Podcast – Long Distance Gaming w/ Jondi Soper of Eat, Chit & Die, playing Lanterns


Jondi of Eat Chit & Die destroys Josh on Long Distance Gaming. Josh cowardly blames the very first turn of the game for his devastating defeat. – J. Hale

Podcast - Long Distance Gaming w/ Jondi Soper of Eat, Chit & Die, playing Lanterns 1

Josh Hale 0:01
This is Josh Hale with Meebo gamers. And I am here today with john D from Egypt and dice, we are going to be playing lanterns from Renegade games. And we’re actually playing the digital version, which if I remember right, was made by it might take me a second here to get back out to it because my, my phone is going like tremendously slow today. So it was made by Dire Wolf digital. And when I talked to Johnny about playing a game online, she said, we had no choice but to play Lantern, she gave me no choice at all. Actually, she said, that’s the only game I ever play. And she, she only plays that at conventions to there. She doesn’t like any other game that’s on the market. And here’s Johnny, and she’s going to explain to us what lanterns is, Johnny.

Jondi Soper 0:55
Okay, so lanterns apparently the only game I ever play. It’s a tile lane game, where you’re supposed to you’re trying to decorate for the upcoming like Lantern Festival. So you have tiles that have like little symbols that are colored and their lanterns on each side of a four sided square tile. And you are placing them on the water in such a way to gain color, I guess cubes, little lanterns that you’re then going to trade in as for set collection, and you earn your points through the set collection.

So that’s pretty much it.

Josh Hale 1:36
Okay, so if you haven’t seen lanterns before, I saw it the first time, gosh, maybe origins two or three years ago. And I walked up on it, saw it and it doesn’t, didn’t say anything to me like walking up on it, you know, like I saw people kind of intrigued by it. And then I saw people playing it. And I saw them talking. And when I saw them talking, it led to like pretty interesting conversations just randomly, you know, like, they they found it so fascinating the way the tiles laid together. And it immediately caught my eye because of the conversations I heard. And pretty much every time I’ve introduced it to anybody new. I’ve seen very similar conversations. And obviously all you’re going to see when you’re listening to the podcast is whether Johnny or I won, which I’m guessing is probably going to be Johnny. And what you’ll see is basically the the end cap on the game. But if you haven’t played lantern’s at this point, you really owe it to yourself to go out and check it out and check it out on the tabletop. But if you’re far away, like Johnny and I are, we don’t live in the same city don’t even live in the same state. playing it online with your best buddy is a very adequate experience. That gives you the feeling of playing a tabletop game despite being thousands of miles apart. Thus long distance gaming, which is not quite as pretty as long distance dating, but you know, you do what you have to do. So Johnny, I think you’re going first our mind,

Jondi Soper 3:17
I think it’s me. So I actually didn’t play the actually, I think your first it’s not letting me play anything. So okay, so I didn’t ever play the actual like tabletop version of the game, I owned it, but I never got it out to play it until after the app came out. And I think when the app first came out, they were doing like a free weekend or something. And that’s when I played the app and the app is just beautiful. And that’s when that got me playing the actual tabletop version of the game.

Josh Hale 3:50
So I laid wide against blue, which is absolutely not what you’re supposed to do. But I have not yet figured out how the app works. Not that hard. I just didn’t know where I was lying the tile. So so I’m in a break. And, you know, if if Johnny wins, I’m going to blame it on my very first turn.

Jondi Soper 4:11
So you actually can, it doesn’t matter if you match up the colors. If you do that, the only color you’re going to get is the whatever colors on the top part of the title it’s facing you as a player. So on the title that you laid, you wouldn’t, you would have probably gotten old the white stars, have you matched up the two colors together on the side that you put next to the other tile, then you would have also gotten to have that color. So I just laid a tile where I matched up red, the red triangles, and the white stars are facing me. So I got two red triangles and one white star. If that makes sense.

Josh Hale 4:51
It doesn’t make sense. And obviously, I only got the white, so I got no match whatsoever. And again, I I’m going to blame them the end of the game on my first turn. So I now gotten orange and red. I still don’t have anything I can do as far as any sort of endgame points. And basically what you’re doing when you’re when you’re collecting these lanterns, as there’s three tiles up two are not three times three, set collection mechanics up top, different colors, semi different colors, and all the same color. So if you get all seven different colors, you can turn them in for 10 points,

Jondi Soper 5:32
well, 10 points, you get first one to do it. For the first person to do

Josh Hale 5:35
it, right? It goes down every time, right? Yeah. And the next person would get nine so forth. So obviously you want to be thinking about the end game points on every turn that you’re applying. And for my purposes, obviously, I’m not doing that,

Jondi Soper 5:53
right, and the three different things that you’re collecting as either one of all the colors, three pairs, or for one color are the things that you’re trying to collect.

