Podcast – Long Distance Gaming w/ Josh & Rachael


Josh Hale 0:01
Hey, it’s Josh. I’m evil gamers. And Rachel bad. Where are you at Rachel? I’m everywhere but currently 524 Labs.
Rachael Blaske 0:11
cool. We’re gonna play for the water deeps.
Josh Hale 0:16
Right. And the whole thought processes is that a lot of times when we want to play games together due to the distance that we have, we do not get to
play exactly how we would like.
So we end up doing something digitally. And so today we’re going to play loads of water deep with absolutely no expansions or anything else on and we’ll try to talk you through what we’re doing because obviously you can’t see what we’re doing. But you’ll at least get to listen to how I destroyed Rachel.
Rachael Blaske 0:53
There shall be no destruction.
Unknown Speaker 1:00
There you go.
Rachael Blaske 1:02
All right. No, I’m still I was listening to you be all podcasting. Right now I am getting ready to assign an agent because lots of water deep is the most amazing and classic worker placement. And so I am starting with four agents. And I am looking around at the different potential locations. And I think I need money. So I believe auroras realm shop is going to be my first stop. So I got four gold, and I may end my turn, which I frequently forget to do. So I hit the little green play button in the corner and it is Josh Isner, go do your thing.
Josh Hale 1:51
So I’m doing my thing, and I’m going to take fighters from the supply and place them in my Tavern because I like people who drink
I have a sign them and it is now Rachel’s turn
if you hear me crunching and munching in the background, I know it’s bad for him but I’ve yet to eat today so you know
Rachael Blaske 2:12
you enjoy that burrito and eat here in a bit but he is an hour ahead of me so in the future I guess I will eat too So
okay, I’m looking
now there are several quest cards available that are dependent on what your specific Lord that you
so every has a lord and I’m trying to remember how to see who my my Lord is
Josh Hale 2:46
my What is my mind’s green mine have special powers.
Rachael Blaske 2:51
Yours not green mines green? My people my middle screen.
Josh Hale 2:56
So yeah, but my lord screen Ah,
Rachael Blaske 2:59
well, you’re not supposed to tell me that.
Then I can block don’t don’t do that.
As I request cards it’s telling me what I need to complete them.
Where is my lord there it is. If you click on your avatar icon, it tells you what Lord you are. And that’s kind of like extra things. So I’m going to say that this person if you get to score an additional amount of victory
or if you complete a certain type of quest, I cannot say a certain type of course. No, I’m not telling you because then you will
Josh Hale 3:52
I would not do that to
Rachael Blaske 3:53
wire destruction. Okay, so I’m now going to concentrate on pulling those types of quests.
cm smart, and no one believes his team
Josh Hale 4:07
is gonna win.
Rachael Blaske 4:08
Mm hmm. And then also, there are things called intrigue cards
also play a part but I am not ready to deal with that yet because I’m still trying to get money and I am trying
maybe I will do an entry card
Josh Hale 4:30
they’re very intriguing are
Rachael Blaske 4:33
even have to have an art like busty pirate lunches. You see here okay.
Josh Hale 4:47
So what what is the chance we get through this entire game with no interruptions? What no interruptions? I’m already like trying to talk to three people and why I’m not thinking through my know what I’m talking about. Like some families sort of finds you know?
Rachael Blaske 5:03
Like, like school nurse calls.
I have I have a lunch with somebody in 45 minutes is going to be real interesting.
Josh Hale 5:12
Okay. I’m sure moving faster.
Rachael Blaske 5:14
I know. Okay. doing okay. I need this one. Do I Yes, I do. I need this one. So therefore I will place can I do
know what is happening? Oh, those are if you build them? Okay.
Josh Hale 5:38
I can tell you what’s happening. Absolutely nothing. You’ve had a turn now for five minutes and 43 seconds
Rachael Blaske 5:49
it’s a secret
Josh Hale 5:52
Rachael Blaske 5:54
You okay, she was a building pay its cost and put it into play. I do not have that much money yet. That is not a current option. All right. I will do this one assign. Look, I did the thing and now I can end my turn.
