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Josh Hale 0:01
Hey all this is Josh at me. Pull gamers. And the reason I said me pull gamers, which is going to like be transcribed as meet cold gamers as because the other day when we did this, it showed up as Hello guys, I’m Josh at evil gamers.

Obviously not us, we are not so evil. I am here with Jordan McNabb, one of our new correspondents from the United Kingdom who is getting ready to go to the UK games Expo. Let him introduce

Jordan Macnab 0:32
himself. Well, good afternoon, wherever you happen to be listening in the world against massive time differences and all that.

Josh Hale 0:42
Well, in all fairness, it is a podcast. So that could be you know, listening in the middle of the night, at another day at another time. And we would never know do the Good evening. Good night.

Very good. So what we’re doing as we’re doing long distance gaming. And the idea behind long distance gaming is we’re going to play some sort of digital game, and basically walk you through it. And so far as the conversations we have while we’re playing, obviously, at this point in time, you can’t see it because this is a podcast. And that’s like completely audio.

Which means you can’t see too much unless you have, you know, some sort of auditory processing, which would be really neat, but I don’t have that myself. So today, what we’re playing is Soomro, enroll for it.

These are both games of Calliope and the company that made them for digital distribution as a company named Thunder box. And basically, zero. It’s just, I mean, it’s been around forever. And it just looks great on my phone

or on Android to over there, aren’t you, Jordan?

Yeah, it looks like the board, right? I mean, there’s, there’s nothing in here that makes you feel like you’re not playing a board game, but just

Jordan Macnab 2:08
actually play water. I’ve actually just been playing around with it. But you play around with the rotation of the board and things like that as well. So you can change the angle of it. And, you know, just nice little touches like that, it’s really nice.

Josh Hale 2:22
So we’re going to go ahead and get started on Sue row. And after I destroyed Jordan, and we’re going to move on over to roll for it. My presumption as when we go over to roll for it, there’s going to be a little bit of pain in both of our voices. And the pain in both of our voices is most likely going to be on the basis that we are trying to find each other on the app. Because that’s one thing that we’ve had a little bit of a hard time for on to row It took us a minute or two to try and find each other. I’m hoping that that translates over the other app, as in every game of thunder box, just you know kind of grabs the user data. But we we won’t know until we get there. So when you hear the pain in our voice just laugh at us silently.

So right now it’s my turn. And I’m playing with Jordan, and it’s just the two of us, we have the board out and it’s a six by six board with tiles that basically what you’re doing is you’re trying to force your neighbor off the board, what I’m going to do first is just pick one of my three tiles, put it down. And that’s going to go over to Jordan. So when you put a tile down your

Oh, that’s very nice. So apparently, we we sat and

waited for too long, Jordan, so it just kicked me off the game. So that I blame, I blamed Jordan. So I’m gonna, I’m going to move exactly the same. And all I did was going a straight line. Now it’s Jordans turn, and I presume it’s going to kick him out too. So you may have him you know, telling me that he got kicked off a second.

Okay, was Jordans turn, he’s taken his turn, maybe kind of tell him what you’re done, what direction you’re gone. If you’re doing a tiger alone turtle,

Jordan Macnab 4:26
mutual, hidden straight

arrow and all this has been put out will be damned if I change.

Josh Hale 4:38
I think that that’s good. And I because you’re doing that I’m going to take a long term to the right, just kinda kind of force you to change, you know, think outside the box, and you’re gonna have to chase me a little bit. Otherwise, otherwise, the segments

Jordan Macnab 4:55
are taking a long, long term of the left as well. So we’ve got a following in the same path. So yeah, you can kind of predict what my thought processes. So good luck.

Josh Hale 5:12
I’m gonna turn to the left again and head towards you. I took a tight turn. And you know,

obviously, I’m working on winning and as quick of a manner as possible. So I’ll give

Jordan Macnab 5:25
you that and, you know,

Josh Hale 5:26
plans you know, good plan will Coppola

Jordan Macnab 5:29

then I’ve turned in the opposite direction. Now. So now who’s chasing? Who was the that’s the question.

Josh Hale 5:44
Um, let’s see here.

Unknown Speaker 5:48
I’m going to

Josh Hale 5:52
Oh, very good.