Josh Hale 6:04
Jimmy Cripes, I could not figure out how to say three pairs, my, my brain just was not connecting those two words together, I’m going out, how do you say that there’s two of each, and you got to have three of them. And I I couldn’t get there, thank you for you know, completing that thought for me.

Jondi Soper 6:23
So I just placed a tile that matched on two sides.

Josh Hale 6:27
And I just played a green. So I now have a little bit of green. And it’s now back to Johnny. Now there’s also a mechanic in the game for the art and the center of the tiles for some of the tiles what is that mechanic Johnny.

Jondi Soper 6:42
Um, so you get little favorite tokens a camera what they’re called right now, you get those if you match up a tile to a tile that has those that like platform on it. And you get to use those favorite tokens I camera what they’re called, but like I said, but you get to use those to do to trade some of the some of the things that you’ve collected for other things if you’re trying to complete a certain set. But you can only do that if you get that if you earn those tokens.

Josh Hale 7:14
So right now, earlier, Johnny was saying that she didn’t know whose turn it was. And when it’s somebody whose turn, there is a glowing moving light over their name. And right now I see a blue glowing light over Johnny, I, I would presume it’s probably blue when it comes back to me. But the game is very intuitive digitally. It’s actually very intuitive when you’re playing on tabletop too, I think.

Jondi Soper 7:46
So the title I just placed actually does have one of those platforms. So if Josh were to place a tile now to connect to that, then he would get one of those tokens. And I just got one because I placed that tile.

And now there’s two like that, because Josh has placed one.

Josh Hale 8:11
Right, I placed a blue. And so I thought and obviously I’m wrong, that that lanterns that you have were considered to be private information, I can see exactly what Johnny has. She has one favorite tokenize she’s calling it she has one blue to green to black and one purple. I have one white to blue, three, red, to green, black, green, orange, and purple. So there doesn’t seem to be any hidden information at all.

Jondi Soper 8:50
No, other than whatever tiles you have right now in your hand. I can’t see those. But I can All right, let’s see you have I can see. Like right now you have zero points, and I have nine.

When did you get nine points on this term?

Josh Hale 9:07
Well, that’s horrible. I don’t know how I feel about that to be honest.

Jondi Soper 9:14
Well, you will probably be offered a chance to get one of those sets in your next turn.

Josh Hale 9:21
And when you’re offered a chance to get points, you’re you’re offered as many of them as as you’re able to do. The downside to that is you only have one that you can do per turn.

Jondi Soper 9:33
Yes. But you know, like highlight, it’ll ask you if you wanted to make a dedication to that’s what’s called the set collection. The sets are called dedications, it’ll ask you if you want to make a dedication, and it’ll kind of the game itself, like glow, the ones that you can do in that turn.

Unknown Speaker 9:52
Oh, man.

Josh Hale 9:56
You have to tell us what your own Manning, we can’t see what

Jondi Soper 9:58
your man to the fact that you just got the 10 point, dedication.

Josh Hale 10:04
Oh, man, that was almost like it was planned.

Jondi Soper 10:06
Right? I was going for that. But that’s okay, cuz I’ll get it now. So now I’m going to get the same thing. But I got nine points, because you got the 10 points first.

Josh Hale 10:21
I do really feel bad about that.

Jondi Soper 10:22
Oh, I’m sure. But you know what, I’m still eight points up from you. So

Josh Hale 10:29
as I said, My, my, my heart weeps.

So we’re obviously playing us. You do your own podcast, which is called eat kitten dies. And I’d highly suggest everybody to go out and, you know, subscribe to it, look at it, listen to it. Listen to Johnny being silly, on another podcast as often as possible. You’re also in the industry, what’s going on? I mean, you have any projects going on that you’re particularly excited about?

Jondi Soper 11:05
And we have I get really excited about my podcast, we plan ahead of time, like what our topics going to be about. So we can kind of focus on what games we’re playing. For those for those for those episodes. So some of our upcoming episodes are we generally do themes. So some of the ones we’re planning in the future are the Wild Wild West. So Wild Wild West games, we’ve got a railroad themed episode that we’re planning. The one that I think my co host is especially excited about his his real time games, because he plans on making videos of us playing them because real time games stress me out, and they’re probably the only kind of game I’ve ever actually rage quit. So he thinks

Josh Hale 11:55
I can’t quite imagine you rage quitting. But now that you said that, I’m going, I’m going to you know, feed on that and think about it until I can see your face rage quitting.

Jondi Soper 12:06
Yeah, yeah. The only game I’ve ever rage quit was galaxy trucker. We were going through that that beginning phase where you’re all grabbing tiles at the same time and matching them up to make your ship. And I got so irritated with it that I stood up, I dumped my board. And I was like, I’m done with this. So yeah, real time games. Oh, I also rage quit paramedics clear for the same reason, like it was the ambulance noises in, in my ear while we were trying to play these really short turns. And I got like, totally overwhelmed. And I was just like, Nope, I’m out. So you know, it’d be pretty fun when we do our research, quote unquote, research for that for that episode.

