Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – Scythe


Josh Hale 0:01
Hey all this is Josh with people gamers which is going to be transcribed as evil gamers and I’m probably going to ride that joke till the end of time because I found it so funny the first episode. We are here today with Joe Sumo one of the writers from APL gamers. He writes a inordinate amount of reviews for us and he has done in half a year probably what 30 reviews Joe

Joseph Summa 0:29
getting close to 40, now

Josh Hale 0:31
getting close to 40 and a half a year. So he is doing probably by the end of the year, he’ll be doing one sixth of the reviews that come out. So you’re probably see his name fairly regularly.

And today, we are going to try to play through site on Steam. We both have the digital version for Steam, we’re playing for player with two people and two bots. And basically, we’re going to see what we can do to

beat up the game a little bit. It looks like I’m going to have to maybe change my resolution because Can you change the resolution and app Joe?

Joseph Summa 1:19
Right. Should have an options area like a drop down menu and options. You should be able to change resolution in there somewhere, I think. I don’t think so. Oh, no, I’m just seeing a bunch of tool tips and stuff. Yeah.

Josh Hale 1:35
So I may have to exit out of this and come back. So as I’m exiting out and come back, I wish I should be able to do that. Right Joe? First first name?

Joseph Summa 1:44
Well, we’re going to find out, this will be a nice if we have to rename, then maybe you just won’t be overpowered Colonia. And I won’t mind too much.

Josh Hale 1:53
Oh, very nice. So,

Joe, while I am working on doing this, why don’t you kind of tell people what sort of games you like. And you know, what, uh, what you’re looking at?

Joseph Summa 2:07
Well, my absolute specialty is doing deck building games. I absolutely love playing deck builders, I really haven’t played one that I didn’t like. There are some I want to play it off from this others. I play a lot of ascension and a lot of shards of infinity games like that. I go to big tournaments and place highly Emerald championships all the time actually get to make some of my con money back going to those kinds of things. Those are fun.

Otherwise, I just, we have about 350 games in the collection now. And two years ago, we had 12. So it’s growing an important rate just burning through all the games.

Josh Hale 2:50
Now, who buys most your games, Joe?

All I think this is incredibly honored painting. Tell us about your life playing games, Joe.

Joseph Summa 3:03
So my wife likes to shop as many wives do. And she loves me quite a lot and wants to buy me things that I’m going to enjoy. So she decided to start getting into the gaming world purely as a learn about games, see what Joe is going to like.

And as a result, I get dozens and dozens of games constantly.

Josh Hale 3:33
It must be hard bang and Joe.

Joseph Summa 3:36
So it looks like that game fizzled. So I’m going to make a new room. Yeah, I’m, I’m noticing that myself.

Alright, new room is up for you

Josh Hale 3:44
three, able to change the resolution, I had to exit out of the thing entirely. In order to exit out you got to exit out of the game and then exit out of the full game and then press play on Steam again and then do the

the resolution at the start of the game. Apparently it’s an only at the start of the game sort of thing.

So Joe is working on creating a new.

Joseph Summa 4:13
So game three for us ready for you to join down there at the bottom?

Josh Hale 4:17

  1. Yep. Okay, so we’re joining 384. And he made two medium bots. He made two hard bots.

Joseph Summa 4:27
Yeah. Interesting.

Josh Hale 4:32
So I haven’t played online very much. I’ve played quite a bit on the table. I presume it plays exactly the same online as it does on the table. Just you know,

Joseph Summa 4:45
I will warn you that the Undo feature on the line is far as I understand is basically always automatically disabled. So be very careful with your movements. In particular, like picking up your workers and your resource. Make sure you have the correct resources picked up before committing to a movement.

Josh Hale 5:05
Oh, Joe, don’t worry, you know me, I don’t put any thought into things.

Joseph Summa 5:09
Yeah, but I feel like you’re going to want to try to beat me at one of my absolute best games.

Josh Hale 5:15
No, not really. I mean, I’m, I’m okay with, you know,

with, with not, with not winning, I mean, I not win regularly with you.

Joseph Summa 5:27
This is one of the games that when it first came out, several of my friends played it. I got text messages from several different groups of players saying, Hey, Joe, you need to go check out site. This game was designed with you in mind.

And they were absolutely right.

Josh Hale 5:46
So the crazy thing about side is that when I was when I first saw it, I I wasn’t even aware of it. It was one of those weird ones that had just passed me entirely. And I, I saw it at Gosh, was either I think it was Gen Con.

And I was there and people were saying boy sites going to sell out. So I walked back there. And I said, Okay, I’ll buy one, you know, I, I only buy like two or three games at the convention. And then I opened it. And it’s got so many parts that you know, I’m sitting there going, this is crazy. So I produced on my first action that produced a wood and an oil. And now I am ending my turn and it’s going to be I don’t know if Joe Turner, one of the auto people.