Unknown Speaker 6:17
Josh Hale 6:19
that my my turn and again, I have What does mighty God do? He doesn’t do that. Oh, that’s horrible. I don’t like that. So,
warfare, how do you say? Is it Peter piety or
Rachael Blaske 6:39
piety? It
Josh Hale 6:44
is warfare and piety up top of which neither are particularly like, exciting for me. Um,
Rachael Blaske 6:53
well, 10 points is not bad for that piety. One discovering the hidden Temple of
gosh, I love water deep like the lore is so stinking cool.
What does more man more like as in story?
Josh Hale 7:14
I think I might have just use the word story.
Rachael Blaske 7:18
Shut your face.
Josh Hale 7:26
Yes, I guess I can.
Rachael Blaske 7:31
Yeah, I was like, are you gonna finish?
Josh Hale 7:33
Okay. Oh, no, I’ve been done. I’ve been done this whole time.
Rachael Blaske 7:36
Yeah, you gotta push the button in the corner. All right.
Josh Hale 7:42
Nobody pushing this baby in the corner.
Rachael Blaske 7:43
Right. Okay. What is it that I need
Josh Hale 7:52
Where’s your meeting?
Rachael Blaske 7:54
margin my meeting? It is. It’s at Panera Bread. Do you have Panera bread’s where you are
Josh Hale 8:01
not where I actually am there there in Ohio though. I am. Yeah, we we have bread here locally. Bread, just not
Rachael Blaske 8:12
Panera Bread. We have a narrow bread about 50 feet from my front door because they were close to a main thoroughfare and so I just say hey, meet me at Panera so that I can just walk out my door and be there in a minute.
Josh Hale 8:30
I want to type deal I there’s nothing I’m going to have away from me at all.
Rachael Blaske 8:37
Cool. It’s good to live in the middle of nowhere.
Josh Hale 8:41
I I don’t like to think about it in the middle of nowhere so much as well. Yeah, nevermind.
Rachael Blaske 8:48
Okay, so I am playing an intrigue card. That means I get to choose to
two tokens
supply in place it into my tremor and each opponent then takes a token from the spline places in their turn, turn so you’re going to get a prompt to take choose two cubes one did you
Josh Hale 9:14
ever gotten that prompt chat?
Rachael Blaske 9:16
Once cuz I haven’t picked mine yet either.
Josh Hale 9:19
Done. You take so long.
Rachael Blaske 9:22
Let’s cuz I’m trying to bring our listeners along for the ride. And remember to push the green button.
Josh Hale 9:29
We’re not telling them what you’re doing. You went to the water deep harbor
Rachael Blaske 9:32
here, right? Okay, we’re
at the water deep harbor. And it’s watery.
And there’s three spots there. I took one of them. And when your water deep Harvard, you get the option to play an entry card, which you start the game with two. So I played one. And now it’s waiting on Josh to pick is supply token
Josh Hale 10:09
I’m working on.
I don’t know what I just did. I got the yawning portal. I build a building in the builders Hall.
And now I’m pressing pass.
I don’t know
what I actually did.
Rachael Blaske 10:31
say the words.
Hey, yeah, you didn’t see you bought the awning portal.
Josh Hale 10:40
I said I bought the yawning portal. I just don’t know what that means.
Rachael Blaske 10:43
means that there’s an additional location for worker now. Was that what that is? Yes. And since it has your little icon in the corner, that means that I it’s like it’s like monopoly, I have to pay rent. So the owner of that gets every time I use it to get two tokens, you get one token, because
Josh Hale 11:06
now do I get it? If?
If I do it?
Rachael Blaske 11:12
Yeah, you get three of them. Cool. Yeah.
Josh Hale 11:16
I plan to that.
Rachael Blaske 11:18
Yeah, I’m sure. That sounds like a calculated move.
Josh Hale 11:23
calculated, calculated guy.
Rachael Blaske 11:28
All right. What the heck do I have? Okay, I need
to know. No, I did.
Josh Hale 11:36
Okay, so have I told you about the full ensemble for conventions this year?
