Poketto Kickstarter Pack – Starforge, Castle Siege, The Blessed Dark – Preview

Poketto Kickstarter Pack - Starforge, Castle Siege, The Blessed Dark - Preview 1

Theme&What is it?

Three For One

This is a Kickstarter package that includes three individual games which are, Castle Siege, Starforge and The Blessed Dark. What is awesome about this, is that you are getting 3 games for the price of one and they are all travel size pocket games. You can bust Castle Siege out while standing in a line or Starforge while you are waiting for your food at a restaurant. They are packaged together so nicely and travel really well!

Something For Everyone

Castle Siege
I really like the idea of this game. It can be played standing in lines or even while waiting to eat. It had minimal components which makes it easy for travel and carrying around. I really like the art in it but struggled with the directions. They weren’t very clear and I found myself going back many times to try to understand the game play. 
The pieces in Starforge are so awesome! The idea of building a spaceship during the entire game was so fun! I loved it! A puzzle in the game, just great. Yet again another quick game that you can play while waiting at a restaurant for your food. 
The Blessed Dark
Not gonna lie, when I started to read the directions and the idea of gathering blood and being in a cult, I was wondering what I got myself into. But this game was a lot of fun! There are a lot of opportunities to mess up other players game plans. It is fast paced, simple to learn and the points can change at any time. 



How They Work

Castle Siege
Tower defense style game where players hold their castle in their hands. It is a two-player game where you want destroy the other person’s castle. Set up your defenses and prepare your attacks based on the castle cards in your hand. 
A strategy game where you build space ships or spread your goo. You want to control planets or defeat enemies. You build, explore and conquer. 
The Blessed Dark
You are playing as cultists who are vying for the favor of The Ancient Ones. You are finding their favor by gathering blood, completing rituals, casting spells and summoning demons. You want to become the Chosen by sowing the seeds of darkness. 

Prototype Only

I received a prototype of the games So I am not going to make any comments on the production quality because they weren’t from the production for the game. 



Pocket Size Goodness

These are pocket games, there isn’t a ton going on with them. Starforge looks really intriguing when laid out on the table. Castle Siege has a fun cartoon renaissance feel to it, with a lot of detail in a small area. The Blessed Dark definitely has a look of darkness with a fun color combo of black, white and red, they definitely knew what they were doing using those colors.

Take Them Anywhere

Three games in one, that can fit in your pocket, need I say more? Each game is unique and different and can be played in under 30 minutes! People may think you are offering them a mint but in reality you are offering them fun and entertainment! 


Get Them On Kickstarter

This will be an awesome Kick Starter because you are getting 3 games in one pack and they are all travel games! Games you can pull out of your purse or backpack and kill time while waiting. You’ll definitely get attention of those around you while they stare at their phones bored and you are conversing and playing some amazing games. 



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