Joseph Summa 6:36

So I’m so grace via dark, which the really cool thing is they can take the same action more than once in a row. To get my setup myself set up to take advantage of that. I’m going to move my people around just a little bit.

And my future shines when I start producing, I can produce several times on the same song.

And then My turn is over and it will go back through the box really quickly. And back around the Josh

Josh Hale 7:11
Yeah. So it’s actually going pretty fast. So when I picked this up, I, I was looking at it and there’s so many parts on the DAG on thing.

And I’m sitting right on.

Well, so why does it not create my resources?

I don’t I didn’t pick them, you got to pick them.

Joseph Summa 7:34
You have to pick which tiles produced in the past without making them.

Josh Hale 7:39
I guess.

Joseph Summa 7:41
When you hit the produce, there should be a little icon over each tile that you’ll have to hit in the middle then just drop a resource on that dude.

Josh Hale 7:50
Right? Well, that didn’t happen. So Joe, if you win it because I didn’t produce the first time and I blame.

Joseph Summa 7:58
We just need to give me a little bit of handicap.

Josh Hale 8:03
Yeah, probably five turns don’t do anything.

Joseph Summa 8:07
Honestly, that might not be enough.

Unknown Speaker 8:14

Josh Hale 8:16
you know, I’m not going to you know, take the bait. I’m not gonna let you you know, tell me how you’re so wonderful at this game.

Joseph Summa 8:27
wonderful stories with this one. Have you seen the rise of generous campaign?

Josh Hale 8:32
I I’ve got. I have the rise of interest. Oddly enough. I’ve wanted to play it. And all I have on the thing is the

the I’ve played through the first campaign, which is like site.

Joseph Summa 8:48
Yeah. So that is the first mission.

Josh Hale 8:52
Right? That’s as far as I’ve gotten. And I have to say that

it has been less than exciting.

Joseph Summa 9:02
All it gets exciting.

I loved it. It was really great experience.

Josh Hale 9:07
Okay, so I’m trying to produce again, Joe,

Joseph Summa 9:10
and then do a little tender spot. Do you see a little icon on that tile when you hit the produce action?

Josh Hale 9:17
Yeah, I do. But do I want them dark? Or do I want them light?

Joseph Summa 9:20
I believe you want them light?

Josh Hale 9:24
Okay, I’ll try again.

Now it says maybe not.

You can, why is it not doing that?

Oh, there it goes. You gotta actually click the hammer.

And it’s still been produced because you will.

So I’m three turns in and I haven’t done anything.

Joseph Summa 9:46
So this might be a reset opportunity once you get comfortable with the interface. Yeah. Okay, so producing, it shows up with these light things. If they’re light it’s going to produce with that worker, if it’s dark, you can optionally choose not to produce with that worker and then you hit the hammer to make it actually do its thing.

Josh Hale 10:07
So let’s reset it and go through the first couple times really fast.

Joseph Summa 10:11
Because I already have two stars three turns in and that’s probably not okay.

Unknown Speaker 10:17

Josh Hale 10:17
got two stars three turns in once you get them for

Joseph Summa 10:20
objective and dropped all my workers.

Josh Hale 10:24
Yeah, I do the workers pretty quick to what what was your objective?

Joseph Summa 10:28
It was just to have all my workers out before all my max or something like that. Then pay much are you

Unknown Speaker 10:37
are you creating a game and creating the game and

Joseph Summa 10:39
I found out I can change the name of the game. So I’m going to do that.

Josh Hale 10:44
Who call it a long distance gaming.

Joseph Summa 10:47
So there’s already Josh one. It’s very simple Josh hit this one.

Upgrading these parts to relatively intelligent levels.

And relaunch now with the interface won’t completely destroy you.

Josh Hale 11:08
Guys beat me up, man. I couldn’t do anything.

Joseph Summa 11:10

It’s always a challenge with an online game especially one is intense. Is this to the light on are ready, or do I want the light light on? And now it’s

Josh Hale 11:23
okay. I’m good.

Joseph Summa 11:26
Good, it gave me Nordics. Nordics are probably the toughest one to one. So that’ll give you as much advantage as possible for a podcast.

Josh Hale 11:37
Yeah, well, I gave me palantir. Again, no, didn’t give somebody else

what it

Unknown Speaker 11:42
looks like. That’s

Josh Hale 11:45
why I liked the least.

Joseph Summa 11:48
But they’re one of the coolest ones.

Josh Hale 11:51
I know a lot of people like them.

Joseph Summa 11:54
They can sometimes be a little boring once you get your strategy rolling, because you’re going to run the same thing multiple times.

Josh Hale 12:02
Now, does this have

the new factions?

Joseph Summa 12:06
This does not have the new factions? Currently.

Josh Hale 12:10

Are you able to be it?