Rachael Blaske 11:41
The full ensemble? What does that mean?
Josh Hale 11:45
That the clothes that I get to put on to make sure we get lots of review stuff for our reviewers. Word?
Rachael Blaske 11:52
Yes. You’ve told me I you wanting to share this with the general public?
Josh Hale 11:58
Well, we’re gonna see me, they might as well here. This is
Rachael Blaske 12:02
true. This is true. I
would be blinding.
Josh Hale 12:06
So I’ve put the green shirt on you, which is like a neon green. And it’s like, it reflects off the face of the sun. It’s so bright sort of thing. And
have thoroughly enjoyed how much attention it gets because it gets more stuff for writers.
it’s a it’s blindingly bright. And yeah, to the point of of not just us. Mm hmm. And so is it my turn
Rachael Blaske 12:46
it I used your yawning portal so you have to choose a token now.
Josh Hale 12:51
I did that. There’s something else. I don’t know.
No, you’re done. You’re done. I’m it’s my turn. Okay.
So anyways, the
shirt is still bigger, same green shirt, but now I’ve got the same green pants. I’ve got shoes that have green souls and I put
Rachael Blaske 13:18
the best part is you have a fanny pack.
Josh Hale 13:24
It is not a fanny pack. It is a utility belt.
Rachael Blaske 13:29
I tried telling that to my husband doing he laughed he’s like now No, that’s a fanny pack
in New York
Josh Hale 13:36
City utility belt.
Okay, so let me tell you about
Rachael Blaske 13:40
the next part. So if you use water deep Harbor, you get to then reassign your agent so I get to pull that back off and try again.
Josh Hale 13:52
So I forgot about that part.
Rachael Blaske 13:55
Okay, now I think
Josh Hale 13:58
I get to you do
Rachael Blaske 14:01
sassy All right.
I gotta remember how to do this
What am I missing?
that would be what I’m missing. Okay.
Josh Hale 14:18
I have so many comments for what you’re missing.
Rachael Blaske 14:21
I need money
okay, so I’m going to get to gold and a quest card by using Cliff watch in at the top and then I get to choose
maybe that one
okay selected All right.
Now how many there we go your turn. Oh, holy crap. The next one is expensive. Recruit recruit Paladin or tear. A lot of tokens called they’re called tokens Josh
Josh Hale 15:04
like we call them coinage
Rachael Blaske 15:07
know the little I know that
each cube represents something I know that the purple or our wizard
and the orange are warriors and the white. I believe our clerics.
blacker Roques, I’m going to look us up
Josh Hale 15:32
Can you take your turn before you look it up?
Rachael Blaske 15:34
Oh I have I Oh, I’m completing a quest
and then I’m done. I got money
we know I got victory points is paid money. Okay, there we go. Done and round is over. And I forgot
Josh Hale 15:54
that we actually have stuff that we can complete Yeah, I was working on that because my I forgot all about it.
Rachael Blaske 16:03
I secret Lord deems it so
Josh Hale 16:08
this is probably why I regularly lose at that stuff.
Rachael Blaske 16:13
What was that you said about destruction?
Josh Hale 16:17
I didn’t say destruction towards you. I just said generally destruction. Somebody is going to be disrupted.
Rachael Blaske 16:22
Somebody will be disrupted.
Josh Hale 16:26
Nobody’s gonna hurt. I’m on your turn. Is it?
Rachael Blaske 16:31
Oh, it’s mine.
Unknown Speaker 16:34
gripes I’m bad at
Rachael Blaske 16:37
getting this done.
Josh Hale 16:40
All right. I wasn’t gonna say anything.
Rachael Blaske 16:43
All right. Any more money again. A sign take for gold from a rules realm shop and push the green button so that it is now justice turn.
Josh Hale 16:56
It’s not a cream shop. It’s a realms shop.
Rachael Blaske 17:00
Josh Hale 17:02
where I do know where do know and i for you? I feel really, really sad for you because I do know.
