relationships. But, you know, I’ve been to so many of these conventions at this point that a lot of people know, at least who I am. So, for the most part, I think you’re pretty safe going as far as people knowing, you know, people gamers, because we’ve done too many reviews.

But it’s kind of neat going and having people be happy to see you. And, you know, I’m curious about that part of your experience, because this is your first time going as press, I’m curious what your experience going to be if they’re going to see our shirt and you know, automatically, you know, welcome you with open arms, or if you’re gonna have to go to conventions a couple times with that shirt before they know who you are. And that’s, that’s a question I don’t have any answer to

Matt’s going to be going to Gen Con, I think, and he’s probably going to be wearing one of our shirts, and August. And that will be his first time going as well.

So that’s going to be interesting. We have a lot of people going first time this year, apart from me. A lot of times we have somebody go with me.

But girl, that’s kind of what Matt will be doing. But we do have people like Ben went to a convention down in Texas, I think he went to BG con maybe.

So it’s kind of neat having people go to conventions and continue to build the goodwill that we’ve been working on.

Matthew Kearns 48:41
very welcoming, and not any like body knows back, or The only negative response or anything. So again, that’s all Sally positive.

Josh Hale 48:50
I don’t really remember ever saying too much of that. Um, you know, particularly when you’re coming from another country, and you are. You know,

like when I went to Essen last year was my first time at Essen. I’ve been to all the shows in the US. But essence, we wanted to get enough extra games that we could push ourself long enough to have content until origins basically. And

it was kind of neat, because all these publishers didn’t know me at us. And you know, not all of them knew me. And yet, because other people didn’t know me, you know, it was neat to have people say, Hey, this is Josh, you know, give them some games, but he’ll get them to as reviewers. And that was very cool, feel, feeling welcomed like that.

Which I think that’s a huge part of what we do, in so far as the industry is that idea of making people feel welcome and making people feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. I think that’s pretty cool.

Matthew Kearns 50:05
That’s gonna be this kind of experience to have, as in, people are going to be able to say, you know, all you know, we met Josh or Where’s Josh, and, you know, be able to spark a conversation from that side of things as well.

Josh Hale 50:17
Yeah, I think so. And there’s the stupid green shirts. I mean, they are so bright, and you ended up getting a pink one too. Um, you know, the idea of the branding idea of, you know, here we are, we’re right in front of you, is such a neat thing, because people see those shirts, man, and they automatically know who we are a lot of times and that’s kind of a neat feeling.

Now your hat didn’t end up being as bright did it?

Matthew Kearns 50:54
Like you said, I probably won’t be wearing the hat. I’ll probably just hanging around something. It’ll just be

Josh Hale 51:01
Oh, you got two hats. I didn’t know that.

I just thought you got the green I saw the green.

Add dag on it.

I blame you.

So I I have absolutely nothing that I’m planning at this point. I I can’t even

can’t even

in two or three player games, only one track of the double or triple real groups can be built. Okay, so that changes things guys.

We don’t get the double or triple tracks until there are three people or until there are four people rather

Matthew Kearns 51:57
to even on a triple drug.

Josh Hale 51:58
That’s what it kind of sounds like to me.

So I’m going to since that is the case.

I’m going to

I’m just going to make this miserable for somebody.

There’s no

no track piece of length for available. Nicole. Oh, okay, that’s interesting. We’ve ran out of yellow track. So you cannot just keep doing the same track. There is a set amount of track pieces.

Oh, really? I hadn’t seen that. That’s cool.


I got nothing at this point. You guys are doing fantastic. And I feel like my blocking maneuvers have largely went on deaf ears on the French map. And you know, I I don’t know how I feel about that to be honest. I you know,

I just want to point out that long after both of you I have finally completed my third ticket. And and I want to brag about it a little bit and tell you that you know it was a long time coming and you know, I appreciate all the help and foundational awareness that people have given me throughout the industry that allowed me to get three tickets punched and tickets ride. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. And I love you all and thank you

that was my that was my Oscar speech guys.

Got a little bit of hook and crook going on over here.

God that Josh guy never shuts up.

Did you did your voice just crack?

Yeah, I think it did crack. I think it did. That was very nice.

It is emotional. Apparently. He’s he’s having a hard time with us.

Matthew Kearns 54:37
The deck we shuffled I

Josh Hale 54:39
told you I told you that what’s what would happen?

Yeah, absolutely. I would never be wrong.

Matthew Kearns 54:48
Yeah, totally.

Unknown Speaker 54:56
options are very limited.

Unknown Speaker 54:58
Okay, Kirk

Josh Hale 55:12
Why don’t you pick out a four huh?

Do you have to take two of the four


in their game called Dear Lord now

I think we read I think it was reviewed on the site.

I forget Yeah, there is a game called Dear Lord. It is done by

Dear Lord games

it’s got really cool honor. And actually was being sold at Target apparently.

Target is an American store.

Matthew Kearns 56:08

Josh Hale 56:09
which is up

Matthew Kearns 56:13
direct to me. The little card game lonely bears.

Josh Hale 56:16
Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, probably. I mean, for everybody. It’s a really it’s a rush for everybody.