Joseph Summa 12:12
Are you able to put it on? No, like it’s not in the app yet?

Unknown Speaker 12:17
Not man. Alright, so I’m,

Joseph Summa 12:18
you know, one of the classic things for the Nordics their first move, they’re going to be so starved for workers, unless they jump a worker over that river lyst swim to get to a farm, they don’t have a farm in their normal territory. So I’m going to start with that.

Josh Hale 12:35


I will

not let me do what I want to do.

I don’t want to produce this. I don’t want to move What is wrong with you. So I’m moving to

put both of my words and the the worker production area.

And that was my first turn. And

Joseph Summa 13:07
did you move your character out as well?

No, I did not probably should have since you have a second movement available could have gotten close to your lack of counter spot.

Josh Hale 13:18
Yeah, well, that didn’t happen. And

it’s been a while since I played and the interfaces a little bit.

I mean it it’s clean insofar as looks, but it’s a little wonky insofar as execution,

Joseph Summa 13:33
it seems there’s definitely a learning curve in this particular one, trying to get to what you’re going to do.

Josh Hale 13:43

Unknown Speaker 13:45
I’m going to produce

Josh Hale 13:51
Hey, I finally was able to produce one time.

Joseph Summa 13:55
Hey, you have for workers now, I wonder if you will have a next Chairman, the first star of the game or not

paid. But

I’m just trading to get some iron because I don’t have access to iron production easily yet. And next, or good.

Next, or a great lead and get out of your home territory. And that’s how I plan to get down. I’m not going to build a structure to escape.

Josh Hale 14:30
Yes, I have my first star of the game.

Unknown Speaker 14:32

Josh Hale 14:35
So I produced again, that gave me a which is what Joe was saying before. And it’s

one of those things that it ends up costing you in terms of production later for victory points, or not victory points for

attack points as well as


But with that being said,

it also allows me to start

building stuff faster. So

Joseph Summa 15:15
now do you tend to produce later or do you tend to do the trade action I tend to produce later in the game, if you’re going to get that workforce out, you want to make it work for you as much as you can.

Right thing that I do overall tend away from compared to most players is upgrade, I normally only upgrade once or twice, maybe three times six upgrades for a star is a lot less efficient than four of any other bottom row action to get a star. So attempting to get back up star in your plan means you’re going to have one of the slower routes to victory. And site is all about speed to win.

So I’m going to go ahead and jump my character on the listen counter and hope that I get a spectacular card. The best thing about encounters is waiting for that image to show up. The artwork on the encounters are spectacular in this game. In fact, the artwork was made for the game was

Josh Hale 16:15
I like the flavor text on the artwork, I think it’s a lot of fun.

Joseph Summa 16:18
Well, I can have the bearish frolic in the snow for some money in a popularity. Or I can start a bear cavalry by enlisting the animal pay a bunch of my money for recruit. And that sounds pretty great right now. Or I can pay some popularity for a bunch of food, but I can’t afford that popularity. So I’m going to go ahead and list to recruit spending most of my money.

Josh Hale 16:42
I think that’s what I’m

Joseph Summa 16:44
not really sure which one of these that I want to recruit. First, I’m going to take a quick gander at what the bottom next to me is doing. So the polonium bot seems to be making

your would and

I don’t want to do that one, I’m just going to do it on him list because you can never go wrong and listing in lyst.

Let’s get some popularity since my cost to keep producing are going to go up. And now I can finally do an upgrade with all this oil I’ve made. Now the thing I’m going to upgrade, I’m going to quickly have my workers on a whole bunch of spots, I’m going to upgrade produce. First, I’m going to make my enlistment cheaper. That’s what I’m going to do for my first star is just playing to enlist all my recruits.

Josh Hale 17:39
Okay, so me, I think I’m going to move again. First thing I’m going to do is I’m going to move my

leader out, which will allow me to move other guys the next turn.

Right, right, right. And then I’ll move one of my guys over to steal which will allow me to get to the point of building a Mac next



And the reason I’m I’m telling everybody exactly what I’m doing Joe, since I can’t really


Joseph Summa 18:18
even if it’s announcing our plans to each other.

Josh Hale 18:22
Right. So I’m kind of ignoring what you’re telling me you’re doing and but you know, I would do that even if we were at a table together and I was looking at your stuff. I’m pretty good at ignoring what

Joseph Summa 18:34
good when I teach safe I often do this running commentary of what I’m doing and why. For example, I’m continuing to produce on this tundra just so that every three producers producers I’m going to keep my upgrades rolling not because I’m going for a star but because it’s a cheap easy way to make my entire game more efficient.

Josh Hale 18:59
How about

do I make sure can’t get your leader pull

Joseph Summa 19:02
the other now only Mexican folder people?