Rachael Blaske 17:13
Computer is talking. Okay, I am on the Lords of water deep rules summary PDF from June 23 of 2015 on board game geek. And it says the agents are now not the agents or the tokens named
the adventurer, cubes. clerics or white fighters or orange robes or black and wizards or purple. I was right.
That was I just called them Expendables. Their adventure of cubes. We shall refer to them as such.
Josh Hale 17:59
yet they’re expendable.
Rachael Blaske 18:01
Whatever. This is not the mobster version of Walker deep.
Josh Hale 18:09
So I know this guy.
Make sure to tag him and and the minute mark on the thing. Yeah,
Rachael Blaske 18:19
got the Godfather.
Okay, um, now I have money
along the right. Well on along the side of your screen that you were playing on. It shows how many victory points you have. And currently, I have six and Josh has one.
Josh Hale 18:39
That is not true.
Rachael Blaske 18:40
And I have 10 coins and Josh has three.
When we will, we won’t talk about the adventure keeps because you have more than nearing because I just cashed it on quest. And then it shows how many quests quest parts you have. I have two in unit three. And in three cards one and two. And quest Wait, wait, wait. Oh, about that. What is that quest? Oh, that’s a complete completed question.
Josh Hale 19:12
Yeah, I got points.
Rachael Blaske 19:15
Yes, yes, yes.
Okay, um,
I’m going to get another Oh, you took a question money that you
Josh Hale 19:30
don’t want to have any more money?
Rachael Blaske 19:33
Oh, well, aren’t you such a blocker? I’m going to take a face up quest card and an entry card.
Select mana. That’s very intriguing. It is and I have a new entry card as well.
And it is your turn.
Josh Hale 19:53
I will take my time.
Rachael Blaske 19:54
And I will play with this Wharf warfare and piety. Like
Josh Hale 20:06
you haven’t pressed go. Oh.
Rachael Blaske 20:12
I’m telling you the green button in the corner. It’s an important thing.
Deep in the throes of AP. Oh, wait, you’re playing something.
Josh Hale 20:28
I played a entry card which gave me to purple Expendables
as well as gave you one purple expendable
Rachael Blaske 20:40
wizards. Its wizards Harry.
Josh Hale 20:46
And I’ve pressed go so it’s your turn and you You’re still busy blabbing about nothing?
Unknown Speaker 20:53
is not what I do.
Josh Hale 20:58
I I’ve got nothing.
Rachael Blaske 21:03
So I
whoa, no, I didn’t mean to discard anything. reverse your race What happened?
Josh Hale 21:14
So I hear you have figured out how to come to origins. Is this true? What I hear
Rachael Blaske 21:20
this this may be true. Yes. Actually.
I have traverse the exciting world of
what did
I do? I touch something and now it’s a weird broke. I did a broke it. Oh, wow. That’s resume. Okay. What is happening? discard pile. You don’t need any of these things.
Sorry. I will speak to that in a second. gotta figure out how to get back to the game.
Josh Hale 21:56
I’m sure you broke it. I really think they did. In the meantime, while she is busy breaking things, right.
We still have one empty space at the cliff watch and we have the grinning lion tavern, we have the plinth. Builders Hall is still pretty much good to go. Water deep harbor still has two spaces. Castle water deep has a space. Black staff tower has a space and the field of triumph no longer has a space because
Rachael Blaske 22:31
you are blabbing
Josh Hale 22:33
because Rachel thought that it would be impressive to do something. And I am unimpressed.
Rachael Blaske 22:38
Well, you can be unimpressed. But I now have 15 victory points and you have one
Josh Hale 22:51
accurate. In fact, that is
a week. It’s a technical. Like that’s not even a word. It’s inaccurate. It’s on accurate.
Where did you learn to speak?
Rachael Blaske 23:19
What is my next
Josh Hale 23:20
if you say Nebraska, you know, I’m going to respond that it’s not for everyone
Rachael Blaske 23:26
is still embarrassing?
Josh Hale 23:30
If you don’t know what I’m talking about right now, just for purposes of enlightening you. Nebraska has changed the name of their slogan from I don’t? What was it before?