And so it’s very possible that that is the case.

So I don’t know how I feel about that. That’s weird.

Oh, no, I’m just entirely wrong. Nevermind, I don’t feel anything about that. I have no feelings. I lack sentiment

so I pulled two cards and I thought I had one of them completed and in the original game if you pull a card and it’s completed you can just complete it right at that time

were up apparently I didn’t have either one of them completed and I’m just horrible at this game.

I mean, I just want to put that out there that it is possible that I’m horrible at a game

Matthew Kearns 57:38
your big man the man

Josh Hale 57:42
is calling me fat man.

I don’t know quite how I feel about that. Now I you know I’ve been trying to you know, keep you know my words to myself. And I’m a little hurt to be honest.

So right now, for people listening the point score is 31 to 42 to 37 and I am most definitely in the lead with 31

Matthew Kearns 58:17
Golf low score wins.

Josh Hale 58:20
Oh, you had to go there

let’s point that out. Sir. Let’s just make sure Josh is as miserable as possible. I hear you and I applaud you

Unknown Speaker 58:34

Josh Hale 58:39
apparently it’s like double my turn. I have to I have to build a track piece now.

Oh, I Oh, even on the what’s it called even on the picking new tickets?


Yeah, I picked up two new tickets.

I didn’t pick up new cards right now. I picked up tickets member because I was just telling you that I thought I had completed one and I was very wrong about that.

Is there is

an A and disoriented in Britain.

spelled What?

I don’t think it’s got an extra it doesn’t

Matthew Kearns 59:57
change your lives.

Yeah, take us where they don’t belong.

Josh Hale 1:00:09
Aluminum No, no does not have an extra I you’re absolutely wrong, Jordan.

Matthew Kearns 1:00:19
I just looked it up, man. It is.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25

Josh Hale 1:00:26
There’s not two eyes. You’re saying Allah minium. There’s not two eyes.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
I’m looking at it right now.

Josh Hale 1:00:39
So I’ll even put it in the show notes right here because I want everybody to realize that it is spelled both ways.

I’m busy proving you wrong.

Continue. I will.

Matthew Kearns 1:00:59
Jordan, is there anything that you’re looking forward to the next

preview because it doesn’t actually do much. There’s probably 50 games we preview that is obviously nowhere near as big as s&s. And it’s like 1100 games get released.

This there’s probably about 20 games and I’ll be

so which are already confirmed with the publishers that they’re going to commit suicide. But they’re not the ones I think I’m just gonna have to go down a bank.

There’s one called, I don’t like dice games. But this one called by someone is just like a beautiful contrast between card game and dice dice roll a game with like a kind of a combination, kind of a style game that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Josh Hale 1:01:53
The strange thing about doing these shows, Jordan is

we end up a lot of times getting games that we’re not necessarily have on our radar at all. And then the games that we had on our radar, you know, maybe maybe they end up in hot or whatever. And you know, the publisher wants to sell them out. And you know, that’s great. I hope they do well. But we end up publishing games as far as reviews on stuff that was under the radar. And they end up sometimes doing really well because they were under the radar, which

Matthew Kearns 1:02:34

kind of like

the theme is kind of like a Norwegian

mythology type of theme. Dark and ominous.

Josh Hale 1:02:46
I I don’t remember that particularly but that doesn’t

Matthew Kearns 1:03:01
booth in the in the expo right center, the back left hand corner. Literally It couldn’t be further away from the entrance. But I think the game looks absolutely fantastic. They’ve said to build we have a copy of one side. But you know, I really would love to get the word out about that as well.

Josh Hale 1:03:25
There’s so many games that come out that you never necessarily think about. You know, and I,

I find that to be part of the fun of finding stuff that I I had not on my radar at all. You know,

there was a game a couple years ago that Kevin had on his radar, but I’m not an RPG person at all, but I am kind of a techie called we’ve and we’ve is a RPG based on AR and it kind of builds your RPG for you. And while I’m not still interested in RPG is particularly I thought the idea behind we’ve was just such a neat idea that you know, for somebody like me that wasn’t super interested in RPG is that it would help build you know, the idea of the DM you know, for purposes of somebody who was new to it, because frankly i in a way probably don’t have the storytelling chops to do a RPG justice the way somebody who had had done that a lot would do. Were like a pen and paper RPG like it Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly.

Jordan Macnab 1:04:47
So this is like a random generated randomly generated type RPG that it does for you.

Josh Hale 1:04:54
It’s not random is probably not the right word.

is for sure. Different

Well, it’s based on the cards you pull it you pull cards and my understanding is you get to almost draft which card you have the phone scan to tell you what to do next. Right so it’s not random per se, but it’s definitely more more random than you know what what I’m doing to you guys and ticket to run.

Dude, you’ve been taking three seconds for your turn so far that is unacceptable.

Try harder to take three seconds very good.