So I did a tourney straight thing and I’m heading directly your path. And I think absolutely, at this point in time

you’re running away from me and I’m not chasing is running like

Jordan Macnab 6:11
just literally to the UTM we are now feared little wrong tile away from each other. This could literally be the end of the game.

Josh Hale 6:25
It could be the end of the game. Um, let’s see if there’s no way for me

Jordan Macnab 6:32
this turn so you’ve got to look old weird. line is the way that the squiggle all goes down towards the end of the board and whoever kind of meanders all the way down the end of the board he loses all his mutual destruction which I was kind of joking about where whether to two pieces can bump into each other and that’s when both players lose. So there’s you know, that’s where we are right

Josh Hale 7:02
okay, so what I’m going to do since you are running after me is I’m just going to send you in a different direction and I’m going to try to make it more fun that way

Unknown Speaker 7:17
go oh

Unknown Speaker 7:24
not the

Unknown Speaker 7:27
very forefront of my mind was

Jordan Macnab 7:30
who’s gonna want to listen to this man we’re just going to be like describing squiggles.

Unknown Speaker 7:44

Josh Hale 7:47
here we go.

Unknown Speaker 7:49

Josh Hale 7:51
so I I’m going back to the same side of the board because I didn’t want you to feel lonely

Yeah, I’m pretty nice that way

and so basically we have a third of the board covered up the Phoenix is almost all gone.

I have if you are counting how many times you cross over your own lines I’ve crossed my lines twice he’s only crossed his lines once the reason I’m telling you that is because there’s different ways to score in this game there’s pushing somebody off the board there’s also put scoring by how many lines you have I think we have just a standard game right now but with that being said

Jordan Macnab 8:38
I didn’t even know there was a different score in this pretty much destroying

Josh Hale 8:41
him because

Jordan Macnab 8:45
it’s other thing is that an actual or is that just for the online game?

Josh Hale 8:57
I don’t know if it’s for the regular one or not. But it definitely is part of the online one and so i the only reason I’m telling people is more or less so if they get onto the game they can try and figure it out

and that’s basically it so far

Jordan Macnab 9:25
I think seven how

Josh Hale 9:26
much more time do you have for the UK games Expo starts

Jordan Macnab 9:32
yeah the world see the ball the press section of its on the 30th

Unknown Speaker 9:39

Jordan Macnab 9:42
was very very

soul and so excited to be going as press as well. That’s the other massive thing for me. Very good.

Josh Hale 9:51
I’ll be fun

Jordan Macnab 9:56
Oh, I didn’t really want to I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually have a lot of choices. So why

Josh Hale 10:01
did you’re going to end the game right The second was wrong

Jordan Macnab 10:03
once again I had said So Josh can either make the decision to prolong this somehow or

I’m the Overlord wins again

Josh Hale 10:23
for or just saying

the game could possibly have just ended

Jordan Macnab 10:31
short, short friendships.

Josh Hale 10:34
We may want to change the name of this podcast

gaming to poor winners.

Unknown Speaker 10:42

Josh Hale 10:48
So I’m going to

load up roll for it. And we’ll see what it takes two

Unknown Speaker 10:55
players. Well to get

Josh Hale 10:59
started doing that.

Yeah, they do a nice job. Absolutely. Um, I again, I’m gonna have to Oh, yeah, I forgot. I have fuzzy dice online.

that’s connected to the cloud. New Game finding friends. Oh, no, you’re not there. So I’m gonna have to

check. Yeah. So I’ve got a copy your friend, my friend code. And I’ve got to go into apparently another app.

This is a bit painful.

Okay, so I’m sending it to you and discord should be popping up for you there. And then you I guess you’re gonna have send me

Jordan Macnab 12:03
see, why does Why does modeling act differently? Yours?

Well, mines got pictures and smileys and stuff like that. I’m gonna disagree wholeheartedly.

Josh Hale 12:23
Mine’s better.

Jordan Macnab 12:26
How do I get into? I feel like such a technical kind of like

fumbling around trying to figure something out.

Josh Hale 12:34
I’d like to. I’d like to buy a bow.

Oh, goodness. Yeah, no. Crazy.