Rachael Blaske 23:43
Uh, it was like, there. It’s gone through a few different phases. But like, the good life is basically what the main one was for a long time then it was Nebraska. Nice.
Josh Hale 24:01
Now, Nebraska, it’s
Rachael Blaske 24:08
they’re really going to milk the whole, there is no bad publicity. Like that’s what it is it people talked about it. And people talked about Nebraska
because they were making fun of us, but they still talk about us.
So yeah, it’s kind of ridiculous.
Josh Hale 24:28
Not for everyone.
Rachael Blaske 24:29
It’s not for everyone.
Josh Hale 24:32
Take your turn.
Rachael Blaske 24:33
I was a p sorry, going commit my decision.
Josh Hale 24:41
What are you doing and tell people what your decision was?
Rachael Blaske 24:44
Okay, I tried to reset the quests. Commit my decision for you. There. Okay, so I committed my decision. And now I get to choose another crappy quest that I don’t want.
I guess I will finish them.
And push the green button and push this again. There we go. Now what is people gamers turn?
Josh Hale 25:23
Rachael Blaske 25:36
what is that in that land to turn our listeners what you’re doing
Josh Hale 25:40
now? MMO? Oh, it’s almost like you got me back and reverse.
I’m doing the awning portal. And
Rachael Blaske 25:51
so you got three.
Josh Hale 25:54
No, I did not. I only got two.
Rachael Blaske 25:55
So I was wrong. You do not actually get the owner. There’s benefit if you use your own property.
Josh Hale 26:04
You were wrong.
Rachael Blaske 26:05
I was wrong.
Josh Hale 26:08
I don’t know if I believe that. To my knowledge, you have never been wrong in your life.
Rachael Blaske 26:15
You do not have much knowledge then.
Hey, wait a second. Oh, do I get to give you crap for not pushing the green button to
Josh Hale 26:25
know because I’m still going I’m trying to figure out what to do. Oh,
welcome to Castle water deep. You got entry card.
Rachael Blaske 26:34
So that little Oh yeah. I get to be in first player. Yes, the rook. It means first player.
Josh Hale 26:42
And I get an entry card. Correct, sir. And I’m intriguing.
Rachael Blaske 26:48
Incorrect, sir. That is a lie.
Josh Hale 26:56
So now I press the button. And you know what’s great about that as I did a entry card that allowed me to pull one back so I get to go again.
Rachael Blaske 27:08
Well, you already get to go again because you have a second
worker in water deep Harper. So you have to reassign your agents or
Josh Hale 27:18
you know
Rachael Blaske 27:21
Yes, I’m correct. You can say it.
Josh Hale 27:26
Unknown Speaker 27:28
Josh Hale 27:30
why am I not able to do anything right now? You’ve got to do something right now. Oh, no. Do
I’ve heard that.
Rachael Blaske 27:44
Right. You better hurry up and leave soon.
Josh Hale 27:47
I’m going to go leave soon.
Rachael Blaske 27:49
I told you I have lunch at 1130 which is it is currently 1110 in Nebraska world. And so you have to hurry up.
Josh Hale 28:01
We will have to just declare a winner and since I’m obviously
Rachael Blaske 28:09
by 15 to five total. You are definitely winning.
Josh Hale 28:14
I am definitely winning.
Rachael Blaske 28:16
Congrats on Skulduggery quest by the way
Josh Hale 28:21
yes I don’t know what the question was I can look at my completed what was the quest?
quest was exposing cult corruption that required a white and for black expression Expendables and it got me for victory pointing to white Expendables
a turn again
Rachael Blaske 28:44
certain roads punk.
Josh Hale 28:49
Alright, so and I just went to a roars realm shop and got some money.
Unknown Speaker 28:55
Josh Hale 28:57
you mean I got to go first and take the money? God forbid.
Rachael Blaske 29:04
Okay, so.
No. Okay, when purchased at the start of a round place for money on this space.
That just shows
Josh Hale 29:24
I told you we’d get interrupted how old school that phone is. I know. It still is the type where you do the your fingers around the water called
Rachael Blaske 29:35
rotary? Yeah. Oh my gosh.