So we are now at the hour and five minute mark we have actually taken longer on this map than I have ever done on any of our podcasts we’re on the sixth or seventh podcast now. And Ticket to Ride which is supposed to be you know, like the the seminal easy game to play online has taken us forever and personally I blame Jordan

I mean tactically in all fairness, you’re probably wrong

Matthew Kearns 1:06:39

Unknown Speaker 1:06:44
don’t think I can but

Josh Hale 1:06:52
while you’re trying to do this one right here that I just stole from him

yeah the one that you just made read

I had no reason to go to Leon

Matthew Kearns 1:07:08
I had no reason to put that there either.

Josh Hale 1:07:12
Well good randomly I blocked your randomness. How’s that sir?

In all fairness, I’m fairly certain I’m going to lose.

I do you have four yellows


because if you could block from Bordeaux to to lose, you’re going to be able to block Gandalf of boards longest track he’s really aiming for that longest track right now.

Matthew Kearns 1:07:50
To me honestly, I only have five trains left and I need them to complete my ticket so he is pretty safe from my angle.

Josh Hale 1:07:59
And I don’t feel very good about that. To be honest. I think you should be focusing more on helping me hurt him

Matthew Kearns 1:08:11
well enough I don’t want to make an enemy out of him.

Josh Hale 1:08:14
Oh, he’s a really nice guy. He lives in Idaho He’s fine.

He can come for you in the night but it’s gonna take them three days to get to you There’s nothing by where he lives

Children of the Corn

What happened to your writer I don’t know he went into the cornfield and never came back.

So I think if we do take a drive ever again on another map I’m going to make the time limit 20 minutes per player which would make our podcast no longer than an hour no matter what

I didn’t even think about that. I was like you know I can put it for an hour a piece will never hit an hour

and I’m a firm believer in podcasting not having any edits whatsoever. So as as the time goes up here it is going to be perfectly on edited and I’m sure that you know if we were able to look at the analytics of this podcast that people would have probably given up on listening to us roughly an hour and eight minutes ago.

What they have somebody from Great Britain on done

I am French I did not listen to him.

Your mother smelt of elderberries.

Matthew Kearns 1:10:14
Choices choices.

Josh Hale 1:10:15
There must be nice. I have no choices. I can’t do anything. I can’t even block you efficiently. I got nothing. So I’m sitting here with my nothingness saying I got nothing. I can’t. Yeah, I couldn’t do that. And, and See I told you he was gonna take that one Jordan, and you were worried about making an enemy. And yet I was right.

Matthew Kearns 1:10:50
Say hello to

ruin and I cannot

Screw it.

Josh Hale 1:11:01
Yeah, so I’m I got nothing over here I

I’m I’m disgusted at my inability to get the color that I need. And for all intensive purposes, I need either black, white, yellow, purple, green, orange, or blue. And I cannot get any of those colors

Matthew Kearns 1:11:44
will be the last time

Josh Hale 1:11:45
whenever somebody has less than two tracks.

That person is not going to be me.

Now I get the Colorado name. When

Jordan is going to end the game right now.

Matthew Kearns 1:12:12
Stretch it out.

Josh Hale 1:12:14
Yeah, let’s stretch out this podcast a little bit longer, please.

Matthew Kearns 1:12:22

Just FYI, for the loyal, loyal listeners at this stage. The game is now in its last rotation.

Jordan Macnab 1:12:49

Josh Hale 1:12:49
if you do not have, and I don’t even know when this is actually going to get posted. But if you do not have a

Unknown Speaker 1:12:57
if you don’t

Josh Hale 1:12:57
see us at a con, then you can’t say hi. But if you do see us walk up, look at our bright shirts and come make fun of us.

Would you say Matt?

Is the negative points on this game, the full cost of the card?

Do you remember

is the negative points on this game the full cost of the card.

stupid game.

Yeah, I’m gonna drop 10 because I picked a card that I thought I had that was on the other side of the map that I can’t complete. So had I done it correctly, I would have probably destroyed you guys. But Lord knows I’ve never done anything correctly in my life.

One that’s counting the points out.

Like the way they do that and Ticket to Ride where it makes it a little bit of drama at the end of the game.

Jordan Macnab 1:14:55
right up until the very end.

Matthew Kearns 1:15:09
Josh, that’s

Jordan Macnab 1:15:13
77 points in comparison to my 140 points.

Josh Hale 1:15:20
I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you.

It’s also a river in Egypt.

So we’re watching the trains go backward and forward.


in all fairness, Matt, from Iowa has never played this game before. And

it very much shows on the end score.

How bad Matt is at this game, and he should probably never play it again, to be honest. And,

and I don’t say that to disparage you. And thank you guys so much for spending some time and playing a game with me. The whole point of this podcast is to show people that we are all over the place and that’s an Iowa, I’m in Ohio, Jordan is somewhere across the pond. And the whole idea of what we’re doing is to show you that you can play games with your friends, regardless of where you are. And hopefully you were able to listen to whole podcasts and you’re getting to hear these you know, points of epiphany.

Because I you know, have a voice that you know, obviously it shouldn’t spark you know, ideas and let me be your muse. So the whole the whole thing is man is play some games even if you are out in the middle of Iowa, play some games with some friends. And you know, I don’t care what the game is. It can be tic tac toe, but the best way to stay together is to play together man. Have fun with your friends.

Thanks, guys.

Okay, we’re done recording. Hi, press stop. You guys are good to go.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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