Oh, yeah, I can log in with Google Play. So it’s logged in now. And apparently, you and I are not friends. Play the

Jordan Macnab 13:06
Facebook stop.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
Okay, so, no.

Josh Hale 13:14

Jordan Macnab 13:15
thought you cool, but I have absolutely no idea whether

Josh Hale 13:28
Did you get my code?

Unknown Speaker 13:29

Josh Hale 13:34
Oh, I see yours now. Now. I’m gonna. You kidding me? I gotta type that. What is wrong with you?

Jordan Macnab 13:40
I guess I could have deleted all of that you wrote

Josh Hale 13:43
the code, man. I didn’t send you all that extra stuff.

Jordan Macnab 13:47
I think it’s gonna pass pretty quick. I gotta

Josh Hale 13:48
delete all of it. That’s why is I just sent you the code you sent me like, you know,

Unknown Speaker 13:55
my peace. My like a moral.

Josh Hale 14:04
I’m glad that you feel bad.

I don’t know how I feel about that. So,


Jordan Macnab 14:16
committed to the cloud.

Josh Hale 14:20
So I’m going to choose the the tiger fuzzy dice.

And I started the game. And are you around yet? Do you see me?

Okay, so right now we have a 15, which is all forms. We have a one to five and today. We have a 10 which is all fives. I rolled. Oh, I think, man. So the 15 is all fours. Which you know, it’s obviously hard to get all fours on game, but I got some reform already shows you dice. Those.

Unknown Speaker 15:05
Here we go.

Josh Hale 15:10
It says waiting for you.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
Yeah, I am enough.

Unknown Speaker 15:29

Josh Hale 15:31
definitely says waiting for Jordan.

Just Just in case you can’t hear I’m going to turn up briefly. Yes, I got a music for this game. So everybody can enjoy the music as much.

Jordan Macnab 15:45
Which a lot of people off that.

Josh Hale 15:52
I don’t know where the mic is on my laptop here.

You can hear

pretty good music ever.

Jordan Macnab 16:04
So what happens if I put a fall under the one that you put the three falls on? Like, yeah,

Josh Hale 16:09
I was listening, not not


So I think I’m gonna have to call Thunder box and ask them if we can just use that music for the beginning of the podcast every time.


Oh, so you haven’t played the role for it? I forgot. So basically, whoever is able to complete the card first. But in order to complete it, you have to have all the dice. So I’m going to put six doors down No matter

what, six fours, if you have fours down your force, go back to your hand. So you don’t get to like keep them. They’re done.

Yeah. So it can be kind of a mean game. It’s it’s, you know,

I Well, I like when you’re honest, it it makes for the, you know, a better listener experience. I have absolutely nothing so I’m just gonna, I’m just

Jordan Macnab 17:23
gonna be honest stuff. So top spread my dice.

Josh Hale 17:26
Yeah, that’s the problem with doing

anything, man. It’s hard to give, you know, six fours. You know, I don’t care how many times you roll. It takes forever to gather.

Jordan Macnab 17:38
Right now we’re kind of screwed whatsoever because I’ve only got two days left now and I’ve got two days to complete on two different two different cards.

Josh Hale 17:52
Right? Well, the whole thing is, is once you spread them out too far.

How are you? Right your options. God

Unknown Speaker 18:02
this is not going well.

Jordan Macnab 18:06
And it pulls all of the dice by you coming right?

Josh Hale 18:08
So you are literally go now you can take a turn on the bottom left of the screen.

Jordan Macnab 18:14
press a button because I’m scared.

Josh Hale 18:16
So you don’t have to stay there. But it takes your whole turn to pull your dice back.

Jordan Macnab 18:20
Experimental reasons.

Josh Hale 18:23

Jordan Macnab 18:28
No, God. Okay, I’m gonna do it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:36
That’s all of them. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 18:38
Oh, I don’t

Josh Hale 18:40
try it. It’s been our listeners. Pleasure.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
Right. Oh,

Josh Hale 18:47
here you come. Right.

Unknown Speaker 18:50
So it pulls the dice back and then it gives you rolls and gives you turns. Oh, I think

Josh Hale 18:58
it’s all of them.

Jordan Macnab 19:00
That’s actually been

Unknown Speaker 19:03

Josh Hale 19:07
It says I’m still waiting on you do

Jordan Macnab 19:10
not be about turn before.