Josh Hale 19:07
Oh man I I’m Miss

misunderstood. I apparently been playing around for two years

Joseph Summa 19:13
the leader always travels solo but they’re the only person that can do the factory and encounters. And the next can pull any number of workers with them. But any person worker, leader Mac anything that you have can always carry resources with it.

Josh Hale 19:31
So I have an encounter card and his card 35. If you happen to have sites in front of you, or flavor text is as follows as the lady points at you accusingly. Have your animal companion point at the nearby hunter to break the tension gain to popularity. Pay the lady to use part of her fence as kindling a $2 to gain for would

switch positions with the lady and her family paid to popularity to gain one worker recently.

Joseph Summa 20:00
Now Josh

if he takes that popularity, he’ll be set up for lots of production. But if he takes the woods since he’s currently in his movement action, and it’s paired with his building PMD of the building building instantly right now.

Josh Hale 20:18
Oh, yeah, I didn’t see that part. I was thinking more about the bottom part for the worker and the oil.

Joseph Summa 20:27
Or so you just be getting three oil at Acosta to popularity and be unable to produce again.

Josh Hale 20:35
Yeah. So I, I did pay to would pay $2, again, for wood is what I did.

And I’m going to take the bottom action to build. And

I think I’m going to

Oh, you got to pull the wool out of there. That’s weird. Okay,

Joseph Summa 21:03
when you have it scattered all over the map, it makes more sense why you have to assign which one you want to spend.

Josh Hale 21:10


I think

as much as I generally don’t like to do it, by leaders out front, and he’s awfully close to the encounter. So if I build the tunnel now,

Joseph Summa 21:28
you’ll have an easy way out of your base.

Josh Hale 21:31
Yeah, yeah. So I’m going to build the tunnel.

But I don’t even know what the extra things are. Right? Yeah,

Joseph Summa 21:39
in a straight line. So at the top left is where they have all the critical information for how points and buildings and your combat cards and structure bonus objectives all LR

What about my house in the top left to see the structure bonus is running you to build all your structures in a straight, unbroken line.

Josh Hale 22:05
That’s where you

Joseph Summa 22:08
get all your structures all the way out to the factory, or even more likely to build on your own village in your home and go on that diagonal down to the left.

Those are kind of the places to put your buildings if you decide that this fence all your buildings as part of your tactics.

And now is my really boring action just to buy some metal and do nothing notes. So that way I can finally get a meltdown in my next turn.

Josh Hale 22:43
Now that is a boring action.

And I still don’t have enough to produce, but I have enough to produce I just can’t build a mech yet.

So I am going to

golly, despite the fact that I don’t really like what I’m doing. I’m gonna start moving towards that encounter.

Because that does give me the double movement. And also

make Give me something interesting factory.

Factory here I come. And then

Unknown Speaker 23:23

Josh Hale 23:25
and I made another

Unknown Speaker 23:27
Yeah, I moved another guy. oils, workers do stuff for you.

Josh Hale 23:32

So it looks like what I’m going to end up having to do is move all my workers out to the oil into the wood before I create a Mac.

I think because that gives me that make sure that my workers are not, you know, just

doing nothing.

Joseph Summa 23:56
I am finally dropping one of my Mex, my favorite map for the Nordics. And that’s the sea where the Met that lets me go out on the lakes. And that lets me retreat onto lakes. That retreat on the lakes is actually the more important part and most people forget it or nor. It’s really, really powerful with the Nordics to jump on multiple people at once. And they can’t tell which fight you’re trying to win when you put your stuff in the combat wheel. So sometimes you win a fight with just a pathetic combat card for three or something. And if you lose your treat on the lake, they spent all their power fending you off, and you jump right back on them next turn with your factory card.

So you trade a star, but you end up having the control of all the resources in spots. And that’s the vastly more important part of it.

It’s an area control game at its heart, which I for the record don’t like area control.

But I certainly like the way resource management feels skin.

All right, so I’m getting my workers all put on your arm. So I’m going to get my leader heading towards the factory as well. I won’t get there with nearly as you do, but I’ve now more powerful when I do.

Josh Hale 25:19
Now on average, do you

Joseph Summa 25:22
like five? No, actually, the exterminate part of it. I don’t like it all. I like exploring. I like exploiting. I like everything about forex, except for the combat and area control emphasis. My main problem with area control most games, once a leader gets their strong power going in the game and everyone knows this player is the one to beat. There’ll be someone who’s in second or third. And they end up targeting the person and dead last because they’re easy point grabs to take over their territory is that they can’t hold very effective too late. And that person last feels terrible. They just got steamrolled and nothing was going their way already.

I don’t like that feeling being part of my games site. That’s a relatively minimal part because you can’t be too aggressive too early.

You just can’t. It’s like a Cold War build up, everyone’s afraid of everyone else. If you run and you attack everyone right away, like Saxony sometimes gets a tempted to do then they just get steamrolled off the board by everyone else that’s now significantly stronger once they’ve spent their power.