I knew it was old. I didn’t realize it was a rotary.
Josh Hale 29:44
So for our younger listeners, a rotary phone
Rachael Blaske 29:49
cellular does not
Josh Hale 29:51
have a LCD screen.
Rachael Blaske 29:54
LCD or is
Josh Hale 29:59
it is called what hook and something is the actual technical term for these old times. Hook a nine or something. And basically what happened when you put your finger around to like digit nine is it was telling the phone line basically like analog digitally it was picking up and dropping the line nine times.
Literally what the old phones were going as they were picking up and dropping the line nine times.
Rachael Blaske 30:30
And that is device history with Josh
Josh Hale 30:35
Is it my turn?
Rachael Blaske 30:36
It is I’m waiting as you’re discussing old age and technology.
Josh Hale 30:42
It is not ancient ma’am.
Rachael Blaske 30:45
Okay, how old are you that you don’t think that it seems
Josh Hale 30:51
slightly older?
Rachael Blaske 30:53
Unknown Speaker 30:55
Rachael Blaske 30:57
It is not my turn yet because you haven’t bunch of
Josh Hale 31:00
I’m going and stop it.
I just took a card and I completed it.
Rachael Blaske 31:13
Josh Hale 31:15
and I get to
take another card.
What type of car now my turn it over?
Rachael Blaske 31:26
You’re taking another quest card?
Josh Hale 31:30
Yeah, because that’s what my other card allow me to do was to take another quest.
Rachael Blaske 31:39
I said hey, jerk. I was gonna take that one.
Josh Hale 31:42
No, you’re
Rachael Blaske 31:43
dead. I will take all the money on my new Golden Horn that gave me the same amount that auroras rum shop did.
And My turn is ended.
Josh Hale 31:55
Your turn is ended. Hmm.
Rachael Blaske 31:57
Josh Hale 32:00
I mean, you’re, you’re done with pieces, you don’t have any more to put down?
Rachael Blaske 32:05
No, I still have two workers left on this.
Josh Hale 32:13
So let’s see which ones I can complete.
So I need this to do another one.
There we go. Now I can complete a big one. This one gives me that was stolen goods, which gives me eight points and two entry cards. Or I also took retrieve ancient artifacts, which gives me 11 points and four gold. I think I’ll take 11 points and four gold.
So just for the listeners that are not listening
now have shut up 26 points to great team. And it is Rachel to turn and she has not press the green button to let me go again. Because I just completed a quest that gave me 11 points of retrieve ancient artifacts. And the subtext was adventures are needed to recover treasures from the ancient elven realm of maturity are.
I’m probably pronouncing that wrong.
Okay, you know what
I was just doing? I was telling I was telling people are lower. Where are you? Where are you now?
Rachael Blaske 33:34
I don’t like this anymore. I’m losing.
Josh Hale 33:38
Why cuz you’re getting. I’m not gonna say the word I’m thinking. I will use the word destructive. destructive. busted. You’re getting getting disrupted.
Rachael Blaske 33:48
Alright, destruct or take your owner.
Josh Hale 33:57
Ok. So I need Oh, I couldn’t complete another card next time. Cool. And so I need I definitely need that. So I’m going to do that. So I’m taking an orange expendable?
Because I should
Rachael Blaske 34:19
you said should. You should. Yeah, it’s your turn. No, you have not pushed the button.
Josh Hale 34:26
Oh, it’s my turn. I like
you don’t have any left.
Rachael Blaske 34:31
I have one sucker.
Josh Hale 34:34
One sucker left.
Rachael Blaske 34:41
All right. I still like say
very good. Do the same. It’s not my turn yet. Push something.
Josh Hale 34:52
I did. I just attacked you.
Rachael Blaske 34:55
You didn’t? You can’t attack you just block a crowd.
Josh Hale 35:01
Ah, old you. I tapped you.
Okay, and you say this a hero. He is so not your only I hit on it back to you.
Rachael Blaske 35:15
I need what do I need? Oh, I can almost do it.