So what do you need? How many points do you need to actually win?

Josh Hale 19:17
Oh, okay. I thought it took your full turn. I have never taken back.

Jordan Macnab 19:21
So there’s currently three cards in play. There’s one with

10 points.

Josh Hale 19:28
Maybe a completely valid the

Jordan Macnab 19:30
one with the 10 points needs four fives and the other 10 points need to 125 or six.

Unknown Speaker 19:40
I think it plays to 53

Jordan Macnab 19:50
Yeah, with the leopard leopard print type letter print. Yeah. Tiger print. Yeah.

Josh Hale 20:00
Right. Not one of those. You have one two and six. So you’re just lacking the five. Me I’m on the four still with my fuzzy dice. Do you see my guys? Do you see it on your end?

Unknown Speaker 20:18
I agree. I think yeah.

Josh Hale 20:21
So on mine I have four of the six or four the fours I need six

Jordan Macnab 20:29
don’t battle I don’t like

Josh Hale 20:31
where you have now completed have a pen and paper one of them and I’m still for that kind of thing. I’m still stuck.

So I just played last night while we’re doing this. I just played a bloom it’s a new rolling right from game right do you like game right games normally?

Jordan Macnab 20:57
Waiting so fairly compact as well.

Josh Hale 21:03
I I do like rolling rights. Generally. This one’s kind of cute. I can play it with my daughter. I like more thinking rolling rights on average, but this one’s fine. As far as you know. Just something passing the time. You know, I could take this to a restaurant and play with her while we were waiting on dinner or something.

Oh, yeah, that’s that’s why I like some of the stuff from game right? Is there their box? It’s probably slightly you know, the little games things like zombie Dyson. You know, they give you go down. They’ve got a couple of different ones. I have one called public works. Another one in America came through. Obviously, this one’s called bloom. And I forget what the third one’s called.

Jordan Macnab 21:52
The fourth one’s called it’s basically just a deck of cards. I could find two purposes but they’ve it’s an individual artwork on every single card and then split down into four different categories weapons defense, you know, things like that. And it is absolutely gorgeous completely considering it’s a game about teddy bears or kill each other. You know, it’s very, very, very nice game.

Josh Hale 22:13
I’m not seeing the one that you got. You’re doing like a preview on it, right?

Jordan Macnab 22:31
Yeah, I played that the other day. But we were talking about that. Because I Yeah, well, I’ll put some pictures in the group and I was going to review it but I think you turns out you already either.

Josh Hale 22:41
I played another game that was not unlike that theme. Which sounds strange enough as it is. which is a game from a company called certifiable.

The game is called scuffed.

Jordan Macnab 23:00
Yo. Oh, did you? I mean, grim and kind of cute all at the same time, isn’t it with all these teddy bears getting the brain smashed out? And

Josh Hale 23:11
that one was real. It was right after Pax unplugged.

I mean, it’s just really cute.

Jordan Macnab 23:22
10 points, but

Josh Hale 23:23
the artwork on it is just so phenomenal.

I think I think they have the stuffing beat out of the no fairness.

Unknown Speaker 23:44

Josh Hale 23:51
you know what? I still have four fours.

I have not moved at all.

I do keep rolling dice. And I I just the way I kind of see it is that you know, there’s nothing new going on.

I got

Jordan Macnab 24:14
my productive

Josh Hale 24:16
now, and now I’m only 20 points behind you.

Jordan Macnab 24:21
Yeah, but I still you

Josh Hale 24:23
know, Wednesday, nothing is changing. I almost don’t see a reason I’m showing people what’s happening. Like,

Jordan Macnab 24:29

Josh Hale 24:32
why I’m doing lots of nothing. I’m doing very poorly. And

good. Nothing like me.

Unknown Speaker 24:55
The type of game is it.

Josh Hale 25:00
Yeah, review copy. In fact, I have the other game that has been council sitting since

it’s kind of a touching game. That’s all cool looking game for my mom. But I haven’t been able to get it out which is called

Oh gosh, what is it called? Now? Now it’s gonna bother me. I gotta stand up.

Who goes there’s what it’s called? Yep.

I don’t know.