Josh Hale 26:39

Joseph Summa 26:40
size, hit the right balance for me. Even though I couldn’t have guaranteed that it would start. All right now, part of me is very tempted to just go on a combat rampage. Well, I’ve got some good combat cards in more power than everybody else. But the safe thing for me to do is extra cut exercise my strength here of getting these

recruits out, I had invested in being able to get these recruits, which will give me even more combat cards. So I’m going to go ahead and get that rolling, I’m going to upgrade my upgrade spot for the instant power benefit. So that way I can really make a scary presence on the board. I am a terrifying force at the moment, this early in the game.

Josh Hale 27:31
I myself went to the factory and got my factory card. Um,

but I am not at a point where I can do much with it. So I’m working on making that

more useful to myself coming up.

And I think the best way to do that is,

golly, to

maybe start working towards getting a nother encounter

Joseph Summa 28:18
chasing encounters was always worthwhile.

Josh Hale 28:26
Well, I’ve had games where the encounters particularly with polonium, because obviously you can do two things on a card. I’ve had games that the encounters were the determining factor of the game. And then I’ve had games where, you know, it’s like, pay 10 popularity to lose nine popularity. You know, it’s like, this is obviously not working for me. And yes, I’m exaggerating, I’m quite aware. But my point is,

it’s almost that one thing.

Joseph Summa 28:56
All right, I’m transporting all of my workers except for for one. And all of this food, I’m going to go take over what Polonius just made on their encounter, because they have on the power, and they’re going to be an instant easy steamroll for me. So I’m going to go jump on them. I’m also going to move my leader on to the factory new wisely backed off of that factory so that I wouldn’t hit you in order to get my card. Now fighting Colonia, I’ve got some nice combat carbs to throw in and least a little bit of power. That way, they can’t just overpower me with a five, I don’t expect them to even fight back. Now they didn’t fight back. But I send them back. And I keep control of enough power that I can’t be beaten in return.

Now for my factory card options, I don’t really want to do the upgrade route. That’s just not my style. I don’t really want to spend these combat cards but a resource for people and combat cards in a double move. That sounds great to me. Let me go ahead and take that one. And I had set myself up. This is where this game was designed for me, I’d set myself up to have all the resources to do both the bottom row actions of the last three actions I’ve taken, I just keep cobbling one action to the next into the next into the next. And that’s the beauty of the game for me, you’re planning three or four steps ahead, once you get really good at it. It’s just beautiful.

All right, and then back to you.

Josh Hale 30:49
So I finally was able to produce that allowed me to make five oil and three metal.

Now, my and my factory card

for purposes of listeners as a card that allows me to trade in to unlike resources for either a mech or a building.

So my

theory on how to do things has changed drastically in like two seconds, because I was going to build max based on actions

on the bottom row. But if Joe ends up having that ability, where he gets the extra added benefit, when I do that, then that largely takes away any benefit for me to

allow him to do that. Because right now he has for military power. And for the battle cards, the enlist action done. So if I stay away from that and do as much of my stuff through my

through my

action here.

It will obviously changed things for me. So I’m going to go ahead and build a Mac. And

I am going to

do my speed.

And I’m going to build it

with my dude right there. And then my movement action.

Golly, I can move pretty far now.

Joseph Summa 32:49
Yeah, three moves.

Well, you’re kind of trapped between two of us unless you take a tunnel. But you could take that tunnel and jumps straight onto an encounter either in the middle of the map or on the middle right of the map.

to just take that tunnel get where he wants to go and not have to fight me or polonium on the way out.

Unless you really wanted to fight colonial they’re pretty late week to you just don’t know what combat cards they have.

Josh Hale 33:27
So I’m going to go to the one that’s closest to

the target yellows name.

I’m going to move over there on the basis that it takes them away a encounter that’s close to them. My flavor tech says humbly take orders from your superior officer, I would gain one combat card and one popularity. I can give the villager a ride home on my horse I paid $2 to gain for would or I can threaten to create an avalanche with my bazooka I paid to popularity to re enlist one recruit. So

let’s see how much money do I have? I have $5. So I think I’m going to pay $2 to get

Joseph Summa 34:17
that building started. And it’s going to give you that money right back when you build it and you’ll have more would despair.

Josh Hale 34:27
Right? And not only that, but with my factory card I can build with two unlike

Joseph Summa 34:34
this cornea bought it says it’s a hard AI and I’m not entirely convinced. Do you know why I’m not entirely convinced?

Because they are generally not entirely better when they’re sitting right next to me with no power still.