Josh Hale 12:48
So does it bother you that just curious while we’re, you know, talking about rage quitting? You were talking about that you were that you were meeting me so so studiously that we are both at 18 points?

Unknown Speaker 13:02
Well, yeah, for now. Er, I’m just Just checking. I

Josh Hale 13:06
mean, I mean, I wasn’t, you know, saying that you’re not gonna win. Just wanted to know how you felt about us being tied currently?

Jondi Soper 13:12
Well, I would have felt fine about it. But now I’m at a more point. So

I now have 26 points, and you have 18.

Josh Hale 13:25
I don’t know how I feel about that.

Jondi Soper 13:27
Well, I certainly wouldn’t feel great about it. I would want to

Josh Hale 13:33
rage quit.

Jondi Soper 13:34
No, I don’t rage quit most games.

Just real time games, apparently because I hate them.

Josh Hale 13:41
I was playing golly, it was on the podcast Few days ago. Santorini with somebody and no matter what they did. And you got to check out that episode, it was pretty funny. No matter what they did. I couldn’t help but when the game I wasn’t really trying to it just they were just making really horrible choices. And the worse their choices got the worst they got I mean, they just were not doing great. And finally He’s like, Can I rage quit this? I said, What do you mean? He said, I’m trying to throw stuff at the table. And we’re on a computer. I don’t know how to throw stuff. But I don’t know. You’re gonna have to figure that out.

Jondi Soper 14:28
Well, on tabletop simulator, if you ever check that out, you can actually flip the table.

Josh Hale 14:34
Really? I didn’t know that.

Jondi Soper 14:35
It’s super awesome. I’ve never tried it. But I know. But you can. It’s it’s an opportunity to split the table. So

Josh Hale 14:42
I was not aware of that. That’s funny.

Jondi Soper 14:46
Yeah. I think it’s a really just a fun little thing that they threw into that. That program. My podcasts are planning to eventually we haven’t gotten it done yet, because we have to upgrade our podcast computer, but we’re planning on doing

Unknown Speaker 15:06

Jondi Soper 15:09
twit, what does it twitch twitch episodes where we’re playing tabletop simulator games. And then we can the people that listen to us can actually plan ahead to play one of those games with us when we’re going to be playing on Twitch. So that is a plan for the future would be tabletop simulator streaming.

Josh Hale 15:28
That’s not too far, actually away from what we’re trying to get to. I’ve got a camera coming that does all that stuff for me rather than a computer. And I’m looking forward to actually playing with people that that listen, and we just started with a group down in meta gene, Columbia, that are going to do content for us. And I think it’d be a lot of fun to play games with them. You know, it’s one of those things that they’re so far away. Did you get the Oh man, you got the eight tile. I don’t like you. So I think it’d be a whole lot of fun to play some games with people, you know, obviously the longest into gaming idea where people truly are, you know, not just, you know, a state or two over but different countries. We just did a Instagram Live the other night that was 90% in Spanish. And when they first started doing their podcast, they kept trying to translate for me in English. And I kept going, No, no, I understand you in Spanish keep going. And it was kind of kind of humorous, because they didn’t realize I spoke Spanish. You know, so I’m hoping to continue building the language side of things because I think it’d be neat for people to have that. That outlet content wise,

Jondi Soper 16:53
right? Well, the reason we have to upgrade our our computer is because we want to be able to do screen quick screen capture the tabletop simulator game, so you’d hear our voices but you would see the screen while we play so you can see what we’re doing and how things are working. So

Josh Hale 17:12
no way you can talk to me about that when when you get to it because there’s some stuff you can do with with both things with a camera and with the tabletop where you can actually see you play meaning kind of like see your face and you know body and still see the tabletop. Right. And that might be interesting for people to see.

Jondi Soper 17:38
So I now have 34 points.

Josh Hale 17:46
It’s possible that Johnny is bragging. And I’m not saying that she has I’m just saying it’s possible.

Jondi Soper 17:52
I’ll be excited if I win cuz I only when against the AI like 50% of the time.

Josh Hale 17:59
So what you’re saying is that I’m not as smart as a computer. I got it.

Jondi Soper 18:03

I’ll play a game that I can absolutely never beat the AI is through the ages on the their app. I can never beat that AI is so frustrating. Well, I’m admittedly not good at the game. I don’t generally beat anybody I play with. But I have. I’ve only ever beat the AI one time. And I’ve played the game zillion times.