Crap, crap, crap.
What do you gotta do?
Ok, ok. Ok, I can do it. Hi.
Okay, I’m going to
play this utility intrigued card that allows me to choose
some more adventurers
on this, Monica,
Josh Hale 35:56
and give me a white expendable,
Rachael Blaske 35:58
right, but we’ll where’s my choice?
I thought I was getting something.
Josh Hale 36:08
You gotta stop thinking.
Hey, Rachel. I’m now completing the recruit Paladin for tier mission.
Rachael Blaske 36:20
That is the 20 years and
Josh Hale 36:23
it is not. But it’s significant. Because it puts me
Oh, I am double your points. Double your pleasure. Double your fun.
Rachael Blaske 36:37
Can you mute that outdated technology in your background?
Josh Hale 36:44
below on it, right. Okay, this this is crime. There we go.
Rachael Blaske 36:55
This is crap. Okay, here we go. going to take this I’m going to go to Castle water deep.
And that means I am now first player.
And I get an entry card and I push the green button to end my turn. And there is one round left and I have 11 minutes before I have to be at the rose. Hey,
hey, I’m sorry. Okay, go. Your turn.
Hey, ha. Suck it.
There you go. I don’t.
Josh Hale 37:40
I don’t like when people use bad words on.
Unknown Speaker 37:48
Rachael Blaske 37:48
okay, I’m going to screenshot this. I am now ahead of you. 3836.
Josh Hale 37:54
Wow, good job,
Rachael Blaske 37:55
Cuz I cashed in a 20 victory points. West seal gate. The gate to the minute I turn on it is pay attention, man fast.
Josh Hale 38:09
I will. I will do.
you know, of course, everybody’s bugging right now on how to continue having conversations.
Rachael Blaske 38:28
what are you talking about?
Josh Hale 38:32
My iPhone is bugging right now. So man, I’m in. You’re in the lead, right?
Rachael Blaske 38:38
Yeah, yeah, I am. Don’t
what did you do now?
Oh, okay. You just Ah, no,
no, no, no. No. procuring stolen goods and intrigued. What are you doing now? Oh, you got two entry points.
3844 now
Josh Hale 39:06
All right, kids. 3244 I just completed a quest called
procure song good. Hey, you’re right. In the room, the mask. The Shadow thieves needs to move some interesting merchandise. And I did some of that interesting merchandise. It’s not interesting or nice. Okay. I am going to go with
with losing. You’re going to go with losing.
Rachael Blaske 39:36
I don’t have enough money.
Josh Hale 39:40
I feel really bad for you.
Unknown Speaker 39:43
Unknown Speaker 39:44
I am going to go
Rachael Blaske 39:48
amigo. I’m panicking.
Josh Hale 39:54
You have a meeting?
Rachael Blaske 39:57
Okay, fine. This one. Okay, so I’m playing conscription and I’m getting orange cards. And now I’m turning in piety discover the hidden Temple of Wolf with a reward of 10 and take
West card pushcart. Okay, good. All right. I’m good.
Josh Hale 40:27
Give me your turn.
Rachael Blaske 40:29
It’s telling me lots of things. Okay. I am now ending my turn.
There you go.
4844 people
workers left and you have
Josh Hale 40:49
three workers left.
And I have gold
Rachael Blaske 40:53
now you have gold because you use the golden know you use Aurora again. Okay.
Josh Hale 41:02
prevents you from taking a roar?
Rachael Blaske 41:04
Yeah, well, I don’t need over I need I need Expendables.
Josh Hale 41:11
They’re wizards.
Rachael Blaske 41:14
Okay. I need I
Josh Hale 41:22
need help. You’re not wrong. Or not.
I am not wrong.
Rachael Blaske 41:31
Holy crap. Do you see that? Skulduggery cup?
quest up top?
Josh Hale 41:37
Yeah, there’s no way I can get near completing that.
Rachael Blaske 41:40
Yeah, that’s a lot of ground right? Yeah, yeah. We’re like down to two more. My gosh, I’m going to be late. He’s going to be like what? Okay,
Josh Hale 41:50
um, you can tell them that you’re playing a game.