Josh Hale 35:00
All fairness, if I’m sitting right next to you, I would not bolster either because generally battle on this game as

Joseph Summa 35:07
it really might

be this moment in the game. But I have this really really easy ability to pick up to combat stars just using my combat cards because I have so many high cards that I’ve drawn. And with zero power, they can’t possibly beat me. So I don’t even have to like spend my resources to get my free stars. So this is it’s a weird circumstance for the game. But Colonia should have been a little bit more cautious of me I don’t benefit from fighting anyone for the rest of the game.

So I don’t have any incentive to go on a rampage now. But I’ve got two easy combat stars I’ve got my work or stars I’ve got one more recruit to drop and that’s four stars towards me victory Now, let’s make it even worse and be a little more transparent. Guess who’s finishing an objective this turn? I thought maybe not.

Oh, I have one more thing I misread my my objectives. So I have one more turn so I can finish that well tomorrow I need to be able to move on to the right spot.

Unknown Speaker 36:25
Oop see

Joseph Summa 36:30
so your objectives are the birds at the top or you can see the two names for them and just click on the names to pop open what your objectives are so you have an idea

not every game of sites should you chase your objectives but most games of sites you’re going to finish one of the two you can’t finish both you’re not allowed to

I would caution new players if you look at those objectives you know like I don’t see that happening either maybe a crime of opportunity and just keep it in mind or give up on it entirely and plan that this is not how you’re going to win the game

Unknown Speaker 37:08
it’s completely valid

Josh Hale 37:37
so I just did another encounter and I took the one that’s closest to your

to your home base there. I paid

want to do I think I paid $2 to get one

Joseph Summa 37:57
to popular game to money in the pocket popularity.

Again both of it’s the top on both Yeah,

Josh Hale 38:05

Yeah, it was.

So I am on a desperate race to get as much done through encounters as possible because of my factory card my factory card just

I’ve not have you had this factory card in a

Joseph Summa 38:31
regular game? Yes, I think I don’t I think the only promos in this are in the encounters there are a couple promos and the encounter deck

with you behind my lines able to pick up some of my supplies. I think I want to finish this objective right now. So I’m going to use my factory card the move I had messed up my last turn I thought I was I was able to complete it immediately I wasn’t able to oops my bad

from I want to move my Mac confirm I want to pick up my people

and resources

and I need to move twice to get on to the correct spot my thing was to have diversified production I needed to control every type of territory with one worker

and I forgot about the village around all the resource spots on my last move and I could have easily have that privilege as well. So that was my own fault for not paying quite as close attention as I should have to that wording every spot not just every resource spot

Unknown Speaker 40:05
would you do this time dag on that

Josh Hale 40:06
was silly.

I left resources behind

Joseph Summa 40:14

that’s one of the easiest thing to mess up there is somewhere when you’re doing move action there are these big arrows on the right of resources and workers for just pick up all workers and pick up all resources

Josh Hale 40:31

Joseph Summa 40:40
Hey, look, it’s magic number three for you. You’re almost to that next star

Josh Hale 40:48
Yeah, I’m working on up

but I can’t I can’t get to a thing this turn.

Joseph Summa 41:03

Josh Hale 41:10
I can get all the way across the DAG on board between my Riverwalk and my factory you know to village sign

Unknown Speaker 41:20

Josh Hale 41:23
they’re just out of reach. And now


right the second I’m kind of stuck

So do you have any games right now that you’re

Joseph Summa 41:40
on to me and zooming in the look like they’re going to be a good deck builder.

Otherwise pretty much out I’ve got two games to finish the type ups for our games for review. Before we fix that hurry

Josh Hale 41:58
while I have that

Joseph Summa 42:01
one’s coming man.

Josh Hale 42:03
That’s right.

The funny thing is is you know and they’ve done this before for daily magic their expansion on horizons is about the size of a deck of cards.

Um, so I don’t know in terms of how much extra content it will be I did the same thing when they did a sailing to a Cyrus I got their expansion on that and that was like an extra

oh gosh type of thing that you could do during the game. I forget what it was exactly but it was a small expansion to about the size of a deck of cards and that

changed the game but I don’t know that it

I don’t know that it was necessary for the game which I think is why they tend to do the small expansions rather than you know make a real big box for this expansion that doesn’t do a whole lot that are cost effective for the buyer when they do these small ones

so I think that’s going to be a similar situation for this extermination one

and what else I got I’ve got a game from

being co published by Mr be games

all golly What is the name of

that is

Joseph Summa 43:40
journey to be interfered journey to the Emperor

cards calm going out on the line

Josh Hale 43:56
right basically like your

like almost set collect well

it’s not almost like collection collection



I like pretty well

Joseph Summa 44:14
so right I was gonna be in mainstay for my group my game group really likes those deck builders and midway heroes a little bit on the heavy euros but there’s so much investment to get everyone on the same page that we need the same crew repeatedly for that to happen

Josh Hale 44:48
yeah, I could see that um, but the nice thing about a small game like that is it’s not

Unknown Speaker 44:55
any game day

Joseph Summa 44:59
take up the 45 minutes slot and not eat your whole day at it to something

I know I’m pretty excited to get me on the table again here soon.