Josh Hale 18:31
I have actually never played through the ages. I have one of the writers for Maple gamers that wants to do it. And they want to do it on podcasts, obviously, so they can laugh at me and how horrible I am. But I’ve never played it. And then he wanted to play. Is there an expansion to it? That’s on me. I believe

Jondi Soper 18:50
so. But I’m not. I know that there’s a lot of expansions for through the ages. And I don’t think that they’re in the app.

Josh Hale 19:02
Okay. So it is a holiday weekend at this point. Believe it or not, while you guys are listening to us. Whenever you’re listening to us. We are recording on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. And because it’s Friday, and because it’s Memorial Day weekend, if you keep hearing me drinking water in the background, you are obviously wrong because it is a beer. And while I wouldn’t normally do that, it is a holiday weekend. So I appreciate anybody who is familiar with login latest, the beer company, because anytime you see me at a convention and you want to buy me a beer, feel free to buy me anything from logging into.

Jondi Soper 19:49
Say that word again? Speaking English remember,

Josh Hale 19:53
lagoon eat us it’s I think they’re from California. It’s literally translates to little lake. And oh no, I am. Oh well. Yeah, Petaluma, California, and Chicago, Illinois. So apparently, they have two breweries now. But I really liked their stuff. And I will be happy to drink it if somebody buys it for me.

Unknown Speaker 20:24
And it’s still your

Jondi Soper 20:24
turn. Now I’m trying to find the best placement since the game is going to end soon.

Josh Hale 20:30
I’m pretty sure no matter what you do, it’s going to be wrong. So and, and all fairness, no matter what you do, I can’t come back and beat you. Because that the scoring tiles would get me seven or six points. And I am nine points away from you. And I don’t have enough of the favorite tokens to make up for that.

Unknown Speaker 20:58

Jondi Soper 21:01
I’m not sure I’ll be able to get another dedication either. So

Josh Hale 21:06
I think I can get a single dedication. But I don’t think I have enough to. And this is my last turn. So I didn’t even get to do it. You’re just gonna win. I mean, it hurts a little bit that you you beat me so decidedly. And as I do to people regularly on this podcast, I tell people, Hey, why don’t you come play a game with me that you have never ever played before. And so I’m just going to blame it on the fact that I’ve never played this app before. And I’m not going to take the loss, I’m just gonna, I’m going to be a sore loser.

Jondi Soper 21:47
Well, okay, I don’t know what to say to that. Other than since since I am not able to get enough lanterns to turn to another dedication, what I’m doing now because you always get a land Lantern, even from my title placements of whatever colors facing you. So I’m looking at and making sure I don’t give you something that’s going to make you even closer to having additional.

Josh Hale 22:13
All right, because we still get another dedication round right at the end of the game,

Jondi Soper 22:18
where I forgot about it, you can pick up the fourth time, but I want to make sure that I can’t help you pick up three pairs. Well.

Josh Hale 22:30
You know, I think that’s kind of a sore winner sort of attitude. And

Jondi Soper 22:35
I don’t know how I feel about that job. I think that is a perfectly valid strategy to make sure you’re not helping your opponent very much.

Josh Hale 22:46
I disagree. Um, I I truly disagree. And here’s how much I disagree. I’m still going to take the three pairs. But you don’t win.

Jondi Soper 23:02
that much. You lost by nine points.

Josh Hale 23:07
Johnny, the end score was only 11 to two.

Jondi Soper 23:11
Well, the score is 41 to 32.

Josh Hale 23:14
I know I was trying to make you sound better than you are. So Johnny, thank you so much for coming on. Thanks for playing the game with me. Thanks for telling me about what you got going on. What’s the next convention are going to

Jondi Soper 23:28
be the origins Game Fair.

Josh Hale 23:31
Rock on. Do you like Columbus?

Jondi Soper 23:33
I do. I think it’s a really neat little town or big town I guess. I love that that area that’s around the convention center. It’s got like lots of great places to eat. And you don’t have to walk hard to do stuff. So yeah, I really I really like it.

Josh Hale 23:47
I’m a big fan of the North market.

Jondi Soper 23:49
Ice cream. Jenny’s is amazing.

Josh Hale 23:54
In fact, I think the North market was the first place I ever had sushi. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. How crazy is that? So I’m actually local to Ohio. I grew up here. I’m you know Hale currently. I’ve lived all over the world. But Ohio is currently where I hang my hat. And you know, obviously, as everybody knows, wherever you hang your hat is home. So that is where I’m at currently. And so I will be at origins as well. So I look forward to seeing you and to you know, you beat me at some other game that I haven’t seen yet. And beyond that, Johnny man, thanks for coming on. And thanks for weapon me on lantern’s by Renegade games and by Dire Wolf studios.

Jondi Soper 24:42
Thanks for having me. It was a lot of fun.

Josh Hale 24:45
Thank you. We’ll talk to us bow. I apparently can no longer talk and we’re just gonna have to end this podcast at this point. I will talk to you soon Johnny. Bye bye.

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