Polis – Devir Games- Review

Polis - Devir Games- Review 1
Nathan & Tina Olsen
Nathan & Tina Olsen

Theme&What is it?

Warring Nations Vie for Dominance.

Polis is a historical adaptation that takes place in the 5th century. Athens and Sparta battle it out to be the empire with the most population and prestige.

A pseudo war game?

Polis is a 2-player historical civ-lite game set in the 5th century. Upon first glance, this may seem to be a war game. However, the more I play, I understand it is a resource management/area control game. The main goal is to gain prestige. This is done in various ways such as gaining other polis’, building projects, and engaging in battle.



A mix mash of many good things!

The game is set over 3 rounds, with each player taking 2 actions per turn until they can no longer do so. There are eleven actions you can choose from providing a lot of variety through your play process. Though, beware; it’s how you use those actions each turn that will determine how quickly you run out of things to do. This is where the challenge of Polis really comes into play!

Solid 100%

The second printing of Polis brings many beautiful things to the table. The recessed boards, the meeples, the board! Everything in the second printing has me at oohhh and ahh. Absolutely beautiful.



Straight and to the point.

The art gets the job done. It reminds me of art that I would see for that time period which isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t take away from the game nor does it add. It’s perfect for what I desire.

A deceptive game.

After reading the dense but wonderful rulebook I was a wee bit intimidated. It seemed like a grandios adventure. Remembering all actions seemed to be stretching the limits of my mind. But after referring to the wonderful player aid things became smoother and smoother with each epoch. With things becoming smoother the game became much more tense and in my opinion: Fun. Fun is quite a subjective thing. For me fun is relative to how often I think of the game. This game is fun. Crunchy. Strategic.



12 and older?

I could see someone 12 years old diving into this game and learning the rules. I couldn’t however see someone of that age developing a solid strategy that easily. The game is tough no doubt.

Top 10 material.

Polis is an amazingly tight resource management game that can be quite punishing. Still, the experience is one that I have continued to think about after each play though!
It’s elegant yet grandiose. It’s intimidating, yet easy in theory. I haven’t picked up on a proper strategy yet, but am looking to delve more and more into the world of Polis.



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