Josh Hale 45:10

Joseph Summa 45:12
yeah, Karen keeps

been able to catch her at the right time you like one shit and have people that weren’t up for the intensity of it.

Josh Hale 45:27
So I got another encounter its Pay your respects as you pass through the Nordic camp gain to oil and one popularity. Sit down and entertain the truth with a greatly embellished story pay $2 to gain one upgrade ambush the soldiers at midnight pay to popularity again for for oil so I think where we are in the game now. I almost need the oil

Unknown Speaker 45:51
and popularity I

Joseph Summa 45:53
am the Nordics you better pay your

Let’s not make this to god father pay respect

Josh Hale 46:09
Yeah, so I’m doing that I’m checking the oil

resources behind again

Joseph Summa 46:19
Yep, there’s a free one grab but it’s in an awkward spot

Josh Hale 46:28
man doesn’t make me feel real bad for everybody else trying to steal the one from

but that being said it is

Unknown Speaker 46:44
definitely all

Josh Hale 46:48
about the old rotary phone that was ringing in the background I always forget about it never rings until we start

Joseph Summa 46:59
anything whether it’s audio recording you know there’s gonna be some distraction in the background or a dog barking nearby or

Unknown Speaker 47:07

Josh Hale 47:11
I got loud in the background

Joseph Summa 47:16
but it was not like an overpowering oh gosh it’s blowing out my eardrums

Josh Hale 47:31
Okay, so I no longer have two different resources. So I’ve got to do some things perhaps different

Unknown Speaker 47:43
with your

Josh Hale 47:47
think I’m going to have to make resources but I’m not going to get the secondary action which Thanks

How do I complete the

Joseph Summa 48:01
top left you should be upset on that and then it’ll have the complete objective when you open that and then you

done the

Josh Hale 48:16

Unknown Speaker 48:22
so you

Joseph Summa 48:22
still got to some combat stars to earn and if you can switch yourself over and wouldn’t load you can pick up another star with would come that’s not looking super likely was zero power though is it?

Josh Hale 48:44

My popularity is abysmal. So I don’t

Joseph Summa 48:57

Josh Hale 49:00

Joseph Summa 49:00
I am going for a star rush rather than a actual point multiplier. My points for this game will be relatively low safe goes but I will get to the end game trigger fast enough that no one will be able to compete with that

and I’m okay with that. That won’t make me particularly upset

the really important thing is I finally got my speed and that counts so now I can distribute all my workers around efficiently

Josh Hale 49:39
so I am now building

another building

Joseph Summa 49:46
Hey your buildings around a line it’s like you want a bonus for that or something

where you kind of had to I wouldn’t mind a bonus so that’s also where your workers are so you kind of had to watch that you left your oil behind again

Josh Hale 50:08

Joseph Summa 50:10
so a little arrow on the character on the menu in order to select resources to the right or

Josh Hale 50:19
I didn’t arrow at all man

Joseph Summa 50:21
next time I do a move I’ll take a really fast screenshot and discord it to you or something

which I think I’m moving this turn me double check that but I am

Yeah, they should have added a frustration Yeah. Hey, are you sure you want to leave your resources on attended?

Josh Hale 50:51
Well, according to the game, they’re not your resources. They’re the areas resources. So

So thematically they are

Unknown Speaker 51:01
so thanks

Josh Hale 51:18
so right now Joe is an we’ve gotten quiet apparently. Joe is I don’t know what are you doing? What is Polonius turn now it’s Joe’s turn and he is moving


he’s doing pretty well to be honest I pulled down the menu he’s got four stars out of six I’ve got three stars and the two hard a eyes both have one star

normally a eyes on most games that are somewhat accurate the hard

stays at or near me

Joe has different theories on games I I tend to like to play and

Joseph Summa 52:09
be the player to hit it

Josh Hale 52:16
and I’m I don’t really care about that for the most part I I kind of just like the experience of playing and given the next person a bunch of crap about you know how they didn’t do very good.

You did

horribly sir.

Thank you.

Very nice, I’m

Joseph Summa 52:42
here and I I turned much, much more competitive than most players are I like to understand and kind of math out where I’m going to have a plan I don’t try to overthink all my moves I’m pretty practice at playing games. So I tend to be quick for someone that plays really intently with every move and sizes a game that super rewards knowing how your next couple moves are going to look making sure I have the resources for both of my next moves not just the next move only

sometimes an extra

Josh Hale 53:23
hour there I guess I couldn’t figure out where it goes.