Rachael Blaske 41:54
Yeah. He won’t care if he’s from the Great Plains gaming project. So he he would entirely approve. All right.
Josh Hale 42:04
I’m glad that somebody would approve
Rachael Blaske 42:07
Josh Hale 42:08
I’m working on it with you.
Rachael Blaske 42:11
Come on Don’t make any mistakes. We’re not rushing.
Wonder if you get any points from having The Expendables your parents Oh, stop it. Wow, why wait? Oh, you took one no you did you
Josh Hale 42:36
I protected the house of wonder. Defending mistress temple demonstrating devotion.
Rachael Blaske 42:43
Okay, but you didn’t get any points?
Josh Hale 42:46
No. Yes you did. I only got a couple points which only put me in the lead by for
Rachael Blaske 42:53
I’m going to
agents my last agent my last move of the game. Is there anything I can do?
Josh Hale 43:02
I don’t think so.
Rachael Blaske 43:04
Yes, yes. There is. I don’t think so. Already harbor play my utility card to get more stuff out of the supply.
I may end my turn gets us
all right. Go ahead do
Josh Hale 43:26
Oh goodness. I don’t know if I can do anything. Oh, I don’t have white but no black which is the first one requires white and black. I have white and not enough orange for the second one. I don’t have enough orange for the third one. And the fourth one is that one takes like eight blacks
Rachael Blaske 43:50
their robes
Josh Hale 43:54
x black Expendables I can’t do.
So I’m going to do this because
because I want to make sure that you can’t do anything the rest of the game.
Unknown Speaker 44:14
Rachael Blaske 44:17
man request.
Don’t see.
Josh Hale 44:27
them give this mandatory quest to an opponent. The opponent cannot complete any non mandatory quest until this quest to completed the
nomination have spilled water. They must be stopped at all costs.
Rachael Blaske 44:42
Josh Hale 44:45
I think that is check and make sure
you have more of your special stuff based on your character type. Then
I think I think you have issues.
Rachael Blaske 45:05
That is ridiculous. How long did you hold on to that quest?
Josh Hale 45:09
The entire game?
Rachael Blaske 45:10
I knew it.
Oh, you’re such a but okay.
Josh Hale 45:20
other know what it did? Until I played it?
Rachael Blaske 45:24
You are such a part.
Okay, I’m resigning my agent again. I don’t really have anything I can do because I am now completely blocked. Cuz you’re
all right. And now it’s all up to the secret Lords to see what kind of secrets planned. I
Josh Hale 45:51
if I build a building don’t get a point.
Rachael Blaske 45:55
Unknown Speaker 45:59
I don’t know.
Rachael Blaske 46:00
You have enough money? No. Yeah.
Josh Hale 46:03
I got a point
Rachael Blaske 46:05
to saying I got it.
Josh Hale 46:08
Rachael Blaske 46:09
Sony to
Josh Hale 46:13
the wrong. It’s not over.
Rachael Blaske 46:16
Ah, are you kidding me? four rounds until the end of the game. I forgot it’s an eight round game. Nope. Not gonna be. No.
All right, will
Josh Hale 46:29
you lost the game? I will let you do that. Oh,
Rachael Blaske 46:32
why? Thank you. You’re so sweet. I currently Oh, and I’m playing on my husband’s account and I’m gonna have to forfeit and that’s gonna mess up its points. Oops.
Josh Hale 46:44
You go ahead and forfeit because I’m just gonna stay in the game because I have one.
Rachael Blaske 46:53
This is
Josh Hale 46:54
for you. For your forfeit. Stand here in silence on the rest of this podcast. We do either forfeit, or, or time to run out.
Rachael Blaske 47:07
I forfeits
Josh Hale 47:08
all opponents have forfeited
you sir. win the game.
Mabel gamers and thank you for listening to what we call her long distance gaming, long distance gaming.
Rachael Blaske 47:23
All right, everybody have a good time. I don’t. It’s not here. So
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