I know the artwork is all done by

owners or owners friend.

Jesse, the man has come he did. He did the artwork on stuff. And it’s basically a pretty art or homage to the

Jordan Macnab 26:03
thing. So it’s a group of scientists old. Some games that

Josh Hale 26:07
you get the game and it’s not a black and white.

Unknown Speaker 26:12
Or whatever. You know,

Josh Hale 26:15
but but it looks certifiable has really focused on their art. And

oh, gosh, what?

Jordan Macnab 26:26
No, yeah.

Josh Hale 26:27

Jordan Macnab 26:47
Yeah. Yeah, you’ve got it. You had to take a pull out at all with three fours. I mean, the the odds were

Josh Hale 26:55
what they explained to me. And again, I want to get the DAG on play that just hasn’t happened that it’s such a big box to

your turn. I didn’t press him. There’s no

Jordan Macnab 27:09
you know, something. 10.

Josh Hale 27:09
I have. I have five fours. And yeah, that’s all I got.

I’ve got five floors and Adele. points. I told you the beginning of the game. It was a really poor choice for me to do that.

Unknown Speaker 27:30
Yeah, that people look this.

Josh Hale 27:36
Yeah, I I’ve been getting lots of fives. If I made it a five, I would be doing just fine. Um,

well, I yeah, I do hear what you’re saying. Um, you know, I had a conversation. Actually, I listened to somebody else’s conversation the other day in Columbus talking about that on games where they, they personally don’t like games that you don’t have that because it feels like they have no strategy to them. Wow. In some, in some aspects. I kind of agree with that. Yet again, another five. While I kind of agree with that, I also think that there’s absolutely a place for games that are mindless and just silly and fun. One of the things I really liked about role for it, and we’re not saying it’s out of the game, but when you have the full edition of role for where you have eight players

constantly getting snaked from each other. I’m sorry about that. It really hard to win the game unless you actually roll like all three of the things for five points.

Unknown Speaker 28:53
Need to deal with it.

Josh Hale 28:56
Right. And we’re not doing a whole lot of snake in I’m doing no snake and I’m doing lots of nothing. But do you are now

I am still add me up yet?

Unknown Speaker 29:11
Yeah. Nice to you.

Josh Hale 29:17
I’m having a hard time visualizing your hand. I

Jordan Macnab 29:20
can’t believe you got Who goes there sit on a shelf. I am just wondering what else is in your little box of goodies?

Josh Hale 29:27
Are you kidding me?

Dude, you gotta stop at man.

52? Zero. Very good.

Actually, right now. I’m, I’m, I’m working on a move right now. So I am almost all out of things that are sitting on shelves.

I’ve got a couple of preview games I’m working on. I’m beyond that. I just sent out two boxes of games today to reviewers.

But I don’t have much right now. Um, I got a three.

Jordan Macnab 30:40
You can let go. So

Josh Hale 30:41
yeah, but normally, when I’m fantastic, you know, right after a convention review were loaded

Unknown Speaker 30:47
out recently. And absolutely. I mean,

Josh Hale 30:49
of course, everybody that writes reviews, you know, they’re, they’re getting a bunch of games, and they’re excited. And, you know, I’m, it’s, it’s a lot of fun to see my shelf go from zero games to, you know, however many after a convention.

But, you know, the sad part about that is some of them I never even get to see open because all the all the reviewers are all over the place. And there’s a lot of

Jordan Macnab 31:24
I didn’t want to make a big deal of it. But you know.

Josh Hale 31:30
Well, the neat thing is, and I think this is really pretty cool. And one of the really neat parts of the industry as a lot of times where there’s something that I’m really excited about, for example, if I tell a publisher, yeah, I really want to play that. But you know, we got reviewed, I haven’t even seen it. A lot of publishers will set me up. Because, you know, they know we’re going to get other stuff right. Let’s be soon. You know, did you just win? I’ll do that so disgusting. Or be the hero. That was really, really ugly. So I’m,

I’m apparently getting a call from my daughter school. So I’m going to run after you just destroyed me. Um, congratulations. I screenshot it for you. And, and,

and yeah, I will play you Soomro at any point in time.

Okay, Jordan, thank you, man. And I’ll let you know when they’re posted. But

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