So I’m going to do


okay, so I now have the ability to manufacture more popularity

Joseph Summa 53:45
here almost to that second tier of popular


Josh Hale 53:54
right, so my own my only hope right now it’s if I can get to that second wall

Joseph Summa 54:00
multiple times if you want to get there you will get there

Josh Hale 54:13
Well the problem is if I get there I no longer have enough oil to do the secondary action. So

it’s kind of a

thing for me to do.

In fact, I can’t even I can’t even produce right now because I don’t have any

Joseph Summa 54:37
trade or just do it anyway.

Unknown Speaker 54:48
It means

Josh Hale 54:49
a lot

Joseph Summa 54:50
there’s a border and a same direction. So to continue your line you’re going to want to get to the mountain just to the left of your territory going towards the factory

if at all possible

Josh Hale 55:10

so I am now unable to do anything and I’ve got three turns before I can

Joseph Summa 55:19

Josh Hale 55:21
joking around the game before I can do anything

So Joe is ending the game as we speak

Joseph Summa 55:30
my guess is my guess is Joe when and louder of a score.

absolutely horrific slaughter of a score

Josh Hale 55:46
I would have done better had I been able to get another couple of hearts to you

push that out. He looked around

what is a seven right?

Joseph Summa 56:00
Like every one of my workers is realized every single one of them is spread out.

And I’m trying to look where is my eighth worker 1234567 I seem to be missing the little worker up Nope, there is the only workers around completely different places all of my Mex Ron different places, my leaders on a different place. And all I have to do is finish my six upgrade that I nicely said early in the game. I’m not going to shoot for that, but I just kept having the oil and it was on my movement. So you’re going to move a bunch in this game. So I’m gonna max that territory control bonus really hard.

Josh Hale 56:53
So Joe has just won the six star and he has ended the game. I ended up with three and commands ended up with three. And

I have had Joe has tripled my points basically.

Unknown Speaker 57:14

Josh Hale 57:17

just shy

of tripling my final score. He got 66

and I

got less than that. So let’s see I got 25 and had I gotten that score multiplier I he would have still beat me. And I would have ended up with 5266 so you

Joseph Summa 57:39
another star on the process emotion or had I been able to to that was helpful.

Unknown Speaker 57:44
But that?

Josh Hale 57:48
Yeah, probably 20. Inside, you know I made it

Joseph Summa 57:53
on versus the four, eight and six points everyone else had for territory control background for the game, just as I was going about my business dropping workers and awkward spots just to leave them out there and control territories because I didn’t need their production value anymore.

And they’ll kind of like popularity bombs, people can take the territory from me, but they have to lose the popularity that they desperately need to compete just to take a territory back from me.

Josh Hale 58:25

Joseph Summa 58:27
A lot of people aren’t It is so

Josh Hale 58:32
apparent. Wow, I ended up going the worst

Joseph Summa 58:35
place to the bottom because a lot of people say there are literally difficult to beat like they think the hard AI is really good.

I rarely don’t double the hard AI. But I do know that I’m in World Champion level for safe.

Unknown Speaker 58:58
See, I don’t

Josh Hale 59:01
I here because you know, we play so many dag on games, any of the people that write for the site. I hear people say how good they are at games all the time. And you know, I never I never focused on that. I mean, you’ve played enough games with me to know that.

I do pretty good. So I never focus on it. But


Joseph Summa 59:29
game going and making a really reasonable effort without having spent 10 hours to do the math of what is my best thing I can do?

Josh Hale 59:44
Well, I think part of that, Joe is that a lot of people get really into the idea of the point maximisation and they, they forget that you have to just play, enjoy it. And I’m a big person. And so far as, okay, let’s just get this game done. I don’t I’d rather play five games. My worry about

Joseph Summa 1:00:11
winning mentality towards Games has always bomb. I want to play my favorite ones like once a week, every time that we have a game day, I want to put one of my favorite games on the table. And then I’ll spend maybe half the game do learning some new ones that’ll kind of cycle in and out. We might not see him a whole bunch of times. It’s changed things to people, gamers letting me experience a whole bunch of different games and my wife continually buying me all kinds of cool stuff to learn. But site has been one of my favorites like lords of water deep some of these games that I’ve just played into the ground. I am the absolute target. Everyone will go into a game of site and they’re like we’re going to gang up on Joe, all five factions against one person. And they’ll still get some they’re just like I don’t even know what we can do different.

Josh Hale 1:01:07
Well, guys, thank you for sitting here and listening to us. And watching Joe just I guess listening to Joe destroy me.

This episode was brought to you by Odom publishing, they have produced a lot of RPG content, including some board games, one of which is called the shared dream. They review is on the website written by Kevin and Kevin is a pretty great writer. He’s got I believe a master’s in American history. So he he writes quite well. So do do go look at the shared dream review. And check out Odom’s other RPG stuff and check out the site. Look at what we got going on and it’s growing on a daily basis and love having you guys along for the ride.

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